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Albright Cemetery

Amish Mennonite Church Cemetery

Amish Mennonite Church Cemetery (#2) (WPA Name)

Beachley Burying Ground (WPA Name)

Beachy Farm Cemetery (WPA Name)

Beachy Graveyard

Beachy, Jerry R. Farm Cemetery

Bender Farm Graveyard (WPA Name)

Bender, C. M. Farm Grave

Brenneman Graveyard (WPA Name)

Christner Burial Ground

Engle, Clement Cemetery

Fike Burial Ground

Folk Farm Burial Ground (WPA Name)

Folk, Sam Burial Ground

Haining Farm Graveyard

Handwerk Cemetery

Haning Farm Graveyard (WPA Name)

Hay, Lloyd Farm Cemetery

Hershberger Farm Cemetery

Hershberger Graveyard (WPA Name)

Hershberger, Joel Farm Cemetery

Hill Cemetery

Hostetler Cemetery

Keim Farm (Jerry) Cemetery (WPA Name)

Kemp Burial Ground

King, C. H. Graves

Kinsinger Gravesite

Kretchman Cemetery

Lichty, Christian Burial

Lichty-Thomas Burial Ground

Livengood Burial Ground

Livengood Cemetery (WPA Name)

Livengood, Elijah Farm Cemetery

Livengood, John Farm Cemetery

Livengood-Keim Cemetery

Lower Springs Cemetery

Maple Glen Cemetery

Markley Farm Cemetery

Mast-Maust Cemetery

Maust Burial Ground (WPA Name)

Maust Cemetery

Maust (Old Jonas) Farm Grave Yard (WPA Name)

McCloskey Farm Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery

Oak Dale Church Cemetery

Odd Fellows Cemetery (WPA Name)

Old Burial Grounds 1

Old Burial Grounds 2

Old Burial Grounds #3 (WPA Name)

Old Burial Grounds #4 (WPA Name)

Old Burial Grounds #5 (WPA Name)

Old Burial Grounds #6 (WPA Name)

Old Burial Ground on John Bender Farm (WPA Name)

Old Cemetery Site

Old Cemetery on Hershberger Farm (WPA Name)

Old Cemetery (Lloyd Hay farm) (WPA Name)

Old Grave Yard on King Farm (WPA Name)

Old Grave Yard, McCloskey Farm (WPA Name)

Old Graveyard on Beachy Farm (WPA Name)

One Child Grave 1

One Child Grave 2

Peck Cemetery

Salisbury Cemetery, Old

Salisbury Elk Lick Cemetery

Shoemaker, Ellis Burial

Smith, Jacob Site

St. Michael's Cemetery

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cemetery (WPA Name)

St. Paul Reformed Cemetery

Summit Mills Amish Mennonite Cemetery, New

Summit Mills Amish Mennonite Cemetery, Old

Vought Cemetery (WPA Name)

Willow Grove Amish Cemetery

Wright, A. R. Farm Cemetery

Yoder, Amos J. Farm Cemetery

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