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Total Records: 29
1Baltes, Joseph  __/__/1864__/__/1918Linda Krenz-Price
2Brown, Catherine  __/__/1866__/__/1939Bonnie M. Gilson
3Bungert, James (Jimmy) __/__/1919__/__/2005Ely Echo
4Chandler, John A.  __/__/__04/1/1902Kathryn Kelly
5Darling, Harry M. D.1947  __/__/____/__/__Pat Darling
6Elfstrom, Wallace (Wally) __/__/1924__/__/2001Marie Loughlin
7Elmund, Clarence Elof Walter  __/__/1889__/__/1908Unknown
8Finnegan, David Roy  __/__/__08/16/1932Debra Crosby The Registry
9Finnegan, Marcella Smith  __/__/__05/4/1934Debra Crosby The Registry
10Forest, Samuel A.  __/__/____/__/1905Kathryn Kelly
11Glowartz, Carl  __/__/____/__/1889Michael Glowartz
12Hage, David Stanley  __/__/____/__/2003Ely Echo
13Hedlund, Andrew  __/__/1853__/__/1937Laurie Keller
14Heinl, Darlene E.  __/__/1948__/__/2001Marie Loughlin
15Kennedy, John D. D.1936  __/__/____/__/__Michelle
16Kennedy, John L. D.1954  __/__/____/__/__Michelle
17Lewis, Luzerne E. D.1932  __/__/____/__/__Bonnie M. Gilson
18Morgan, Roscoe Conklin B.1888  __/__/____/__/__Bonnie M. Gilson
19O'connell, Clayton  __/__/____/__/1926Gregg E. Davies
20Rambosky, Ronald James  __/__/1916__/__/2005Judy Clarke
21Robin, Clara (D.1928) __/__/____/__/__Peggy Green
22Sexton, Margaret Rose  __/__/1888__/__/1977Sheri Sexton
23Simonet, Caroline  __/__/____/__/1890Debra Crosby The Registry
24Smith, Lillian McInnis  __/__/__05/1/1942Debra Crosby The Registry
25Stoll, Hannah Cole  __/__/1830__/__/1886JohnWozniak
26Sword, Robert G. D.2001  __/__/____/__/__Marie Loughlin
27Valcazar, Abraham D.1946  __/__/____/__/__Nancy Robinson
28Winn, John J.  __/__/____/__/1936Bonnie M. Gilson
29Zoellner, Anna Catharine Buebenheim  __/__/1814__/__/1900Submitter unknown

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