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John Hines & Bessie (Reigh) Bathurst; John 9/25/1866-12/1/1939; Bessie 3/1871-6/1939; married 1830.  Photo is of them on their small farm in Antis Township, Blair County Pa.  The sixth child of Lawrence & first wife Eliza Bathurst, John was born and grew up at Curtin Village near Milesburg, Centre County, Pa.. He worked for the PRR.  Contributor: Craig Bathurst

John Lawrence Bathurst (a.k.a. Lawrence J.) & second wife Ellen E. (Rothrock) Bathurst - father of John Hines Bathurst, above; Lawrence 6/22/1830-7/28/1913, Altoona, Pa.; Ellen, b. 6/18/1849, Benner Township, Centre County; married 10/6/1877.  (First wife, Eliza Hines Bathurst, 1/1/1833-12/28/1873, married 1/25/1855, not pictured.)  Lawrence is buried in a unmarked grave at Old Curtin Cemetery, now called Curtin United Methodist Church Cemetery.  Eliza is presumed to be buried there also.  Ellen is buried in Eagle Cemetery, up on the hill from the Church.  L-R, seated: Ellen & Lawrence Bathurst; standing: their daughter Lida C., husband David Wilson Varner & son Paul.  Contributor: Craig Bathurst

Miss Becker  Contributor: Gene Warner

Anna Catherine (Stewart) Bingman, 1883-1975, d/o William Calvin Stewart  Contributor:  Gene Stewart

Stewart Sisters of Blair County, c. 1960, L-R:  Clara Louisa Barton (Stewart) Leamer, 6/30/1898-6/10/1983; Rebecca Alice (Stewart) Saylor; Anna Catherine (Stewart) Bingman  Contributor:  Gene Stewart

Mary Magdalene (Birely) Trueman, 4/14/1806-3/19/1885.  Born in Maryland and died in Antis township, she was the d/o Johan George & Susanna (Krise) Birely, and was the w/o Thomas S. Trueman.  Contributor: Jim Kennedy

Arthur & Phyllis Bonsell homestead, Decker Hollow  Contributor: Sharon Miller

L-R: Carrie May (Gunsallus) Bonsell, 1885-1973, Lewilla (Gunsallus) Rutherford, 1879-1957, Albert Gunsallus, 1899-?, Francis ? (young girl), Hazel M. (Blackwood) Gunsallus, 1902-?.  Photo taken in Tyrone, PA.  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Chester Cleveland Bonsell, 1889-1979, sitting at left.  Chester worked for the PRR.  Photo undated.  Handwritten on photo: Ralph Silknetter, Billy?, unreadable  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Clara M. (Bonsell) Miller, 1948-2004, wife of David E. Miller  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Clyde A. Bonsell, 1891-1946, and wife Ruth M. (Grazier) Bonsell, 1895-1964.  Photo taken c1911.  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Dorothy (Goetz) Bonsell, 1906-1988, wife of Harry Leonard Bonsell  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Leonard Ehman Bonsell, 1865-1926  Photo c. 1910  His parents and family: Johannes "John" Bonsell / Bunzell, 1826-1889; Anna Barbara (Zeilinger) Bonsell, 1827-1905; John, Jr., 1848-1853, Margaret , 1851-1893, Magdalena , 1857-1860, Henry , 1860-1934, Anna Barbara, 1864-1942, Leonard E., 1865-1926, John Phillip, 1869-1941  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Luther Carl Bonsell (twin of Arthur), 1904-1944 and Mary Pearl (Bressler) Bonsell, 1904-1980.  Photo c1939, Tyrone, PA.  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Phyllis Hazel (Rhoades) Bonsell, 10/1910-4/1991  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Phyllis & Marian Bonsell, sisters, c1945  Contributor: Sharon Miller

Charles Landon Lowe, Sr. and Anna Gertrude Brady on their wedding day, Wednesday, 9/16/1891  Contributor: Gerry Lowe

Maggie (Brandt) Harmon, born 1871 in Wilmore. Parents were George and Levina Crily. Adopted by Sarah Wagner of Altoona. Married William H Harmon in 1886 at St. John's in Altoona.  Contributor: Patty Millich

Elsie (Brantner) Africa  Contributor: June Weston

Lawrence & Elsie (Brantner) Africa  Contributor: June Weston

Brick Church School, Tyrone Township, September 1913 to April 1914. A one-room school, with classes 1st thru 8th grade.  In 2001, I received this photo from Dawn Hoover, of Altoona.  Her grandmother, Martha Ellen (Temple) Bathurst was the teacher.  Ms. Hoover told me that the school was torn down.  It had been near the Lutheran Church in Sinking Valley.  Contributor: Aileen Fulcomer

Alfred and Effie (Wamsley) Brubaker home, in back near trees, where they lived in the 1920s-30s.  The chicken coop is where John Brubaker and Mr. McCoy lived. They fixed it up and lived in it one winter.  Contributor: June Weston

Brice Ira & Linnie Myrtle (Burkhart) Brubaker, 57th anniversary, 6/27/1958.  Brice I. Brubaker:  9/3/1881-1/15/1958, s/o Ellis E. & Augusta Ann (Plowman) Brubaker.  Linnie Myrtle (Burkhart) Brubaker:  3/24/1882-6/15/1964, d/o Thomas Gabriel & Mary A. (Miller) Burkhart.  Contributor: Marc Hoenstine

Emanuel Brubaker, s/o Ephriam and Lydia (Hart) Brubaker, 3/14/1839-3/23/1862.  Mustered into the Union Army 4/24/1861.  War was declared between the states 4/12/1861.  Died of wounds received at Winchester, Virginia.  Served as: Pvt. Co. H 14th PA Inf., Pvt. Co. E 84th PA Inf.  Contributor: June Weston

Brubaker family L-R: 1. Unknown; 2. Martha (Hornauer) Buckrup; 3. Lista (Hoover) Brubaker; 4. Annie (Wilt) Hornauer; 5. Alfred Brubaker; 6. Sara (Brubaker) Wilt; 7. Ord Brubaker; 8. Unknown; 9. Oscar Brubaker; 10. Samuel Brubaker; 11. John Alexander Brubaker  Contributor: June Weston

Brubaker group, LR: 1. Annie (Wilt) Hornauer; 2. Martha (Hornauer) Buckrup; 3. Lista (Hoover) Brubaker; 4. Olive (Brubaker) Helsel; 5. Sara (Brubaker) Wilt.  Wilmer Brubaker playing in the wagon.  Contributor: June Weston

Brubaker-Hoover group, L-R: 1. Brice Hoover; 2. Jake Hoover; 3. ?; 4. Amos Brubaker; 5. ?; 6.?; 7. Lista (Hoover) Brubaker; 8. Ord Brubaker; 9. Olive (Brubaker) Helsel

Samuel Brubaker, 11/24/1840-6/6/1928.  He served during the Civil War in the 203rd Pennsylvania Volunteer infantry and was wounded at Fort Fisher.  Contributor: June Weston

Samuel Brubaker family: Back row L-R: Samuel Brubaker, 11/24/1840-6/6/1928; Sara (Brubaker) Wilt, his daughter, 4/30/1860-3/15/1947; Annie (Wilt) Hornauer Maelhorn, 3/20/1887-5/28/1962; Oscar Maelhorn, ?-1960; Pearl Maelhorn.  This photograph was taken on 9 September 1923.  Contributor: June Weston

Samuel Brubaker family 2: L-R, sitting down: 1. ?; 2. Martha (Hornauer) Buckrup; 3. ?; 4.?; 5.?; Second row: 1. ?; 2. Olive (Brubaker) Helsel, she has her hands on the shoulders of the two men in front of her.; Third row, standing: 1. Sara (Brubaker) Wilt; 2. ?; 3. Alfred Brubaker; 4. Samuel Brubaker; 5. Annie (Wilt) Hornauer; 6. Leona Graybill (?); 7.  Contributor: June Weston

Samuel Brubaker, s/o Ephriam and Lydia (Hart) Brubaker, b 11/24/1840, Carson Valley, Allegheny Township, Blair County, d. 6/6/1928, Blair County.  Christina (Berkey) Brubaker, b. 1/16/1842, Somerset County, d. 4/13/1913, Loop, Hollidaysburg, Blair County.  They were married 12/8/1859, Allegheny Township.    Contributor: June Weston

Adam Burget residence  Contributor: Doris Mitchell

Martin H. & Jeremiah Burget  Contributor: Doris Mitchell

Martin & Minnie Mae (Shiffler) Burget  Contributor: Doris Mitchell

Martin & Minnie Mae (Shiffler) Burget family  (Not in order:) Chester D. Burget (Ches), Norman D. Burget (Dale),  Edward J. Burget (Ted), George Elvin Burget (Ink), Robert Blair Burget (Bob), Meville M. Burget (Max), Fred W. Burget (Fred), Clyde L. Burget (Stu)  Contributor: Doris Mitchell

Karl Burkhart & sons  L-R: Walter, Oscar, Karl, Herbert, Charles and Fritz Burkhart  Contributor: Jean Corio

Karl & Anna Margaretha (Scheeler) Burkhart  Contributor: Jean Corio

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