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Marine Barracks, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia, (Hamersly's Naval Encyclopedia, published 1881)

History of Marine Barracks, Norfolk Naval Shipyard . . . and its Predecessors, 1802-1945

U. S. Marine Barracks, Norfolk, Internal Regulations, by McLane Tilton, Major U. S. Corps Marines. Published by Norfolk Navy Yard, 1888.

Marine Barracks, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Roster of Commanding Officers

Marine Barracks in the news: mbnews1.html   mbnews2.html   mbnews3.html

Letters regarding the Marine Barracks

USMC at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in pictures


Drydock #1

Engravings found on this site

Maps found on this site

Postcards found on this site

Old Ironsides, US Frigate Constitution: An Essay in Sketches by Lt. John Charles Roach, USNR, Publisher: Dept of the Navy, 1976

Ships of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard


Letter of Lieut. William Schley of the Mexican Navy,to his brother, August 17, 1827

Letter of Com. John Rodgers to Com. James Barron, September 9, 1831

Lewis Warrington Letter, March 29, 1834

Edward Fitzgerald Letter, July 1, 1838

Letter of Jesse Wilkinson of the U S Navy Yard, Gosport, to the Secretary of the Navy, the Hon. David Henshaw, December 7, 1843

Bank of the Comonwealth Dollar, May 1, 1861

City of Portsmouth Twenty-Five Cents, October 29, 1862

Letter by Admiral David Dixon Porter to Lawton Coggeshall, Esq., October 7, 1889


NATIONAL ÆGIS, Worcester, February 22, 1804. Appropriations for the Navy.

THE UNITED STATES' GAZETTE, Philadelphia, January 9, 1812. A duel.

METROPOLITAN, Georgetown, DC. Suicide at Gosport Navy Yard, Spetember 30, 1820.

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, Saturday, July 9, 1853. Ships at anchor at Gosport Navy Yard.


by Christopher L. Tomlins, Elizabeth Josselyn Boalt Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley

In Nat Turner's Shadow: Reflections on the Norfolk Dry Dock Affair of 1830-1831
Posted by with permission from Labor History editor Gerald Friedman communicated to Christopher Tomlins (author), and with Tomlins’ own permission.


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