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Researchers are reminded to be respectful before entering a cemetery that lies on private land.  Always ask permission from the owner before entering their property.



Introduction to The Cemeteries of Somerset County


Cemeteries Arranged by Township






Elk Lick







Lower Turkeyfoot












Upper Turkeyfoot


Cemeteries Arranged Alphabetically

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Name of Cemetery


Reference Number


Salem Cemetery Somerset Township 450
Salem Reformed Cemetery (Lavansville Reformed) (WPA Name) Somerset Township 450
Salisbury Cemetery, Old Elk Lick Township 451
Salisbury Elk Lick Cemetery Elk Lick Township 452
Samuels Lutheran Cemetery Somerset Township 453
Sanner Church Cemetery Black Township 454
Sanner Lutheran Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Summit Township 106
Sarver Cemetery Allegheny Township 455
Sarver Church Cemetery Allegheny Township 456
Saylor Burial Ground Summit Township 457
Saylor Cemetery 1 Middlecreek Township 458
Saylor Cemetery 2 Middlecreek Township 459
Saylor Farm Cemetery (WPA Name) Summit Township 462
Saylor, Samuel Cemetery Conemaugh Township 460
Saylor, Urias Cemetery Middlecreek Township 461
Saylor, Wilson Farm Cemetery Summit Township 462
Schmucker Cemetery Jenner Township 463
Schrock Cemetery Somerset Township 184
Schrock Cemetery 1 Summit Township 464
Schrock Cemetery 2 Summit Township 465
Schrock Graveyard Middlecreek Township 466
Schrock, Andy Burying Grounds Upper Turkeyfoot Township 467
Schrock, David Farm Burial Grounds Upper Turkeyfoot Township 468
Schrock Farm Burial Grounds (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 468
Schrock Graveyard (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 468
Scullton Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 469
Secary, Louis Gravesite Jenner Township 470
Sechler Cemetery Black Township 471
Seese Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 472
Seese, G. R. Farm Site Paint Township 472
Sell Cemetery (WPA Name) Quemahoning Township 473
Sell-Horner Cemetery Quemahoning Township 473
Sem K. Johns Cemetery (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 254
Shade Church Cemetery Shade Township 474
Shade Lutheran Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Shade Township 474
Shaffer Burial Ground aka Schmucker Cemetery (WPA Name) Jenner Township 463
Shaffer Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 448
Shaffer Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Allegheny Township 370
Shanksville Cemetery (WPA Name) Somerset Township 475
Shanksville Cemetery Stonycreek Township 475
Sheeler Cemetery Black Township 476
Shetler Burial Ground Conemaugh Township 477
Shoemaker, Ellis Burial Ground Elk Lick Township 478
Shultz Cemetery (WPA Name) Black Township 573
Shultz Cemetery Greenville Township 479
Shultz, Michael Gravesite Milford Township 480
Silbaugh M. E. Cemetery Addison Township 481
Simpson Burial Ground Jenner Township 482
Sipesville Church of the Brethren Cemetery Lincoln Township 483
Six Poplars Cemetery Addison Township 484
Six Poplars Burial Ground/Six Poplars Cemetery (WPA Name) Lower Turkeyfoot Township 484
Sleigle Burial Site Larimer Township 485
Slick Cemetery Shade Township 486
Slovak Lutheran Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Shade Township 316
Smearman Burying Ground (aka Polyslus Mill Cemetery) Black Township 487
Smith Cemetery Somerset Township 488
Smith, Jacob Site Elk Lick Township 489
Snyder Cemetery Stonycreek Township 490
Somers Burial Ground Stonycreek Township 491
Sorber Cemetery Shade Township 492
Sorber, Daniel Cemetery Stonycreek Township 493
Specht Cemetery (WPA Name) Quemahoing Township 494
Specht Family Plot Quemahoing Township 494
Speicher-Hershberger Cemetery Conemaugh Township 495
Spicher Cemetery Jenner Township 496
Spiker Grave Brothersvalley Township 497
SS Cyril & Methodicus Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 498
SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Cemetery 1 Paint Township 498
SS Cyril & Methodicus Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 499
SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Cemetery 2 Paint Township 499
SS Peter & Paul Orthodox Church Cemetery Paint Township 500
SS Peter & Paul Byzantine Catholic Cemetery Conemaugh Township 501
SS Peter and Paul Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Shade Township 502
SS Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Cemetery Shade Township 503
SS Phillip and James Catholic Cemetery Summit Township 504
St. Anne's Catholic Cemetery Paint Township 505
St. Anthony's of Padua Cemetery Paint Township 506
St. Grehory's Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 507
St. James Lutheran Cemetery Jenner Township 508
St. John Cantius Catholic Church Cemetery Paint Township 509
St. John Cemetery Somerset Township 510
St. John's Evangelical Cemetery Lincoln Township 511
St. John's Roman Catholic Cemetery Shade Township 512
St. John's Slovak Roman Catholic Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 509
St. John's United Methodist Cemetery Lincoln Township 513
St. John's United Methodist Church Cemetery Larimer Township 514
St. Joseph Cemetery Quemahoning Township 515
St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Cemetery Paint Township 516
St. Mary's Cemetery Greenville Township 517
St. Mary's Greek Catholic Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 516
St. Mary's Orthodox Cemetery Jenner Township 518
St. Mary's Polish National Cemetery Jenner Township 519
St. Mary's Romas Catholic Hungarian Church Cemetery Paint Township 520
St. Mary's Russian Orthodox Church Cemetery Shade Township 521
St. Michael's Cemetery Elk Lick Township 522
St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church Cemetery Elk Lick Township 522
St. Paul Reformed Cemetery Elk Lick Township 523
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery Middlecreek Township 524
St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery Addison Township 525
St. Paul's Reformed Church Cemetery
a.k.a. Hooversville Reformed Cemetery, and Pleasantdale Cemetery
Quemahoning Township 526
St. Peter and Paul Cemetery Jenner Township 527
St. Stanislaus Cemetery Jenner Township 528
St. Thomas Lutheran Cemetery Paint Township 529
Stahl Mennonite Cemetery Conemaugh Township 530
Statler Cemetery Shade Township 531
Stellingwerf, Owen Grave Brothersvalley Township 532
Stoystown, East Cemetery Quemahoning Township 533
Stoystown, West Cemetery Quemahoning Township 534
Stump Cemetery Shade Township 535
Stull Cemetery Stonycreek 536
Sturtz Gravesite Southampton Township 537
Summit Mills Amish Mennonite Cemetery, New Elk Lick Township 538
Summit Mills Amish Mennonite Cemetery, Old Elk Lick Township 539
Swank Burial Ground Lincoln Township 540
Swarner Cemetery Summit Township 541


Thomas Burial Ground Conemaugh Township 542
Thomas Cemetery Conemaugh Township 543
Thomas Cemetery Lower Turkeyfoot Township 544
Thomas Mennonite Church Cemetery Conemaugh Township 545
Thomas, Joseph Cemetery Conemaugh Township 546
Thompson Grave (WPA Name) Lower Turkeyfoot 391
Tinkey Cemetery Middlecreek Township 547
Tressler Graves (WPA Name) Addison Township 141
Trevorrow Graveyard Jenner Township 548
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Allegheny Township 549
Turney Burial Ground Addison Township 550


Union Cemetery Association of Davidsville Conemaugh Township 551
Union Cemetery Milford Township 552
Union Cemetery Somerset Township 553
Union Cemetery Summit Township 554
Union Greek Catholic Cemetery (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 167
United Brethren Cemetery (WPA Name) Jenner Township 249
Unknown Cemetery Jenner Township 555
Unknown Grave Lincoln Township 556
Unknown Graveyard on David Yoder Farm Summit Township 557
Unnamed Burial Ground Summit Township 558
Unnamed Burial Site on Glessner Farm Brothersvalley Township 559
Unnamed Cemetery Black Township 560
Unnamed Cemetery (WPA Name) Brothersvalley Township 168
Unnamed Cemetery 1 Summit Township 561
Unnamed Cemetery 2 Summit Township 562
Unnamed Cemetery Greenville Township 563
Unnamed Cemetery (WPA Name) Jenner Township 572
Unnamed Cemetery Stonycreek Township 46
Ursina Cemetery Lower Turkeyfoot Township 564


Vought Cemetery Summit Township 565
Vought Cemetery (WPA Name) Black Township 568
Vought Cemetery (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 566
Vought Cemetery 1 Black Township 566
Vought Cemetery 2 Black Township 567
Vought Cemetery 3 Black Township 568


Wagler Cemetery Stonycreek Township 569
Walker Cemetery Stonycreek Township 570
Walker, Jacob Site Summit Township 571
Walter Cemetery #1 (WPA Name) Somerset Township 8
Walter Cemetery #2 (WPA Name) Somerset Township 573
Walter Graveyard Jenner Township 572
Walter, Michael Cemetery Somerset Township 573
Walter-Boyer Gravesite Jenner Township 574
Ware Cemetery Allegheny Township 575
Weaver Burial Ground Conemaugh Township 576
Weaver, J. A. Cemetery Paint Township 577
Weigle Burial Ground Stonycreek Township 578
Weigley Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 579
Weisel Burial Ground Northampton Township 580
Weller Cemetery Somerset Township 581
Wellersburg Cemetery Southampton Township 582
Wengerd Miller Cemetery (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 360
Werner Cemetery Northampton Township 583
Werner Cemetery, Old Northampton Township 584
Wertz Plot Conemaugh Township 585
Wertz-Miltonberger Cemetery Conemaugh Township 586
Wesley Chapel Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 587
Weyand, Henry and Margaret Site Middlecreek Township 588
Whitaker Graveyard Ogle Township 589
White Oak Cemetery (WPA Name) Larimer Township 591
White Oak Evangelical Cemetery (WPA Name) Larimer Township 514
White Oak Lutheran Cemetery, New Larimer Township 590
White Oak Lutheran Cemetery, Old Larimer Township 591
Wilhelm Site Addison Township 592
Wilkins, Peter Ancestral Gravesite Addison Township 593
Williams Cemetery (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 594
Williams-Firestone Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 594
Williams Burial Ground Conemaugh Township 595
Willow Grove Amish Cemetery Elk Lick Township 596
Will-Rhoads Cemetery Somerset Township 433
Wills Church Cemetery Somerset Township 597
Wiltrout Burial Ground Summit Township 598
Wingard Gravesite Conemaugh Township 599
Wolford, Michael Cemetery Shade Township 600
Wright, A. R. Farm Cemetery Elk Lick Township 601
Wright, Paul Farm Burial Site Greenville Township 602


*** *** ***


Yoder, Bishop Christian Cemetery Stonycreek Township 603
Yoder, Burial Ground Summit Township 604
Yoder Cemetery Stonycreek Township 605
Yoder Cemetery (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 607
Yoder Cemetery #2 (WPA Name) Stonycreek Township 603
Yoder Farm Cemetery 1 Conemaugh Township 606
Yoder Farm Cemetery 2 Conemaugh 607
Yoder, Amos J. Farm Cemetery Elk Lick Township 608
Yoder, Moses W. Burial Ground Conemaugh Township 609
Yoder, Samuel Cemetery Stonycreek Township 610
Yoder-Blough-Kaufman Cemetery Conemaugh Township 611
Yoner Cemetery (WPA Name) Allegheny Township 430
Young Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 612
Young (Ludwig) Burial Ground (WPA Name) Somerset Township 258
Younkin Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 613
Younkin Cemetery (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 616
Younkin, Fred G. Gravesite Upper Turkeyfoot Township 614
Younkin, Yankee John Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 615
Younkin-Faidley Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 616
Younkin Graveyard (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 615
Younkin-Paddytown Cemetery (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 613
Yutzy Family Cemetery Greenville Township 617


Zerfoss Cemetery Stonycreek Township 618
Zimmerman Cemetery Quemahoning Townshipp 619
Zimmerman Farm Old Burial Ground (WPA Name) Jenner Township 399
Zimmerman, Jacob Farm Graveyard Lincoln Township 620
Zion Lutheran Cemetery Southampton Township 621
Zook, Menno Farm Site Summit Township 622

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