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Tombstone Photographs
Description Size Date Submitter
Nantmeal United Methodist Cemetery 3K Dec 2007 Barbara Rightnour
Nantmeal Village Cemetery 5K Aug 2007 Barbara Rightnour
New Garden Friends Burial Ground 5K 2006-2008 Lynne Witte & Patty Griffin
New London Presbyterian Cemetery 16K 2005-2008 Fred Kelso & Robert E. Seeley
New London United Methodist Cemetery 9K Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
Northwood Cemetery 20K 2006-2008 David Helfrich &
Oak Grove Cemetery 19K 2003-2006 Various
Oaklands Cemetery 53K Feb 2007 Dan Lindley
Old Charlestown Cemetery 15K Jul 2006 Link Davis
Old Kennett Meeting House Cemetery 7K Aug 2006 Patty Griffin
Our Lady of Seven Dolors Cemetery 8K Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
Oxford Cemetery 10K Sep 2008 Patty Griffin
Parkersville Friends Burial Ground 56K Dec 2008 Dan Lindley
Penningtonville Presbyterian Cemetery 6K Jun 2006 Patty Griffin
Pine Swamp Cemetery 71K Jan 2007 Dan Lindley
Pughtown Baptist Cemetery 53K 2005-2007 Carl Williams & Dan Lindley
Rock Presbyterian Cemetery 2K Nov 2002 Terry Mossop
Rolling Green Memorial Park 3K Aug 2007 Dan Lindley
Romansville Episcopal Cemetery 2K Jun 2005 Nancy Bottemley
Rosedale Avenue Friends Burial Ground 8K Jan 2006 Dan Lindley
Sandy Hill AME Cemetery 4K Nov 2005 Fred Kelso
Shenkel Free Burying Ground 57K 2005-2009 Diana Quinones & Dan Lindley
Somerset African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 4K Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
St. Agnes Cemetery 49K Aug 2006 Various
St. Andrews Church Cemetery 29K Jun 2005 Dan Lindley
St. Ann's Roman Catholic Cemetery 8K Sep 2007 Deneen Cirafisi
St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic Cemetery 10K May 2006 Dan Lindley & Sterling Price
St. John's Episcopal Cemetery (New London Twp.) 10K Nov 2005 Fred Kelso
St. John's Episcopal Cemetery (West Caln Twp.) 15K Oct 2007 Dan Lindley
St. John's United Methodist Cemetery 14K Nov 2005 Fred Kelso
St. Joseph's Cemetery 13K Aug 2006 Dan Lindley & Paul Gallagher
St. Mark's Episcopal Cemetery 53K Jun 2008 Dan Lindley & WC Woll
St. Mary of the Assumption Cemetery 60K Apr 2007 Dan Lindley
St. Mary's Episcopal Cemetery (Old Cemetery - Warwick Road) 48K Mar 2005 Dan Lindley
St. Mary's Episcopal Cemetery (New Cemetery - Morningside Road) 6K Jan 2006 Diana Quinones
St. Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery 74K Nov 2005 Dan Lindley & Barbara Rightnour
St. Matthew's United Church of Christ Cemetery 55K May 2005 Dan Lindley & Karen Haas
St. Paul's Episcopal Cemetery 45K Apr 2005 Dan Lindley
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery 7K Feb 2007 Dan Lindley & Kathy Clay
St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery 9K Apr 2005 Ben Moscia
St. Peter's in the Great Valley Churchyard 5K 2005-2007 Harry Habbersett & Dan Lindley
St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery 18K Jul 2007 Diana Quinones
St. Peter's Pikeland Cemetery (Reformed) 7K Jul 2006 Barbara Rightnour
St. Peter's United Church of Christ Cemetery 64K Jun 2006 Dan Lindley
St. Vincent United Church of Christ Cemetery 13K 2006 Barbara Rightnour & Diana Quinones
Thunder Hill Cemetery 3K Aug 2007 James G. Finney
Union Hill Cemetery 9K 2006/2011 Patty Griffin & Dan Lindley
Union United Methodist Cemetery 2K Aug 2007 Wanda Casella
Unionville Cemetery 12K 2008 Various
Upper Octorara Presbyterian Cemetery 43K 2006-2007 Dan Lindley & Lisa Stewart
Vincent Baptist Cemetery 6K Oct 2005 Diana Quinones
Vincent Mennonite Cemetery 26K Jul 2007 Sherry Rubin
West Caln Baptist Cemetery 3K Sep 2005 Frank Hoffman
West Marlborough AME Cemetery 10K Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
Willistown Friends Burial Ground 23K 2004 Various
Windsor Baptist Cemetery 2K Nov 2007 Dan Lindley
Zion AME Cemetery 2K May 2006 Don Leamy
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 14K --- Various

Statewide Files

Identification Guide to U.S. Veteran Markers PA USGenWeb Archives
Known Tombstone Carvers of Pennsylvania PA USGenWeb Archives
Tombstone Inscription Guide for foreign languages PA USGenWeb Tombstone Project

The tombstone transcriptions presented on the pages above have been contributed by fellow researchers like yourself from their own personal genealogy records.
They should not to be considered as coming from any "official" cemetery source, nor should they be considered as proof positive that the inscriptions are in fact accurate.
Remember, just because it is carved in stone, it does not make it true.  All information should be corroborated by additional genealogical research methodology.

Under the column "Status", a "complete survey" means that all of the existing tombstone markers were photographed at the time of the survey.
A "partial survey" means that only some of the markers were photographed.


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