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Church Records
Size Description Date Submitter

Church Histories

grace-mtwashington.htm History of Grace Episcopal Church Parish, Mt. Washington, PA, 1903 Jun 2009 Joan Skinnell Benincasa
stpatrick-pittsburgh200.txt Information contained in 200th Anniversary Commemorative Program for St. Patrick's Catholic Church in the Strip District of Pittsburgh - 2008 May 2008
stpetersjubilee1924.txt St. Peter's Catholic Church Jubilee - 1924 unknown unknown

mhn60th-part1.txt - part 1

mhn60th-part2.txt - part 2

mhn60th-part3.txt - part 3 



Most Holy Name Church; 60th Anniversary of the Dedication; 1868-1928


The Text Version is in 3 parts


The HTML VERSION contains all the photos.

Mar 2005 Linda Braund, Toni Carnahan, Jamie Danker, Margaret DeFazio, Joseph Gartner, Carol Harris, Paul Hepp, Schannon McCloud, Rebecca Miller, Char Miller-Jones, and Pat Stough
staugustine-pittsburgh.htm St. Augustine, Pittsburgh, Diamond Jubilee 1938 Mar 2011 Nan Smith

Church / Houses of Worship Photos

baptistchurch-wilkinsburg.txt Baptisit Church, Wilkinsburg, ca. 1910 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
***** Calvary Church, Pittsburgh, ca. 1920's Feb 2009 Pat McArthur
calvarychurch-pittsburgh.txt Calvary Episcopal Church, Shady Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, ca. 1920 Jan 2012 Ellis Michaels
christchurch-pittsburgh.txt Christ Church, East End, Pittsburgh, ca. 1907 Jan 2012 Ellis Michaels
eastlibpresby-pittsburgh.txt East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, ca. 1940 Nov 2011 Ellis Michaels
firstme-braddock.txt First Methodist Episcopal Church, Braddock, ca. 1913 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
firstme-homestead.txt First M. E. Church, Homestead, ca. 1918 Feb 2012 Ellis Michaels
firstme-millvale.txt First M. E. Church, Millvale, ca. 1913 Oct 2011 Ellis Michaels
firstpresby-braddock.txt First Presbyterian Church, Braddock, ca. 1908 Oct 2011 Ellis Michaels
firstpresby-homestead.txt First Presbyterian Church, Homestead, ca. 1920 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
firstpresby-mckeesport.txt First Presbyterian Church, McKeesport, ca. Oct 2011 Ellis Michaels
firstpresby-pittsburgh.txt First Presbyterian Church, Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh, ca. 1910 Dec 2011 Ellis Michaels
firstpresby-wilkinsburg.txt First Presbyterian Church, Wilkinsburg, ca. 1910 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
firstswedish-mckeesport.txt First Swedish Baptist Church, McKeesport, ca. 1912 Feb 2012 Ellis Michaels
synagogue-homestead.txt Jewish Synagogue, Homestead, ca. 1910 (a.k.a. - Rodef Shalom, a.k.a. Homestead Hebrew) Sep 2011 Ziv Gura
lutheranchurch-wilmerding.txt Lutheran Church, Wilmerding, ca. 1910 Feb 2012 Ellis Michaels
magyar-mckeesport.txt Magyar Church, 7th Street, McKeesport, ca. 1910 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
mechurch-duquesne.txt Methodist Church, Duquesne, ca. 1930 Apr 2012 Ellis Michaels
mechurch-mckeesport.txt Methodist Episcopal Church, McKeesport, ca. 1914 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
mcmastersme-turtlecreek.txt McMasters Methodist Episcopal Church, Turtle Creek, ca. 1911 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
mechurch-glassport.txt M. E. Church, Glassport, ca. 1910 Nov 2011 Ellis Michaels
mechurch-pitcairn.txt M. E. Church, Pitcairn, ca. 1909 May 2011 Ellis Michaels
mechurch-pitcairn2.txt M. E. Church, Pitcairn, ca. 1910 Jan 2012 Ellis Michaels
methodist-wilmerding.txt Methodist Church, Wilmerding, ca. 1910 Nov 2012 Ellis Michaels
presbychurch-pitcairn.txt Presbyterian Church (McGinnis), Pitcairn, ca. 1910 May 2011 Ellis Michaels
presbyterianchurch-pitcairn.txt Presbyterian Church, Pitcairn, ca. 1930 May 2011 Ellis Michaels
presbychurch-wilmerding.txt Presbyterian Church, Wilmerding, ca. 1924 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
rodefshalom-pittsburgh.txt Rodef Shalom Synagogue, Pittsburgh, ca. 1920 Nov 2011 Ellis Michaels
stcoleman-turtlecreek.txt St. Coleman's Church, Turtle Creek, ca. 1920 Jan 2012 Ellis Michaels
stmary-german.txt St. Mary's German Catholic Church 1999 Clara Kress
stmarymagdaline-homestead.txt St. Mary Magdaline Catholic Church, Homestead, ca. 1920 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
stpaulchurch-pittsburgh.txt St. Paul's R. C. Church, Pittsburg, ca. 1920 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
stpaul-pittsburgh.txt St. Paul's Cathedral, Pittsburgh, ca. 1950 Dec 2011 Ellis Michaels
stpaul-interior.txt St. Paul's Cathedral Interior, Pittsburgh, ca. 1911 Dec 2011 Ellis Michaels
stpaul-interior2.txt St. Paul's Cathedral Interior, Pittsburgh, ca. 1912 Dec 2011 Ellis Michaels
stpaulchurch-pittsburgh.txt St. Paul's R. C. Church, Pittsburg, ca. 1920 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
stpeteraltar-pittsburgh.txt St. Peter's Church, Main Altar, Pittsburgh, ca. 1975 Dec 2011 Ellis Michaels
ststanislaus-pittsburg.txt St. Stanislaus R. C. Church, Smallman & 21st Sts., Pittsburg, ca. 1910    
stthomas-braddock.txt St. Thomas R. C. Church, Braddock, ca. 1910 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
secondpresby-wilkinsburg.txt Second Presbyterian Church, Wilkinsburg, ca. 1921 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
southavemeth-wilkinsburg.txt South Avenue Methodist Church, Wilkinsburg, ca. 1950 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
swedishchurch-braddock.txt Swedish Church, 4th Street, Braddock, ca. 1910 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
tenthmechurch-mckeesport.txt Tenth Ward M. E. Church, McKeesport, ca. 1920 Jan 2012 Ellis Michaels
trinitychurch-pittsburgh.txt Trinity Church, Pittsburgh, ca. 1907 Nov 2011 Ellis Michaels
trinitychurch-wilkinsburg.txt Trinity Reformed Church, Wilkinsburg, ca. 1905 Aug 2011 Ellis Michaels
warrenme-pittsburg.txt Warren M. E. Church, Center Avenue, Pittsburg, ca. 1911 Jun 2012 Ellis Michaels


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