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Scientific American Supplement, August 8, 1914. Proposed Enlargement of Norfolk Navy Yard.


Marine Barracks in photos

Norfolk Naval Shipyard: Postcard Images (by subject - large file)

Ships of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard


The History of our Navy Yard by Com. A. W. Ashbrook, December 1926, and published in The Portsmouth Star, January 9, 1927. Transcribed by Jefferson M. Moak, Archivist, National Archives, Philadelphia, & donated to the Norfolk Navy Yard site. Original document resides at National Archives at Philadelphia.

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"Service to the Fleet Turns 70" Service To The Fleet, October 2015 by Marcus W. Robbins

Visions of the Past by Marcus W. Robbins


        Drydock 1                     

              File 1: Images

              Excerpts from History of United States Navy-Yard at Gosport, Virginia, by Edward P. Lull, A.M.

              Dry-Dock Construction Plans, 3-3-1827

              Dry Dock 1 Nomination Form

              Acceptance Letter         

         German Village (1915-1917) Permission has been granted to post these articles.

              Enemy or Tourist Attraction: The German Village at the Norfolk Navy Yard during World War I by Bill Edwards-Bodmer.

              The Daybook, Summer 1999: 40,000 Tons of Trouble Drops Anchor in Hampton Roads

              The Norfolk Historical Society Courier, Fall 2007: The German Village at Norfolk Naval Shipyard

              The Daybook, Vol. 7, Issue 4: German Raiders in Hampton Roads by Elijah Palmer

              The German Village History in Pictures by Marcus W. Robbins

        History of the Washington Navy Yard Civilian Workforce 1799-1962 by John G. Sharp

        The Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 by John G. Sharp

              Influenza Addendum: Lillian M Murphy RN USNR (1887-1918) Navy Cross Recipient 

       The Washington Navy Yard & the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918/1919
by John G. Sharp


Norfolk Naval Shipyard Serves The Fleet  - Norfolk Naval Shipyard Film, circa 1965

Part I Background

Part II

Part III Mission

Part IV Trades: Temporary Services

Part V Dry Dock

Part VI Hull Repair

Part VII Shop Fabrication

Part VIII Final Overhaul

Part IX Support

History of Norfolk Naval Shipyard (YouTube, circa 2011)

Shipyard Pickers 2020

Episode 1 Laser Scanning

Episode 2 Laser Ablation

Episode 3 Exoskeleton

Episode 4 Additive Manufacturing

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The Norfolk Navy Yard into the 20th Century

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