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Ss, Peter & Paul Ave Maria Society Officers, 1961 Jubilee photo.  Seated, left to right: Theresa Prugar, treasurer; Nellie Walker, secretary; Sophie Gasiorowski, financial secretary; Mary Kaminski, president.  Second row: Elsie Kisielnicki, Jennie Benjamin, Cecilia Galant, Ellen Filipiak, trustees.  Absent: Mary Rzasa, vice-president.  Contributor: Anita Karcz

Ss. Peter & Paul Elementary School Class of 1939.  Back row left to right:  Lucy Jorkasky Grimme, Sister Rita, Sister Euphrozine, Helen Gasiorowski.  Middle row, left to right: Patricia Jorkasky, Stephanie Bieniek, Stella Kocolowski Chislow.  Front row, left to right: Frank Adamiak, Melvin Slowik (Swovick ?)  Contributor: Anita Karcz

Ss. Peter & Paul Parish Ladies Group, 1960.  Front row, left to right: Sophie Gasiorowski, Mary Kisielnicki Rzasa, Mary Kaminski, Father Walter Wernowski, Cecilia Galant, Katherine Jaroniewski, Freda Krish  Back row, left to right: Rose Jorkasky, Theresa Prugar, Nellie Walker, Ellen Filipiak, Elsie Kisielnicki, Margaret Kocolowski, Claire Pokorny, Lucy Jorkasky, Jennie Benjamin, Veronica Kasiorek.  Contributor: Anita Karcz

Foster W.  England, 1906-1995, & Frances C. (Saylor) England  Contributor:  Gene Stewart

Schandelmeier family -
Back row: Ernest, George, Max William F.
Middle row: Helena S. (w/o Charles S. Wertz), Sara Lucas (w/o George Schandelmeier), Adda Wertz, Carrie Burket (w/o William F. Schandelmeier), Anna S. (w/o William Fauth)
Front row: Jacob Schandelmeier, John George Schandelmeier, unknown man, Ernestine Ramine Reunive Schandelmeier & Michael Schandelmeier.
All children are unknown.  Contributor: Norma Sturm

Max, George, Ruth, Max (Bud) Jr. & Adda Schandelmeier  Contributor: Norma Sturm

Karl & Anna Margaretha (Scheeler) Burkhart  Contributor: Jean Corio

Peter Schuler/Scheeler  Peter was born 1839 in Germany; d. 1903 in Altoona; married Anna Margaretha Horne (b. 1836 in Germany, d. 1886 in Altoona ) and they emigrated in 1881 from Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany to Altoona, Pa with family: Catherine (Sidler), Adam, Anna Margaretha (Burkhart) and John Scheeler. A son, Otto Scheeler was born 1883 in Altoona, Pa  Contributor: Jean Corio

Mrs. Zibiah Sheldon, Lakemont, 8/22/1909  Contributor: Gene Warner

Martin & Minnie Mae (Shiffler) Burget  Contributor: Doris Mitchell

Martin & Minnie Mae (Shiffler) Burget family  (Not in order:) Chester D. Burget (Ches), Norman D. Burget (Dale),  Edward J. Burget (Ted), George Elvin Burget (Ink), Robert Blair Burget (Bob), Meville M. Burget (Max), Fred W. Burget (Fred), Clyde L. Burget (Stu)  Contributor: Doris Mitchell

James Blaine Shinafelt and Elsie Larue Knepp on their wedding day March 15, 1905. He was born in Hollidaysburg June 21, 1884 and she was born in Upper Reese April 16, 1881.  Both are buried in Carson Valley Cemetery.  Contributor: Rob Shinafelt

Football team, Altoona, 1920s-30s.  One of the men pictured is a Shoenfelt, but none of the people in the photo has yet been identified.   Please email if you recognize any of the men.  Contributor:  Ciindy Gallo

Daniel J. & Charlotte (Weber) Slemmer residence, Pottsgrove Avenue, Altoona  Contributor: Judy Banja

Sarah Elizabeth (Slemmer) Parsons, 2/11/1868-12/16/1933  Dau. of Daniel J. & Charlotte (Weber) Slemmer  Contributor: Judy Banja

Charles Stephen Parsons (standing); Seated, L-R: mother Sarah Elizabeth (Slemmer) Parsons, son Charles Alfred Parsons, maternal grandmother Charlotte (Weber) Slemmer  Photo taken circa 1913  Contributor: Judy Banja

Roderick Parsons, 6/25/1852-8/5/1918 L-R: Roderick, wife Sarah E. (Slemmer) Parsons, daughter Margaret S., son Charles S., grandson Charles Alfred, daughter-in-law Mabel F. (Lewis) Parsons, John J. (?) & Ida M. (Bittner) Parsons  Contributor: Judy Banja

Billy Snoberger, age 10 months, 6/19/1918  Contributor: Gene Warner

Charles Landon Jr. and Clara Wilhelmina (Stahl) Lowe, c1927  Contributor: Gerry Lowe

Lowe Sinking Valley group photo  Contributor: Gerry Lowe
Front, L-R: Charlie Jones, Lizzie (Brady) Jones, unknown little girl, Catherine (Lowe) Curry, unknown man  Standing: Unknown man, unknown lady, Annie (Brady) Lowe, Gerard D. Lowe, Charles Landon Lowe, Sr.  Seated in back: Charles Landon Lowe Jr., child on shoulders is Charles Robert Lowe, man to left is Don Curry, lady peeking from between the two is Clara (Stahl) Lowe

Laura (Wertz) Stahl, at the Atlantic City boardwalk sometime in the late 1930s. She was a widow of William C. Hawksworth, Jacob E. Stahl and David Baylor Stahl.  Contributor: Terry Griffith

Stewart Sisters of Blair County, c. 1960, L-R:  Clara Louisa Barton (Stewart) Leamer, 6/30/1898-6/10/1983; Rebecca Alice (Stewart) Saylor; Anna Catherine (Stewart) Bingman  Contributor:  Gene Stewart

Anna Catherine (Stewart) Bingman, 1883-1975, d/o William Calvin Stewart  Contributor:  Gene Stewart

Harry Calvin Stewart, 1879-1957, s/o William C. & Massie Elizabeth (Aurandt) Stewart, h/o Myrtle Irene (Hinish) Stewart, 1875-1943  Contributor:  Gene Stewart

Kenneth & Dorothy Stiver, 1/20/1921  Contributor: Gene Warner

Viola (Lewis) Stouffer & Grace (Lewis) Reel  Contributor: Judy Banja

Matilda (Stover) Musser  Contributor: June Weston

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