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Katherine V. (Walker) Rogers  Daughter of Arlie A. and Cora E. (Riley) Walker.  First wife of Thomas C. Rogers  Contributor: Judy Banja

Alverna Elizabeth Walls, 4/3/1897-12/5/1983, daughter of Michael E. and Sarah (Hoover) Walls, who married James Joseph McIntosh. This photo was taken in 1915, the same year she graduated from Hollidaysburg High School.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Alverna Elizabeth (Walls) McIntosh, photo taken between 1925-1935  Contributor: April Van Heest

Anna Elizabeth Walls  Contributor: April Van Heest

Harriet & Anna Walls  Contributor: April Van Heest

Jim & Alverna (Walls) McIntosh, 1915, in Pittsburgh  Contributor: April Van Heest

Jim & Alverna (Walls) McIntosh, at a picnic.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Jim & Alverna (Walls) McIntosh.  Possible wedding photo (married 4/15/1920).  Contributor: April Van Heest

Michael Edward Walls  Born in Hollidaysburg, PA,  2/1/1852. In his youth he was a shoeshine and newsboy on the old steam packet on the PA canal between Huntingdon and Hollidaysburg. Later, he went to work in the old McFarland foundry where he learned the machinist trade which he followed until retiring. He married Sarah Catherine Hoover, the daughter of George S. and Mary (McCoy) Hoover, 12/30/1894.  He was the oldest resident of Hollidaysburg when he died at the age of 92, 3/8/1944.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Michael Walls family  Row 1 L-R: Martin Claude Walls, 1895-1972, Jeanne Marie Walls, 1900-1997, Sarah (Hoover) Walls, Anna Catherine Walls (sitting on lap), 1905-1983.  Row 2 L-R: Michael E. Walls, Madalyn Louise Walls, 1902-1980, Alverna Elizabeth Walls, 1897-1983  Contributor: April Van Heest

Sarah Walls family  Standing: Sarah (Hoover) Walls  Top: Jeanne Marie Walls, Middle: Anna Catherine Walls, Bottom: Alverna Elizabeth Walls, Seated: Anna (Carroll) Walls, mother of Michael Walls  Contributor: April Van Heest

Sarah (Hoover) Walls   Seated on the left: Sarah Catherine "Sadie" (Hoover) Walls. Born 11/11/1856, daughter of George S. and Mary (McCoy) Hoover. She married Michael E. Walls 12/20/1894, and died 3/31/1951. Seated on the right: (Possibly) Mary Jane Craig, wife of her son, Martin Claude Walls.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Walnut Avenue, looking east from Second Street  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

War Governor's Parade, 1912 -
  Evelyn McKinley Delozier, noted with red arrow, d/o Russell C. & Georgian (Wertz) Delozier;
  Adams school teachers in wagon.  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

William and Annie (Warsing) Mauk family, c. 1918 Back, L-R: Ira "Chub," Hobart "Hobe," Laura, Frank, Elmer, and Roy "Bant"  Front, L-R: Chester "Duck," Rose "Bud," Annie, William, Edith, and Paul "Boof"  Annie is holding Elsie, my mother  Contributor: Maxine

Mary Katherine (Watson) Creighton (1887-1937), who resided on Walton Avenue in Altoona; back row center; photo taken in the 1930s, but group has not been identified.  Contributor: Debbie Fisher Riley

Charles Stephen Parsons (standing); Seated, L-R: mother Sarah Elizabeth (Slemmer) Parsons, son Charles Alfred Parsons, maternal grandmother Charlotte (Weber) Slemmer  Photo taken circa 1913  Contributor: Judy Banja

Jacob H. Wertz (2), 9/24/1831 - 12/24/1896, s/o David & Elizabeth (Jones) Wertz, h/o Jane E. Lingafelt  Jim Kennedy

Jane Evans (Lingafelt) Wertz, 2/13/1832 - 2/16/1894, d/o Eli & Ann Elizabeth (Crawford) Lingafelt, of Frankstown, w/o Jacob H. Wertz   Contributor: Jim Kennedy

John Wertz family -
Back row L-R: Emma Wertz Johnson, Adda Wertz Schandelmeier, and their mother, Margaret H. Studebaker Wertz. Front row L-R: Howard Johnson, h/o Emma; Max Schandelmeier, h/o Adda; John M. Wertz, h/o Margaret H. Studebaker Wertz. Small child is Ruth H. Schandelmeier. Both Emma and Adda at one time worked in a silk factory in Altoona. Max Schandelmeier and John Wertz were both employed by the PRR.  Contributor: Norma Sturm

Katie Evans Wertz, 4/9/1863 - 9/4/1921, d/o Jacob & Jane (Lingafelt) Wertz   Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Homer  & Edna (Hughes) Westbrook  Contributor: Jean Corio

Robert & Marian (Burkhart) Westbrook  Contributor: Jean Corio

WFBG Blue Bird Entertainers  Contributor: Judy Banja

Williamsburg 1936 Flood  Contributor: Maxine
  Railroad tracks under water behind houses First Street and in front of Riverside Drive
  Flooded baseball field. Normal path of river is to the left of the picture.  Blair County Children's Home is in upper right hand corner, with paper mill smoke stack in distance.
  Approaching Williamsburg from Ganister with Paper Mill smoke stack in distance
  High St. bridge, with Children's Home at upper right hand corner
  Paper Mill-owned houses between river and paper mill on Canal Street
  Closer look at paper mill homes. The house on the left of the picture was where Elizabeth and Johnny and their son Rick Depost lived.

Williamsburg Spring.  Contributor:  Gene Stewart

123 Willow Avenue, c1938  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Willow Avenue, looking from Second to First Street, Altoona, c1938.  The Kennedy family were the third owners of the home at 123 Willow Avenue, built in 1892, and the home is still owned by the Kennedy family.  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Willow Avenue, looking east from Third Street, Altoona  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

David Hughes, 7/20/1873 & Roxie (Wingard) Hughes  Contributor:  Gene Stewart

Wopsy Lookout, c1896  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Wopsy Station, c1896  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Train arriving at Wopsy Station, c1896,   Contributor: Jim Kennedy

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