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Tombstone Photographs
Description Size Date Submitter
African Union Church Of Kennett 3K Nov 2005 Fred Kelso
African Union Church Of London Grove (Solomon's Temple) 9K Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
American Mechanics Cemetery (Philadelphia) Re-Interments at Philadelphia Memorial Park 40K Jun 2005 Dan Lindley
Atglen Methodist Cemetery 4K Unknown Anonymous
Bacton Hill African Methodist Cemetery 7K Jul 2008 Fred Kelso
Baptist Church of the Great Valley Cemetery 27K Jun 2005 Dan Lindley
Benson's Chapel 4K Sep 2006 Dan Lindley
Birmingham-Lafayette Cemetery 35K Sep 2006 Christina Zettner
Black Rock Cemetery 3K Jan 2007 Dan Lindley
Bradford Cemetery 18K Oct 2007 Dan Lindley
Bradford Friends Burial Ground 4K Aug 2007 Dan Lindley
Brownback Reformed Cemetery 22K Jan 2006 Diana Quinones
Caln Friends Burial Ground (Hicks) 3K Sep 2006 Dan Lindley
Chestnut Grove Cemetery Annex 55K Jan 2009 Dan Lindley
Cheyney Burial Grounds 20K Mar 2010 Jim Gillespie
Church of the Good Samaritan Episcopal Cemetery 3K May 2005 Dan Lindley & Craig TenBroeck
Cochranville Methodist Church Cemetery 3K Jun 2006 Patty Griffin
Covenant Presbyterian Cemetery 71K Apr 2006 Dan Lindley
Coventry Brethren Graveyard 5K Jan 2007 Dan Lindley
Coventryville Methodist Cemetery 15K Sep 2006 Barbara Rightnour & Jule Grepps
Diamond Rock Mennonite Cemetery (aka Chester Valley Mennonite) 2K Mar 2007 Sherry Rubin
Doe Run Presbyterian Church Cemetery 3K Nov 2006 Dan Lindley
Downingtown Friends Burial Ground 1K Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
East Brandywine Baptist Cemetery 55K Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
East Coventry Mennonite Cemetery 45K Jun 2007 Sherry Rubin
East Nantmeal Baptist Cemetery 18K Feb 2005 Dan Lindley & WC Woll
East Vincent Reformed Cemetery 23K Jun 2007 Diana Quinones
Ebenezer Bible Chapel Cemetery (aka Ebenezer M. E. Cemetery) 3K Oct 2006 Lynne Witte & Dan Lindley
Elk Ridge Methodist Cemetery 9K Aug 2008 Fred Kelso
Elverson United Methodist Cemetery 7K Jan 2007 Dan Lindley & Norman Schaeffer
Faggs Manor Presbyterian Church Cemetery 7K Jul 2006 Patty Griffin
Fairview Cemetery (Coatesville) 47K Aug 2007 Dan Lindley & Patricia Finnefrock
Fairview Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Glen Moore) 12K Feb 2007 Lynne Witte & Dan Lindley
Fallowfield Friends Burial Ground 2K Feb 2006 Dolores Leeson
Flatfoot African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 4K Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
Flat Road Amish Mennonite Cemetery (aka The Old Union Hall Graveyard) 10K 2005/2006 Robert Kauffman
Flint Hill (Wesley) United Methodist Cemetery 9K Nov 2005 Fred Kelso
Forks of the Brandywine 1822 (Lower) Cemetery 21K Dec 2005 Dan Lindley
Forks of the Brandywine Presbyterian Cemetery 41K Apr 2007 Dan Lindley
Forks of the Brandywine Seceder Cemetery 17K Oct 2004 Dan Lindley & Pat Lesky
Franklin Township African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 6K Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
Glen Moore Methodist Cemetery 51K Mar 2009 Dan Lindley
Glen Run Cemetery 11K Jul 2008 Fred Kelso
Goodwill Church Cemetery 3K 2007 Lynne Witte & Dan Lindley
Goshen Friends Burial Ground (Hicksite) 42K Mar 2005 Dawn MacDonald
Great Valley Presbyterian Cemetery 15K 2007/2008 Various
Green Mount Cemetery 62K Nov 2006 Dan Lindley
Grove Methodist Church Cemetery 47K 2004/2005 Dan Lindley & Nancy Bottomley
Hephzibah Baptist Cemetery 9K 2006/2007 Lynne Witte & Sherry Rubin
Hibernia United Methodist Cemetery 23K Jan 2005 Dan Lindley
Holy Trinity Cemetery 2K Feb 2005 Rebecca Feraker
Honey Brook Methodist Cemetery 32K May 2005 Dan Lindley
Honey Brook Presbyterian Cemetery 19K Jul 2005 Dan Lindley
Hopewell United Methodist Cemetery (AKA Hopewell M. E. Cemetery) 63K Jul 2009 Dan Lindley
Hosanna African Union Methodist Protestant Church Cemetery 12K Sep 2005 Fred Kelso
Kelton Church of Christ Cemetery 11K Jan 2006 Fred Kelso
Lewisville Cemetery 2K Jan 2003 Terry Mossop
Lindley Hill Cemetery 23K Feb 2005 Dan Lindley
Little Elk Friends Meeting House Burial Ground (Hicksite) 7K Aug 2008 Fred Kelso
London Grove Friends Burial Ground 2K Jun 2006 Patty Griffin
London Tract Baptist Cemetery 7K Aug 2008 Fred Kelso
Longwood Cemetery 30K Dec 2004 Robert E. Seeley
Malvern Baptist Cemetery 34K Feb 2006 Dan Lindley & Nancy Annie Odegard
Morris Cemetery 46K Aug 2005 Diana Quinones
Mt. Calvary Cemetery 11K Oct 2005 Fred Kelso
Mt. Carmel Methodist Cemetery 46K Mar 2006 Dan Lindley
Mt. Olivet Free Christian Church Cemetery (AKA Plummerite Church) 8K Dec 2005 Fred Kelso
Mt. Olivet Methodist Protestant Cemetery 9K Nov 2005 Fred Kelso
Mt. Zion Cemetery 21K Oct 2005 Diana Quinones & Rebecca

Statewide Files

Identification Guide to U.S. Veteran Markers PA USGenWeb Archives
Known Tombstone Carvers of Pennsylvania PA USGenWeb Archives
Tombstone Inscription Guide for foreign languages PA USGenWeb Tombstone Project

The tombstone transcriptions presented on the pages above have been contributed by fellow researchers like yourself from their own personal genealogy records.
They should not to be considered as coming from any "official" cemetery source, nor should they be considered as proof positive that the inscriptions are in fact accurate.
Remember, just because it is carved in stone, it does not make it true.  All information should be corroborated by additional genealogical research methodology.

Under the column "Status", a "complete survey" means that all of the existing tombstone markers were photographed at the time of the survey.
A "partial survey" means that only some of the markers were photographed.


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