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John Reuben & Sarah Catherine (Mangle) Nearhood  Contributor: Jean Corio

Dick & Miriam Martin  Contributor: Judy Banja

Martini Residence, Williamsburg - This house, at 101 East 4th Street in Williamsburg, PA, was built by Alfonso Martini and his son, Valentino Martini in the early 1900s. A native of Pelos, Italy (near the Austrian border), Alfonso immigrated to Williamsburg about 1892; his wife, Maria Mazzucco Martini, followed in 1903 with their three children. Two more children were later born in Williamsburg; the youngest, Clory Martini Calderone, was my grandmother. This photo is from her collection. The unusual stone house is very similar to the houses back in the Italian alps where the Martinis used to live. Maria Martini raised vegetables in two big greenhouses on the 4th Street property, and sold seedlings to customers from as far away as 25 miles, according to her daughter Clory's written memoir. The family often took in boarders from Italy, young men who were from their province.  Old Family Photo From Clory Martini Calderone  Contributor: Sharon Rooney

William and Annie (Warsing) Mauk family, c. 1918 Back, L-R: Ira "Chub," Hobart "Hobe," Laura, Frank, Elmer, and Roy "Bant"  Front, L-R: Chester "Duck," Rose "Bud," Annie, William, Edith, and Paul "Boof"  Annie is holding Elsie, my mother  Contributor: Maxine

Elizabeth (McCauley) Louden  Contributor: June Weston

James McCaully, June 16, 1918  Contributor: Gene Warner

James Sylvester & Rachel Esther (Miller) McCloskey, with son Oscar David, 11/11/1891-12/8/1900  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

George Burton Kennedy, 1/9/1891-2/16/1982, with Margaret A. (McCloskey) Kennedy, 6/7/1886-6/4/1971, d/o James & Esther McCloskey, and their daughter, Mildred Miller McCloskey, b. 8/13/1916  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Rachel Esther (Miller) McCloskey, 6/15/1855-12/9/1929, m. James Sylvester McCloskey 12/25/1879  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Alverna Elizabeth (Walls) McIntosh, photo taken between 1925-1935  Contributor: April Van Heest

Charles Edgar McIntosh (2)  "Charlie", the first-born child of Harry and Myrtle (Diehl) McIntosh, 6/30/1893-9/28/1918.  Killed in action during WWI.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Franklin McIntosh  1831-1897, the son of James and Jane (McConnell) McIntosh. Married Mary Ellen Hughes on June 12, 1870. Entered into the retail business with brother Henry and owned and operated H & F McIntosh General Merchandise Store in Newry, PA which was in business from 1850-1911. On April 25, 1876, Frank was elected to the town council of Newry Borough. He also served as Postmaster of Newry under President Cleveland.

Franklin McIntosh family  Row 1, L-R: Clara J. "Daisy" McIntosh (1878-1928), Mary Ellen (Hughes McIntosh) (1847-1909), Helen C. McIntosh (1881-1977) Row 2, L-R: Francis C. McIntosh (1887-1966), John F. McIntosh (1875-1944), Harry A. McIntosh (1874-1959)  Contributor: April Van Heest

H & F McIntosh General Merchandise Store, Newry, PA, 1909, owned & operated by Henry & Franklin McIntosh  Contributor: April VanHeest

Harry McIntosh family.  Row 1: L-R: Myrtle (Diehl) McIntosh, Leanna Edna McIntosh (on lap), November 29, 1904 - January 16, 1989, Francis John McIntosh "Fred," 8/7/1900-11/3/1957, Harry A. McIntosh.  Row 2: L-R: Mary Jessie McIntosh, 11/6/1897-7/1/1970, Charles Edgar McIntosh, 6/30/1893-9/28/1918, James Joseph McIntosh, 11/15/1895-11/23/1992.  Two more children were born after this photo was taken: Eleanor Ruth McIntosh 10/29/1907-5/29/1938, and Harry Eugene "Abe" McIntosh 6/21/1910-4/5/1994  Contributor: April Van Heest

Harry A. McIntosh   Postmaster at Hollidaysburg.  In 1933, Harry A. McIntosh was appointed Postmaster of Hollidaysburg, PA by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and served for a period of 15 years until retirement. This photo is dated January 19, 1945.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Harry A. McIntosh, cornet player.  An accomplished musician (coronet) he played in the Newry, Hollidaysburg, Frankstown and P.R.R. Middle Division Bands for a number of years. This photo is dated September, 1923.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Helen C. McIntosh, 3/30/1881-5/23/1977, the daughter of Franklin and Mary Ellen (Hughes) McIntosh. She never married.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Henry "Harry" Aloysius McIntosh, 6/10/1874-4/9/1959, son of Franklin and Mary Ellen (Hughes) McIntosh. Married Myrtle Jane Diehl, daughter of James and Leanna (Corle) Diehl on June 13, 1892. "Harry" was a ticket and freight agent for the Pennsylvania Railroad for a period of 39 years. In 1933, he was appointed Postmaster of Hollidaysburg, PA by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and served for a period of 15 years until retirement. He also served as Borough Treasurer for a period of 5 years.  Contributor: April Van Heest

James Joseph McIntosh, 11/15/1895-11/23/1992, the son of Harry A. and Myrtle Jane (Diehl) McIntosh. As a youth, he was an apprentice at a heating and plumbing company. He learned the pipefitting trade and in 1916, was hired by the Texas Oil Company/M.W. Kellog Company. This was an international firm that constructed oil refineries. He was an on-site Project Manager and he and the family lived in 42 different places, including several countries over the course of his career. He retired in 1961 after 45 years of service. He married Alverna Elizabeth Walls, the daughter of Michael E. and Sarah (Hoover) Walls 4/15/1920 in Manistique, Michigan. They had been married for 63 years when Alverna passed away in 1983. Loved and admired by family and friends, he was affectionately known as "Pappy".  Contributor: April Van Heest

Jim & Alverna (Walls) McIntosh, 1915, in Pittsburgh  Contributor: April Van Heest

Jim & Alverna (Walls) McIntosh, at a picnic.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Jim & Alverna (Walls) McIntosh.  Possible wedding photo (married 4/15/1920).  Contributor: April Van Heest

John McIntosh & friends.  Photo taken by G. N. Shaffer.  Kneeling: John F. McIntosh The Girls L-R: Miss Cassidy, Miss Dunn, Miss McMASTER, Helen McIntosh, "Daisy" McIntosh  Contributor: April Van Heest

Mary Ellen (Hughes) McIntosh, 3/20/1847-10/4/1909.  Mary Ellen was the daughter of Charles and Mary (MULHOLLAND) Hughes. She was the wife of Franklin McIntosh. A talented pianist, she was the organist at her church and was also a music teacher.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Mary J. McIntosh, 1897-1970  Francis "Fred" McIntosh, 1900-1957.  Photo taken approx. 1902.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Myrtle Jane (Diehl) McIntosh, 8/10/1874-6/11/1943, daughter of James and Leanna (Corle) Diehl. Husband of Harry A. McIntosh.  Contributor: April Van Heest

Mary (McMonigal) Lewis, Viola "Olie" Lewis, Grace Lewis  Contributor: Judy Banja

James C. McMurray, born 10/8/1888.  He had a brother named John and two sisters. He enlisted in the Army in 1911 in Columbus Ohio. Later married a Laura Long who lived in Patton Pa. They were married in Columbus Ohio. He served 9 years in the Army and had an honorable discharge. Contributor: Amy Majors

Charles Guthrie, Mrs. Guthrie, Mrs. Miller, Laton Miller  Contributor: Gene Warner

Ann Crawford (Miller) Miller, 12/11/1829-1/28/1906, d/o Jacob & Rachell (Dell) Miller, w/o John H. Miller  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Clara M. (Bonsell) Miller, 1948-2004, wife of David E. Miller  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Earl Byron Miller  Contributor: Diane O'Neill

Earl Byron Miller, second row from top on the left; PRR baseball team prior to 1917  Contributor: Diane O'Neill

George Wellington Miller, 1843-1884, husband of Mary Prudence Clapper (1847-1942).  They resided in Logan Township.  Civil War photo.  Contributor: Robert E. Lee

Joseph H. Miller, 11/22/1822-3/27/1900  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Amber (Lewis) Moore, 6/24/1889-1961  Dau. of John & Emma Florence (Woomer) Lewis.  Wife of George C. Moore  Contributor: Judy Banja

Boyd Oscar Moore, b. circa 1915.  Son of George C. & Amber (Lewis) Moore  Contributor: Judy Banja

Musser family - Cora, Mary, Myra, Alice and Carrie  Contributor: June Weston

Ethel (Calderwood) Musser, d. 8/1992  Contributor: June Weston

Grace (Musser) Tate  Contributor: June Weston

John Edward Musser  Contributor: June Weston

Jonathan Musser  Contributor: June Weston

Jonathan Musser residence  Contributor: June Weston

Sons of Jonathan Musser, L-R: Samuel J, Roland C, Luther Nathen, George Hawley, John E.  The Roland C. in this photo is the uncle of Roland Curtin Musser, below.  Contributor: June Weston

Matilda (Stover) Musser  Contributor: June Weston

Roland Curtin Musser & Ethel Calderwood Musser  Contributor: June Weston

Roland Curtin Musser, d. 1983  Contributor: June Weston

Roland Curtin Musser  Roland was a manager of one of the Shaffer stores.  Contributor: June Weston

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