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Total Records: 27
1Aderhold, John Conrad Family  __/__/____/__/1890John Mallory Land
2Ayers, Dr. Clarence L. Biographical Sketches  __/__/__11/19/1908June McNew The Registry
3Bailey, Col. W. A. Biographical Sketches  __/__/__10/15/1908June McNew The Registry
4Bell, Sarah T. Westbrook  __/__/____/__/__Wm A. Bell Tricia Westbrook
5Bond, Col. Claude Biographical Sketches  __/__/__11/19/1908June McNew The Registry
6Bond, George Glenn  __/__/1863__/__/1923(Still Living)Joy Fisher The Registry
7Burton, John  __/__/1771__/__/1842Margene Black
8Burton, Peter  __/__/1818__/__/1880Margene Black
9Carnes, Thomas P.  __/__/____/__/__Jacqueline King The Registry
10Carson, Charlie  __/__/____/__/__Valeda Hall
11Cleveland, Morgan H.  __/__/1856__/__/1913(Still Living)Joy Fisher The Registry
12Cleveland, Oliver C.  __/__/1829__/__/1913(Still Living)Joy Fisher The Registry
13Coe, Luther H.   01/20/1858__/__/__June Coker McNew The Registry
14Franklin, Sarah "Sally"  __/__/____/__/__Lynn Moore
15Gulley, Richard  __/__/____/__/__Desi W. Gulley
16Hosea, Clem T.   01/5/1867__/__/__June Coker McNew The Registry
17Meeks, Littleton M.   02/8/176609/22/1852Beverly Meeks Daly
18Morris, John  __/__/____/__/__Jean W. Page
19Pendley, Mr. J. L. Biographical Sketches  __/__/__10/15/1908June McNew The Registry
20Roberts, Doyle  09/21/191802/19/2010Tiffany Carson
21Stevenson, N.W.  __/__/__01/1/1895David Stephenson
22Stowe, William A.   05/19/1873__/__/__June Coker McNew The Registry
23Tabor, John E.   09/25/1866__/__/__June Coker McNew The Registry
24Terrell, Dr. John H. Biographical Sketches  __/__/__10/29/1908June McNew The Registry
25Tigner, Germanicus Young  __/__/____/__/1913(Still Living)Joy Fisher The Registry
26Westbrook, Stephen  __/__/1756__/__/1820Wm A. Bell Tricia Westbrook
27White, James Russell   08/10/1842__/__/__June Coker McNew The Registry

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