of the

Dedication of Most Holy Name Church

Troy Hill

North Side - Pittsburgh



1868                                             1928

Part 1



Our Holy Father, His Holiness the Pope

The Right Reverend Hugh C. Boyle, Bishop of Pittsburgh


Part 2

History of Most Holy Name Church

Early Catholicity and Pioneer Catholics

The Establishing of the Church of the Most Holy Name


Part 3

Founder and Pastors of Most Holy Name Church:

The Very Rev. John Stibiel, V.G. - Founder of the Church of the Most Holy Name

The Reverend Suitbert G. Mollinger, First Pastor and Founder of St. Anthony Chapel

The Reverend John B. Duffner, Second Pastor

The Reverend Michael F. Mueller, Third Pastor

The Reverend Godfrey Pfeil, Fourth Pastor

Assistant Pastors of Most Holy Name Church:

The Reverend Edwin P. Fussenegger, Assistant Pastor

The Reverend Alphonse G. Mihm, Assistant Pastor


Part 4:

Most Holy Name School

The School Sisters de Notre Dame

Most Holy Name Convent

Most Holy Name Cemetery

Our Church Bells

Church Committee

Church Frescoing


Saint Anthony Chapel

Parish Recruits to the Holy Priesthood and Religious Life


Part 5

Parish Societies:

The Altar Society

The League of the Sacred Heart

The Poor Souls Society

The Rosary Confraternity

The Holy Name Society

The Christian Mothers' Confraternity

The Young Ladies' Sodality

The Saint Cecilia Choir

The Catholic Women's Union

Saint Anthony Lyceum

The Most Holy Name Dramatic Club

Most Holy Name Beneficial Society

The Knights of St. George, Branch 39

The Ladies' Catholic Benevolent Association

The Saint Joseph Filial-Verein

The Saint John Berchmans Acolyte Society

The Memorial Tablet


Part 6

Troy Hill's Catholic Institutions:

The Saint Joseph Orphanage

The Home of the Good Shepherd

The De Paul Institute


Part 7: 

Chronology (1842 - 1928)

Financial Report

Parish Regulations

The Diocese of Pittsburgh


Part 8

60th Anniversary Celebration:



Patrons of the 60th Anniversary Celebration



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