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carothers-shaw.txt CAROTHERS, Robert and Sarah Family Bible Dec 2006 Lynn Beatty
camp0001.txt CAMPBELL Bible Apr 1998 Unknown
cook01.txt COOK, William E. Bible Feb 2007 Lynn Beatty
cooperfa539gbb.txt COOPER Family Bible Jul 2009 Valerie Redpath
freese.txt FREESE, Homer J. & Katherine Roy, Jun 2009 DBA
hartman01.txt HARTMAN, Geo R. Bible Feb 2007 Lynn Beatty
hemmeger.txt HEMMEGER Family May 1997 Susan Runyan
kilgore01.txt KILGORE, Jesse Bible Feb 2007 Lynn Beatty
munden-bible.htm Munden Family Bible 2008 Larry Munden
price01.txt PRICE, William P. Bible Feb 2007 Lynn Beatty
s134001.txt SPITTAL, William and Agnes Sneddon Apr 2001 Jan Cross
stairs-wm-mary.txt STAIRS, William & Mary Byerly Dec 2006 Lynn Beatty
toddbibl561gbb.txt TODD, James and family May 2010 Katherine W. Wolfe
trunick1.txt TRUNICK Family Sep 1999 Sandra Camman
whitsell01.txt WHITESELL, Philip & Jacob Bibles Feb 2007 Lynn Beatty


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