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Researchers are reminded to be respectful before entering a cemetery that lies on private land.  Always ask permission from the owner before entering their property.



Introduction to The Cemeteries of Somerset County


Cemeteries Arranged by Township






Elk Lick







Lower Turkeyfoot












Upper Turkeyfoot


Cemeteries Arranged Alphabetically

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Name of Cemetery


Reference Number


Addison Cemetery

Addison Township 1
Albright Cemetery Elk Lick Township 2
Altfather Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 3
Altfather Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 4
Altfather Cemetery Stonycreek Township 5
Amish Mennonite Cemetery (WPA Name) Summit Township 538
Amish Mennonite Church Cemetery Elk Lick Township 6
Amish Mennonite Church Cemetery (#2) (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 392
Amity Reformed Cemetery Summit Township 7
Anderson Cemetery (WPA Name) Lower Turkey Foot 544
Ankeny Cemetery Somerset Township 8
Ankeny Square Somerset Township 9
Ash, Henry Homestead Cemetery Jefferson Township 10
Augustine Burial Ground 1 Addison Township 11
Augustine Burial Ground 2 Addison Township 12


Baer Cemetery Somerset Township 13
Baker Burial Ground Jefferson Township 14
Baker Cemetery Larimer Township 15
Bakersville Lutheran Cemetery Jefferson Township 16
Baptist Curch Cemetery (WPA Name) Jenner Township 248
Barons Cemetery (WPA Name) Middlecreek Township 524
Bauman Cemetery Jefferson Township 17
Bauman Cemetery (WPA Name) Middlecreek Township 17
Bauman Cemetery Northampton Township 18
Beabes Cemetery Paint Township 19
Beachdale Church Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 20
Beachley Burying Ground (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 160
Beachley Cemetery (WPA Name) Brothersvalley Township 20
Beachy Farm Cemetery (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 22
Beachy Graveyard Elk Lick Township 21
Beachy, Jerry R. Farm Cemetery Elk Lick Township 22
Beal and McKenzie Cemetery Greenville Township 23
Beam Cemetery Jenner Township 24
Beam Cemetery (WPA Name) Lincoln Township 24
Beechley Burial Ground Addison Township 25
Bender Cemetery Summit Township 26
Bender Cemetery (#2) (WPA Name) Summit Township 27
Bender Farm Graveyard (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 28
Bender Gravesite Summit Township 27
Bender, C. M. Farm Grave Elk Lick Township 28
Berkebile-Thomas Cemetery Shade Township 29
Berkey Cemetery 1 Conemaugh Township 30
Berkey Cemetery 2 Conemaugh Township 31
Berkey Cemetery Jenner Township 32
Berkey Cemetery (#1) (WPA Name) Jenner Township 30
Berkey Cemetery Paint Township 33
Berkey Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 34
Berkey Church of The Brethren Paint Township 34
Berkey, Jacob Farm Gravesite Paint Township 35
Berkey, Joseph Grave Yard (WPA Name) Paint Township 36
Berkey-Hershberger Graveyard Paint Township 36
Berkley Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 37
Berkley Cemetery Stonycreek Township 38
Berkley's Mill Cemetery (WPA Name) Summit Township 37
Berlin I. O. O. F. Cemetery (WPA Name) Brothersvalley 245
Berlin Lutheran Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 39
Berlin Reformed Cemetery (WPA Name) Brothersvalley Township 431
Bethany Evangelical Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Jefferson Township 40
Bethany United Methodist Cemetery Jefferson Township 40
Bethel Church of God Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 41
Bethel Paddytown Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 42
Beulah Cemetery Lincoln Township 43
Beulah Evangelical Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Lincoln Township 43
Bittner Cemetery (WPA Name) Northampton Township 44
Bittner, B. F. Farm Cemetery Northampton Township 44
Black Burial Ground (WPA Name) Brothersvalley Township 45
Black Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 45
Black's Slave Cemetery Stonycreek Township 46
Blauch Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 47
Blauch (Old Henry Cemetery) Quemahoning Township 48
Blaugh Cemetery (WPA Name) Brothersvalley Township 50
Blouch Cemetery Conemaugh Township 49
Blough Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 50
Blough Cemetery Conemaugh Township 51
Blough Cemetery 1 Quemahoning Township 52
Blough Cemetery 2 Quemahoning Township 53
Blough Cemetery #1 (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 58
Blough Cemetery #2 (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 56
Blough Cemetery #3 (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 51
Blough Farm Cemetery Quemahoning Township 54
Blough Mennonite Church Cemetery Conemaugh Township 55
Blough, Benjamin Cemetery Conemaugh Township 56
Blough, Little Christian Cemetery Quemahoning Township 57
Blough, Yost Farm Site Conemaugh Township 58
Blough-Merley Cemetery Conemaugh Township 59
Boardman Burial Ground Addison Township 60
Bockes Cemetery Summit Township 61
Boswell Gravesite, Old Jenner Township 62
Bowman Cemetery (WPA Name) Northampton Township 18
Bowman Farm Cemetery Northampton Township 63
Bowman-Shaffer Farm Cemetery Quemahoning Township 64
Bowser Burial Ground Addison Township 65
Bowser Cemetery (WPA Name) Addison Township 65
Boyer Burial Ground Stonycreek Township 66
Boyer Cemetery (WPA Name) Jenner Township 574
Boyer Cemetery Larimer Township 67
Boyer Cemetery 1 Southampton Township 68
Boyer Cemetery 2 Southampton Township 69
Boyt's Cemetery Quemahoning Township 70
Brant Cemetery Allegheny Township 71
Braucher Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 72
Brendle Burial Ground (WPA Name) Lincoln Township 620
Brenhiser Burial Ground Summit Township 73
Brenison Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 74
Brenneman Graveyard (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 221
Brethren Church Burial Ground (WPA Name) Summit Township 75
Brethren Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Ogle Township 395
Brethren-Lichty Cemetery Summit Township 75
Bridegum Cemetery (WPA Name) Northampton Township 379
Broadwater Cemetery Northampton Township 76
Bromm Cemetery Black Township 77
Brooks Grave (WPA Name) Lower Turkeyfoot Township 78
Brooks Tunnel Grave (WPA Name) Lower Turkeyfoot Township 78
Brooks Tunnel Sites Lower Turkeyfoot Township 78
Brotherton Pike Cemetery Stonycreek Township 79
Brougher Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 80
Brown Burial Ground Summit Township 81
Brown Cemetery Greenville Township 82
Brown Gravesite Larimer Township 83
Brubaker Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 84
Buckstown Cemetery Shade Township 85
Burbach Cemetery Northampton Township 86
Burkett Cemetery Allegheny Township 87
Burkhart Burial Ground (WPA Name) Fairhope Township 87
Burkholder Burial Ground Summit Township 88
Burkholder Cemetery 1 Summit Township 89
Burkholder Cemetery 2 Summit Township 90
Burkholder Graveyard Summit Township 91


Cable Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 92
Callelman Harrow Hill Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoof Township 93
Calvary Cemetery Jenner Township 94
Campbell Burial Grounds Addison Township 95
Campbell, M. C. Burial Grounds Addison Township 96
Carver Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 97
Case Family Burial Ground Addison Township 98
Casebeer Burial Ground Lincoln Township 99
Casebeer Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery Lincoln Township 100
Catholic Cemetery, New Allegheny Township 101
Catholic Cemetery, Old Allegheny Township 102
Catholic Cemetery (WPA Name) Brothersvalley Township 507
Catholic Cemetery (WPA Name) Somerset Township 303
Catholic Cemetery (WPA Name) Somerset Township 304
Catholic Cemetery, Old Summit Township 103
Catholic Priest Cemetery Allegheny Township 104
Caulfield Cemetery Conemaugh Township 105
Center Lutheran Cemetery Summit Township 106
Centerville Lutheran Cemetery (WPA Name) Milford Township 552
Christ/Crist Farm Burying Gound Quemahoning Township 124
Christner Burial Ground Elk Lick Township 107
Christner Cemetery #1 (WPA Name) Summit Township 108
Christner Cemetery #2 (WPA Name) Summit Township 108
Christner, Earl Cemetery Summit Township 108
Church of the Brethren Cemetery (WPA Name) Somerset Township 305
Church of God Cemetery (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 272
Clark Cemetery Stonycreek Township 109
Claypole Cemetery Summit Township 110
Cober Cemetery 1 Brothersvalley Township 111
Cober Cemetery 2 Brothersvalley Township 112
Cober, Elias Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 113
Collier Burial Ground Addison Township 114
Comp Cemetery Southampton Township 115
Confluence Baptist Cemetery Lower Turkeyfoot Township 116
Confluence Brough Cemetery Lower Turkeyfoot Township 117
Cook Cemetery Southampton Township 118
Cook Farm Brothersvalley Township 119
Countryman Burial Ground (WPA Name) Brothersvalley Township 120
Countryman-Hay Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 120
Cramer, Luther Burial Ground Addison Township 121
Cramer-King Cemetery Milford Township 122
Crissey Gravesite Larimer Township 123
Crist, Samuel Cemetery Jenner Township 124
Critchfield Grave Northampton Township 125
Croner Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 126
Crossroads Burial Ground Lower Turkeyfoot Township 127
Croyle Cemetery Shade Township 128
Crum Cemetery Shade Township 129
Custer Cemetery Conemaugh Township 130
Custer Cemetery #1 (WPA Name) Conemaugh 284
Custer Cemetery #2 (WPA Name) Conemaugh 130
Custer Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 131
Custer Community Cemetery Paint Township 131
Custer-Gibbons Gravesite Shade Township 132


Daley Cemetery Shade Township 133
Daly/Potts Cemetery (WPA Name) Shade Township 133
Daly Burial Plot Shade Township 134
Davidsville Cemetery (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 551
Deeter Cemetery Allegheny Township 135
Dewalt-Schneider/Snyder Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 136
Dively Risling Cemetery (WPA Name) Stonycreek Township 443
Dog Hill-Holly Cemetery Northampton Township 137
Dorsey Cemetery Allegheny Township 138
Dovey Burial Ground #1 Conemaugh Township 609
Dovey Burial Ground #2 Conemaugh Township 264
Downey Cemetery Stonycreek Township 139
Draketown Cemetery Lower Turkeyfoot Township 140
Dridy Hill Burying Ground Addison Township 141
Dumbauld Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 142
Dumbauld Farm Burial Ground (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 142
Dumbauld Grave Yard (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 142
Dupre Gravesite Middlecreek Township 143
Dwire, Newt Gravesite Upper Turkeyfoot Township 144


Early Settlers Site Brothersvalley Township 145
Eash Burial Ground Conemaugh Township 146
Eash Cemetery Conemaugh Township 147
Eash Cemetery #1 (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 147
Eash Cemetery #2 (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 148
Eash, John Cemetery Conemaugh Township 148
Eash Cemetery (WPA Name) Quemahoning Township 149
Eash, Jonathan Grave Conemaugh Township 149
East End Cemetery, Old Paint Township 150
Edelman, David Cemetery Allegheny Township 151
Edie Reformed Cemetery (WPA Name) Lincoln Township 513
Emerich Cemetery (WPA Name) Fairhope Township 157
Emerick Home Farm Cemetery Southampton Township 152
Emert Burial Ground Lincoln Township 153
Endsley Burial Ground Addison Township 154
Engle, Clement Cemetery Elk Lick Township 155

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