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French and Indian War

Filename Description Date Submitter
heylmen.txt Capt. Adam HEYLMEN's Co. (1756) Nov 2002 Sandra Ferguson

>>> Revolutionary War <<<

Filename Description Date Submitter
cooper-c.txt COOPER, Charles, Pension Application, 1793 May 2007 Rebecca Cardine
finley-jl.txt FINLEY, Joseph Lewis Pension Application, 1791 Aug 2006 Lynn Beatty
gillespie-j.txt GILLESPIE, John, Pension Application, 1818 Nov 2005 Joy Fisher
gregory-j.txt GREGORY, John, Pension File, 1818 Feb 2008 Mary Lou Wardlaw
hipple-l.txt HIPPLE, Lawrence, Pension Application, 1819 May 2007 Rebecca Cardine
jackson-j.txt JACKSON, John, Pension Application, 1832 Sep 2006 Lynn Beatty
johns-w.txt JOHNS, Isabella (Campbell) widow of William, Pension Application, 1844 Mar 2009 Scottie
jordan-j.txt JORDAN, James, Pension Application, 1833 Mar 2006 David Zimmerman
jordan-ma.txt JORDAN, Margaret (Armstrong) widow of James, Pension Application, 1849 Mar 2006 David Zimmerman
mcgaw-j.txt McGAW/MAGAW, John, Pension Application, 1818 May 2007 Rebecca Cardine
posey-m.txt POSEY, Michajah, Pension Application, 1823 Jun 2007 Rebecca Cardine
wallace-a.txt WALLACE, Andrew, Pension Application, 1833 Nov 2005 Joy Fisher
whit0001.txt WHITCRAFT, William, Pension Application, 1832 Nov 1997 Judy Wright
pensnoninj.txt Rev. War: List of Non-Injured Pensioners Sep 2002 Sandra Ferguson
pension01.txt Rev. War: List of Injured Pensioners Apr 2000 Sandra Ferguson
pens1820.txt Rev. War: Village Record List of Pensions 1820 Mar 2003 Sandra Ferguson
5threg.txt 5th Regiment PA Line (1776) May 2004 Sandra Ferguson
7batt2co.txt 7th Battalion, 2nd Co. Chester County Militia (1776) Sep 2005 Sandra Ferguson
brandywine.txt Account of Battle of the Brandywine (1777) Jun 2004 Sandra Ferguson
longisland.txt Battle of Long Island (1776) Jul 2004 Sandra Ferguson
8battalion.txt Classes of Andrew Boyd's 8th Battalion (1780) Sep 2001 Sandra Ferguson
captfrazer.txt Capt. Persifor Frazer's Company; 4th PA Battalion Feb 2004 Fred Kelso
mcdowell.txt Capt. Jas. McDowell's Company of Militia of the 4th Battalion Feb 2003 Cyndie Enfinger
captmoore.txt Capt. James Moore's Company; 4th PA Battalion Feb 2004 Fred Kelso
captnorth.txt Capt. Caleb North's Company; 4th PA Battalion Feb 2004 Fred Kelso
captrobinson.txt Capt. Thomas Robinson's Company; 4th PA Battalion Feb 2004 Fred Kelso
captvernon.txt Capt. Frederick Vernon's Company; 4th PA Battalion Feb 2004 Fred Kelso
civrevclaims.txt Civilian Revolutionary War Claims (abt. 1777) May 2002 Sandra Ferguson
batofficers.txt Rev. War: Chester Co. Battalion Officers Feb 2002 Sandra Ferguson
eastnott.txt East Nottingham Company Nov 2004 Kathryn Payne
flyingcamp.txt Flying Camp Battalion (1776) Oct 2003 Sandra Ferguson
flyingcampnotes.txt Notes Regarding Flying Camp Battalion (1776) Sep 2009 John McDowell Morris
lowoxford.txt Lower Oxford Company Nov 2004 Kathryn Payne
quakercom.txt Quaker Committee of Conference Members during Rev. War. Feb 2003 Sandra Ferguson
revoccupation.txt Rev. War: Occupation of Chester Co. from The History of Chester County by Futhey and Cope (1881) Jul 2002 Sandra Ferguson
saffell.txt Chester County Men references in Saffell's Records of the Revolutionary War (1894) Oct 2001 Judy Ardine
westnott.txt West Nottingham Company Nov 2004 Kathryn Payne

>>> War of 1812 <<<

Filename Description Date Submitter
buzzard-h.txt BUZZARD, Hannah widow of John, Pension Application, 1878 Mar 2006 Diana Quinones
buzzard-j.txt BUZZARD, John, Pension Application, 1850 Mar 2006 Diana Quinones
pens1868.txt War of 1812: 1868 List Issued by County Treasurer Mar 2003 Sandra Ferguson
3ddiv.txt Muster Rolls of 3rd Division PA Militia (Chester and Delaware Co's.) Nov 2003 Judy Banja & Cyndie Enfinger
65volmilitia.txt 65th Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia Feb 2003 John Morris
beerbower.txt Roll of Capt. John Beerbower's Company; 1814 Mar 2003 Sandra Ferguson
war1812-3d.txt Soldiers in Capt. Campbell's Company (3d) Jun 2001 Linnea
harris.txt Roll of Capt. John Harris' Company Mar 2003 Sandra Ferguson
holmes.txt Roll of Capt. John Holmes' Company Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
steel.txt Roll of Capt. Steel's Company (5th Battalion, 1st Brigade) Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
5battalion.txt Roll of Capt. Wm. Stuart's Company (5th Battalion, 1st Brigade) Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
taylor.txt Roll of Capt. Titus Taylor's Company "American Greys" (2nd Regt., PA Vols. Light Infantry) Mar 2003 Sandra Ferguson
war1812-4th.txt Soldiers in Capt. Weatherby's Company (4th) Jun 2001 Linnea
wersler.txt Roll of Capt. John G Wersler's Company (2nd Regt., PA Vols. Light Infantry) Mar 2003 Sandra Ferguson
wigton.txt Roll of Capt. Wigton's Company (18th Section of Riflemen) Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson
wilson.txt Roll of Capt. Robert Wilson's Company (5th Battalion, 1st Brigade) Apr 2004 Sandra Ferguson

>>> Mexican War <<<

Filename Description Date Submitter
sharp-mp.txt SHARP, Mentor P., National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1894 Jan 2007 Nancy Annie Odegard

>>> Civil War <<<

Filename Description Date Submitter
baily-jh2.txt BAILY, John H., Pension, 1898 Oct 2007 Crystal Head

BAILY, John Hoopes, Pension,
- 1890 Pension Application
- 1898 Questionnaire
Note: Company K, 124th PVI - 20 Aug 1862 to 17 May 1863; Lost his right arm at the shoulder, while working on the Railroad; John Hoopes Baily married Mattie J. C. LAWTON, 11 November 1860, divorced Mattie J. C. LAWTON, 06 June 1889, married Ida L. HILTON, 24 June 1892
Apr 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard

Image Transcription by Cynthia McCachern
burton-wr.txt BURTON,William R., Pension, 1900 May 2006 Dan Lindley
dolby-j.txt DOLBY, John, Pension Application,  1912 Aug 2002 Jodi Reifsnyder
downing-bh.txt DOWNING, Benjamin H., Pension Application, 1875 Aug 2002 Raymond Downing
hutton-bk.txt HUTTON, Benjamin Kirk, Pension Application, 1897 Aug 2002 Patricia L. Hall

JOHNSON, Robert, Pension,
- 1910 Pension Application
- 1915 Questionnaire Completed by his wife Anne E. (nee Yarnall) JOHNSON
Note: Robert Johnson's true Birth Date, 2 October 1843.
Apr 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
1stmilitia.txt 1st Regiment, Co. C Militia (1862-3) Mar 2004 Sandra Ferguson
1strescoc.txt 1st Reserves, Co. C Jun 2004 Sandra Ferguson
2ndcog.txt 2nd Regiment Militia, Muster Rolls (1862) Mar 2004 Sandra Ferguson
9thvolinf.txt 9th Regiment Volunteer Infantry (1861) Jun 2010 Sandra Ferguson
10threg.txt 10th Regiment Militia, Muster Roll (1862) May 2004 Sandra Ferguson
12threg.txt 12th Regiment Militia, Muster Roll (1862) May 2004 Sandra Ferguson
16pamil.txt Officers of the 16th Regiment, PA Militia (1862) Apr 2003 Sandra Ferguson
16milcoh.txt 16th PA Militia, Co. H "Darby Rangers" Jun 2004 Sandra Ferguson
cw-28th.txt Civil War - 28th Regiment Muster Roll (1863) Oct 2001 Judy Ardine
29evols.txt Officers of the 29th Emergency Volunteers (1863) Apr 2003 Sandra Ferguson
30evols.txt 30th Emergency Volunteers (1863) Jun 2004 Sandra Ferguson
30volcof.txt 30th PA Vols., Co. F (1861) "Archy Dick Guard" Jun 2004 Sandra Ferguson
37th90day.txt Officers of the 37th Regiment, 90-Day Militia (1863) Apr 2003 Sandra Ferguson
43rdregt.txt 43rd Regiment 90-Day Militia, Muster Roll (1863) Mar 2004 Sandra Ferguson
49bvols.txt 49th Regiment, Co. B, Muster Roll (1861) Nov 2003 Sandra Ferguson
97pavols.txt 97th Regiment, PA Vols; Organization of Surviving Members, 1884 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
97th Regiment, PA Vols
 - Company E
 - Company F
May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
97th Regiment, Co. B, Reunion Image Apr 2006 Deb Wilson
124inf.txt 124th PA Infantry (1862-1863) Jul 2003 Sandra Ferguson
124volcod.txt 124th PA Vols., Co. D (1862-1863) Jun 2004 Sandra Ferguson
175th PA Infantry (1862-1863)
- Image of Capt. Woollens
- Letters from Capt. Woollens to his brother.
Feb 2004 Sandra Ferguson
Terry Mossop
cw-crifles.txt Concord Residents who served in the Concord Rifles (1862-1865) Aug 2001 Sandra Ferguson
mdeedspa.htm Civil War: Martial Deeds of Pennsylvania by Samuel P. Bates Dec 2003 Judy Banja & others
uplandvols.txt Upland Volunteers Jun 2004 Sandra Ferguson
Misc. Soldiers from Chester County Jun 2004 Sandra Ferguson
johnson-r1.txt Robert JOHNSON, Veterans' Card File
4th & 97th Regts. PVI
Apr 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard
mcgrath-j-discharge.jpg McGRATH, John, Discharge
Co. G, 2nd Regt. PA Vols.
Apr 2008 Christine Maguire-Hollars
wert-b.txt WERT, Bentley
Union Soldiers Seized Bentley Wert
Oct 2007 Diana Quinones
WHITAKER, John,Tintype
Co. A 88th PA Vols.
Feb 2007 Lynne Witte
white-ak.txt WHITE, Albin K.
Co. D 213 PA Inf.
Jan 2006 Sherry Rubin

>>> World War I <<<

Filename Description Date Submitter
almond-jb.jpg Joseph Blackburn Almond H/O Frances U. Buchannan 1st & Mary Bircher 2nd. S/O William James Almond & Hannah Elizabeth Blackburn. World War 1 picture taken in about 1919. Joeseph was a private , 149th Spruce Squadron US Army 880791. Enlisted 7-18-1918 in Philadelphia, Pa. He enlisted age 27 10/12 occupation conductor. Blue eyes, dark brown hair, dark complexion, and 5 feet 8 inches in height. Jul 2004 Robert E. Seeley
geisel-lb.txt GEISEL, Lawton Baily, Draft Registration Card, 1917/18 Jan 2007 Nancy Annie Odegard

Haulsee's Fallen Pennsylvanians of World War I
  - Surnames A-E
  - Surnames F-K
  - Surnames L-R
  - Surnames S-Z
Mar 2004 Darilee Bednar
OCRed and indexed byJudy Banja

>>> Other <<<

Filename Description Date Submitter
John BURNS Canadian Military Registration (1777) Nov 2006 Dan Lindley
armycloth.txt Persons Appointed to Collect Clothing for Army (1777) Dec 2003 Sandra Ferguson
homeguard.txt Chester County Home Guard (1747-8) Apr 2002 Sandra Ferguson
whiskyins.txt Whisky Insurrection Muster Rolls (1791-94) Mar 2003 Sandra Ferguson
geisel-f.txt GEISEL, Corp. Frank, Veterans Card File, 1901 Jan 2007 Nancy Annie Odegard

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