of the

Dedication of Most Holy Name Church

Troy Hill

North Side - Pittsburgh


1868                                             1928





Cornerstone of Saint Philomena Church laid on Feast of Corpus Christi.

Saint Philomena Congregation purchased property on Troy Hill for a Cemetery.



Saint Mary Church, Allegheny was organized.



A Chapel was built in the Troy Hill Cemetery and Dedicated in honor of the Sorrowful Mother.

Saint Peter Congregation, Allegheny, was organized.



The Cemetery Chapel was dedicated November 1st.

The First Mass on Troy Hill was offered in this Chapel on December 12th.



Cornerstone of Saint Joseph Orphanage laid July 22nd



A fire destroyed the Orphanage, July 25th.  Rebuilding started at once.



The new Orphanage dedicated May 1st



Saint Philomena Congregation purchased additional property on Troy Hill for the enlargement of the cemetery. 



Saint Joseph Parish was formed in Manchester. 

Most Holy Name Parish was formed on Troy Hill. 

Father John Stibiel, Pastor of Saint Mary's, was the fonder of both parishes.

Property for the Most Holy Name Congregation was purchased on May 1st for the sum of $3100.00. 

Cornerstone of Saint Joseph Church laid June 24th. 

Cornerstone of Most Holy Name Church laid August 25th. 



The construction of the church building continued slowly.  Saint Joseph Church , Manchester, Dedicated.



Most Holy Name Church, Troy Hill, solemnly dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Domenec, June 7th.


Father Mollinger appointed for the first Pastor; arrived July 4th.

Most Holy Name School was started in September.  One room in the rear of the church was used for this purpose, and a lay teacher was engaged.



Most Holy Name Beneficial Society was organized, January, 5th.

The Rev. Father Stibiel, founder of the Most Holy Name Church, died January, 13th.

Bishop Domenec blessed the Alter, August 15th.



A new organ was installed in the church at the cost of $2,063.00.



During the summer months work was started for the erection of a school building.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd purchased property on Lowrie Street from Father Mollinger.



The school building completed, Costing $8,105.17.

The Sisters de Notre Dame began to teach the school girls.  These Sisters lived at the Orphanage.



Father Mollinger built the Rectory.



Father Mollinger moved into the Rectory and remodeled the former dwelling for the use of the Sisters.

During this year a fire in one of the rooms in the rear of the church caused a great damage by destroying all the church records.



The Sisters moved into the convent and in September took complete charge of the school, there were two classes.  Sr. M. Zita was appointed the Superioress;



The third class in school was opened.




On October 30 the parish paid an assessment of $801.25 for the grading of Troy Hill Road.



Sr. M. Bernwarda came to Most Holy Name School, December 23.



During this year Father Mollinger began to build the Saint Anthony Chapel.



The Saint Anthony Chapel was dedicated, June 13.

Sr. M. Wilhelmina succeeded as Superioress.

The fourth class room was opened in September.



The Convent of the Good Shepherd was dedicated, September 8th.



Property was bought in Reserve Twp. for a cemetery; cost, $6,000.00



The cemetery was blessed on Trinity Sunday, May 28th.

The fifth class room was opened in September.



A collection for the Johnstown Flood Sufferers brought $300.00.



During this year Father Mollinger built the addition to the Saint Anthony Chapel.

On September 20th a franchise was granted to build a street car line to Troy Hill.



Saint Aloysius Church Reserve was organized.



Father Mollinger died, June 15th.  In September Father Duffner was appointed second Pastor of the congregation, and Father Erhart was appointed Assistant.



First Mass was said in Saint Aloysius Church, January 8th.

Father Frank was appointed Assistant, February 18th, and Father Erhart was transferred to Perrysville, Pa.

In April, Father Mueller was appointed Assistant to succeed Father Frank, who moved to Rochester, Pa.

June 7th marked the Silver Anniversary of the dedication of the church, but the event was not celebrated.



Father Charles Duwell offered his First Mass, May 19th.

A mission was conducted June 10th to the 24th.



Final settlement of the estate of Father Mollinger was made, May 9th.  By this transaction the Saint Anthony Chapel and the Rectory became the property of the congregation.

Father Yochum was appointed Assistant, May 25th.



Father Anthony Vogel offered his First Mass, June 28th.

Father Mueller was transferred as Assistant to Saints Peter and Paul Church, East End, November 13th.



The sixth class room was opened.



Father Duffner enlarged the church by building the Sanctuary and the belfry. 

A new set of bells was bought.



Father Stenger was appointed Assistant, June 13th, and Father Yochum was transferred as Pastor of Saint Teresa Church, Perrysville, Pa.

Father Joseph Meyer offered his First Mass, June 29th.



A mission of two weeks was started on the fourth Sunday after Easter.

Father George Guenther offered his First Mass, July 8th.

Father Stenger was transferred to Monaca, Pa., and Father Kuetter was appointed Assistant in his place, November 26th.



Father Joseph Sedlmaier offered his First Mass, June 29th, and was appointed Assistant in the place of Father Kuetter, July 6th.



Father Leo Meyer offered his First Mass, June 29th.

During this year, a two weeks' mission was conducted.




Father John Schroeffel, C.S.Sp., offered his First Solemn Mass, July 5th.



Father Joseph Rossman offered his First Mass, July 7th.



Plans were drawn for a new school building.

The eighth class room was opened in September.



Father Killmeyer was appointed to succeed Father Sedlmaier, who was transferred to Saint Joseph Church, Bloomfield, June 15th.

Father Pfeil was appointed second Assistant, July 21st.

The ninth class room was opened in September.

Father Duffner died October 15th.



Father Mueller was appointed Pastor, January 13th.

Father Pfeil was transferred to Saint Joseph Church, Bloomfield, January 14th.

Father A.J. Miedanner offered his First Mass, May 25th.

The tenth class room was opened in September.

The first procession to the cemetery was held, November 3rd.



During this year the church was frescoed at the cost of $1,350.00.

The new statues at the cemetery were blessed, August 29th.

A mission was conducted, November 28th to December 12th.



Father Aloysius Angel was appointed second Assistant, July 7th.

During this year the retaining wall was built at the cemetery; cost $2,270.00.

Sister M. Vincens succeeded Sister M. Wilhelmina as Superioress.



A frame house was built on Hatteras Street for an addition to the convent.

The Kindergarten class was opened.



Father Angel was transferred to Saint Leo Church, North Side, and Father Planitzer came as the Assistant, June 27th.



During this year the church and old school basements were excavated.



Father Killmeyer moved to be Pastor of Saint Ursula Church, Allison Park, Pa., and Father Bieger came as Assistant, April 2nd.

The Commercial Class was started in September with twenty-four pupils.

A mission was conducted from October 7th to 21st.



June 7th marked the Golden Anniversary of the dedication of the church, but the event was unobserved on account of the World War.



Father Fussenegger was appointed Assistant to take the place of Father Bieger, who was transferred to Saint Mary Church, McKeesport, Pa., January 9th.

In the summer months the steam heating system was installed in the old school building.



Steam heating system was installed in the church at the cost of $3,567.00

Concrete steps were built at the cemetery at the cost of $1,170.00.

Sister M. Vincens died in the month of December.



Father William Reith offered his First Mass, July 3rd.

Father Plantizer was transferred as Assistant to Saint Catherine Church, Beechview, and Father Young came to take his place, July 27th.

Sister M. Ambrose was appointed Superioress of the Sisters' Community. 

During this year an addition was built to the sacristy.



Father Bey came as Assistant in the place of Father Young, who was transferred to Saint Joseph Church, North Side, June 8th.

Sister M. Petronilla came to take the place of Sister M. Ambrose as the Sisters' Superioress, August 4th.

Another class room was opened in September.

Father Mueller died October 4th.

The convent was remodeled towards the end of the year.



Father Pfeil was installed as Pastor, February 1st.

Thumb Way was vacated by the City, allowing for the lavatory addition to the school building. The work was started in the Fall of the year.  At the same time the steam heating system was installed in the Chapel, and a new lighting system in both the Church and the Chapel.




The school improvements were completed at the cost of $27,000.00.

A new section was opened in the cemetery.

A new 1st and 2nd Grade was opened in September.

The War Memorial Tablet was dedicated November 23rd.



A new floor was placed in the church at a cost of $2,385.25.

Plans were drawn for the new Convent.

Father Mihm as Assistant, September 3rd, and Father Bey was transferred to Saint Ambrose Church, Spring Hill.



The new Convent was the course of construction during this year.

In September the second Commercial Class was opened.

A Mission was conducted from October 17th to 31st.



The envelope system of collections was introduced on January 1st.

The sisters moved into their new Convent, January 6th.

Father John Imhof offered his First Mass, June 19th.

The church was frescoed and redecorated.

Two new class rooms were opened in September.



Most Holy Name Celebrates The Sixtieth Anniversary of Its Dedication



Financial Report

January 1st, 1927---December 31, 1927


Balance on hand, according to last Financial Report _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _$ 11,512.13

Total Ordinary Church Receipts_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   43,023.19

Total Diocesan and Foreign Collections_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   5,484.02

Total Extraordinary Church Receipts_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    5,971.45

Total Amount Borrowed during the Year__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _10,000.00

Total taken from  Reserve Fund during the Year_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   600.00


                     TOTAL_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ $76,590.79


Total Ordinary Expenses of Church and School_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _$21,379.51

Total Diocesan and Foreign Expenses_ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  6,655.13

Total Extraordinary Expenses on Church, School, Rectory

   and Convent, including Amount paid on Interest and

   Principal of Debt_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _47,675.95

Balance on hand January 1st, 1928_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   880.20


                     TOTAL_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _$76,590.79


Cash Receipts (exclusive of Loans and last Year's Balance)_  _ _ _ _ _ $54,478.66



Present Debt of Congregation (on notes)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    $32,000.00



 Parish Regulations


SUNDAY MASSES----6:00, 7:30, 9:00 in Church for children; 9:00 in Chapel for adults, 10:30  (High Mass).


MASSES ON HOLY DAYS------5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 (High Mass).


EVENING DEVOTIONS-----Sunday, 7:30, First Friday, 7:30. 


ST. ANTHONY DEVOTIONS IN CHAPEL------High Mass every Tuesday at 9:00,  followed by short devotions.  Evening devotions every Tuesday at 7:30.


CONFESSIONS----Every Saturday and Vigils of Holy Days, starting at 3:00 and 7:30.  On  Thursday before First Friday, Confessions start at 2:30 and 7:30.  Children are not permitted  to come to Confession during the evening.


HOLY COMMUNION is distributed every morning at 7:00 and during the Masses.  On First Fridays and special days Communion is distributed at 6:00.  On Sunday and Holy Days, during all Masses.


BAPTISMS-----Every Sunday afternoon at 1:30 sharp.


SICK CALLS should be announced early in the day and before the patient becomes dangerously ill.  Urgent sick calls will be answered at any time of the day and night, but in most cases inconvenience can be avoided if the cases are reported in time.  Do not send children to announce sick calls unless they are able to furnish the necessary information. Aged, infirm people, and invalids may receive Holy Communion regularly in their homes. Arrange for this at the Rectory.


N.B. PREPARATION FOR SICK CALLS----A table covered with a clean, white cloth.  A Crucifix placed between two blessed wax candles.  Holy Water.  A glass of ordinary water and a spoon.  If Extreme Unction is to be administered, cotton should be on the table. As the priest, carrying the Blessed Sacrament, enters the house, he should be met at the door by a person bearing a lighted candle and conducted into the sick room.  Every person in the family should attend and kneel to adore the Eucharistic King who deigns to visit the home.  The sick person should prepare previously, and be assisted in the preparation in case this is necessary.  After the Sacraments have been administered, a proper thanksgiving should be made, not only by the sick person, but by all in the family.



   First Sunday of each month---The Young Ladies' Sodality.

   Second Sunday of each month---The Holy Name Society.

   Fourth Sunday of each month---The Women's Conference and Christian  Mothers.

   These societies receive during the 7:30 Mass.

   All boys who have completed the eighth grade and all men of the Parish are members of the Holy

        Name Society, and should receive on the second Sunday.

   Conference is held in the afternoon of Communion days for the Young Ladies' Sodality and  the

        Women's Conference.



The Diocese of Pittsburgh

     The Diocese of Pittsburgh was established eighty-five years ago, namely, August 8, 1843, and has been ruled by six Bishops.  It comprises the Counties of Allegheny, Beaver, Lawrence, Washington, Greene, Fayette, Butler, Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland, in the State of Pennsylvania. The Catholic population, according to the latest figures of the Catholic Directory, is given at 548,712. 


Former Bishops of Pittsburgh

 1.  The Rt. Reverend Michael O'Connor, D.D.  Consecrated August 15, 1843; transferred to

        Erie and then to Pittsburgh.  Resigned May, 1860.  Died a  member of the Society of

        Jesus at Woodstock College, Md., October 18, 1872.

2.  The Rt. Reverend Michael Domence, D.D.  Consecrated December 9, 1860;  transferred

         to Allegheny January 11, 1876.  Resigned July 29, 1877.  Died at Tarragona, Spain,

         January 5, 1878.

3.  The Rt. Reverend J. Tuigg, D.D.  Consecrated March 19, 1876.  Died at Altoona, Pa.,

         December 7, 1889.

4.  The Rt. Reverend Richard Phelan, D.D.  Consecrated August 2, 1885, Titular Bishop of

        Cibyra and Coadjutor to Bishop Tuigg.  Succeeded as Bishop  of Pittsburgh,

        December 7, 1889.  Died at Pittsburgh, December 20, 1904.

5.  The Most Rev. Regis Canevin, D.D.  Consecrated Titular Bishop of Sabrata,

        February 24, 1903.  Succeeded to the See of Pittsburgh, December 20, 1904.  Resigned

         November 26, 1920; made Titular Archbishop of Pelusium, January 9, 1921.  Died at

        Pittsburgh, March 22, 1927.

6.  The Rt. Rev. Hugh C. Boyle, D.D.  Ordained July 2, 1898; consecrated Bishop of

         Pittsburgh,  June 29, 1921.


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