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Researchers are reminded to be respectful before entering a cemetery that lies on private land.  Always ask permission from the owner before entering their property.



Introduction to The Cemeteries of Somerset County


Cemeteries Arranged by Township






Elk Lick







Lower Turkeyfoot












Upper Turkeyfoot


Cemeteries Arranged Alphabetically

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Name of Cemetery


Reference Number


Faidley, Alex Farm Burial Ground Upper Turkeyfoot Township 156
Fairs Cemetery Fairhope Township 157
Fairview Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 158
Faustwell Cemetery Paint Township 159
Feydig/Leydig Cemetery (WPA Name) Northampton Township 298
Fike Burial Ground Elk Lick Township 160
Fike Burial Ground 1 Summit Township 161
Fike Burial Ground 2 Summit Township 162
Fike Cemetery Summit Township 162
Finctner Farm Cemetery Northampton Township 163
Findley and Meese Farm Burial Ground Greenville Township 164
Fink Congregation Southampton Township 165
Fink's Cemetery Southampton Township 166
Finley Cemetery (WPA Name) Greenville Township 164
First Greek Catholic Cemetery Conemaugh Township 167
Fitchner Cemetery (WPA Name) Northampton Township 163
Flickering/Flickenger Cemetery (WPA Name) Somerset Township 168
Flickinger Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 168
Folk Farm Burial Ground (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 169
Folk, Sam Burial Ground Elk Lick Township 169
Forney Gravesite Jenner Township 170
Foust Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 171
Foustwell Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 159
Foy Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 172
Friedens Lutheran Cemetery Somerset Township 173
Friedens Lutheran Cemetery, New Somerset Township 174
Friedline Burial Ground (WPA Name) Lincoln Township 177
Friedline Cemetery Jenner Township 175
Friedline, Ludwig Burial Ground Jefferson Township 176
Friedline-Pile Farm Gravesite Jenner Township 177
Fritz Lutheran Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 178
Fullem Cemetery Summit Township 179
Fyock Cemetery Paint Township 180


Gardner Cemetery Jenner Township 181
Garlitts Farm Burial Ground Lower Turkeyfoot Township 182
Garrett Union Cemetery Summit Township 183
Geiger Cemetery Somerset Township 184
Getz Cemetery Southampton Township 185
Gindlesberger Farm Site Conemaugh Township 186
Gindlesperger Gravesite Stonycreek Township 187
Glade Cemetery Stonycreek Township 188
Glade Cemetery (WPA Name) Stonycreek Township 189
Glade Reformed Cemetery (WPA Name) Stonycreek Township 188
Glade Union Cemetery Stonycreek Township 189
Glen Savage Cemetery (WPA Name) Allegheny Township 549
Glessner Burial Grounds Brothersvalley Township 190
Glessner Farm Burial Ground #1 (WPA Name) Brothersvalley Township 190
Glessner Farm Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 191
Glessner, Harry H. Farm Cemetery Stonycreek Township 192
Glessner, Jacob Burial Brothersvalley Township 193
Glessner (Roy) Farm Cemetery (WPA Name) Stonycreek Township 194
Glessner, Tobias Cemetery Stonycreek Township 194
Glessner-Musser Cemetery Stonycreek Township 195
Glisan Gravesite Addison Township 196
Gnagey Burial Site Summit Township 197
Gnagey Cemetery #1 (WPA Name) Summit Township 199
Gnagey Cemetery #2 (WPA Name) Summit Township 198
Gnagey, Christian Farm Cemetery Summit Township 198
Gnagey, Conrad Cemetery Summit Township 199
Gohn-Wilt Cemetery Shade Township 200
Good-Cover Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 201
Grace Independent Bible Church Cemetery Larimer Township 202
Greek Catholic Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Jenner Township 518
Greenville Lutheran Church Cemetery Greenville Township 203
Greenville Township Union Cemetery (WPA Name) Greenville Township 203
Greenville Union Cemetery (WPA Name) Greenville Township 203
Grenke, Edward Burial Ground Allegheny Township 204
Gross Cemetery Milford Township 205


Haining Farm Graveyard Elk Lick Township 206
Hamp, (old) Burial Ground (WPA Name) Lower Turkeyfoot Township 400
Handwerk Cemetery Elk Lick Township 207
Haning Farm Graveyard (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 206
Harden and Humberson Burial Ground Addison Township 208
Harshbarger, JNO Site Paint Township 209
Hartje, Frank Farm Cemetery Allegheny Township 210
Hauger Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 211
Hauger Burial Ground (WPA Name) Black Township 212
Hauger Cemetery Black Township 212
Hauger Cemetery Summit Township 213
Hauger Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Summit Township 213
Hay Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 214
Hay Burial Ground Somerset Township 215
Hay, Lloyd Farm Cemetery Elk Lick Township 216
Haydu Cemetery Shade Township 217
Hays Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 218
Heckman Farm Cemetery Conemaugh Township 219
Heiple Burial Ground Lincoln Township 220
Hershberger Farm Cemetery Elk Lick Township 221
Hershberger Graveyard (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 221
Hershberger, Joel Farm Cemetery Elk Lick Township 222
Hess Cemetery Stonycreek Township 223
Hileman Graves Addison Township 224
Hill Cemetery Elk Lick Township 225
Hoffman Burial Ground (WPA Name) Jenner Township 170
Hoffman Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (WPA Name) Jenner Township 226
Hoffman Zion Lutheran Cemetery Jenner Township 226
Holley Cemetery (WPA Name) Northampton 137
Holsapple Cemetery Paint Township 227
Holsopple Graveyard Conemaugh Township 228
Holy Cross Cemetery Conemaugh Township 229
Holy Family Roman Catholic Cemetery Quemahoning Township 230
Holy Family Roman Catholic Church & Cemetery (WPA Name) Shade Township 230
Hone Burial Ground Addison Township 231
Hooversville Reformed Cemetery (WPA Name)
a.k.a. Pleasantdale Cemetery
Quemahoning Township 526
Hopewell United Methodist Cemetery Jenner Township 232
Hoppert Cemetery Allegheny Township 233
Horner Burial Ground (WPA Name) Lincoln Township 620
Horner Burial Ground Summit Township 234
Horner Church Graveyard (WPA Name) Quemahoning Township 235
Horner Farm Graveyard Quemahoning Township 235
Horner, Ira Cemetery Jenner Township 236
Horner, Samuel Farm Site Quemahoning Township 237
Horner-Mt. Tabor Cemetery Quemahoning Township 238
Hostetler Cemetery Elk Lick Township 239
Hostetler Cemetery #1 (WPA Name) Greenville Township 241
Hostetler Cemetery #2 (WPA Name) Greenville Township 479
Hostetler Cemetery Middlecreek Township 240
Hostetler Church of the Brethren Cemetery Greenville Township 241
Hudson Graveyard Jenner Township 242
Husband Cemetery Somerset Township 243
Huston-Berkebile Cemetery Shade Township 244


I. O. O .F. Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 245
I. O. O. F. Cemetery (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 273
Imhoff Cemetery Allegheny Township 246


Jamison Plot Northampton Township 247
Jenner Township Baptist Cemetery Jenner Township 248
Jenners Crossroads Cemetery Jenner Township 249
Jennerstown United Methodist Cemetery Jenner Township 250
Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, New (WPA Name) Lower Turkeyfoot Township 252
Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, Old Lower Turkeyfoot Township 251
Jersey Settlement Cemetery Lower Turkeyfoot Township 252
Johns, Joseph Cemetery Conemaugh Township 253
Johns, Sem Cemetery Conemaugh Township 254
Johnsburg Cemetery Northampton Township 255
Johnsburg Cemetery (WPA Name) Allegheny Township 256
Johnsburg Cemetery, Old Northampton Township 256
Jones Farm Burial Ground Conemaugh Township 284
Jones-Scott-Singo Cemetery Middlecreek Township 257
Jr. O. A. U. M. Cemetery (WPA Name) Somerset Township 173
Jung-Young Cemetery Somerset Township 258


Kaltenbaugh Cemetery Shade Township 259
Kammerer Cemetery Fairhope Township 260
Kaufman Burial Ground Jenner Township 261
Kaufman Cemetery 1 Conemaugh Township 262
Kaufman Cemetery 2 Conemaugh Township 263
Kaufman Cemetery 3 Conemaugh Township 264
Kaufman Cemetery  #1 (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 264
Kaufman Cemetery  #3 (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 262
Kaufman, Josiah Cemetery Conemaugh Township 265
Keim Burial Ground (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 266
Keim Farm Gravesite Conemaugh Township 266
Keim Farm (Jerry) Cemetery Elk Lick Township 311
Kemp Burial Ground Elk Lick Township 267
Kimmel Church Cemetery Jefferson Township 268
Kimmell Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 269
Kimmell Cemetery Stonycreek Township 270
King, C. H. Graves Elk Lick Township 271
Kingwood Church of God Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 272
Kingwood I. O. O. F. Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 273
Kinsinger Gravesite Elk Lick Township 274
Klingaman Cemetery Greenville Township 275
Knepp Cemetery 1 Larimer Township 276
Knepp Cemetery 2 Larimer Township 277
Knepp Cemetery 3 Larimer Township 278
Knepp Cemetery #1 (WPA Name) Larimer Township 277
Knepp Cemetery #2 (WPA Name) Larimer Township 276
Knepper Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 279
Koontz, Daniel Site Quemahoning Township 280
Korns Brothers Farm Site Southampton Township 281
Kregar, Barney Farm Burial Ground Upper Turkeyfoot Township 282
Kretchman Cemetery Elk Lick Township 283
Kuster Cemetery Conemaugh Township 284


Lambert Cemetery Stonycreek Township 285
Lambertsville Cemetery Stonycreek Township 286
Landis Burial Ground Brothersvalley Township 287
Landis, Daniel Farm Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 288
Lape Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 289
Larimer Township Cemetery (WPA Name) Larimer Township 390
Lasure Cemetery Larimer Township 290
Laurel Church Cemetery Black Township 291
Lavansville Lutheran Cemetery Somerset Township 292
Lehman Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 293
Lehman-Hoffman Cemetery Paint Township 294
Lenhart Burial Ground (WPA Name) Jefferson Township 176
Lepley Cemetery Southampton Township 295
Lepley-Reiber Cemetery Southampton Township 296
Levingston Gravesite Jenner Township 297
Leydig, John T Cemetery Northampton Township 298
Lichty Burial Ground (WPA Name) Summit Township 75
Lichty Cemetery Somerset Township 299
Lichty Christian Burial Ground Elk Lick Township 300
Lichty-Thomas Burial Ground Elk Lick Township 301
Ling Cemetery Shade Township 302
Lingo Cemetery (WPA Name) Middlecreek Township 257
Listie Catholic Cemetery, East Somerset Township 303
Listie Catholic Cemetery, West Somerset Township 304
Listie Cemetery, Protestant Somerset Township 305
Listonburg Southern Methodist Cemetery Addison Township 306
Livengood Burial Ground Elk Lick Township 307
Livengood Cemetery (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 309
Livengood, Elijah Farm Cemetery Elk Lick Township 308
Livengood, John Farm Cemetery Elk Lick Township 309
Livengood, Mahlon Burying Ground Addison Township 310
Livengood-Keim Cemetery Elk Lick Township 311
Livingston Burial Ground (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 312
Livingston Farm Cemetery Conemaugh Township 312
Livingston, Jeremiah Farm Cemetery Conemaugh Township 313
Lower Springs Cemetery Elk Lick Township 314
Lower-Stahl Memorial Site Quemahoning Township 315
Luther, Dr. Martin Cemetery Shade Township 316

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