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Tate Cemetery
AKA "Tate (Bundy) Cemetery"

No pictures are available yet.

Taylor/Little Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

Terry Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

Thompson Family Cemetery
USGS GNIS Coordinates:  Latitude: 320858N  Longitude: 0951625W

No pictures are available yet.

Threlkeld Cemetery
Latitude:  N  32:20:24.2
Longitude:  W 095:02:40.6
Take Hwy 31E from Tyler to County Road (CR) 246S (about 3+/- miles shy of the county line). Follow CR246S to CR26 (Jamestown Road). At intersection of CR246S and CR26: Southeast corner - Threlkeld Cemetery - no sign - surrounded by chain-link fence.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Cemetery Entrance Gate
Nearest intersection to cemetery
Cemetery view 1 - from gate
Cemetery view 2 - towards gate
Elizabeth Threlkeld
Henry H. Threlkeld
Janie Threlkeld
John Threlkeld
M. O., Husband of L.E. Threlkeld

Troup City Cemetery
Troup, TX
Latitude:  N  32:08:51.0
Longitude:  W 095:07:14.2
Located at the corner of McKay and Georgia Streets inside the city of Troup, Smith County, Texas. The cemetery sits behind the high school in the city of Troup.

Dedicated in 1873, this cemetery is on land reserved by the Railroad for this purpose when the town was being planned. It is said that perhaps in some cases there might be more than one person in the same place, as graves used to be dug deeper than they are now, and rocks or markers might have been moved or disappeared over the years.

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Union Chapel Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

Union Grove Cemetery
Smith County, TX
Latitude:   N  32:08:49.1
Longitude:  W 095:03:56.3
From Tyler, proceed south on Hwy 110 through Whitehouse to the city of Troup. In Troup, at the intersection of Hwy 110 & Hwy 15, turn left (east) and proceed about 3.5 miles. This Cemetery is behind the Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church. The church & cemetery are on the right side of the road (south side).

The oldest grave is G. R. Smith Born 23 Dec 1819, Died 6 June 1909.

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Universe Cemetery
Headache Springs Area, Tyler, TX
Latitude:  N  32:20:08.4
Longitude:  W 095:14:47.9
This cemetery is inside the City of Tyler, Texas. Take Highway 64 East from Downtown Tyler to CR274 (Nottingham Lane) and turn left (North). Travel about 1/2 mile to the 9100 block of the street. There is a 4-unit Brick Apartment building (west side of street) - behind the parking lot of this apartment building is the cemetery. The fence and the northernmost gate to the cemetery is visible through this parking lot. If permission to cross the parking lot is denied (not likely to happen), then travel north an additional 100 yards on CR274 to the entrance of Headache Springs Park. From the parking at this park entrance, go into the woods to the west behind the property lines and travel back down about 100 yards to the northern fence of the cemetery - you can access the cemetery by either going around the west end of the fence or going to the northeast corner and enter the gate at the back of the apartment parking lot.

This cemetery is about 3 acres in size and is fenced on the north and east sides with a 4 foot high chain-link fence. It does not appear to be maintained. There are 4 family plots inside the cemetery which are separately fenced. Only one of these separate plots appears to be maintained and it contains the most recent burial from March, 2001. The earliest burial is from 1871.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Apartment building parking lot, cemetery fence & gate at back
Headache Springs Park entrance and 
parking area
View to right (north) from center gate on the east fence of the cemetery
View to center (west) from center gate on the east fence of the cemetery
View to left (south) from center gate on 
the east fence of the cemetery
View of one of the separately fenced family plot
Will Smith
Pvt Sup Co 816 Pioneer Co
World War I
Dec 25 1892 - Jan 9 1956
Gene Choice
Pvt Co C 355 Labor Bn QMC
World War I
July 27 1896 - Aug 24 1954
Headache Springs
Historical Marker
located on Hwy 64 about 1/4 mile before connection with CR274.

Unnamed Cemetery
(Small at Garden Valley)

No pictures are available yet.

Vandergriff Grave

No pictures are available yet.

Walnut Grove Cemetery
Walnut Grove Community, TX
Latitude:  N  32:10:44.2
Longitude:  W 095:13:52.4
From Tyler take Hwy110 south through Whitehouse. South of Whitehouse, turn right (west) on FM344. The cemetery is about 2 miles on the right (north side) of the road.

On September 30, 1903 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Canton donated 2 acres of land to the Walnut Grove Community. Later that year (1903) Robert Shackelford was being taken to Gandy Mountain for burial over bad roads. When the party reached Walnut Grove, the road was impassable and they were forced to bury the 88-year-old Mr. Shackelford there, starting the cemetery. His is the first grave, and unmarked.

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Walnut Springs Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

Walters Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

Waters Bluff Cemetery
USGS GNIS Coordinates:  Latitude: 323106N  Longitude: 0950714W

No pictures are available yet.

Welch Grave

No pictures are available yet.

Westview Cemetery
Tyler, TX
Latitude:  N  32:21:06.1
Longitude:  W 095:20:04.8
This cemetery is located on Hwy 64 West, inside the city limits of Tyler. The cemetery is on the north side of Hwy 64W.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Cemetery Entrance Gate &
Sign Over Gate
Cemetery Sign Inside Gate

White Cemetery
AKA "Perryman Cemetery"
USGS GNIS Coordinates:  Latitude: 323302N  Longitude: 0951602W

No pictures are available yet.

Whitehouse Memorial Cemetery
Whitehouse, TX
Latitude:  N  32:13:18.0
Longitude: W 095:12:52.3
Take State Hwy 110 southeast of Tyler, Texas to the city of Whitehouse, Texas. In Whitehouse turn left on State Hwy346 and continue to CR2132 and turn right (south). Continue for about 1 mile and the cemetery is on the left (east) side of the road.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Main Sign for the
Whitehouse Memorial Cemetery
George M. Terry
H. Young & Ida B. Terry
G. W. & S. A. Terry
Millard L. & Nina L. Terry
James N. & Mannie B. Terry
John H. & Donna M. Terry
Rube H. Terry
Rickey Wayne Terry, Jr.
Worth & Pearl Terry
Caroline Cevers Rushing
Allen Rushing
Albert D & Alice Ann Barbee Winston
Allen Rushing
Thomas Jackson & Leslie Earle Winston Haynie
Etta Faye Winston
John Edward & Clara Dahe Woodward
Ethel Rushing
Earl S. & Julia Bradshaw Winston
Harrold A. Winston
Jerry Winston & Jack Ingle Haynie
Richard Allen, Jr. & Edna Mae Rushing
Missouri Virginia Wright Rushing
Ola A. Winston
Ross & Florence Winston Rushing
Rushing Family Monument
Thomas Allen & Rachel Alice Livingston Winston
William P. Rushing
Winston & Woodward Family Plot
Bolivar Eugene Dale
Confederate Marker
Co. A, Perrins Bn., Miss Cav.
CSA - 1842-1902
Henry Byrum
Confederate Marker
Sgt., Co. K, 6 Regt., Tenn. Inf.
CSA - 1840-1904
James T. Garnett
Confederate Marker
Lieut., Co. H, 37 Texas Cav.
CSA - 1823-1916

Olin Hartley

Bryan Keith Willoughby Marsha Lynne Farr

Wilkins Grave

No pictures are available yet.

Williams Cemetery
Swinneytown, TX
Latitude:  N  32:17:28.6
Longitude:  W 095:08:18.2
From Tyler take Hwy64 east to the intersection of CR3226, located in Swinneytown. Cemetery is on the right (south side) at this intersection. This cemetery is located 10 miles east of Tyler.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Cemetery Roadside Sign
Cemetery Main Sign
Cemetery Information Sign
Dirt driveway to Cemetery Building
Cemetery in background
View 1 - right
View 2 - left
View 3 - extreme left

Vickie Harris

Billie & Sallie Golden Thurman & Christine Golden Alvie & Idell Golden
Cecil Ray Golden Johnnie & Lulu Golden Oscar & May Golden
Spencer & Madeline Golden Janie Stamps Golden  

William Grave

No pictures are available yet.

Wilson-Curtis Cemetery
USGS GNIS Coordinates:  Latitude: 321743N  Longitude: 0950156W

No pictures are available yet.

Wiseman Grave

No pictures are available yet.

Wood-Verner Cemetery
Dixie Community, TX
AKA "Black Fork Cemetery"
AKA "Verner Cemetery"
Latitude:  N  32:22:36.9
Longitude:  W 095:25:43.8
Take Hwy64 west from Tyler to the intersection of Hwy724 and turn right (northwest). Go to intersection of CR1148 and turn left (west). Continue to end of CR1148 and the road ends at and circles the cemetery.

John Lollar deeded land to the trustees of Black Fork Methodist Episcopal Church, South in 1855.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Cemetery roadside sign.
Cemetery Main Entrance Gate.
Cemetery Historical Monument.
View left from entrance gate.
View left center from entrance gate.
View right center from entrance gate.
View right from entrance gate.

Wyatt Graves

No pictures are available yet.


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