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Surname Index







#1 HENRY PAWLING (V) (1 m., 3 s.) d. Oct. 23, 1822, 76 years, (SJ),
    son of Henry Pawling and Eleanor (Pawling), Grandson of Henry and Jacomtje (Kunst) Pawling and John and Aatje (DeWitt) Pawling, m. Rebecca Bull, d. 24 Mar. 1804, aged 54, (SJ), dau. of Wm. Bull.1
      (1) Levi m. Elizabeth Heister    (2) Eleanor m. (SJ) James Milnor
      (3) William m. Rebecca Butler    (4) Henry

    1 NOTE: Wm. Bull was the son of John Bull, d. Nov. __, 1736 aged 62 yrs., (SJ) and Elizabeth (    ), d. Nov. 7, 1736, aged 60 yrs., (SJ). John and three of his sons, Wm., Richard, and Thomas signed the 1736 petition 8.  Col. John Bull of Rev. War fame was the son of Thomas Bull. St. James Families - Rev War
    Rev. Levi Bull
    b. 14 Nov. 1780, d. 2 Aug. 1859 at Warwick, Chester Co., great-grandson of John and Elizabeth (    ) Bull, founded St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Warwick, Chester Co. 1806, m. Ann Jacobs, 1808.

    (Phila. Co. Will Book F:20, 1736 will of John Bull; G:263, will of Thomas Bull; Mont. Co. Will Book 1:127, 1783 will of Wm. Bull; Tombstone Inscription, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Warwick; St. Mary's Church Website.)



    son of Mathias Rittenhouse and Elizabeth (Williams), grandson of Nicholas and Wilhelmina (DeWees) Rittenhouse and of Evan and Dorothy (    ) Williams, m. 1st Elizabeth Bull, d. 1793 aged 40, dau. of John Bull and Mary (Phillips), granddau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Adams) Bull. Benj. m. 2nd Frances Wade, dau. of Col. Francis Wade.
      Children by Elizabeth Bull:
      (1) David m. (SJ) Sarah Hughes     (2) John Bull m. (    ) Beverly
      (3) Benj. never m.     (4) Mary m. Michael Norse     (5) Mary d. young.
      Children by Frances Wade:
      (6) William     (7) Emily


    1 ADDITION: Benjamin Rittenhouse died Aug. 31, 1825 age 84.

    (Meier28, Vol. II:69)


1#3, #4

    1 CORRECTION: There is a discrepancy between the Pew Chart and the printed Vestry Minutes7 regarding the 2nd Pew Holders in Pew #3 and Pew #4. The photoplate of the Original Vestry Book in the Archives of St. James' Church agrees with the printed minutes and the Pew Chart should read:


    #3a Robert Shannon and # 3b John Shannon, #4a James Shannon and #4b William Shannon. They have been left as they appeared on chart.


    NOTE: The Shannon family were early members of St. James8.



#3a ROBERT SHANNON (V) (3 m., 1 b., 5 f., 6 s.) d. before 1800,
    son of James Shannon and Jane (    ), grandson of Robert and Anna (    ) Shannon. m. Sarah DeWees, d. after 1800.

      (1) Thomas         (2) James m. ? Knight     (3) Rachel m. Daniel St.Clair (SJ)



#3b WILLIAM SHANNON (1 m., 5 f., 1 o.f., 1 s.) d. Aug. 6, 1823 aged 78, (SJ),
    son of John Shannon and Lillie (    ), grandson of Robert and Anna (    ) Shannon. m. Elizabeth Pawling, dau. of Joseph Pawling and Elizabeth (DeHaven) 1, granddau. of John and Antje (DeWitt) Pawling and Herman and Annica (Op den Graff) De Haven.1

      (1) Ann m. John Hamill     (2) Eliza m. Joseph Shoemaker    
      (3) Joseph m. Wormweag    (4) Sarah d. young


    1 CORRECTION: The maiden name of Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Pawling, is (    ). Harmon DeHaven's daughter Elizabeth married Joseph's brother, John Pawling. (See Pew #7a for details).

    (Phila. Co. Will Book J:538, will of Harmon DeHaven; Mont. Co. Will Books: 1:284, will of John Pawling, 1:269, will of Elizabeth Pawling; Leach, p. 17 11)



#4a JAMES SHANNON (V) (1m., 3 b., 4 f., 2 o.f., 1 s.), d. Oct. 22, 1818 aged 75, (SJ),
    son of John Shannon and Lillie (    ), grandson of Robert and Anna (    ) Shannon. m. Elizabeth Lane, d. Apr. 22, 1810, aged 56, (SJ), dau. of Samuel Lane and Rebecca Hooper, granddau. of Edward and Ann (Richardson) Lane.

      (1) Rebecca m. John McFarland     (2) Mary m. Joseph Henry (SJ)    
      (3) John m. 1st Martha Nielly, 2nd Hannah Evans    
      (4) Samuel m 1st Ann Conrad (SJ), m. 2nd Elizabeth Harner
      (5) Elizabeth never married.    (6) William m. 1st Elizabeth Homser, 2nd Jane Shannon.



#4b JOHN SHANNON (2 m., 3 b., 7 f., 3 o.f., 1 s.) d. Oct. 10, 1818 aged 74, (SJ),
    son of James Shannon and Jane (    ), grandson of Robert and Anna (    ) Shannon m. Mary Lane, d. Aug. 20, 1808 aged 51, (SJ), dau. of Samuel Lane and Rebecca (Hooper), granddau. of Edward and Ann (Richardson) Lane.

      (1) Martha m. Samuel Horning.     (2) Amelia m. Jacob Vanderslice (SJ)   (3) Anna never married
      (4) Robert m. Elizabeth Porter (SJ)     (5) John     (6) Rebecca d. young     (7) Benjamin    
      (8) Mary never married     (9) Amos     (10) Jane m. 1st William Shannon, 2nd ? Marlow



#5a HENRY (ESQ.) PAWLING, (2 m., 2 b., 3 f., 1 o.f., 2 s.) d. Sept. 24, 1792 aged 78, (SJ),
    son of Henry Pawling and Jacomtjie (Kunst) 3, grandson of Henry2 and Neeltje (Roosa) Pawling m. Eleanor Pawling1 d. June 26, 1778 aged 64, (SJ), dau. of John Pawling and Aatje (DeWitt)4, granddau. of Henry and Neeltje (Roosa) Pawling, and of Tjerck and Barbara (Andriessen) DeWitt.

      (1) John m. Elizabeth Morgan     (2) Henry m. Rebecca Bull (Pew #1)    
      (3) Benjamin m. Sarah Bellenger     (4) Nathan (Pew #5b below)     (5) Jesse     (6) William    
      (7) Rachel m. Edward Bartholomew     (8) Catherine m. Jos. Stalnford


      1 ADDITION: The marriage of Henry Pawling and Eleanor Pawling is confirmed by Leach, pp. 11-1511, with notes on deed of John Pawling's heirs selling land which includes a Henry Pawling (no wife named), and Henry Pawling of or near Schuykill and Eleanor, his wife. (Phila. Co. Deed Book G-12:731); and the will of John's son Henry Pawling of Cumberland County naming a brother-in-law Henry Pawling of Philadelphia. (Cumberland Co. PA, Will Book A:105, will of Henry Pawling.)

      2 NOTE: Henry Pawling, b. 1689, NY, d. 1739, (SJ), intestate, and his brother John Pawling, b. 1681, NY, d. 1733 were early members of St. James.8    10th Sep 1713 John Pawling of Marbletown in Co. of Ulster, Prov. of NY, purchased from James Shattick, part of a 1,000 acre Tract purchased by James Shattick & Edward Lane from Samuel Taverner of Limerick in the Kingdom of Ireland in 1704, adj. Wm. Harmer and the Society of Trader's land.
      (Phila. Co. Deed Book E7-8:419)
      3 Children of Henry and Jacomtjie (Kunst) Pawling:

        (1) Henry (Pew #5a above)     (2) Sarah     (3) Elizabeth    
        (4) Barney    (5) Levi     (6) John     (7) Eleanor m. James Morgan.
      (Mont. Co. Deed Book 8:140, "History of Pawling Land"; Unrecorded Pawling Land Rec., Leach, p. 14 11)
      4 Children of John Pawling and Aatje (DeWitt):
        (1) Henry m. Mary Hicks, dau. of Nicholas Hicks (SJ) 17368    
        (2) John m. Elizabeth DeHaven, dau. of Harmon DeHaven (Pew #7a Correction)    
        (3) Joseph m. Elizabeth (    ) (Pew #7a)    
        (4) Eleanor m. Henry Pawling (Pew #5a above)    (5) Hannah    
        (6) Deborah m. Christopher Ziegler    
        (7) Rebeccah m. Abraham DeHaven, son of Harmon DeHaven.
      (Phila. Co. Will Books E:243, 1733 will of John Pawling, J:538, will of Harmon DeHaven; Cumberland Co. Will Book A:4, 1749 will of Nicholas Hicks; Phila. Co. Deed Book G-12:731, 1746 sale of John Pawling's land.)




    #5b NATHAN PAWLING (1 m., 3 f., 3 o.f., 1 s.) d. 1795 aged 45, (SJ),
      son of Henry Pawling and Eleanor (Pawling), grandson of Henry and Jacomtjie (Kunst) Pawling, and of John and Aatje (DeWitt) Pawling.



    Pew Picture


    Two of the three existing pews
    from old St. James' Church.
    Pews circa 1760.


      June 9, 1760, it was unanimously agreed by the Vestry that any member of the church might build a pew for his use at his expense in any part of the West end not "exceeding width four feet and a half and in depth seven feet three inches". The pews were to be set across the aisle from each other so that #1 and #2 were the front, #3 and #4 the second row etc. Members were to pay the minister 15 shillings annually. If in default a year, the pew might be declared forfeited and let to other members. It was further provided that any member might sell or lease his pew, but only to a member of the Church of England.5 


    Photo Courtesy of Barbara Bateman and St. James' Church.



      son of William Couch and Sarah (    ) 2 , m. Abigail Lane 3, dau. of Edward Lane and Ann (Evans), granddau. of William and Abigail (    ) Lane, and Owen and Mary (Davis) Evans.
        (1) Edward m. Martha Archibald (SJ)     (2) David     (3) Ann     (4) Jane

        (5) David    (6) Hannah m. Thomas Cowden     (7) Eleanor m. John Keyser
        (8) Winifred m. Samuel Duff    (9) William m. Mary Foster
        (10) Ann m. Richard Jacobs (SJ)     (11) Andrew m. Rebecca Green.


      1 ADDITION: William Couch died intestate in Huntingdon County, PA by 7th Jan 1817 when letters of administration were issued to sons Edward and Andrew Couch, the widow Abigail renouncing. Surviving issue: Edward, Hannah, Eleanor, William, Winifred, Andrew, and Ann. His land consisted of abt. 440 acres in Barree Twp., including a saw mill and a grist mill adj. to the Green family. (Huntingdon Co. PA: Probate Court Record, Will Book 2:197; Admin. Book C:16.)


      2 CORRECTION: The parents of Wm. Couch cannot be verified from the various Couch land records and wills available in Philadelphia Co. and Montgomery Co. as his date of birth has not been found. His mother was not Sarah Boucher, widow of Henry Pastorius, who married the Wm. Couch who died in 1763. Sarah had no Couch children.

      (Phila. Co. Will Books N:29, 1762 will of Wm. Couch, and P:520, 1771 will of Sarah Couch; Hildeburn, Death Records, Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1893 9)


      3 ADDITION: Abigail Lane's birth is given in the Lane-Evans Bible10 as Oct. 30, 1749.



    #7a JOSEPH PAWLING, SR. (1 m., 1 f., 2 o.f., 4 s.), d. Oct. 23, 1797 at 80 yrs.,
      son of John Pawling and Aatje (De Witt), grandson of Henry and Neeltje (Roosa) Pawling, and of Tjerck and Barbara (Andriessen) DeWitt m. Elizabeth Dehaven1, dau. of Herman DeHaven and Ann (Updegraff), Granddau. of Abraham and Trintje (    ) Op den Graff. Children:

        (1) Rachel m. Lewis Truckmiller     (2) Benjamin m. Rebecca Lane    
        (3) Joseph m. Mary Shannon (SJ)   (4) Elizabeth m. William Shannon     (5) David
        (6) Hannah m. John DeHaven     (7) Ann m. Jonathan Jones


      Elizabeth's maiden name is (    ). Elizabeth DeHaven, b. May 16, 1723, d. Dec, 29, 1791, dau. of Harman DeHaven and Ann (Updegraff ), Granddau. of Abraham and Trintje (Janson) Op den Graff, m. Joseph's brother John Pawling (V 1747-1760), b. Aug. 28, 1722, d. Oct. 23, 1789, Both buried Augustus Lutheran Cemetery, Trappe.

      (Phila. Co. Will Book J:538, will of Harmon DeHaven: "son-in-law John Pawling"; Mont. Co. Will Books: 1:284, will of John Pawling, 1:269, will of Elizabeth Pawling; dates supplied by Leach, p. 17 11; DeHaven Association)



    #7b JOS. PAWLING (V) (1 m., 1 b.) d. Oct. 23, 1840 aged 87, bur. Salem, PA,
      son of Joseph Pawling and Elizabeth (DeHaven) 1, grandson of John and Aatje (De Witt) Pawling and of Herman DeHaven and Ann (Updegraff) m. 2(2) Mary Shannon d. March 8, 1839 aged 73 at Salem, Pa.
        (1) John (SC)2    (2) Samuel    (3) Joseph     (4) Nathan     (5) Elizabeth   
        (6) Maria Theresa    (7) Susanna


      1 CORRECTION: Elizabeth's maiden name is (    ). (Ibid, Correction 1, #7a above)


      2 ADDITION: Joseph m. 1st Susanna Lukens, they are the parents of John Pawling. (SC)     This page also adds an eighth child, a dau. Hannah, b. to Joseph and Mary.
      (Leach, p. 20 11)



    #8a DAVID DAVIS 1 (V) (4 m., 4 f.) d. Dec. 24, 1806 aged 80, (SJ),
      m. Rachel (    ) d. Nov. 20, 1802, aged 74, (SJ).


      1 ADDITION: David was the son of John David/Davis and Mary (    ) of Limerick.2 Children:
      (1) James (Pew #8b below)   (2) Nathan   (3) David Jr., (V)    (4) Elizabeth m. John Koplin, son of Christian Koplin and Deborah (Umstat), grandson of Matthias and Mary (    ) Koplin, and of John and Deborah (    ) Umstat    (5) Ann m. Henry Dotterer   (6) Mary m. Samuel Henderson    (7) Anna d. Sept. 7th, 1823 in 69th yr. of her age m. 24th Apr., 1776, by Rev. Wm. Curry, Benjamin Brooke, d. July 22nd, 1834, aged 80 years, 9 mos, 28 dys., son of James Brooke and Mary (Evans), grandson of Owen and Mary (Davis) Evans

      (Mont. Co. Deed Book 1:200, the settlement of the estate of John David/Davis of Limerick shows David as a son not included in his will; Estate Recs. of David Davis, Mont. Co.: RW9676, "Paper Relative to the Estate of David Davis, Decd."; Muhlenberg12, Volume 3, p. 666; Phila. Co. Will Files 73-1774, 1769 original will of Matthias Koplin, 226-1759, original will of John Umstat; Collections of the Gen. Soc. of PA, Dotterer Papers, at Hist. Soc. of PA, Volume IV, p. 59; Pension Recs. Benj. Brooke25: Marriage Certificate; St. James Families - Rev War; Barker, Cemetery Recs.26, pp. 296-297, See Pew #17b.)


      2 NOTE: The family of John David/Davis and Mary (    ) of Limerick Twp. were at St. James by 17368 and were early Vestrymen. Prior to 1716 they were living as neighbors and close friends of the Evans and Brookes families. There is very little recognition given to them in writings about the major St. James families. Their "story" pictured here was a cooperative effort between Umstead Family Research Team members Barbara Wentz, Eleanor Mayfarth, Hazelhurst Beezer, and Deborah Dodson (NC), and De Haven Assn. members Harriet Eagle, Earl DeHaven, and Joe Patterson.

      Three of the children of John and Mary (    ) David/Davis m. children of Harman DeHaven and Ann (Opdengraff):
        (1) Enoch Esq. 3 (V 1740-1757) m. Katherine (DeHaven)    (2) Eleanor m. Jacob DeHaven   
        (3) William (V 1750-1776) m. Margaret DeHaven   
        (4) John (V 1740-1771) m. Mary Newberry (Pew #15)   (5) Elijah m. (    ), d. 1762, sons Samuel and Levi sold his remaining land 1782, unmarried.    
        (6) Elisha m. Sarah North, dau. of Roger North and Ann (Rambo), grandau. of Peter Rambo. Had son Roger b. Aug. 13, 1760, Bapt. Mar. 22, 1761.
        (7) David (Pew #8a above V 1763-1791)   (8) Mary never married.

      (Phila. Co. Deed Book, E7:10:386-399; Bulletin of HSMC, Vol. 19, #1, Fall, 1973, Letter from Matthew Davis b. 1776, to editor in 1858, Publ. Montgomery Ledger at Pottsdown, 1858; Plot of Limerick Twp. Land;   Phila. Co. Will Books: L:113, 1756 will of John David, J:538, 1749 will of Harmon DeHaven, Sr.; PA Ger. Recs. 13 Vol. 1, "Trappe Marriages". p. 454, 1759: Elisha and Sarah, dtr. of "Rochar", Trappe Baptisms, p. 412: Roger Bapt.)


      3 ADDITION: Enoch Davis Esq. d. 1792 in Orange Co., NC , having also lived in Frederick Co., MD. "Catherine" is the name of his wife as indicated in Mont. Co. records. "My daughter, Katherine Davis", named in the will of Harmon DeHaven Sr., is indicated as this Katherine/Catherine by records involving Enoch Davis Esq. and his family in Berks Co., PA, MD, and NC. Children:
      (1) Ann, d. abt. 1798 MD, m. Nicholas Umstead    
      (2) John, d. after 1792    (3) Enoch Jr., d. abt. 1779, MD, m. Elizabeth (    )
      (4) Margaret, d. after 1801, m. William Evans, d. 1801, NC, son of George Evans (V 1740-1764), and Elizabeth (Kendall), grandson of Wm. and Ann (    ) Evans, and of John and Mary (    ) Kendall.
      (5) Abraham, m. (    ), resided NC 1792    
      (6) Eleanor, resided NC 1792, m. ? Parker.    (7) Unnamed dau. in 1792 will.
      The NC records indicate that Samuel Davis, son of Enoch Davis Jr., dec., was with the Davis family in NC and that Abraham probably had daus. Anna and Katherine who m. there. They also indicate that the Davis/Evans family while living in NC were neighbors of and interrelated with the family into which the children of Winifred (Evans) Umstead, 1st cousin of Wm. Evans, had married.
      (PA Ger. Recs.13 Vol. I, "Trappe Baptisms", p. 414, 1761: Enoch Davis Esq. and wife Catharine sponsors, bap. of Margaret Umstadt, dau. of Nicholas and Ann; Estate Recs. of Harmon DeHaven, Jr., 1762: Widow Mary (Umstead) Dehaven and Enoch Davis, Esq. Admins., Berks Co. Archives; PA. AR.7, "St. Michael's and Zion Church marriages", 1771: William Evans and Margaret Davis; Phila. Co. Will Book G:174, will of John Kendall; Phila. Co. Deed Book D-8:296: 1771 Enoch and wife Catherine sell land; Mont. Co. Deed Book 1:200: 1779 Enoch Davis, Esq., "now of Frederick Co., MD", signs; Dist. of Estate of Enoch Davis [Jr.], Adms. Abraham and Elizabeth Davis, Wm., Samuel, and David orphans, £429.6.8 Frederick Co. MD Distributions 1778-1784, Mid MD Website; copy of Original will of Enoch Davis, Jan. 15, 1792, and Estate Recs., Original will of Wm. Evans, Feb. 20, 1801, NC State Archives, Raleigh NC; Person Co., NC Deed Book B:216.)



    #8b JAMES DAVIS 1


      1 ADDITION: son of David Davis and Rachel (    ) (Pew #8a above), grandson of John David/Davis and Mary (    ) of Limerick Twp. A James Davis m. Grace Jones, 1806 (SJ).



    #9 PETER SKEEN (1 m. 2 b. 2 f.) 1 m. Mary (    ) d. Oct. 20, 1821 at age 69, (SJ)


      1 ADDITION: PETER Skeen d. 26 Apr, 1835 aged 86y 10m 11d., bur. Skeen Cemetery, Monroe Twp., Knox Co., OH, son of James Skeen 2 and Barbara (Von Fossen)14, grandson of Arnold and Elizabeth (Sellen) Von Fossen, m. Mary (    ) pre 1776, as indicated by the tax list. Peter, a Cordwainer/Shoemaker, appears in records as of Providence Twp., Mont. Co. 1774-1822, and in records of Limerick Twp. 1823-1828, at which time he removed to OH. Until 1822 he lived on the East side of the Perkiomen River, near where the Collegeville Dam was built. (See Map - TBD.) He and Mary sold all but 6+ acres of this land to their son James in 1801. At this time Peter was administrator of the estate of widow Mary Toy3, widow of Philip Fitzsimmons and of Wm. Toy. The 6+ acres was apparently his homestead, as he didn't sell it until Jan., 1823, as "Peter, cordwainer, of Limerick Twp".

        (1) James, a yeoman, b. abt. 1777 m. Catharine Peterman Aug. 28, 1798 (SJ), 1806 sold the 53 acres sold to him by his parents in 1801, plus 5 acres in Skippack/Perkiomen purchased in 1802.

        (Mont Co. Deed Books 20:443, 22:401, last recs. for James, yeoman)
        (2) Peter [Jr.] d. 1855, age 71, Knox Co., OH, m. Martha Thomlinson, purchased land in Limerick Twp. from Sheriff 1821, he and Martha sold it in 1827, and removed to OH.
        (Mont. Co. Common Pleas Book C:69)
        (3) Margaret m. Elihu Trowbridge, 1799 (SJ)     (4) Eleanor m. Joseph Maybury    
        (5) Richard "son of Peter and Mary" d. as infant, (SJ)
        NOTE: The Cemetery Records6 show Elenor Skeen, d. Sept. 21, 1804, aged 1yr., 10 mo., 20 dys, Susanna Skeen, d. July 9, 1803, aged 1 yr. 11 mo., 26 dys. Cemetery Cards, St. James Archives, show that they are bur. in Plot N6 and N7 and that Mary Skeen, d. 1821 is buried in Plot N8. They don't indicate, however, which of her two sons they belonged to, James or Peter Jr.

      ( Cemetery Records of Knox County, Ohio, Volume I, page 442, compiled by the Knox County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 1991, Skeen researcher Bill Johns; PA. AR., Third Series, Vol. XIV-XVI, Extant 1774 -1783 Providence Twp. Tax Lists; 1776 Providence Twp. Tax List15, p. 186; 1785-1793, Providence Twp. Tax Lists, Mont. Co. Archives; Mont. Co. Estate Files of Mary Toy , Providence, 1800-1802, RW17015: Peter Skeen; Banning,16, p. 317: Peter Skeen [Jr.]; PA. AR.,7 "Marriage Records of the Swedes Church (Gloria Dei), Philadelphia, PA": Eleanor Skeen and Joseph Mayberry, 1800.)


      2 ADDITION: James Skeen was a Vestryman from 1754-1761, as were his kinsmen an older Peter Skeen [I] and a Jonathan Skeen neither of whom were in the area by 1770. James d. between 1788 and June, 1790 m. Barbara (Von Fossen) d. March 10, 1803, age 78, (SJ), [as examined 2004, not age 73, as in the Cemetery Records6], dau. of Arnold Von Fossen and Elizabeth (Sellen), grandau. of Arnold and Mary (    ) Von Fossen, and of Hendrich and (    ) Sellen.
      (Phila. Co. Will Books, O:484, will of Arnold Von Fossen,   L:362, will of Jacob Sellen; PA. AR., Third Series, Vol. XIV-XVI 1769-1783 Extant Taxes; 1783-1788 Providence Twp. Tax Lists, Mont. Co. Archives.)
      Although there are no extant Estate Recs. of James, the names of his sons are revealed in the
      Time Line of the Skeen Family14 as:

        (1) Samuel (listed Pew #14a, as son-in-law of Henry and Ann Newberry), d. Oct, 3, 1813, in 67th yr, (SJ) m. between 1776 and 1779, Jemima Newberry, d. Oct. 5, 1832, aged 72, (SJ), removed from Providence Twp. to Pottsgrove Twp. between 1808 and 1810.
          (1)  Peter m. Rebecca Rookes Mar. 31, 1806 (SJ)     
          (2) Samuel N. m. Salome (    )
            (1) Augustus    (2) Harriet m. Richard Geist   
            (3) Sarah m. Wm. Malsberger     (4) Theodore J. m. Delilah Missimer    (5) Charlotte
          (3) Mary    (4) William m. Sarah O'Neil    
          (5) Eleanor m. Jacob Hatfield (Berks Co.)
        (Samuel; 1776 tax List15 {single}; PA. AR. Third Series, Vol. XIV-XVI, 1779 tax List: {married}; Mont. Co. Land Rec. 142-335: 1808 sells land, History of Land; Mont. Co. Will Book 3:529 will of Samuel Skeen of Pottsgrove Twp.; Mont. Co. Estate Files of Samuel N. Skeen, RW6535, OC18511: 1850 includes Salome and names of children, Meier 28, Vol. VI, p. 105, Wm. Malsberger, Sarah m. Oct. 16, 1845; Irish, Donna R.: Pennsylvania German Marriages, 1984: Theodore J. m. Delilah: 9 Nov 1837; Emmanuel Lutheran Church Recs.17: Wm. Skeen m. Sarah O'Neill 28 July, 1812; Eleanor m. Jacob Hatfield March, 1812.)
        (2) Peter (See Pew #9 above)     (3) Abraham (See Pew #11a)
        (4) James, "carpenter", of Lower Providence, bachelor, died March 10, 1840, age 79 years, 9 (?) months, buried Wentz's Reformed Church Cemetery.

        (Tombstone inspection by Barbara Wentz, 2004, shows variances with Wentz's Cemetery Listings, where all of the family listed below are in the Skeen Plot; Mont. Co. Estate Files, RW16197: James Skeen, Worcester, Elijah Skeen Admin., Inventory 17 Mar., 1840 by Cornelius Tyson, Jacob Casselberry: walking stick, planes, squares, augers, chisels etc., Settlement 5 Apr., 1841 included payment to Elijah for boarding, washing, mending for last 2 years and waiting on deceased during last illness.)

        (5) Joseph is shown on the 1788 Pew list8, p. 363, d. May 2, 1817, in 54th year of his age, (SJ), m. Elizabeth Zilling Feb. 27, 1806 (SJ), b. Mar. 16, 1781, d. Oct. 9, 1854, dau. of George Zilling and Hannah (    ). 1797 Providence Tax Records (Occupational) show Joseph as a miller.
          (1) Elijah b. 1807 d. 1890 m. Sarah Heiser b. 1803, d. 1893
          (2) Hannah b. 1816, d. 1891, m. Hillary Bisson (2nd wife), bur. by Hannah
          (3) James, b. 1810, d. 1836.

          NOTE: Cornelius Tyson of the estate records was a maternal cousin of the Skeen family.
      (Tax Lists, Providence Twp. 1783-1798; Mont. Co. Archives; Mont. Co. Deed Book. 47:395: 1814 Estate Settlement of George Zilling; Mont. Co. Estate Files of Joseph Skeen, RW16139, 1817: wife Elizabeth and James Skeen admins., OC17563, 1819: Accounts of Inventory: Debt from Richard Umstead's Execs. pd., Samuel Bard signs, OC16887, 1819: Pet. of Elizabeth for guardian of 3 children, Cornelius Tyson, Michael Zilling Appted, Doctor's death report HSMC; Meier28 Vol. III, p. 27: 7 Jan. 1829 by Rev. J.C. Clay Dec. 30, 1828, Elijah Skeen to Sarah, both of Worcester, Vol. V, p. 61: Sept. 10, 1840: Hillary Bisson of Gwynedd to Hannah Skeen of Worcester by Rev. Nathan Stem.)

      (6) Benjamin, "Crippled Son" as shown unnamed on 1776 Tax List15 of James Skeen Sr. After their father's death, his sons James ("carpenter") and Benjamin shared a household with Joseph until his death in 1817, and continued to share a household with Joseph's wife Elizabeth and her children on the land in Providence through about 1829. They had all moved to Worcester Twp. by 1830. 1790-1800 Census listed under James ("carpenter"); 1810 Census listed under Joseph (after m. Elizabeth); 1820-1840 listed under Elizabeth (after Joseph's death) and her son Elijah. Benjamin is the extra adult male of right age in 1790-1840 census age listing, but only named in Skeen section Wentz Reformed Cemetery: "departed this life Aged About 68 years, Apr. ?, 1841."






#10a JACOB CASSELBERRY (3 m., 2 b., 2 f.), d. Nov. 11, 1795 aged 50, (SJ),
    son of Paul Casselberry 8 and Margaret (Adams), grandson of Hendrick and Catharine (Levering)1 Casselberry; and of Richard and Alse 2 (Op den Graff) Adams; m. Ann Tyson d. Oct. 27, 1823 aged 75, (SJ), dau. of William Tyson 3

      (1) Richard m. Sophia Wentz (SJ)   (2) William m. Catherine Wentz (SJ)
      (3) Jacob m. Rebecca Davis (SJ)   (4) Benjamin m. Ann Davis (SJ)   
      (5) Anna m. John Rees (SJ)



1 The maiden name of Jacob's grandmother is unknown. The Levering cannot be verified and doesn't fit into the Levering family picture.

(Research of Gene Rooks for Castleberry and Allied Families. Vol. II , published 2003 by Dr. Jesse Wendell Castleberry.)

2 Margaret (Adams) was the daughter of Gertien Op den Graff, and granddau. of Abraham and Trintje [anglicized Catherine etc.] (Janson) Op den Graff. Richard Adams m. Gertien by 10 Oct., 1698. The name of his 2nd wife was Alse, by whom he had only one child: Hannah. Alse is probably the "Elsie" Withers who m. a Richard Adams at Christ Church, Phila., Dec. 22, 1726. Only child of Richard and Alse: Hannah m. Owen Evans (not of Limerick (SJ) family.)

(Phila. Co. Deed Book H-5:606, Philadelphia Co. Will Books: H:528, will of Richard Adams, O:454, will of Alse Adams; "The Addams Family of America," by Addams S. McAllister, New York, a paper read at the Reunion of the Early Members of St. James P.E. Church of Perkiomen Montgomery County, Pa. June 4, 1921: HMSC Library, Microfilm #0441492, LDS Library, "Krefield Immigrants" Vol. 3 #1, 1986, Vol. 4 #2, 1987.)


3 ADDITION: Ann Tyson was the dau. of Wm. Tyson and Alice (Nash), granddau. of Mathias and Barbara (Sellen) Tyson, and Wm. and Magdalena (Godschalk) Nash

(Mont. Co. Will Book 3:180, 1805 will of Wm. Tyson; Phila. Co. Will Books: N:530, will of Mathias Tyson, M:13, will of Wm. Nash, L:362, will of Jacob Sellen.)



#10b DANIEL MARKLEY (2 m., 2 b., 3 f.) d. Mar. 21, 1817 aged 61, (SJ), son of Philip Markley and Mary (Johnson) 1, grandson of Jacob and Barbara (Dotterer) Markley, m. Mrs. Eliza. (McGee) d. April 12, 1823 aged 69, (SJ),
    (1) Nathaniel    (2) Sarah m. Charles Thatcher    (3) Ann m. James Hunt


1 ADDITION: Mary Johnson was the dau. of Peter Janssen/Johnson and Gertrude (Neuss/Nice).
(Mont. Co. Deed Book 4:36.)




1798 Bible


A Bible dated 1798 used by St. James' Church.



Photo Courtesy of Barbara Bateman and St. James' Church.




#11a ABRAHAM SKEEN 1 (2 m., 2 b., 3 f.),
m. Rebecca Newberry, dau. of Henry Newberry and Ann (Bull), and granddau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Adams) Bull, and of John and Rebecca (Jacobs) Newberry.


Abraham, b. by abt. 1753, son of James Skeen and Barbara (Von Fossen)14, (see Pew 9, addition 2), grandson of Arnold and Elizabeth (Sellen) Von Fossen, is shown on the extant Providence Twp. tax lists 1774-1799, sometimes as Cordwainer; the 1779 tax list shows him as "a single man", m. Rebecca abt. 1784. He is shown in Providence on the 1800 census with 7 children, sold his land there in 1802, and moved to Caernarvon Twp. Berks Co. soon afterward, where he is the only Skeen listed on the 1810 census. Caernarvon, Robeson, Brecknock, and Union Twps. were adjoining Twps. in Berks Co. to which the Robeson/Lane, Bull, DeHaven, Umstead, Wells, Pawling, and other families connected with St. James migrated. Other places nearby were Caernarvon Twp., Lancaster Co., Pottsville, Schuylkill Co. [formed from Berks 1811] and Warwick Twp., Chester Co.

(PA. AR. Third Series, Vol. XIV-XVI: Extant Providence Twp. Tax Lists 1783-1799, Mont. Co. Archives; Mont. Co. Will Book 1:184, 1788 will of Henry Newberry;  Mont. Co. Deed Books: 10:55, 21:305, 24:61.)

PUZZLE: Abraham is not listed on the 1820 Berks Co. Census. Were the four interrelated Skeens, Joseph, Jesse, Isaiah, and Rebecca, who enter the Berks Co. area records during this time frame and interconnect with the same families as other "Perkiomen Region" families the children of Abraham and Rebecca?
Note: Documentation of the records for the children of Abraham and Rebecca below began with the following keys:
1. The ages of the children of Abraham and Rebecca, 1800 Providence Twp. Census : 1 m. under 10, 2 m. 10-16 , 3 f. under 10, 1 f. 16-26;
ages 1810 Caernarvon Twp. Census: 1 m. under 10, 1 m. 10 -16, 3 m.16-26, 1 f. 10-16, 3 f. 16-26.
2. LDS IGI #F 1904635, a record which lists no submitter, no submission date and no sources, but gives the names and complete birth dates (only) of 8 children of "Abraham Skeen and Rebecca Newberry of Perkiomen, Mont. Co., PA", in the manner of an extant Family Record. The ages are compatible with the ages on the above census records, and the naming patterns reflect those used by the Skeen/Newberry and associated families:
(1) Joseph b. [5 Apr 1785]   (2) Annanius b. [27 Apr 1787]   (3) Jesse b. [25 Aug. 1788]
(4) Rachel b. [15 Feb 1790]   (5) Isaiah b. [3 Mar 1793]   (6) Mary b. [15 Jan. 1795]
(7) Rebecca b. [25 Mar 1797]   (8) Abraham b. [15 Dec 1799].
3. An undocumented Skeen record showing Joseph m. Mary Wells, which is confirmed by circumstantial evidence in document research.
    (1) Joseph Skeen [b. 5 Apr 1785] d. after 1860, m. 31 July, 1809, Churchtown, Lancaster Co., Mary Wells b. 6 Oct., 1791, d. between 1850-60.
      (1) Anna Eliza   (2) James   (3) Rachel   (4) Josiah    (5) Edward   (6) Samuel Taylor
      (7) John Wells   (8) Mary Jane    (9) William Augustus   (10) Abner Davis
    (Hollenbach24 c Baptisms Bangor Episcopal Church, Churchtown pp. 6-9;1850 Census Schuylkill Co., Pottsville: Joseph, "carpenter", age 65, Mary 59, 1860 Census: Joseph age 75, no Mary. Other Wells marriages include: Margaret Umstead, dau. of Samuel Umstead and Christiana Knauer, granddau. of Herman {b. 1726} and Ann (Vanderslice) Umstead, m. James Wells, St. Gabriel's Church Berks Co, 1811 by Levi Bull, 24 b; Christiana Beard/Bard, dau. of Ann Umstead and Elisha Beard, granddau. of Herman (b. 1726) and Ann Vanderslice Umstead m. William Wells, Umstead Family Research Team.)
    (2) Jesse Skeen [b. 25 Aug. 1788 ] d. 1816, Adm.: "John Kaler, Brother-in-law to Jesse Skeen, late of Robeson Township in Said County, Shoemaker, dec., the Widow having Renounced." m. St. Mary's Episcopal Church 6 Aug 1812, Mary Kaler, both of Berks Co, by Rev. Levi Bull.
    (Estate Recs. of Jesse Skeen, 1816, and Administration Book 8:808: final payments included Peter Meyer Sr., Peter Myer Jr., Samuel Meyer, and Henry Meyer, Berks Co. Archives; Hollenbach24 c: Marriage Recs. St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Warwick, Chester Co., p.186; Other Kaler marriages include: Mary Umstead b. Sept. 19, 1761 (or 1763), dau. of Herman (b.1726) and Ann (Vanderslice) Umstead; m. Oct. 10, 1810 German immigrant Matthias Kaler, (p. 185), Elizabeth Umstead (of Chester Co.), dau. of John and Catherine Boyer Umstead, granddau. of Herman and Elizabeth (Francis) Umstead m. May 12, 1815 John Kaler, p. 186.) [This 2nd Herman, son of John and Deborah (    ) Umstatt]
    (3) Rachel Skeen [b. 15 Feb 1790], m. St. Mary's Episcopal Church by Rev. Levi Bull, 14 Mar 1811, Peter Mayer [Meyer/Myers], Jr., "both Berks Co.", bur. St. Mary's, "Rachel S., w/o Peter Myers, Feb. 15, 1790 - Aug. 26, 1854, 64 yr. 6 mo.11 dys.", 1850 Census Robeson Twp. Rachel: age 60, 1860 census no Rachel.
      (1) Rebecca   (2) Elizabeth   (3) Clement   (4) Samuel
      (5) John   (6) Jesse   (7) David   (8) Joseph
    (Hollenbach24 c Marriage Recs. p. 185, and Tombstone reading, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Warwick Twp., Chester Co.; Estate File Peter Myers, 1863: includes James Wells as guardian of minor child, Berks Co. Archives.)
    (4) Isaiah Skeen [b. 3 Mar 1793] d. after 1860 m. Mary Watson July 15, 1815 at St. Mary's Episcopal Church by Rev. Levi Bull, "both of Berks Co."; appears on 1820 Census, Berks Co., Union Twp. with neighbors John and Peter Umstead, and Edward, Wm. and Abraham DeHaven. July 27, 1830 m. 2nd Susanna Reiter, at St. Gabriel's Church as of "Union Twp." Mar. 10, 1831 Isaiah and Susanna had dau. Sarah Ann Bapt. at St. Gabriel's.  1860 Census, Berks Co., Union Twp.: Isaiah Skeen age 70 , Wm. Skeen 4, Thomas Skeen 2 in home of Thomas O'neal and wife Elizabeth.
    (Hollenbach24 c: Marriages St. Mary's Episcopal Church, p. 187; 24 b: St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, pp. 35, 67.)



#11b DAVID THOMAS (2 m., 2 b., 4 f., 1 o.f.)
    m. Elizabeth Newberry, dau. of Henry Newberry and Ann (Bull), granddau. of Thomas & Elizabeth (Adams) Bull, and of John and Rebecca (Jacobs) Newberry.



#12a JOHN BEAN (V) d. 17911 aged 87 1, (SJ),
    son of James and Mary (    ) 2 Bean, m. Elizabeth Newberry, d. July 21, 1824, aged 81 3, (SJ), dau. of John Newberry and Rebecca (Jacobs), grandau of John and (    ) Jacobs.

    (1) Jesse m. Hannah Lane     (2) Mary? m. William Lane ?


    1 CORRECTION: The year and date of John's death should read 1799 aged ___ yrs. " ___ (Age covered by repair iron)". 6

    2 ADDITION: James Bean Sr., (V) 1741-1757, the father of John Bean and Thomas Bean [Pew #13a: 1Addition], d. 1759, in the 78th yr. of his age, (SJ), m. Mary (Kenworthy), [d. 1778, in 85th yr. of her age, (SJ)], dau. of Thomas Kenworthy (SJ), 1736 8 and Susanna (    ).
    (Phila. Co. Will Book L:413: 1759 will of James Bean: son Thomas;   Phila. Co. Deed Books F-10:159: Dec. 30th, 1718, Thomas Kenworthy and wife Susanna sell to James Bean, "As also for and consideration of the Love, good Will, and Affection," they hold for him as, "Loving Son in Law", Rec. Mar. 21st, 1738,   I-13:516, Dec. 27th, 1750: James Bean and wife Mary sell part of aforesd. land to their son John Bean, rec. Aug. 26th,1775.)


    3 The year and date of Elizabeth's death should read July 21, 1803, aged 81 years.6

    4 Mary (Bean?) Lane was not the daughter of John and Elizabeth Bean, they had only one child, Jesse Bean, according to Bean records. (See Correction Pew #19b)
    (Correspondence of Gene Rooks with Merrill Bean, now deceased, Historian of St. James Church.)



#12b JESSE BEAN (1 m., 1 b., 3 f., 2 s.) d. July 28, 1847 aged 86, (SJ),
    son of John Bean and Elizabeth (Newberry), grandson of James and Mary (    )1 Bean, m. Hannah Lane, d. June 13, 1828 age 65, (SJ), dau. of Edward Lane and Ann (Evans), granddau. of William and Abigail (    ) Lane and Owen and Mary (Davis) Evans.
      (1) Elizabeth m. 1st Mark Brooke (SJ), m. 2nd Victor Value    (2) John died young   
      (3) William m. Mary Webber    (4) Ann m. Victor Value    
      (5) John m. A.G. Schrack    (6) Charlotte m. Jones Davis
      (7) Edward Lane m. Maria Miller    (8) Mary Mathilda unmarried


    1 ADDITION: Mary, the grandmother of Jesse was Mary Kenworthy.

    (Phila. Co. Deed Book F-10:159.)



#13a JAMES BEAN1 (V) d. Oct. 16, 1837 aged 80, (SJ),
    m. Elizabeth (    ) 2 d. Aug. 25, 1826 aged 55, (SJ).


    1 ADDITION: James, son of Thomas Bean, [(V) 1754-1780, d. 1782, in the 64th yr. of his age], and Sarah (widow Evans), [d. Dec. 6, 1769, aged 43 yrs., 11 mos. (SJ)], grandson of James and Mary (Kenworthy) Bean, m. Elizabeth (Wentz)2, dau. of Jacob Wentz Jr. and Barbara (Wentz), granddau. of Jacob (Sr.) and Elizabeth (    ) Wentz, and of Peter (Jr.) and Rosina (Gmelin) Wentz.
    ("Petition of Joshua Bean" before court June 9, 1783 (original petition), Philadelphia Orphan's Court Estate File 12:202, LDS Microfilm #128940218: "Father Thomas Bean died intestate leaving Issue four Children to wit: James the Eldest Son, Mary, wife of William McLean, Joshua the Petitioner and Samuel, a minor"; Phila. Co. Will Book: L:413, 1759 will of James Bean: son Thomas; Phila. Co. Deed Book F-10:159: Dec. 30th, 1718: Thomas & Susanna Kenworthy to son in law James; PA Ger. Recs.
    13, Vol. 1, p. 449, June 22, 1757: Thomas Bean and Sarah (widow) Evans.)

    See St. James Families - Rev War. Who was Paul Custer, half-brother of James, mentioned in James' pension record?

    2 ADDITION: Elizabeth's parents, Jacob Wentz, Jr.3 and Barbara (Wentz) Alsentz Wentz Tyson4 were cousins, as Jacob Jr.'s father, Jacob Wentz Sr., and Barbara's father, Peter Wentz Jr., were both sons of Peter Wentz Sr. Elizabeth's lineage back to Jacob Wentz [Sr.] and Elizabeth (    ) Wentz and to Peter [Jr.] and Rosannah Gmelin Wentz is shown by the following records:

    3 ("Church Records of Wentz's Reformed Church, 1763-1857", Church Hist. Comm., unpubl., p. 4: Jacob Wentz, Jr. & wf, had Elizabeth, bapt. Feb. 17, 1771, Jacob Wentz, Sr., & wf. sponsors;   Phila. Co. Will Book J:196, 1746 will of Peter Wentz [Sr]: son Jacob.)

    4 (Church record of the Germantown Reformed Church19, p. 85: Barbara Wentz to Rev. John George Alsentz Dec. 11, 1764;   Wright20, p. 86: Jacob Wentz married the widow Barbara Alsentz (nee Wentz) June 22, 1770PA. AR., Second Series, Vol. IX,7, "Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia": Tyson, Joseph, and Barbara Wentz, Sept. 30, 1784; Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 Montgomery County Admins: Estate sale of land of Peter Wentz (Jr.) 1793: Rosanna his widow, 2 sons John [wife Susanna] and Matthias [wife Lydia (DeHaven)], Barbara, wife of Joseph Tyson, [widow of Jacob wentz] Sophia, wife of Mordecai Jones, Catherine, wife of George Pluck, and Rosannah, wife of John Fitzgerald;   Phila. Co. Will Book J:196, 1746 will of Peter Wentz [Sr]: son Peter;   K:400, 1755 will of Mathias Gmelin: Christian, Rosina, Sophia and Christiana, Exec: wife Maria Barbara and Jacob Wentz, 1756 estate settlement: Peter Wentz Jr. receives a share of estate, and other strong circumstantial evidence that Peter Wentz m. Rosina Gmelin as cited in "Was Rosina Gmelin the Wife of Peter Wentz, Jr.?" by Richard S. Simpson, Ph.D., The Bulletin of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, Spring 2002, Volume XXXIII, No. 2, pages 143-150.)




#13b JOSHUA BEAN (V) (1 m., 3 f.), d. Sept. 15, 1793 aged 32,1 (SJ),

    m. Sarah (    ) 2 d. Dec. 9, 1790 aged 25, (SJ).


    1 Joshua was the son of Thomas Bean (V) and Sarah (widow Evans), and the grandson of James and Mary (Kenworthy) Bean.
    (Ibid citations Addition 1 for brother James, Pew #13a)

    2 Joshua m. Sarah Carney, Oct. 28, 1788.

    (PA. AR., Second Series, Volume IX, "Marriage Record of the Abington Presbyterian Church, Montgomery County", p. 183: Joshua and Sarah Carney.)




#14a ANN NEWBERRY (1 m., 3 f.), d. Mar. 17, 1795 1 aged 80 1, (SJ),
    dau. of Thomas Bull and Elizabeth (Adams), granddau. John and Elizabeth (    ) Bull, and of Richard and "Alse"2 (Op den Graff) Adams, m. Henry Newberry, d. May 4, 1789, aged 63, (SJ), son of John8 and Rebecca (Jacobs) Newberry, grandson of John and (    ) Jacobs.
      (1) Henry     (2) Israel 3     (3) Thomas     (4) Rebecca m. Abraham Skeen    
      (5) Elizabeth m. David Thomas     (6) Jemimah m. Samuel Skeen     (7) Mary    
      (8) Ann m. John Low     (9) John 4



    1 Ann "wife of Henry Newberry" d. July 31, 1812, aged 77 yrs., 11 mo., 6 days.6

    2 Elizabeth (Adams) was the dau. of Richard Adams and 1st wife Gertien Op den Graff. Richard married 2nd Alse (prob. Withers).
    (Phila. Co. Deed Book H-5:606, Philadelphia Co. Will Books H:528, will of Richard Adams,  O:454, will of Alse Adams. See Pew #10a for details)


    3 Israel m. Sebilla Pennebacker, dau. of Henry Pennebacker and Rebecca (    ).
    (Mont. Co. Will book: 1:291, 1792 will of Henry Pennebacker: dau. Sebilla, 2:633, 1807 will of Rebecca Pennebacker: Dau. Sibilla, wife of Israel Newberry.)
    4 John m. Sarah Gordon, dau. of George Gordon.
    (Mont. Co.Will book 3:416, 1812 will of George Gordon: dau. Sarah, wife of John Newberry; Biographical Sketch of John.21)



#14b HENRY NEWBERRY, (1 m., 3 f.)
    son of Henry Newberry and Ann (Bull), grandson of Thomas Bull and Elizabeth Adams, and John and Rebecca (Jacobs) Newberry.

    1 ADDITION: Henry d. Mar. 18, 1845 in his 79th yr., m. Aug. 16, 1791 Elizabeth (Hawksworth), d. Feb. 1, 1847, aged 84 yrs., 1 mo., 5 d.
      (1) John    (2) Sarah m. Thomas Lewis
    The 1790 census information on Henry indicates the possibility of a previous marriage.
    (PA. AR. Vol. IX7, "Marriage Records of St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia"; Tombstone Inscriptions at Montgomery Baptist Church22; Mont. Co. Estate Recs: RW14475, OC13819, Henry Newberry, Mont. Co. Archives.)



Pew Picture


The other original 1760 era
pew from St. James' Church.


Photo Courtesy of Barbara Bateman and St. James' Church.





    1 ADDITION: Thomas b. pre 1749, lived in Chester Co. by 1799, son of John Davis and Mary (Newberry), grandson of John and Mary (    ) David/Davis and of John and Rebecca (Jacobs) Newberry, appears to have married Jane Lane, dau. of Edward Lane and Ann Evans. In 1789 he was the guardian of Christiana Stall, niece of Jane Lane. When Thomas sold his Mont. Co. land in 1799, as an "ironmonger" of Coventry twp., Chester Co., his wife "Jane" signed.

    (Phila Co. Will Book R:135, 1769 will of John Davis: wife Mary, son Thomas, and "brother-in-law" Henry Newberry, executors, "brother-in-law" John Bean, Trustee; Mont. Co. Will Book 1:511: will of Mary Davis; Will and estate records John David, Phila. Co. Will Book L:113; Philadelphia Administration Book I:54 (File 120-1784), William Stall; Mont. Co. Estate Recs.: OC18724 William Stall, Mont. Co. Archives; Mont. Co. Deed Book 12:494; Umstead Family Research Team; Research of Carolyn Michaels, Stall desc.)





1 ADDITION: Isaiah, Bap, Oct. 18, 1756 by Rev. Currie, d. Oct. 26, 1823 at Pottsgrove, son of John Davis and Mary (Newberry), grandson of John and Mary (    ) David/Davis and of John and Rebecca (Jacobs) Newberry, m. Sophia Koplin, dau. of John Koplin and Mary (Rambo), granddau of Matthias and Mary (    ) Koplin and of Peter and (    ) Rambo.

(1) Ann m. Benjamin Casselberry, (see Pew #10)
(2) Rebecca m. Jacob Casselberry (See Pew #10)
(3) Esther m. George McElheny    (4) Mary m. Christian Hatfield    
(5) Richard     (6) Isaac     (7) Amos     (8) Thomas

(Same wills and Estate Papers as per brother Thomas above; Bible of Isaiah Davis included in DAR application #408130; Isaiah Davis' will file, Mont. Co. File RW1378; Umstead Family Research Team)



#15c MOSES RAMBO1 (1 m., 2 b., 2 f.),
    son of Gunner Rambo, grandson of Peter and (    ) Rambo


    1 ADDITION: Moses, d. Nov. 3, 1806, age 53-9-14, Bur. Dismant's Cemetery, m. "Margretha (    ) of English Presbyterian Background".

    Known children were:
    (1) Susanna b. 3 Feb 1777    (2) Gunnar b. 21 Jul 1779     (3) Isaiah b. 22 Jul 1784

    (Records of Dismant's Cemetery, Royersford, Upper Providence Township; Muhlenberg's Journals, 12 3:414-415, 417, 640.)


    NOTE: The Rambo Family were among the early Swedish immigrants23. Peter Rambo, father of Gunnar, was at St. James Church prior to 17368, and an early Vestryman. Other sons of Peter on this chart include William, the husband of Hannah Lane, and John, husband of Ann Lane (Pew Chart #18). Sophia Koplin, wife of Isaiah Davis, and Moses Rambo were 1st cousins.





1 ADDITION: (V 1754-1774), b. Jan. 22, 1730, d. Oct. 23, 1800, bur. Limerick Graveyard, son of Owen Evans and Mary Davis, grandson of Wm. and Ann (    ) Evans2 and of William and Mary (    ) Davis, m. Anna Brooke Oct. 27, 1762, dau. of Matthew Brooke and Sarah (Rees).

(1) Sarah m. James Garrett   (2) Mary m. Amos Evans
(3) Owen m. Rachel Brooke    (4) Matthew    (5) William

(Phila. Co. Will Books: K:128, will of Owen Evans, M:93, will of Mary Evans; PA. AR.7 "Supplementary Register of Those People Married in Philadelphia by Heinrich Muhlenberg, 1761 to 1764"; Frank B. Evans III, History of the Family of William Evans of Limerick, Pennsylvania, Revised Edition, 1981, manuscript at HSMC & HSP; Map of Limerick Twp.; Umstead Family Research Team)


2 NOTE: The family of Wm. and Ann (    ) Evans were in Limerick Twp. probably pre 1710. Their sons George Evans8 and Owen Evans Esquire were among the first Vestrymen at St. James. Four of the children of Owen Evans Esq. and his wife Mary (Davis) are mentioned in this chart. (1) David (Pew #16)    (2) Thomas (Pew #17)
(3) Ann (Evans) Lane (Pew #19)    (4) Mary (Evans) Brooke (Pew #8)
They also had: (5) Gwynefred/Winifred3, d. after 1816, Orange Co. NC, m. John Umstat, d. abt 1800, Orange Co. NC. son of Jacob Umstatt and Ann (Adams), grandson of Johannes and Mary (    ) Umstadt, and of Richard and Gertien (Op den Graff) Adams.
(6) Jane d. 1766 unmarried    (7) Benjamin4 d. 1760 m. Hannah Rees at Augustus Lutheran Church, 1754

3 (Phila. Co. Will Books: K:128, will of Owen Evans; M:93, will of Mary Evans; N:493, will of Jane Evans; National Archives file: Umsted, David N. C. R11801 - The Revolutionary War pension application of the widow of David Umsted, includes Family History Record, Marriage of John Umstat and Winefred Evans, 19 June, 1754 and names and births of their children; Will and Estate papers of son Jacob Umsted, State Archives Raleigh, NC; 1850 U.S. Census of Gibson Co. TN sheet 137a line 30 shows son Richard age 84 b. PA; Parentage of John: Firm Circumstantial Evidence of 1766 land sale in Providence Twp. from parents Jacob and Ann Umstatt and DNA testing.

4 (Phila. Co. Wills: M:93, Codicil of will of Mary Evans; L:407, will of Benjamin Evans; PA Ger. Recs.13, 1:441.)




    son of (    ) Kuster, grandson of Hermanus and Isabella (Conrad) Koster3 m. Sarah (    ) d. Dec. 4, 1792 aged 422, (SJ)

    1 ADDITION: [Note: Because of the wide variance in the spelling of the name, "Custer" is the spelling used for all members of the family below, except Hermanus.]
    Paul Custer (V 1776-1787) was associated with St. James Church from 1776-1793.
    2 Sarah's stone was examined in May, 2004 and found to be clearly readable: "In Memory of Sarah Custer, Wife of Paul Custer, Who departed this Life The 4th day of December 1795 Aged 42 years." (Same as Cemetery Records6), not 1792 as above.

    3 NOTE: No evidence has been found to date of a grandson of Hermanus Koster who was married to a Sarah in 1790. His known grandson Paul b. 1737, died in 1800 leaving a widow, Elizabeth. During this time frame there was no apparent connection between the family of Hermanus and St. James Church. Based on the evidence below it is more likely that the Vestryman and Pew Holder Paul was the son of Nicholas Custer and Susanna (Hoppe) of Limerick Twp., grandson of Arnold and 2nd wife Rebecca (    ) Custer and of Johann Heinrich and Anna Elizabeth (Sprogel) Hoppe. Paul appears in the Lutheran Church records only when baptized 7 Sept., 1746. However, the baptism record of two of his children, recorded in Rev. Muhlenberg's Journal, identify his wife as "Sara", his father as Nicholas, and the names of their children: (1) Rebecca b. 1777    (2) Samuel b. 1778

    (Castor Assn. of America, The Descendants of Paulus and Gertrude Castor, p. 213-215; Muhlenberg Journals12, Vol. 1:192, Vol. 3: 151, 259, NOTES.)

      (1) In 1776 Nicholas, a Blacksmith, and Susanna (Hoppe) Custer owned land in Providence Twp. near the Church Land, when their son Emanuel is listed 10 Dec. as a Sergeant in the 5th Battalion, Lt. Arnold Francis' Providence Twp. Company.

      (Phila. Co. Sheriff's Book 2:181; Phila. Co. Deed Book D-1:133-137; PA. AR., Sixth Series, Vol. I, p. 807; St. James Families - Rev War.)

      (2) Only one Paul Custer/Custard m. to Sarah appears in the Phila. Co. land records. Tax lists of Worcester Twp. 1779-1780 show a Paul, a blacksmith, not near Paul the grandson and other descendants of Hermanus. This Paul, the blacksmith, buys land in Limerick Twp. in April, 1780, and sells it with his "wife Sarah" in 1793.

      (Extant Tax Lists of Worcester, Providence, Skippack/Perkiomen and Limerick Twps.1769-1786, PA. AR., Third Series, Vol. XIV-XVI; Mont. Co. Deed book, 15:92, 15:94.)

      (3) Feb. 22nd, 1780 Emanuel Custer was appointed Vestryman for the ensuing year. June 7th, 1780 Paul Custer, who does not appear on Feb. 22nd list, appears as Vestryman. Emanuel removed to Berks Co. in 1780.

      (4) Sarah Custer's 1795 tombstone is in Cemetery plot M5 near plot N1-N5, of the family of Nicholas Custer and Christiana (Stahl) Custer. Nicholas m. Christiana, 1792 (SJ), d. April 25, 1840, aged 76 years, 3 mo., 28 days, apparently, son of Christian Custer, whose son Nicholas was b. 1 Jan. 1764, and grandson of Nicholas and Susanne (Hoppe) Custer. Stone N5 is a child of Nicholas and Christiana d. 1795.

      (Cemetery Cards, St. James Archives; St. Michael's and Zion Lutheran Church Recs, LDS films, 387891, 387892.)




#16c JACOB FRONEFIELD d. Feb. 28, 1829 age 64, (SJ),
        son of John Fronefield and Mary (Umstead)1 m. Elizabeth Hallman 2, d. 1824 age 49, (SJ).
      (1) Rachel    (2) Mary    (3) William     (4) Ann    (5) Elizabeth
      (6) Harriet    (7) Charles m 1st Rosa Linda Riker, m. 2nd Wilhelmina Scholl



    1 Jacob was the grandson of Harmon and Margaret (    ) Umstat 3

    2 Elizabeth Hallman was the dau. of Henry Hallman and 2nd wife Anna Maria (Bersons), and granddaughter of Anthony and Maria Salome (    ) Hallman, and of Heinrich Bersons.

    (Mont. Co. Will Book 2:346, will of Henry Hallman; PA. Ger. Recs.13, Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church Records: Heilman, Heinrich (widower), Bersons, Anna Maria, dau. of Heinrich, April 22, 1751; Tombstone inscription: Skippack Mennonite Burying Ground, Anthony and Maria Salome.)


    3 Harman Umstat, son of Johannes Umstadt and Mary (    ), and grandson of Hans Peter and Barbara (    ) Umstadt, m. 2nd "a single lady" Abigail Adams 22nd Feb., 1753, dau. of Abraham Addams/Adams, member SJ 17368, d. 1738, (SJ), son of Richard Adams and Gertien (Op den Graff) Children of Harman and Margaret (    ) Umstat:
    (1) Mary above    (2) Elizabeth m. Daniel Marstellar
    (3) John m. Susanna (    )
    Child of Harman Umstat and Abigail (Adams):
    (4) Abraham

    (Phila. Co. Will Book O:227, will of Harman Umstat; PA Ger. Recs.13, Vol. 1, Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, p. 487; Umstead Family Research Team.)



#17a OWEN EVANS (3 m., 1 b., 3 f.), d. June 23, 1812, aged 54, (SJ),
    son of Thomas Evans and Hannah (Reese), grandson of Owen and Mary (Davis) Evans m. Eleanor Lane, d. Dec. 1, 1839 aged 80, (SJ), dau. of Edward Lane and Ann (Evans), granddau. of William and Abigail (    ) Lane, and of Owen and Mary (Davis) Evans.

      (1) Anne m. John Chain   (2) Edward never married   (3) Benjamin m. Harriet Jones
      (4) Hannah m. John Shannon   (5) Maria m. C. H. CLAY [correction 3/22/2006]
      (6) William Lane m. Barbara Ann Casselberry    (7) Eleanor m. Rev. John Reynolds
      (8) Elizabeth d. young.



    #17b 1791 PEW LIST ADDITION: Pew list5 shows Richard Umstat sharing this pew.
      Richard b. Aug. 22, 1743, d. Oct. 28, 1816, Bur. Lower Skippack Mennonite Cemetery,
        son of Jacob Umstat and Ann (Adams), grandson of Johannes and Mary (    ) Umstadt, and Richard and Gertien (Op  den Graff) Adams, m. Abt. 1769 Magdalena Tyson (1749-1784), dau. of Wm. Tyson and Alice (Nash), granddau. of Mathias and Barbara (Sellen) Tyson, and Wm. and Magdalena (Godschalk) Nash.

          (1) Hannah (1770-1784) bur. Lower Skippack Mennonite Cemetery
          (2) Anna d. aft 1825 m. 1st James Morgan, Jr., a Pew holder with Henry Pawling (Pew #1) in 1795, lived Providence until abt. 1803, James d. 1809 in Chester Co."Estate Adm. by Michael Lynch Esq. Anna, widow, and Richard Umsted father-in-law, renouncing"; m. 2nd Joseph Crawford pre 1818. [Note: Michael Lynch was the son-in-law of John Pawling Jr.]
            (1) "Allay" m. Joseph Saylor prior to 1816.
            (2) Rev. Richard Umstead Morgan, b. 1799, Providence Twp., d. Oct. 1882 Stamford CT, age 83, served St. Paul's and St. Martin's Churches in Delaware County 1821-183327, Rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Reading 1834-1850, Rector Trinity Episcopal Church, New Rochelle, NY 1850 - retirement as rector-emeritus. Rev. Morgan m. July 9, 1822 by Rev. J.C. Clay, Sarah Markley, dau. of John Markley Esq of Norristown, and Elizabeth Schwenk, granddau. of Philip and Mary (Johnson) Markley, and of George and Veronica (Markley) Schwenk.
            (3) Mary, b. aft. 1795, d. aft. 1825 m. John Allebaugh
            (4) Sarah, b. aft. 1803 d. abt. Oct. 15, 1824 before reaching her "majority".
          (3) Else/Alley d. Sept. 23, 1823 m. Jacob Nyce, son of George Nyce and Elizabeth Fuhrman, grandson of John and Mary (    ) Nyce15.
            Children: (All Bap. first part of 1810, Falkner Swamp, family living in Pikeland Twp)24 a
            (1) Jabez b. Oct. 31, 1798, d. 1822, Chester Co., Jacob Nyce Adm. of estate.
            (2) Amos b. Mar. 18, 1801, d. pre 1818.
            (3) Richard Umstead Nyce, b. Mar. 29, 1804, m. Oct. 2, 1828 by Rev. Richard Umstead Morgan, Julia Ann Brooke, dau. of David Brooke and Hannah (    )28, granddau. of Benjamin Brooke and Anna Davis (Pew #8a)25, all buried "Old Swedes" Cemetery.26
            (4) Elizabeth b. Nov. 20, 1807, still living 1825, unmarried.

        (Vestry Minutes5, pp. 14, 17; Mont. Co. Deed Book 34:107; Lane Tract Map #6 ; Mont. Co. Will Book 3:180, 1805 will of Wm. Tyson; Phila. Co. Will Books: H:528, will of Richard Adams, M:13, will of Wm. Nash, N:530, will of Mathias Tyson, L:362, will of Jacob Sellen; Mont. Co. Will Book 4:294, 1806 will of Richard Umstat; Perk. Reg.,15, "The Nyces of Frederick", pp. 140-143; Hollenbach24 a, p. 98; Christ Church, Reading Website; Benjamin Brooke, Pension Appl.25; Barker, Cemetery Recs.26 pp. 295-297, 299, 307; Martin27, pp. 96, 128.; Meier28: Vol. II, p. 8 Rev. Richard Umstead Morgan to Sarah Markley, Vol. III, p. 128: Richard Umstead Nyce to Julia Ann Brooke; Strassburger 29: The Schwenk Family, pp. 341-352; DuHamel,30 pp. 41-43; Mont. Co. OC File #19517 and Will File RW#6909, Richard Umstead, Mont Co. Archives.)




#18a REBECCA LANE d. July 7, 1808, aged 89, (SJ),
    dau. of (   ) Hooper, m. Samuel Lane 1 , d. Dec. 17, 1771 aged 73, (SJ), son of Edward Lane4 and Ann (Richardson), grandson of William and Cecil[ia] (Love) Lane, and of Samuel and Eleanor (    ) Richardson.
      (1) Edward (SC) m. Sarah Richardson   
      (2) Hannah
      2 (SC) m. 1st John Rambo, m. 2nd Zachariah Davis 2
      (3) Samuel (SC) never married   (4) Martha m. Thomas Church
      3 A    
      (5) Christiana m. ? 3 B Richardson   (6) Sarah m. (    ) Fox   (7) Elizabeth m. James Shannon   
      (8) Rebecca m. Benjamin Pawling   (9) Mary m. John Shannon


    1 ADDITION: Samuel Lane, b. April 17, 1699 m. 1st Elizabeth (    ) d. May 11, 1738, aged 32, (SJ)

    (Phila. Co. Deed Book F-8:45, Samuel and wife Elizabeth sell land 1734.)

    2 CORRECTION: Samuel and Elizabeth (   ) Lane had a dau. Ann (omitted above) who married only John Rambo.
    Samuel and Elizabeth's dau. Hannah m. 1st William Rambo, m. 2nd Zachariah Davis.

    (Phila. Co. Will Books: K:34, will of Peter Rambo, L:108, will of John Rambo.)

    See wills of Samuel and Rebecca Lane.
    A Martha, who d. Dec. 4, 1770, age 26 yrs., (SJ), was the 1st wife of Thomas Church; he married 2nd Ann Lane, dau. of Edward Lane and Ann (Evans) between 1770 and 1773, when a child was born to "Thomas and Ann Church".

    (Phila. Co. Will Book: P:221, will of Samuel Lane; Cemetery Records6; Mont. Co. Will Book 2:120, 1798 will of Edward Lane.)

    B Christiana Lane m. John Richardson, son of Edward Richardson and Anne (Jones) Richardson.
    (Phila. Co. Deed Book D-1:124; Phila. Co. Will Book J:440, 1751 will of Edward Richardson.)

    4 NOTE: Edward Lane d. 1710, m. 1 mo. 26, 1694 at Abington MM,  Ann (Richardson) daughter of Samuel and Eleanor (    ) Richardson.
    (Abington MM Records31: Edward Lane and Ann Richardson.)

    Ann m. 2nd by 1713 Edmund Cartledge.  For more on Ann and her husbands Edward Lane and Edmund Cartledge, see 1709/10 will of Edward Lane; Family and Will of Samuel Richardson; Lane Tract Maps.

      Children of Edward Lane and Ann Richardson:
      (1) Samuel (Above)
      (2) William, d. 13 Jan 1732/3 aged 35 years, 5 mo., 15 days, (SJ) m. Abigail (    ), d. May 12, 1728, aged 25 years, 7 days, (SJ) Child: Edward (Pew #19a)
      (3) Christian (Christiana for namesakes) left no paper trail.  She is not listed as a grandchild with the six others in the will of Samuel Richardson, and later records show that Ann and Edmund Cartledge named a daughter Christian prior to 1719.  (See Family and Will of Samuel Richardson, as above.)
      (4) Elizabeth is included in the 1719 will of Samuel Richardson; no further documented information, she is not buried at (SJ) as Elizabeth Lane.  Samuel Laneís wife, Elizabeth, is the only Elizabeth buried there. There is a tradition in the Potts family of Bristol Twp. and Gilberts' Manor that David Potts, son of Jonas Potts m. Elizabeth Lane, who d. early in VA and had a dau. Christiana, and a descendant Edward, names not used earlier in the Potts family.
      (5) Elinor, "wife of David Robeson" d. Jan. 13, 1778, in "78th year of her age," (SJ) m. 1721, David Robeson, d. March 28, 1764, aged 68 years, (SJ), son of Andrew Robeson and Maria Helms, grandson of Israel Akesson Helms.23

        Known children of David and Eleanor:
        (1) Samuel b. pre. 1732
        (2) Mary m. as 3rd wife Thomas Yorke Esq., d. June 23rd 1764, aged 56.
          Children of Thomas and Mary Yorke:
          (1) Robeson b. 1743    (2) Sarah b. 1745    (3) Martha b. 1747    (4) Margret b.1749
          (5) David b. 1751, d. 4 Aug., 1752    (6) Mary b. 1755     (7) Elinor b. 1757, d. Nov. 30, 1758.

      (PA. AR., Vol. 87: Records of Christ Church, Episcopal, Phila.; will of Samuel Lane, will of Wm. Lane; Robeson Cemetery Plot, D-7-D-9, SJ Archives: Eleanor & David Robeson, Thos Yorke Esq.; CD, Birth Index: Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1680-1800, John Humphrey's Books: St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Oxford Twp.; Hildeburn, Charles R.9.)

      (6) James d. 23 March 1731 at age 25 years, 4 mo., 28 days, (SJ) m. (    ) (     ).
        (1) Hannah    
        (2) Christiana b. Jan. 1727, d. March 5, 1800, bur. St. Gabriel's, Berks Co., m. Moses Robeson, b. July 5, 1721, d. Oct. 1792, bur. St. Gabriel's, son of Israel Robeson and Cristina Lykins, grandson of Andrew and Maria (Helms23) Robeson.
          Children of Christiana and Moses (all b. and m. in Berks Co.):
          (1) Rachel m. Henry Bunn, son of Nicholas Bunn and Mary Peters, grandson of Peter and Gertrude (Johnson) Bunn, and of Henry and Bernkin (    ) Peters
          (2) Mary m. Christopher Geiger    (3) Hannah m. Richard Jacobs
          (4) Christina m. James Thompson    (5) Elisabeth m. (    ) Brumfield
          (6) Eleanor m. Benjamin Thompson   (7) Sarah m. (      ) Brumfield
          (8) Moses b. 1764 d. 1836, m. Mary Peterson
          (9) Samuel b. 1765, d. 1821 m. Hannah Krist

      (James Lane Estate Recs., Phila. Orphans Court Book 3:2, 3:8; Phila. Co. Will Book D:145, 1720 will of Andrew Robeson, Amity Twp. Phila. Co. [After 1752, Berks Co.]; Will and estate Papers Israel Robeson, 1774 and Moses Robeson, 1792, Berks Co. Archives; Hollenbach24 b; Project of Umstead Family Research Team and DeHaven Assoc. to trace migration of "Perkiomen Region" families to Berks Co.)

      (7) Ann d. after 1773, m. in 1729 William Adams (July, 1705 - May 26, 1773), son of Richard Adams and Gertien Op den Graff, grandson of Abraham and Trintje (Janson) Op den Graff. William paid taxes in 1734 in Providence Twp. on land he had bought from Samuel Lane in 1731 and sold to Jacob Shrack 1737/38. When his father's land was sold as per his 1747/48 will he was listed as of Brecknock, Lancaster Co., PA. He died in Adamstown, Lancaster Co., where his tombstone carries the inscription, "having lived in wedlock for 44 years".
        (1) Richard (b. before 1732, d. pre 1740)   (2) Mary (b. before 1732) m. John Witman
        (3) Abraham   (4) Samuel   (5) Richard (#2) d. 1816 m. Susanna (    )
        (6) William d. 1774, m. Barbara Ruth   (7) Isaac (m. Barbara Ruth Adams, brother's widow.)

      (Phil. Co. Will Book E-16, will of William Lane; The Addams Family of America, by Addams S. McAllister, New York, Microfilm #0441492, LDS Library, "Krefeld Immigrants" Vol. 4 #2, 1987.)



#18b BENJ. PAWLING(V) (2 m., 2 b., 5 f.) d. Oct. 9, 1800 aged 49,
    son of Joseph Pawling and Elizabeth (DeHaven)1 , grandson of John and Aatje (DeWitt) Pawling, and of Herman and Ann (Op den Graff) DeHaven m. Rebecca Lane, d. Sept. 19, 1830, (SJ), dau. of Samuel Lane and Rebecca (Hooper). Granddau. of Edward and Ann (Richardson) Lane.

      (1) Elizabeth m. Edward Vanderslice (SJ)   (2) Joseph   (3) Sarah m. (    ) Reese
      (4) Samuel never married   (5) Rebecca m. ? Mellon
      (6) Mary m. Benjamin Davis     (7) Harriet m. John Davis    
      (8) Eleanor never married     (9) Benjamin


    1 CORRECTION: Elizabeth (    ), mother of Benjamin, was not Elizabeth DeHaven. Elizabeth, dau. of Herman/Harmon DeHaven, m. Joseph's brother, John Pawling.

    (Phila. Co. Will Book J:538, will of Harmon DeHaven; Mont. Co. Will Books: 1:284, will of John Pawling, 1:269, will of Elizabeth Pawling; Leach11.)



#19a EDWARD LANE (V) (1 m.) d. July 31, 1799 aged 75, (SJ), son of William Lane and Abigail (    ), grandson of Edward and Ann (Richardson) Lane, m. Ann Evans d. Apr. 25, 1790, aged 63, 1 (SJ), dau. of Owen Evans and Mary (Davis), granddau., of William and Ann (    ) Evans, and of William and Mary (    ) Davis.
    (1) Mary m. a Kendall2    (2) Abigail m. William Couch
    (3) Jane 3 m. 1st Isaac Markley, 2nd a Davis     (4) Ann m. Thomas Church
    (5) Winifred d. unmarried     (6) William m. Mary Bean [see correction 1, Pew #19b below]
    (7) Eleanor m. Owen Evans     (8) Hannah m. Jesse Bean     (9) Anna    
    (10) David d. young.


1 CORRECTION: Ann b. 11th June, 1725, d. aged 64 yrs, 9 mos., 26 dys.
(Lane/Shannon Bible10 p. 157)
2 Mary b. 10th Feb. 1747/8 m. 1st Wm. Stahl/Stall, m. 2nd Henry Kendall.
    With Wm. Stall: (1) Jesse   (2) Christiana m. Nicholas Custer (SJ) [see Pew #16b]
    (3) Edward    (4) Ann/Anna m. John Rhoades (SJ)
    With Henry Kendall: (5) Joseph b. 1789
(Lane/Shannon Bible10 p. 157; Phila Administration Book I-54 {File 120-1784}, William Stall; Mont. Co. Estate Recs.: OC18724 William Stall, Mont. Co. Archives show her "as now married to Henry Kendall", Thos. Davis guardian Christiana, Wm. Lane guardian of Edward and Anna; Chester Co. Nuncupative Will of Edward Stahl, 1825; Research of Carolyn Michaels and Barbara Wentz.)

3 Isaac Markley, d. 1773, son of Abraham Markley and Anna Barbara (Ickes), grandson of Jacob and Barbara (Dotterer) Markley. Thomas Davis (Pew #15a) appears to have been "a Davis": (1) In 1789 he was the guardian of Christiana Stall. (2) When Thomas sold his Mont. Co. land in 1799, as an "ironmonger" of Coventry twp., Chester Co., his wife "Jane" signed.

(PA Ger. Records13, Vol. 1, "Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church Records", pp. 373, 482, 430; Mont. Co. Deed Book 12:494)



#19b WILLIAM LANE, d. 1838, aged 81 (bur. prob. Phila.),

    son of Edward and Ann (Evans) Lane, grandson of William Lane and Abigail (    ) m. Mary Bean, dau. of John Bean and Elizabeth (Newberry)1, granddau. of James and Mary (    ) Bean    


      (1) Sarah m. (    ) Davidson     (2) Edward died young     (3) Ann m. (    ) Polk
      (4) James    (5) Mary m. Dr. Sanford    (6) William
      (7) Caroline Lucretia m. Bernard DuPuy


    1 CORRECTION: The maiden name of Mary is unknown. She is not the daughter of John Bean and Eliz. Newberry. Jesse Bean is the only child of John Bean and Elizabeth Newberry listed in Bean research sources. The typed version of the Lane Bible10, p. 158 records the birth of the children of "William and Mary Lane" and "William Lane died on Friday Morning the 27th ... at 9 O'clock 1838". There is no mention of Mary Lane's maiden name nor her death date. Their eldest child, Sarah, was born 2nd Jan., 1782; their youngest child, Caroline, was born 3rd Aug., 1803.

    (Correspondence of Gene Rooks with Merrill Bean, now deceased, Historian of St. James Church.)




#201 FRANCIS SWAIN (3 m., 1 b., 5 fem.) d. July 17, 1820 aged 66, bur. Lutheran cemetery,2
    m. Mary Muhlenberg, d. Oct. 15, 1812, bur. Lutheran cemetery, dau. of H. M. Muhlenberg and Ann M. (Weiser), granddau. of Conrad and Barbara 3 (    ) Weiser, m. 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth Arndt,4 dau. of Zacharias Nyce and Margaretha (Hahn), granddau. of John and Mary (    ) Nyce, and of Philip and (    ) Hahn


    1 CORRECTION: There is a discrepancy between the Pew Chart and the printed Vestry Minutes7 regarding the numbering of this pew. The photoplate of the Original Vestry Book in the Archives of St. James' Church agrees with the printed minutes and the Pew Chart should read: Pew 21. No Pew #20 is listed in 1790.

    2 ADDITION: Gen. Francis Swain, [former Sheriff of Mont. Co.], bur. Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, PA.
    (Dotterer, Henry S., The Perkiomen Region, Past and Present,15 reprint, p. 141.)

    3 CORRECTION: Conrad Weiser was married to Anna Eva (Feck) 22 Nov., 1720 in Schoharie, New York by Rev. John Frederick Heger. Conrad's will written 1759, as of Reading, Berks Co., PA provides for his wife Anne Eve.
    (The Palatine Families of New York,32 Vol. II, p. 1077; Will Abstracts: Berks Co., PA33, p. 18.)

    4 ADDITION: Elizabeth (Nyce) Arndt Swain Lloyd, b. Feb. 15, 1764, d. abt. 1830 Northumberland, PA, m. 1st Jacob Arndt of Easton, m. 2nd Gen. Francis Swain, m. 3rd William Ambrose Lloyd.
    (The Perkiomen Region, Past and Present,15 reprint, p. 141.)





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