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Rebel Batteries at Craney Island & Sewell's Point
Harpers Weekly
Nov. 2, 1861

View of the United States Navy Yard at Gosport, Opposite Norfolk, VA
Gleason's Pictorials: Boston, July 9, 1853.
Vol. V, No. 2.

1843 Engraving by J. O. Montalant of Gosport Navy Yard.
Published in 1845 in Historical Collections of Virginia, by Henry Howe,
Babcock & Co., Charleston, SC, 1846, page 401.

Norfolk Navy-yard
Harper's Weekly
March 16, 1861

Occupation of Norfolk, VA-View of the City-Union Vessels at Anchor
Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room.

The Monitor at work on the Merrimac (or Virginia)

Burning of the Gosport Navy Yard by the United States Authorities
The New York Illustrated News,
May 11, 1861


Occupation of Norfolk, VA
Bird's-eye view of the ruins of the Navy Yard at Gosport.


Confederate Iron-Plated Steamer (Merrimac) Running Int0 Federal Sloop Cumberland

The Illustrated London News, April 5, 1862

Fort Monroe, VA, as seen from the James River.
The Illustrated London News,
May 25, 1861

Vessels at Anchor In Hampton Roads
Harper's Weekly
November 16, 1861

Views of Portsmouth & Norfolk.
Courtesy of Mariner's Musuem.

Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War, pp. 94 & 95.

Frank Leslie's
The Soldier in our Civil War, 1893,
pp. 246 & 247

Ballou's Pictorial, Boston, Saturday,
January 26, 1856.


United States Steam Frigate Merrimac (enhanced).
Ballou's Pictorial.
January 26, 1856.

The Engagement Between the "Monitor" and "Merrimac."
Drawn by J. Hamilton.
Engraved by Samuel Sartain.

Gosport Navy Yard, showing the wall of the Yard pierced for musketry, the ruins of the workshops burned by the Rebels and the guns fished up from the sunken vessels.
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, June 28, 1862,


Virginia Sinking the Cumberland,
March 8th, 1863

Merrimac and Monitor Duel.
First Battle of Ironclads, Hampton Roads, 1862.

CS Ironclad Virginia

Battle Between Merrimac & Monitor
Painting by Thomas C. Skinner

Sinking the Cumberland
March 8, 1862
Courtesy of Kirn Library, Sargeant Room

3. "Virginia" (Merrimac) Passing Fort Norfolk,
March 8, 1862

Monitor and Merrimac

Jamestown Exposition Souvenir
Six-fold Post Card Panorama
U. S. Naval Display, Hampton Roads,

5. "Virginia" (Merrimac) in Battle with the "Monitor" in Hampton Roads, March 9, 1862. Painting by B. A. Richardson.

1. "Merrimac" Destroyed at the Burning of the Norfolk Navy Yard, April 19, 1861. Painting by B. A. Richardson.


Destruction of the Merrimac

Jamestown Exposition Souvenir Postcards (foldout)
Bird's Eye View.


Hampton Roads map

New York Times
May 10, 1862

IMPROVING NORFOLK HARBOR, VA and its approaches Dredging at Portsmouth Flats June 30, 1880

The City of Richmond
& its Defences
New York Times
May 13, 1863

New York Hearld
May 29, 1861

Scene of the Explosion of the "Merrimac"
Philadelphia Inquirer
May 12, 1862

Civil War Map of Hampton Roads

Norfolk Harbor, 1857

1891 Map of Hampton [Virginia] N and A Institute and surrounding region

The Battle of the Iron-Clad Steamers,
New York Herald,
March 14, 1862.

Map of Yorktown and Vicinity,
showing the position of Gen. McClellan's Army and The Rebels Under Jeff. Davis
Harper's Weekly
May 3, 1862, p. 279.
Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room.

Plan of the Harbor
of Norfolk and Portsmouth,
by Chas. E. Cassell, 1861.
Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room

Fort Norfolk, 1860.

Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room
Map of Tidewater.
Battles and Commanders of the Civil War.
Courtesy of
Sargeant Memorial Room.

Southern Branch Portion
of Norfolk Harbor, 1885.



Miscellaneous Images
from books and publications
and from the digital files of Sargeant Memorial Room

Terrific Engagement Between
the "Monitor" and "Merrimac"
in Hampton Roads, Mar. 9, 1862.

Fortress Monroe and its Vicinity

Battle Between the
Monitor and Merrimac

The First Dry Dock in America,
U. S. S. Delaware,
Gosport Navy Yard,
June 17, 1833.

Ammunition Depot
Norfolk Navy Yard, 1935.
Courtesy 0f
Sargeant Memorial Room.

CSS Virginia
Courtesy of
Mariner's Musuem..


Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Dock No. 1.
Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Dock No. 1.
Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Dock No. 2.
Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room.

Newspaper Cover
New York Times
May 13, 1862.

Newspaper Cover.
New York Herald,
March 10, 1862.

Confederate One Dollar Bill

Marine Barracks, 1926.

The Iron-Clad Merrimac
Destroying the Cumberland

The U.S.S. "San Marcos"
(formerly the "Texas")
after Bombardment by
the "New Hampshire".
The Youth's Companion,

April 20, 1911

Public Works Department
Norfolk Navy Yard

3 cent United States Postage
US Navy


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