1710- Edward Lane died leaving son William, 13 years old, son Samuel, 11 years old, and son  James 4 years old.  Trustees took over the estate. In his will Edward left his son James 250 acres on Skippack Creek with a mill he had built on the Creek. This land was adjacent to James' brother William Lane. Edward also left James 5 acres of Meadow Land within the portion he had left to Samuel Lane.

1730- Mortgage Book 1724 Page 349 of the General Loan Company shows that 11 Mar 1730 (NS) James Lane of Providence on Perkeoming Twp., Phila. Co., Yeoman, mortgaged for 97 pounds, 10 shillings 335 acres of improved  land in Providence Twp, Phila. Co.  The record also shows no record of the mortgage having been paid.  What this record, unfortunately, did not include was that 85 acres of the 335 was the land of James’ brother William that had been added to the 250 that James owned.  There is no extant record of the transaction that caused the extra 85 acre total to be accepted in the loan.  In this same time frame Samuel Lane had purchased “from his brother James during his lifetime” the five acre meadow left to James by his father.
(Guide to the Mortgages of the Federal Loan Office of the Province of Pennsylvania, 1724-1756, compiled by James M. Duffin, Published by the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, copyright 1995, Page 17 [uses NS 1730]; Phila. Co. Deed Book H-5:212-214 [uses OS 1729]; The General Loan Office records use OS. 1729;   Phila. Co. Deed Book I-10:16: Samuel Lane to John Richardson, history of land.)

1731-  James died 23 March intestate at age 25 yrs, 4 mo., 28 dys.    Letters of administration were issued to his brother Samuel Lane of Phila. Co. on the estate of James Lane June 15, 1731.   
(Phila. Co. Administrations 173 #65.)

1733- William, a widower since 1728, died testate 13 Jan 1732/3 aged 35 yrs. , 5 mo.; 15 days He left the remainder of his unsold land to his only child, Edward Lane (1724-1799) when he came of age. [of age in 1745]
(Pennsylania Gravestone Inscriptions, "St. James'  Perkiomen." PA Vital Records, Vol. III, Genealogical Publishing Co. pp. 316-335;    Phila. Will Book E:216.)

1737 3 March, Jacob Umstatt bought the 335 acres in New Providence from The Trustees of the General Land Office in a public land sale, no mortgage payment on this land mortgaged by James Lane, 11 Mar 1729/30, was paid by James nor his administrator, Samuel Lane. 
(Phila. Co. Deed Book H-4: 480-484.)

1746-17 June, Petition of Moses Robeson & Christian, wife, one of the children of James Lane, late of Co. of Phila., dec. James died many years ago, intestate and in a short time after Adm. of the goods and chattels.... which were of said James at the time of his death were legally granted and committed to Samuel Lane of said Co., yeoman. Considerable sum of money came to be administered. Said Samuel has not recorded any account of his administration before O.C. Praying for a citation for Samuel to appear. Granted.  Nov. 11, 1746: Samuel Lane appeared in person. Men were appointed to examine his accounts.
(James Lane Estate, Phila. Co. Orphans Court Book 3:2, 3:8.)

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