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Total Records: 3016
1Abel, Henry J.  __/__/____/__/1889JRB
2Aber, Catherine  __/__/__01/07/1934Linda Beebe
3Abercrombie, Helena  __/__/__06/__/1900Martha Little
4Abercrombie, Martha  __/__/__06/__/1895Martha Little
5Acheson, J. Willard  __/__/__01/15/1967Mary Burrow
6Achhammer, Mary  __/__/__12/9/1912Donald Buncie The Registry
7Ackerman, Martha M.  __/__/__06/__/2009Patti Lang
8Acquaviva, Michael F.  __/__/__06/__/2009Patti Lang
9Adams, Elizabeth  __/__/__06/13/1862Donald Buncie The Registry
10Adams, John W.  __/__/__12/31/1890Martha Little
11Adams, John B.  __/__/__01/5/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
12Adams, Kate E.  __/__/__12/24/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
13Adams, Marie T.  __/__/__11/__/1925Martha Little
14Adams, Robert  __/__/__02/__/1922Victoria Valentine
15Adams, Samuel M.  __/__/__06/4/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
16Adler, Joseph A.  __/__/__08/__/1892Martha Little
17Aiken, Eliza J.  __/__/__08/__/1911Martha Little
18Aiken, J. W.  __/__/__08/__/1892Victoria Valentine
19Aiken, Samuel B.  __/__/__01/16/1888Martha Little
20Aincough, Child Of Thomas  __/__/__12/__/1892Victoria Valentine
21Albree, Joseph  __/__/__11/__/1898Martha Little
22Alexander, Margaret  __/__/__09/24/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
23Alexander, William J.  __/__/__06/__/1949Linda Beebe
24Allabrend, Philip  __/__/__06/21/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
25Allerton, William Arnold  __/__/____/__/1918Joy Fisher The Registry
26Allison, J. Connell  __/__/__04/__/1916Victoria Valentine
27Allison, Martha M.  __/__/__09/07/1934W. DiVincenzo
28Allison, Robert Glenn  __/__/__02/__/1922Victoria Valentine
29Allshouse, Peter  __/__/__02/11/1906Mary Burrow
30Altmeyer, Barbara  __/__/__01/27/1900Rich Boyer
31Altmeyer, Nicholas  __/__/__06/16/1901Rich Boyer
32Ament, Jacob  __/__/__03/__/1910Martha Little
33Amrunt, Hesekiah  __/__/__10/__/1890Martha Little
34Anderegg, Margaret S.  __/__/__10/09/1998Mary Burrow
35Anderegg, Margaret S.  __/__/__01/25/1985Mary Burrow
36Anderson, Carl V.  __/__/__03/11/1944Linda Beebe
37Anderson, Charles P.  __/__/__06/22/1934Norm Meinert
38Anderson, Charles  __/__/__10/25/1892Martha Little
39Anderson, Jemima  __/__/__09/5/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
40Anderson, John  __/__/__03/17/1875Donald Buncie The Registry
41Anderson, Mary L.  __/__/__08/__/1911Martha Little
42Anderson, Nancy Asdale  __/__/__03/13/1902Martha Little
43Anderson, Warren "andy"  __/__/__01/05/2000Linda Beebe
44Andrews, Clarence  __/__/__11/01/1873Martha Little
45Andrews, Elizabeth  __/__/__12/__/1892Victoria Valentine
46Andrews, Margaret F.  __/__/__01/07/1934Linda Beebe
47Angelo, Joseph A.  __/__/__01/06/2000Linda Beebe
48Anton, Sarah  __/__/__10/6/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
49Antonovski, Unknown  __/__/__07/__/1892Victoria Valentine
50Appel, Anton J.  __/__/__01/__/1975Patti Lang
51Appelbe, F. Clark  __/__/__11/04/1975Linda Beebe
52Armbruster, Thomas R.  __/__/__06/__/2009Patti Lang
53Armstrong, Grace Bunker  __/__/__07/__/1905Patty Millich
54Armstrong, Rowland  __/__/__03/8/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
55Armstrong, Wm.  __/__/__07/__/1892Victoria Valentine
56Arnold, Mrs.  __/__/__01/__/1922Victoria Valentine
57Arnold, Olga S.  __/__/____/__/1960Linda Hodges
58Aronson, Milton H.  __/__/__06/__/2009Patti Lang
59Arture, Dorothy M. Nee Cunningham  __/__/____/__/1998Linda Hodges
60Arture, Mercedes Nee Mimm  __/__/____/__/1959Linda Hodges
61Ashford, Mollie S.  __/__/__06/22/1934Norm Meinert
62Askin, Jane Orr  __/__/__04/22/1895Martha Little
63Aspinwall, Mrs.  __/__/__12/__/1895Martha Little
64Ast, Eleanor M. Weinzierl  __/__/__01/04/2000Linda Beebe
65Aston, Darrell E.  __/__/__03/03/1982Mary Burrow
66Aston, Glenn Stanford  __/__/__11/22/1933Mary Burrow
67Aston, John W.  __/__/__06/01/1930Mary Burrow
68Aston, William R.  __/__/__11/23/1988Mary Burrow
69Aston, William H.  __/__/__03/07/1963Mary Burrow
70Atkinson, James S.  __/__/__06/__/1895Martha Little
71Atwater, Ann  __/__/__05/3/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
72Augenstein, Anna G.  __/__/__02/27/1953Mary Burrow
73Augenstein, Janet M.  __/__/__09/24/1976Mary Burrow
74Aulenbacher, Jacob  __/__/__03/__/1899Norm Meinert
75Aurin, Mary A.  __/__/__03/__/1910Martha Little
76Austin, Child  __/__/__09/__/1894Victoria Valentine
77Austin, Clyde Freemont Mckeesport  __/__/____/__/1918Joy Fisher The Registry
78Avory, Alabama  __/__/__04/__/1916Victoria Valentine
79Awkward, James F.  __/__/__12/__/2011Ellis Michaels
80Axtell, Rev Philip  __/__/__09/__/1897Martha Little
81Azinger, C.  __/__/__11/03/1975Linda Beebe
82Baake, Ferdinand  __/__/____/__/1889JRB
83Bac, Ronald Joseph  __/__/__06/__/2009Patti Lang
84Bach, William R.  __/__/__11/__/1925Martha Little
85Bacon, Adolph  __/__/____/__/__Victoria Valentine
86Bailey, David  __/__/____/__/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
87Bailey, Margaret  __/__/__03/__/1922Victoria Valentine
88Bailiff, Joseph C.  __/__/__11/__/1898Martha Little
89Bain, Margaret Moran  __/__/__06/28/1949Linda Beebe
90Baines, Joseph M.  __/__/__04/04/1871Mary Burrow
91Baines, Rachel Lydia Bown  __/__/__01/07/1912Mary Burrow
92Baines, Robert  __/__/__06/21/1875Mary Burrow
93Bair, Bridget O'donnell  __/__/__08/12/1977Beckie Schuster
94Bair, Clarence  __/__/__02/8/1955Beckie Schuster
95Baird, Arthur Kennedy  __/__/____/__/1918Joy Fisher The Registry
96Baird, Caroline M.  __/__/__11/08/1987Mary Burrow
97Baird, Caroline D.  __/__/__11/27/1984Mary Burrow
98Baird, James W.  __/__/__07/26/1955Mary Burrow
99Baird, John J. Sr.  __/__/__12/07/1986Mary Burrow
100Baird, John J. Jr.  __/__/__01/04/1998Mary Burrow
101Baird, Moses  __/__/__06/__/1900Martha Little
102Baird, Robert Mcclure  __/__/__09/12/1998Mary Burrow
103Baird, Robert Mcclure  __/__/__08/13/1993Mary Burrow
104Baird, Thomas  __/__/__07/10/1862Donald Buncie The Registry
105Bajus, John E.  __/__/__01/06/2000Linda Beebe
106Baker, Caroline  __/__/__11/03/1975Linda Beebe
107Baker, Clarence  __/__/__05/__/1981Ruth Sprowls
108Baker, Ellen Soles  __/__/__01/08/1934Linda Beebe
109Baker, Grover Cleveland  __/__/__06/28/1949Linda Beebe
110Baker, Louis E.  __/__/__06/22/1934Norm Meinert
111Ball, Elizabeth Redette Ross  __/__/__02/21/1954Clarke Ross
112Ball, James W.  __/__/__09/20/1978Clarke Ross
113Ball, Margaret J.  __/__/__10/__/1889Martha Little
114Ballas, George L.  __/__/____/__/1919Judy Banja
115Balowitz, Irene Edna Nee James  __/__/__06/14/1981Beckie Schuster
116Baltz, Ann E.  __/__/__03/__/1910Martha Little
117Balz, Jacob W.  __/__/__06/27/1934Norm Meinert
118Bangert, Anton  __/__/__03/14/1896Martha Little
119Banker, Patrick  __/__/__02/14/1849Bonnie M
120Baranet, Julia  __/__/__01/04/2000Linda Beebe
121Barber, Ella  __/__/__01/__/1922Victoria Valentine
122Barbour, David C.  __/__/__03/__/1895Martha Little
123Barbour, Robert  __/__/____/__/1932Nancy McAdams
124Barenbregge, Bernard Herman  __/__/__01/06/1906Marian Gilbert
125Barker, James  __/__/____/__/1916JRB
126Barker, John A.  __/__/__03/30/1915Ellis Michaels
127Barker, Marietta S.  __/__/__11/__/1925Martha Little
128Barker, R. V.  __/__/__10/__/1889Martha Little
129Barnett, Mrs.  __/__/__01/__/1922Victoria Valentine
130Barnett, Mrs. Dan  __/__/__01/__/1922Victoria Valentine
131Barnett, Dan  __/__/__05/__/1921Victoria Valentine
132Barone, Anita  __/__/__11/02/1975Linda Beebe
133Barr, Barr Sr.  __/__/____/__/__David Zimmerman
134Barrickman, Elizabeth  __/__/__07/__/1945Beverly Morris
135Barrickman, James Sidney  __/__/__05/__/1958Beverly Morris
136Bartko, Mary J.  __/__/__06/__/2009Patti Lang
137Bartles, Lillian L.  __/__/__08/__/1911Martha Little
138Bartley, James P.  __/__/__02/__/1920W. DiVincenzo
139Bartley, Laura  __/__/__06/__/1934Norm Meinert
140Bates, Giles  __/__/__11/23/1879Martha Little
141Bates, John D.  __/__/__01/17/1889Martha Little
142Battaglia, Dr. Fred.  __/__/__04/04/1957Rich Boyer
143Baughman, Jane  __/__/__07/__/1928Sharon Miller
144Bauman, George A.  __/__/__04/04/1952Ellis Michaels
145Bauman, Gerald  __/__/__05/11/1896Ellis Michaels
146Baumbaugh, Annie  __/__/__10/10/1889Martha Little
147Baxter, Eliza Bell  __/__/__01/__/1975Patti Bell
148Bealor, Nancy Gilson  __/__/__06/4/__Anne Stone
149Bean, Esther  __/__/____/__/1889JRB
150Bear, Jennie Ibbotson  __/__/__09/06/1925Martha Little
151Beatty, Amanda "mattie"  __/__/__06/6/1934Annie Harris
152Beatty, Clifton L.  __/__/__03/13/1932Michael Beatty
153Beatty, Cora Martha  __/__/__03/6/1956Michael Beatty
154Beatty, Mrs. Eliza Wilson  __/__/____/__/1918Don Beatty
155Beatty, Floyd A.  __/__/____/__/1965Don Beatty
156Beatty, Harry William  __/__/__11/11/1951Annie Harris
157Beatty, Henry C.  __/__/__04/03/1952Ellis Michaels
158Beatty, James M.  __/__/__09/28/1906Annie Harris
159Beatty, Mrs. John K.  __/__/____/__/1925Don Beatty
160Beatty, John W.  __/__/____/__/1924Don Beatty
161Beatty, Laura May  __/__/__06/22/1909Michael Beatty
162Beatty, Mary Loretta  __/__/__10/10/1947Annie Harris
163Beatty, Richard W.  __/__/____/__/1919Don Beatty
164Beatty, Richard Sr.  __/__/____/__/1900Don Beatty
165Beatty, Sarah Jane  __/__/__01/14/1916Victoria Valentine
166Beatty, William Hammett  __/__/__10/09/1918Joy Fisher The Registry
167Beck, Annie  __/__/__09/__/1933Wilberta DiVencenzo
168Beck, Ira C.  __/__/__06/8/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
169Beck, Magdalena Diebold  __/__/____/__/1922Mary Lou Green
170Becker, Henry  __/__/__01/__/1889Martha Little
171Beer, Addy  __/__/__03/16/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
172Beer, Henry L.  __/__/__11/30/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
173Beers, John  __/__/__10/31/1901Martha Little
174Behe, Elizabeth  __/__/____/__/1921JRB
175Beilstein, Mary M.  __/__/__10/__/1898Norm Meinert
176Beistel, Samuel C.  __/__/__02/14/1967Marilyn Fiorille
177Beketova, Liudmila  __/__/__05/13/2016Larry Garber
178Bell, George C.  __/__/__03/__/1899Norm Meinert
179Bell, Olive M.  __/__/__06/__/2009Patti Lang
180Bell, William  __/__/__03/13/1901Martha Little
181Bellman, George  __/__/__11/__/1933Wilberta DiVincenzo
182Bender, Anna  __/__/__03/30/1915Ellis Michaels
183Benham, Caroline  __/__/__11/__/1925Martha Little
184Bennett, Child  __/__/__09/__/1894Victoria Valentine
185Bennett, John  __/__/__06/17/1889Martha Little
186Benson, Mark  __/__/__09/18/1890Martha Little
187Bentley, Alice Renier  __/__/__02/24/1914Rich Bentley
188Bentley, John W.  __/__/__01/24/1936Rich Bentley
189Bentley, William M.  __/__/__02/29/1916Rich Bentley
190Bentley, William M. Sr.  __/__/__03/04/1916Rich Bentley
191Benton, Cynthia  __/__/__04/19/2010Ellis Michaels
192Bentrem, James O.  __/__/__11/__/1921Victoria Valentine
193Benzer, Laura E.  __/__/__12/__/1921Martha Little
194Berdych, John  __/__/__09/30/1976Margie Messana
195Berger, Elizabeth  __/__/__10/__/1921Victoria Valentine
196Berger, Jennie  __/__/__10/__/1954Rich Boyer
197Berger, Leon  __/__/__03/__/1922Victoria Valentine
198Berger, William  __/__/__02/22/1939Rich Boyer
199Bernard, Henry  __/__/__06/__/1921Victoria Valentine
200Berrott, Frank A.  __/__/____/__/1908Mary Lou Green


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