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Filename Link Description Updated Submitter
1773pitt-twp.txt Pitt Township Rates - 1773 [Then Bedford Co.] May 2007 David Zimmerman
1786-westmoreland.txt 1786 Septennial Census of Taxable Inhabitants Westmoreland County (Allegheny County was partially formed from Pitt Township in 1788) Aug 2009 David Zimmerman



Return of Taxables in the County of Allegheny, 1791 (in two parts) Mar 2005 Nan, Kim Westall, Judy Banja, & Linda Braund
1794-allegheny.txt 1794 Tax List for Allegheny County Oct 2011 David Zimmerman



1798 Federal Tax Records for Pitt Township Oct 2004 Carol & Tom Lanagan
1798-allegheny-taxlist.txt 1798 US Direct Tax List- Allegheny County, PA Dec 2009 David Zimmerman
1800-alleghenycounty.txt 1800 Septennial Census of Taxable Inhabitants Allegheny County Aug 2009 David Zimmerman
1800septennialpitt.txt 1800 List of Taxable Inhabitants for Pitt Township Dec 2007 David Zimmerman
1800plumb-txt 1800 List of Taxable Inhabitants for Plumb Township Jul 2007 David Zimmerman


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