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Researchers are reminded to be respectful before entering a cemetery that lies on private land.  Always ask permission from the owner before entering their property.



Introduction to The Cemeteries of Somerset County


Cemeteries Arranged by Township






Elk Lick







Lower Turkeyfoot












Upper Turkeyfoot


Cemeteries Arranged Alphabetically

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Name of Cemetery


Reference Number


Mance Cemetery Northampton Township 317
Manges Cemetery Shade Township 318
Maple Glen Cemetery Elk Lick Township 319
Maple Spring Church Cemetery Conemaugh Township 320
Marker Cemetery Summit Township 321
Markley Farm Cemetery Elk Lick Township 322
Martz Cemetery Northampton Township 323
Mast-Maust Cemetery Elk Lick Township 324
Maust Burial Ground (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 325
Maust Cemetery Elk Lick Township 325
Maust (Old Jonas) Farm Grave Yard Elk Lick Township 324
Maust Farm Site Summit Township 326
McCampbell Burial Ground Addison Township 96
McClintock Burial Ground (WPA Name) Addison Township 328
McClintock Burying Grounds (John M. Leslie) (WPA Name) Addison Township no info
McClintock Graveyard Addison Township 327
McClintock, John Gravesite Addison Township 328
McClintock, Old Burial Ground Addison Township 329
McClintock, Roy Farm Burying Ground Addison Township 330
McCloskey Farm Cemetery Elk LIck Township 331
McCullough Burial Ground (WPA Name) Addison Township 332
McCullough-Kemp Burial Ground Addison Township 332
McDaniel Burial Ground Conemaugh Township 333
McGregor Cemetery Shade Township 334
McIntyre Cemetery Allegheny Township 335
McKenzie Cemetery (WPA Name) Greenville Township 23
Meadowbrook Farm Graveyard Jenner Township 336
Merrill Cemetery Greenville Township 337
Meyers Burial Ground Summit Township 338
Meyers Cemetery Northampton Township 339
Middlecreek Cemetery Milford Township 340
Milhouse Cemetery Somerset Township 341
Miller Burial Gravesite Greenville Township 342
Miller Burial Ground (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 353
Miller Burial Ground (WPA Name) Greenville Township 342
Miller Burial Ground Stonycreek Township 343
Miller Burial Ground 1 Summit Township 344
Miller Burial Ground 2 Summit Township 345
Miller Burial Ground 3 Summit Township 346
Miller Burial Ground #1 (WPA Name) Summit Township 345
Miller Burial Ground #2 (WPA Name) Summit Township no info
Miller Burial Ground #3 (WPA Name) Summit Township 346
Miller Burial Ground #4 (WPA Name) Summit Township 344
Miller Cemetery Allegheny Township 347
Miller Cemetery 1 Conemaugh Cemetery 348
Miller Cemetery 2 Conemaugh Township 349
Miller Cemetery #1 (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 356
Miller Cemetery #3 (WPA Name) Conemaugh Cemetery 348
Miller Cemetery (WPA Name) Middlecreek Township 357
Miller Cemetery Shade Township 350
Miller Cemetery 1 Stonycreek Cemetery 351
Miller Cemetery 2 Stonycreek Township 352
Miller Cemetery (WPA Name) Summit Township 355
Miller Farm Gravesite Conemaugh Township 353
Miller Graves Jenner Township 354
Miller, Abraham Cemetery Summit Township 355
Miller, Christian Gravesite Conemaugh 356
Miller, William Cemetery Middlecreek Township 357
Miller, Yost Cemetery Quemahoning Township 358
Miller's Choice Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 359
Miller-Wingard Cemetery Conemaugh Township 360
Mishler Cemetery Jenner Township 361
Mizpah Church Cemetery Stonycreek Township 362
Moon Cemetery Black Township 363
Mostoller Cemetery Quemahoning Cemetery 364
Mountain Cemetery Allegheny Township 365
Mountain View Cemetery Elk Lick Township 366
Mt. Carmel Cemetery Jenner Township 367
Mt. Carmel Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Ogle Township 368
Mt. Lebanon Cemetery Northampton Township 369
Mt. Olive Lutheran Cemetery Allegheny Cemetery 370
Mt. Taber Cemetery Jenner Township 371
Mt. Union Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 372
Mt. Zion Cemetery Allegheny Township 373
Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery Jenner Township 374
Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery Paint Township 375
Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 376
Mt. Zion United Brethren Cemetery (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 377
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 377
Mull Burying Ground Jefferson Township 378
Mull-Bridegum Cemetery Northampton Township 379
Mulls Burial Northampton Township 380
Mull's Congregational Burial Ground (WPA Name) Northampton Township 379
Musser Burial Ground Brothersvalley 381
Musser Cemetery Somerset Township 382
Musser Cemetery Stonycreek Township 383


Native American Burial Ground Summit Township 384
Negro Cemetery Summit Township 385
Neiderhiser Cemetery Jefferson Township 386
Newberry Cemetery (WPA Name) Lower Turkeyfoot Township 387
Newbury-Nubury Cemetery Addison Township 387
No Name Cemetery Addison Township 388
No Name Allegheny Township 389
No Name Larimer Township 390
No Name Lower Turkeyfoot Township 391


Oakdale Church Cemetery Elk Lick Township 392
O'Connor Burial Ground (WPA Name) Jenner Township 393
O'Connor Cemetery Jenner Township 393
Odd Fellows Cemetery (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 452
Odd Fellows Cemetery Quemahoning Township 394
Ogletown Church of the Brethren Ogle Township 395
Old Burial Ground #1 (WPA Name) Addison Township 329
Old Burial Ground #2 (WPA Name) Addison Township no info
Old Burial Ground #3 (WPA Name) Addison Township 400
Old Burial Grounds 1 Elk Lick Township 396
Old Burial Grounds 2 Elk Lick Township 397
Old Burial Grounds #3 (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 404

Old Burial Grounds #4 (WPA Name)

Elk Lick Township 401
Old Burial Grounds #5 (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 439
Old Burial Grounds #6 (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 308
Old Burial Ground Greenville Township 398
Old Burial Ground Jenner Township 399
Old Burial Ground Lower Turkeyfoot Township 400
Old Burial Ground on John Bender Farm (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 267
Old Burial Ground on Younkin Farm (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 614
Old Burial Grounds on Andy Schrock Farm (WPA Name) Upper Turkeyfoot Township 467
Old Cemetery Site Elk Lick Township 401
Old Cemetery on Hershberger Farm (WPA Farm) Elk Lick Township 222
Old Cemetery (Lloyd Hay farm) (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 216
Old Grave Yard on King Farm (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 271
Old Grave Yard, McCloskey Farm (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 331
Old Graveyard in Woods Upper Turkeyfoot Township 402
Old Graveyard on Beachy Farm (WPA Name) Elk Lick Township 274
Oldham Graveyard (WPA Name) Shade Township 129
One Child Grave 1 Elk Lick Township 403
One Child Grave 2 Elk Lick Township 404
One Union Soldier Allegheny Township 405
One Woman Grave Northampton Township 406
Ott Graveyard 1 Paint Township 407
Ott Graveyard 2 Paint Township 408
Otterbein United Brethren Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Shade Township 409
Otterbein United Methodist Church Cemetery Shade Township 409


P.O.S. of A. Cemetery (Patriotic Order Sons of America) Shade Township 410
Paint Boro Lutheran Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 375
Parish Cemetery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Shade Township 411
Peck Cemetery Elk Lick Township 412
Penrod Burial Site Brothersvalley Township 413
Penrod Graveyard Paint Township 414
Peterman Burial Ground Shade Township 415
Pfile Cemetery Paint Township 416
Pike Church of the Brethren Cemetery Stonycreek Township 79
Pine Hill Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 417
Pinkerton Cemetery Upper Turkeyfoot Township 418
Pioneer Gravesite Upper Turkeyfoot Township 419
Piper Burial Ground Jenner Township 242
P K M Grave Conemaugh Township 420
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Somerset Township 421
Pleasant Hills Cemetery, Old Milford Township 422
Pleasantdale Cemetery
a.k.a. Hooversville Reformed Cemetery, and St. Paul's Reformed Church Cemetery
Quemahoning Township 526
Pletcher Farm Burial Ground Upper Turkeyfoot Township 423
Polyslus Mill Cemetery (WPA Name) Black Township 487
Presbyterian Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Jenner Township 250
Pretoria Catholic Cemetery (WPA Name) Paint Township 505
Prinkey Child Lower Turkeyfoot Township 424
Pugh Cemetery Stonycreek Township 425
Putnam, Peter Gravesite Milford Township 426


Queer Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 427


Rayman Burial Ground (WPA Name) Stonycreek Township 428
Rayman Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Somerset Township 428
Rayman Church Cemetery Stonycreek Township 428
Ream Cemetery Lower Turkeyfoot Township 429
Reese Cemetery (aka Yonai Cemetery) Allegheny Township 430
Reformed Cemetery Brothers Valley Township 431
Reformed Cemetery (WPA Name) Summit Township 7
Reformed Church Cemetery (WPA Name) Jenner Township 250
Reiber-Lepley Cemetery (WPA Name) Southampton Township 296
Reitz Cemetery Stonycreek Township 432
Rhoads Cemetery Somerset Township 433
Rhoads Farm Burial Ground (WPA Name) Lower Turkeyfoot Township 447
Rhoads Church Cemetery Black Township 434
Rhoads-Will Cemetery (WPA Name) Somerset Township 433
Richardson Cemetery Shade Township 435
Ridge  Reformed Church Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 436
Ridgeview Cemetery Summit Township 437
Ringer Cemetery Summit Township 438
Ringer Children Gravesite Summit Township 439
Ringler Cemetery Stonycreek Township 440
Ripple Cemetery Paint Township 441
Ripple, Nicolas Gravesite Paint Township 442
Risling-Dively Cemetery Stonycreek Township 443
Rockwood I. O. O. F. Cemetery Milford 444
Roman Catholic Cemetery (WPA Name) Conemaugh Township 229
Romesberg Cemetery Summit Township 445
Roth Cemetery Stonycreek Cemetery 446
Rugg Cemetery Lower Turkeyfoot Township 447
Rummel Cemetery Paint Township 448
Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Cemetery Brothersvalley Township 449

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