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Total Records: 150
111 Persons Injured In Commerce Crash January 1, 1942 Alisa Dunn
23 in a row Region 8AAA Championship April 20, 2023 Alisa Dunn
34-h'ers Cooperate In Scrap Metal Drive March 5, 1942 Alisa Dunn
4996 Acres of Land for Sale (Burton Plantation), 25 Nov 1852 Candace Teal Gravelle The Registry
5Aderhold Family 1890 John Mallory Land
6All Stars In Little League Play July 20, 1972 Alisa Dunn
7All-royston Team Has Claim June 1911 Alisa Dunn
8All-Star Chorus May 30, 1991 Alisa Dunn
9Anderson, (Guide Dog) to retire as D.J.'s "trusted companion" September 27, 2012 Alisa Dunn
10Andrews, J. M. Father of Twenty-Eight Children April 11 1911 Carla Miles The Registry
11Ark receives donation June 23, 2022 Alisa Dunn
12Art Exhibit At Emmanuel March 29, 1973 Alisa Dunn
13Ayers, Clarence L. [Dr.] Biographical Sketches November 19, 1908 June McNew The Registry
14Ayers, Senator C. L. Reaches 79th Birthday January 19, 1956 Alisa Dunn
15Baby Is Left On Doorsteps In Royston May 30, 1929 Alisa Dunn
16Big Opening Of Gallant- Belk's New Store Friday September 27, 1941 Alisa Dunn
17Billy Milford Introduces House Bill March 1, 1973 Alisa Dunn
18Blackwell, Micah Orlanden Isiah Life Claimed by Accident April 20, 2023 Alisa Dunn
19Blast Held Meteorite November 11, 1948 Alisa Dunn
20Bowers, Uncle Billy March 9, 1890 Alisa Dunn
21Box Supper At Red Hill Saturday Night January 22, 1942 Alisa Dunn
22Boy Scout Troop Organized Here Monday Night February 19, 1948 Alisa Dunn
23Brewer, H. C. Behind Bars of Jail September 1, 1905 Jacqueline King The Registry
24Brown, Mrs. is now Chairman of Red Cross Home Service Department May 27, 1943 Alisa Dunn
25Brown, Neal Shot In Arm February 14, 1929 Alisa Dunn
26Busha, Mrs. Celebrates 80th Birthday July 2, 1931 Alisa Dunn
27Canon Elementary Carnival November 9, 1972 Alisa Dunn
28Carnesville Boys Win 17th Straight February 19, 1948 Alisa Dunn
29Carnesville City Election December 1 November 11, 1948 Alisa Dunn
30Carson, Mrs. Fred "Woman of Year" November 7, 1957 Alisa Dunn
31Class Of 1944 Holds Reunion September 14, 1989 Alisa Dunn
32Class Of 1956 Meets For 66-year Reunion November 17, 2022 Alisa Dunn
33Cloverleaf 4-h'ers Earn District Honors March 21, 1985 Alisa Dunn
34Cobb, Ty Personal Mention November 15, 1906 Alisa Dunn
35Cobb, Ty to Give $150,000 for Hospital November 29, 1945 Evie Whitfield The Registry
36Color Crawl Raises $1,800 April 20, 2023 Alisa Dunn
37Couch, April Renee Couch - First Baby Born in Franklin County January 6, 1977 Alisa Dunn
38County Schools To Open July 17tn June 15, 1944 Alisa Dunn
39Courtesy Wasted on Girl Stenographers October 15, 1909 Alisa Dunn
40Craft, Josephine Named Campus Queen at Royston High November 7, 1946 Alisa Dunn
41Dean's List (Patricia Merritt) September 12, 1972 Alisa Dunn
42Dennis, Mrs. To Speak In Lavonia November 1, 1928 Alisa Dunn
43Do You Want To Get In Aviation? July 29, 1943 Alisa Dunn
44Doings In Georgia 1873 Liz Robertson The Registry
45Dorough, Lillie - Canon Native Celebrates 109th Birthday October 5, 1989 Alisa Dunn
46Dowis, Phil Injured June 3, 1943 Alisa Dunn
47Dr. Gilbert, Chief of Staff, Has Served Many June 3, 1971 Alisa Dunn
48Draft Registration of Local Young Men due to start Mon. August 26, 1948 Alisa Dunn
49Edwards, Mike Wins Laura Dorough Dyar Trophy June 3, 1948 Alisa Dunn
50Ex-Service Men to Hold Meeting First Tuesday March 26, 1931 Alisa Dunn
51Ex-Slaves To Meet At Macon Fair. September 24, 1909 Alisa Dunn
52Family Of Sixteen Georgia Children Named By Alphabet July 13, 1931 Alisa Dunn
53Fashion Show High School Auditorium April 11, 1929 Alisa Dunn
54Fbi Nabs Bank Robber In Oklahoma August 27, 1942 Alisa Dunn
55FFA Meats Evaluation Team Wins State February 23, 1984 Alisa Dunn
56FFA News April 1968 Alisa Dunn
57Finch, James "Some Negro" May 16, 1932 Alisa Dunn
58Floyd, Omer Hurt Hand In Gin November 15, 1906 Alisa Dunn
59Forston, David 7 year old Georgia Prodigy April 13, 1935 Alisa Dunn
60Fortson, Emma Fay and Sylvia Lee Fatally Injured In Wreck July 28, 1960 Alisa Dunn
61Four Killed In Train-Car Crash Here January 14, 1960 Alisa Dunn
62Four Saved as Car Lands Upside Down in River at Athens June 11, 1931 Alisa Dunn
63Fowler, Hess Receives Injuries July 28, 1960 Alisa Dunn
64Franklin Boys Win Scholarship May 16, 1932 Alisa Dunn
65Franklin County Boys Entering The Service During Month Of July July 29, 1943 Alisa Dunn
66Franklin Springs Hotel May 12, 1907 Alisa Dunn
67Franklin Teachers Meet In Royston January 4, 1951 Alisa Dunn
68Fulbright, Pvt. Buster February 10, 1944 Alisa Dunn
69Fulghum, Pfc. Milton G. October 19, 1944 Alisa Dunn
70Garrison, Duane - Young Boy Loses Foot From Shot February 15, 1934 Alisa Dunn
71Gillespie, Ann Atlanta Army Nurse Accent Charms British November 12, 1942 Alisa Dunn
72Gillespie, Mr. Leland is Elected Mayor December 10, 1931 Alisa Dunn
73Harbin, Frank Jr. Of Canadian Air Force Is Home On Leave February 10, 1944 Alisa Dunn
74Hart, Doyle - Franklin 4-h Boy Wins District Contest February 15, 1945 Alisa Dunn
75Haynie, Whipped His Child To Death June 22, 1893 Jacqueline King The Registry
76Hie Ding Lin, Dr. Margaret - High Honors (Denver) July 30, 1942 Alisa Dunn
77Higginbotham and Hubbard Shooting At Church Reunion August 4, 1900 Alisa Dunn
78Home Economics News Of FCHS November 12, 1942 Alisa Dunn
79Hoover Is My Shepherd April 3, 1930 Evie Whitfield The Registry
80Hotel Is Destroyed By Fire At Royston April 23, 1936 Alisa Dunn
81Hunter, Jennifer - Fourth Place March 23, 1989 Alisa Dunn
82In German Prison January 4, 1945 Alisa Dunn
83Jones, Mrs. Fannie - Celebrates 108th Birthday July 17, 1989 Alisa Dunn
84Jordan, James Is Home From Africa June 4, 1942 Alisa Dunn
85Knox Bridge Sold to Georgia and South Carolina February 1908 Alisa Dunn
86Lamar, Stephen - First Baby in 1984 January 5, 1984 Alisa Dunn
87Little & Rampley Sale A Success December 20, 1928 Alisa Dunn
88Little, Mr. R. L. Hurt In Auto Accident December 20, 1928 Alisa Dunn
89Little, Ruth - Carnesville Girl Honored December 13, 1928 Alisa Dunn
90McCall, Franwick Hiram - Graduate At University August 31, 1950 Alisa Dunn
91McClain, Kevin National Artist May 30, 1991 Alisa Dunn
92McCollum, Pvt. George Awarded Purple Heart October 19, 1944 Alisa Dunn
93McDuff, Colonel John Weds in Atlanta December 12, 1946 Alisa Dunn
94Moon shares memories from years of teaching 'Moon Pies' at Royston June 23, 2022 Alisa Dunn
95Negro Hanged to Tree, 19 Sept 1904 Sheron Faynor
96Old Family Burying Lot In Carnesville March 4, 1943 Alisa Dunn
97One Act Wins 2nd, Best Actor At State November 17, 2022 Alisa Dunn
98Our Boys in the Services March 25, 1942 Alisa Dunn
99Panthers To Face Waynesboro Here Friday Night at 8 September 22, 1955 Alisa Dunn
100Parten, Tersie P. Celebrates 90th Birthday January 27, 1980 Alisa Dunn
101Pauper's Home January 1 1885 David Stephenson
102Payne, Duard W. Former Franklin Boy Reported Missing March 25, 1942 Alisa Dunn
103Pennington Chapel Be Dedicated May 15, 1958 Alisa Dunn
104Pensioners Receive $30 Check, 26 Feb 1931 Evie Whitfield The Registry
105Phillips, Kinsey Lee is Finalist for Scholarship July 27, 1972 Alisa Dunn
106Pilgrim, Jas. L. Pvt. 1st. Class December 12, 1946 Alisa Dunn
107Pooh Corner November 6, 1980 Alisa Dunn
108Poole, Miss Carolyn Graduates June 8, 1944 Alisa Dunn
109Red Hill 4-h Club March 26, 1931 Alisa Dunn
110Reed, Robert L. Promoted November 7, 1946 Alisa Dunn
111Revival Be Held At New Bethel Baptist Church March 27, 1958 Alisa Dunn
112Ritchie, Guilford, 12 Apr 1884 Jacqueline King The Registry
113Roach, Miss Weds Mr. Hoyt Gibby February 9, 1939 Alisa Dunn
114Robolin, Stephan - Electronics Winner March 9, 1989 Alisa Dunn
115Royston Class Of '54 Reunites November 17, 2022 Alisa Dunn
116Royston High School Fired By Lighting July 27, 1913 Alisa Dunn
117Royston's Fine Surgeon Fefused To Desert Home For City Practice May 17, 1946 Alisa Dunn
118Roystonian Back from Viet Nam January 6, 1966 Alisa Dunn
119Sanders, Cadet Harvey J. --Honor List January 5, 1967 Alisa Dunn
120Sayer, Tommy - City Honors Hero June 23, 2022 Alisa Dunn
121Smith Is Not Friend To Negro Says A Negro Editor November 1, 1928 Alisa Dunn
122Smiths, Mr. and Mrs. Will Celebrate 68th Anniversary January 24, 1963 Alisa Dunn
123Softball Games June 4, 1942 Alisa Dunn
124Spears, Miss Edna Weds Mr. Mabry January 5, 1939 Alisa Dunn
125Spelling Contest March 18, 1948 Alisa Dunn
126Spring View Hotel June 20, 1909 Alisa Dunn
127Starrett, Pvt. Frank Thomas Two Brothers Meet In England October 19, 1944 Alisa Dunn
128State High School Basketball Champions Honored at Brilliant Banquet March 26, 1931 Alisa Dunn
129Strickland, Pvt. Ollie R. Stationed In Japan August 31, 1950 Alisa Dunn
130Strickland, Will Captured. March 30, 1903 Linda Blum-Barton The Registry
131Sumner, A. May 26 1883 Don Bankston The Registry
132Talmadge To Speak At Sandy Cross March 7, 1940 Alisa Dunn
133Talmadge, Eugene to Speak in Elberton Saturday Afternoon September 6, 1931 Alisa Dunn
134Taylor, Robbie Motorcycle Stunt King of This Area August 31, 1975 Alisa Dunn
135Terrell, Dr. John H. - Biographical Sketches June Coker McNew The Registry
136Three Killed In Auto Tragedy Near Toccoa July 17, 1943 Alisa Dunn
137Toney, Chuck Represents Franklin County In District Spelling Bee March 10, 1977 Alisa Dunn
138Turner, John Joins Honor Group February 5, 1942 Alisa Dunn
139Turner, John M. Local Boy Honored June 3, 1948 Alisa Dunn
140Two Boys Arrested For Stealing December 17, 1931 Alisa Dunn
141Two Franklin Women Honored May 6, 1948 Alisa Dunn
142Vandiver, Ernest Jr. Appointed Governor's Aide December 12, 1946 Alisa Dunn
143W. O. W. Camps To Have Barbecue May 16, 1932 Alisa Dunn
144W. O. W. Pays Mrs. Maxwell January 22, 1942 Alisa Dunn
145Walters, E. S. Dwelling Burned November 15, 1906 Alisa Dunn
146Watkins, Jonathan - Fire Kills First-grader October 26, 1989 Alisa Dunn
147Williams, Johnny On Deans List Alisa Dunn
148Work to Begin on Carnesville School Project Soon August 26, 1948 Alisa Dunn
149York, Lt. Harold W. Completes Training August 31, 1950 Alisa Dunn
150Yow, Lee - Fire Damages Store June 22, 1944 Alisa Dunn

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