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Tombstone Photos - Cemeteries: N - R

New Bethel Cemetery
Copeland Community, TX
Latitude:  N  32:14:21.1
Longitude:  W 095:18:09.3
This cemetery is directly south of Tyler, Texas. From Tyler, take US69S to the intersection of CR2813 and turn left (east). This cemetery is about 1.5 miles along CR2813 and is on the north side of the road. It is directly west of and shares a common fence with the Barron (Shackelford) Cemetery.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Entrance gate to the cemetery

New Canaan Cemetery
AKA "Blackjack Cemetery (A.A.)"
Latitude:  N  32:12:21.9
Longitude:  W 095:10:49.0
This cemetery is located southeast of Whitehouse. From Tyler, take Hwy 110 to Whitehouse. At stoplight, turn east (left) on FM346. follow FM346 to New Canaan Church which is a short distance outside the city limits. Cemetery is beside the church on the right side (south) of the road.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Entrance gate view along right side of cemetery
Entrance gate view into center of cemetery
Entrance gate view into left side of cemetery
New Canaan Baptist Church founding sign
New Canaan Baptist Church roadside sign - cemetery in background.

New Harmony Cemetery
Latitude:  N  32:24:40.5
Longitude: W 095:27:57.3
From Tyler take Hwy64 west to intersection with CR724. Turn right (north) and proceed to the second intersection (northern most) with CR414 (Gimble Road). On the southeast corner of this intersection is the cemetery.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Main Cemetery Sign Cemetery Information Sign Cemetery Left View
Cemetery Center View Cemetery Right View Cemetery Extreme Right View

Vicki Kruschwitz

Henry & Martha Cook,
 son Joseph Cook
& grandsons Claud & Charlie Cook
E. A. Barron
J. W. Barron
Mary Stanley
Sarah G. Barron
Daughter, Mary Stanley's
grave just behind
William M. Stanley
Memorial Marker
"Buried on the Field of Battle"
"Peachtree Creek, Georgia"

Paul A. Tucker

J. W. Barron
Feb. 14, 1832-Jan. 27, 1894
Elizabeth A. Barron
June 1, 1828-June 15, 1903
Wife of J. W. Barron
Beatrice Tucker
23 Aug 1873-23 Sep 1876
Daughter of Jeremiah &
Laura Tucker
T. J. Barron
Co E, 8 Ala. Inf, CSA
Sarah Isabell (Tucker) Barron
Wife of T. J. Barron
Jessie Barron Cates
Nov 25, 1867-Aug 23, 1936
George W. Cates
May 6, 1848-May 13 1919
Elmer Lee & Sarah Cates
Jan 17 1895-May 17 1966
& May 1 1900-Feb 23 1974
Married: Oct 15 1919
Joseph Smith & Mary A. Barron
June 2 1838-Sept 18 1923
& June 7 1842-Oct 3 1918
Married: Aug 16 1865
George Ferrell & Lois Barron Stanley
July 2 1915-Aug 12 2000
&Jan 30 1915- ?
Married: Dec 24, 1936
Alton Ray & Mary Ferrell Barron
Sept 16 1920-Dec 12 1997
& Feb 4 1920 - ?
Married Aug 30, 1941

Kathy Hatch

A. B. W. Ferrell
May 18 1858 - Apr 19 1899
Cone Ferrell
Son of A B W & T M Ferrell
Dec 26 1896 - June 17 1898
Infant Daughter
of A B W & T M Ferrell
March 14 1888 - March 15 1888
James A Ferrell
MUS Co C 35 GA Inf. CSA
June 13 1819 - Oct 15 1889
Luther & Zada Ellen Ferrell
June 6 1895 - Sept 18 1955
& Oct 26 1905 - Aug 12 1946
Luther & Zada Ellen Ferrell
Additional Stone with
wrong death date for Luther
Maggie Crook Ferrell
Wife of A B W Ferrell
Mar 14 1866 - Jan 9 1917
R F & Susan L Crook
March 16 1834 - June 24 1900
& Feb 16 1841 - Jan 17 1916
Travis W & Wyvonne Coan Ferrell
Nov 12, 19 28 -
& Apr 29 1931 - Aug 25 2003
Married Dec 23 1947
Travis Lee Ferrell
Sept 19 1955 - Aug 12 1998
Travis Lee Ferrell
(Backside of Tombstone)

New Home (Northeast) Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

New Home (Southeast) Cemetery
Latitude:  N  32:16:48.9
Longitude:  W 095:01:05.4
This cemetery is located West of Overton. At FM850 and CR227 (cemetery direction sign at this intersection), turn south and go about 50 yards. Cemetery is on the west side of the road.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Road sign at FM850 & CR227
Cemetery view from gate - left
Cemetery view from gate - right

New Hope (Southeast) Cemetery
Latitude:  N  32:11:13.9
Longitude:  W 095:07:12.8
Located SE of Whitehouse. Take Hwy110 to Whitehouse, left on FM346 until you dead-end at CR2142. Left on CR2142 to second road, CR2152, turn right. Cemetery is down this road, on right behind the New Hope Conglee Baptist Church.
Lawrence E. Oliver

New Hope Conglee Baptist Church
Church sign at road
Cemetery view right from outside main gate
Cemetery view center
Cemetery view left

New Hope (Southwest) Cemetery
New Hope Community, TX
Latitude:  N  32:10:24.5
Longitude:  W 095:19:06.8
Take US Hwy 69 south from Tyler, Texas, to the small community of New Hope. Go through the community to the intersection of CR145. Turn right (west) on CR145 and near the top of the hill is the New Hope Baptist Church - the cemetery is behind the church.

Zach and Martha Moseley and G. B. Bowie sold four acres to Mark Bowie, J. W. Taylor, and Alex Walker, trustees for New Hope Church, for "Baptist Church and Cemetery" in 1891.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Cemetery Entrance Gate
View 1 - Straight through gate
View 2 - Right center from gate
View 3 - Extreme right from gate

Nichols Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

Noonday Cemetery
Noonday Community, TX
Latitude:  N  32:14:38.7
Longitude:  W 095:23:40.1
From Tyler, take Hwy 155 southwest to the community of Noonday. Just north of the center of Noonday, the cemetery is on the left (southeast side) of the road. The sign is on the highway - the cemetery is about 100 yards through a pasture.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Cemetery Sign on Hwy 155S
Pasture road from Hwy 155 to cemetery proper
Cemetery Entrance Gate
View 1 - left from entrance gate
View 2 - center from entrance gate
View 3 - right from entrance gate

Melanie Alexander

Ruth Green Collins
June 22, 1922 - Mar. 2, 1999
Vernon (Buck) Collins
 June 18, 1918 - July 24, 1998
Alvah J. & A. Parker Shelton
Feb. 5, 1912 -
& July 22, 1905 - Sept. 14, 1983
Ishmael Murray
Dec. 2, 1903 - Oct. 13, 1979
Lora Fay Murray
Nov. 9, 1911 - Aug 7, 1996
Married Dec. 24, 1928
Dott Shelton
Wife of John Shelton
Jan 26, 1877 - Oct. 4, 1930
Douglas H Shelton
US Army
World War I
May 10, 1896 - Jan 12 1981
Doug & Lottie Shelton
May 10, 1896 - Jan. 12, 1981
& Mar. 10, 1898 - May 23, 1992
Elisha & Mollie E. Shelton
Dec. 18, 1867 - Dec. 13, 1957
&Mar.2, 1869 - July 8, 1944
Grover C. & Grace E. Shelton
June 30, 1885 - Dec. 26, 1959
&Feb. 23, 1887 - Jan 26, 1972

Oakwood Cemetery
Tyler, TX
Latitude:  N  32:21:12.1
Longitude:  W 095:18:36.9
This cemetery is located inside the city limits of Tyler, Texas. It is northwest of the city center. The cemetery is at the intersection of North Palace Avenue and West Oakwood Street. The main gate is on North Palace Avenue.

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Old Butler Cemetery
AKA "Butler (Old) Cemetery"
USGS GNIS Coordinates:  Latitude: 322540N  Longitude: 0951511W

No pictures are available yet.

Old Dabbs Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

Old Hopewell Cemetery
AKA "Hopewell (Old) (Northeast) Cemetery"
USGS GNIS Coordinates:  Latitude: 322333N  Longitude: 0950142W

No pictures are available yet.

Oliver's Chapel Cemetery
Latitude:  N  32:20:38.6
Longitude:  W 095:09:34.0
From Tyler, take Hwy31 east. At the intersection with FM850, turn right (south). Continue on FM850 for 2 miles and turn left (east) on CR-26 (Old Jamestown Road). The cemetery is about 1.7 miles on the right. The gate is behind, and to the right of, the "Oliver's Chapel AME Church".

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Pine Springs Cemetery
Pine Springs, TX
Latitude:  N  32:24:37.2
Longitude:  W 095:16:13.3
Take US271 northeast from Tyler, Texas, to CR334 and turn left (north). Follow CR334 to the intersection of CR328. The Pine Springs Church cemetery is on the northwest corner of this intersection. The cemetery is behind the church.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Pine Springs Cemetery Entrance

Rex Kirby

BM Alexander
Pfc 410 Inf 103 Div
World War II
Feb 17 1924 - March 15 1945
Andrew Neil Johnson Jr
Cpl US Marine Corps
Oct 17 1934 - Nov 15 1995
Roy J Atwood Sr
SSgt US Army
World War II
Jan 4 1916 - Oct 14 1992
Charles D Lemons Jr
Cpl US Army
World War II
Oct 17 1921 - Jan 11 1993
Clarence Steele
TEC5 US Army
World War II
May 1 1918 - Jan 19 1995
Reuben Carl Colston
World War II
Nov 7 1918 - May 25 1994
Emory W Dennis
Apr 16 1903 - Jan 22 1980
Sam Hawkins
Wagoner 111 SN TN
36 Div
May 15 1891 - January 22 1940
Clovis Crew Hogland
S2 US Navy
World War II
April 26 1918 - April 4 1969
James D Hoover
US Army
World War II
Jun 25 1910 - Dec 30 1994
Joe Mackie Lake
A1C US Air Force
Mar 30 1934 - Dec 20 1976
Joseph C Wills
Sgt 83 Inf Training Bn
World War II
April 8 1905 - Feb 7 1950
Paul Edward Myrick
US Air Force
World War II  Korea
Apr 26 1929 - Mar 9 1982
Paul Elmo Shamburger
1st LT US Army Air Force
World War II
Air Medal
Sep4 1916 - May 26 1999
Virgil E St Peter
Pvt US Army
World War II
Dec 19 1925 - Feb 17 1983
Wayne Keeling
US Army
Sep 2 1943 - Jul 15 1994
Welty McCullough
M3 US Navy
World War II
Oct 7 1912 - Feb 24 1990

David Foster

Erma Agnes Burson Waters
July 8, 1902 - March 17, 1975

Pinecrest Cemetery
Troup, TX
Latitude:  N  32:09:06.5
Longitude:  W 095:08:48.9
This cemetery is located on Hwy 110 northwest of the City of Troup, Smith County, Texas. Traveling west-northwest from Troup, the cemetery is on the left (south) side of the road, approximately 1 mile outside the city limits.

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Piney Grove Cemetery
AKA "Piney Grove Community Cemetery (A.A.)"

No pictures are available yet.

Pinkston Cemetery
USGS GNIS Coordinates:  Latitude: 322914N  Longitude: 0950225W

No pictures are available yet.

Pleasant Grove Cemetery
AKA "Pleasant Grove Community Cemetery (A.A.)"
Latitude:  N  32:23:06.5
Longitude: W 095:13:16.5
From Tyler, take the Old Longview Road (CR384). Go past Loop323 and proceed approx 4 miles. The cemetery is on the left-side (north side) behind the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. The cemetery is approximately 20 yards behind (north) of the church.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Church sign at roadside Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Entrance gates to cemetery
Cemetery view left Cemetery view center left Cemetery view center right
Cemetery view right    

Pleasant Retreat Cemetery
Lat: N 32:20:41.1
Long: W 95:23:50.7
From Tyler, take Hwy31 west to CR1125 and turn right (north). Proceed to the intersection of CR1125 & CR1143 & turn left (west) onto CR1143. Proceed northwest on CR1143 to the intersect with Pleasant Retreat Road and turn left (west). Proceed to 13781 Pleasant Retreat Road which is the cemetery - it is on the left (south) side of the road.

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Potter Grave

No pictures are available yet.

Prospect Cemetery
(African America)
Latitude:  N  32:20:25.1
Longitude:  W 095:02:40.0
Take Hwy 31E from Tyler to County Road (CR) 246S (about 3+/- miles shy of the county line). Follow CR246S to CR26 (Jamestown Road). At intersection of CR246S and CR26: Northeast corner - Prospect Cemetery - has sign - surrounded by chain-link fence.
Lawrence E. Oliver

Entrance gate and sign
Nearest intersection
Cemetery is on northeast corner
Cemetery view from across the street
 Shows most of cemetery
Entrance gate to left.

Providence Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

Pugh-Goss Cemetery
(African America)
Lat: N  32:22:57.9
Long: W 095:18:55.3
Go to intersection of N Loop 323 and Texas College Road in North Tyler. Proceed south on Texas College Road to where it becomes 34th Street. At this point, on the west side of the street, is the cemetery. The cemetery name sign is on the curb.
(lo) - Lawrence E. Oliver
(ssk) - Sam & Sherry Kidd

Cemetery Sign
View to left of sign
View to right of sign
Samuel W. & Naomi J. Pugh Davis
Idonia Flanagan
Idonia Flanagan
(Close-up) (ssk)
Idonia Flanagan
(Footstone) (ssk)
Baby Moore
Allan Leonard Pugh
Eliza Mae Pugh
Eliza Mae Pugh
(Close-up) (ssk)
Eliza Mae Pugh
(Close-up 2) (ssk)
Annie Clifford Stokes
Annie Clifford Stokes
(Footstone) (ssk)
Edd Stokes
Unknown Burial
Unknown Burial
(Close-up of head area) (ssk)
John Williams
Sarah Williams

Rather Cemetery
USGS GNIS Coordinates:  Latitude: 321046N  Longitude: 0951939W

No pictures are available yet.

Ray Family Cemetery
USGS GNIS Coordinates:  Latitude: 320855N  Longitude: 0951554W

No pictures are available yet.

Red Springs Free Cemetery
AKA "Red Springs Cemetery"
Latitude:  N  32:31:54.5
Longitude:  W 095:16:19.0
From Tyler, take State Road 14 north to the intersection with State Road 16. This is the small community of Red Springs. On the southwest corner of this intersection is the Red Springs Baptist Church - the cemetery is behind the church.

E. W. and Eva Winters sold this land to Red Springs Baptist Church in 1937. Cemetery established June 30, 1940.

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Rogers/Hebron Cemetery

No pictures are available yet.

Rose Hill Cemetery
Tyler, TX
2400 South Donnybrook

Latitude: N  32:19:23.9
Longitude:  W 095:17:52.1
This cemetery is located in the City of Tyler, Texas. South Donnybrook runs parallel to South Broadway, the main north/south street in Tyler, and is one street to the east of it.
Lawrence E. Oliver

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Rose Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery
Smith County, Texas
ddress is 2003 Blue Mountain Blvd
Latitude: N 32 15 19.5
Longitude: W 095 20 19.3
From Tyler, take SSW Loop 323 to the intersection of Old Jacksonville Road. Go southwest on Old Jacksonville Road 3.5 miles to Blue Mountain Blvd & turn left (southeast). Go 2 miles & it is on the leftside of the road.

Lawrence E. Oliver

Roadside Directional Sign Entrance (wide view) Entrance (close up)
Information Sign View into cemetery from entrance  

Rousseau Cemetery
Located west of Dean Community. South on FM #2661 about one mile west of Dean. Cemetery is about one-half mile west, and just north of railroad. On land owned by Horace B. Clark and Roy Clark.

On land bought by P. W. Rousseau in 1869.


No pictures are available yet.

Rucker Cemetery
Troup, TX
Latitude:  N  32:09:18.5
Longitude:  W 095:08:53.6
From Tyler, go south on Hwy110 through Whitehouse almost to the city of Troup, Texas. Turn left (northeast) on CR2146. The cemetery is only about 1-2 hundred yards from Hwy110.

Begun 28 January 1870 with the burial of James E. Rucker on land given by him.

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Rucker Cemetery
AKA "Community Cemetery (A.A.)"
Troup, TX
Latitude:  N  32:08:13.6
Longitude:  W 095:09:11.1
From Troup, Texas, take Hwy135 southwest to County Line Road (CR4914) and turn right (west). The cemetery is about 1.5 miles and is on the north (right) side of the road. It is about 1/4 mile before the intersection of CR2186. There is a small, damaged sign reading "cemetery" beside the path leading to the cemetery.

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