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beckett.txt BECKETT, Thomas Family History

Sep 2011

R. J. Beckett
duffy-george.txt George Duffy CAROTHERS Family History 1930

Feb 2007

Lynn Beatty
dunc0001.txt Descendants of James WILEY DUNCAN

Apr 1999

Rob Miller
fairfamilyre951gms.txt Fair, James H. Family recordsabstracted Civil War Pension

Feb 2012

Richard Fair
fulton-famhist.txt John Charles FULTON Family History 1925

Jan 2007

Lynn Beatty
hastings-travel-diary1800.txt Sally Anderson HASTINGS; Travel Diary 1800-provides details of the journey from Lancaster County, PA to Washington County, PA

Mar 2005

Jamie Danker
kilgore-jesse-fam.txt Jesse Baxter KILGORE Family History 1920

Feb 2007

Lynn Beatty
lesn0001.txt Christian LESNETT Family Reunion, 1912: South Fayette Twp

Mar 1999

Terry Cook
miller-whitsell01.txt Hannah Whitesell MILLER Family History 1921

Mar 2007

Lynn Beatty
neel0001.txt NEELY Family in Allegheny County

Mar 1998

John Middleton
sampson.txt SAMPSON Family/Beulah Cem. in Allegheny Cty

Oct 1999

Wayne M. Sampson
single1.txt Descendants of David SINGLETON Family: Pine Twp.

Nov 1999

Sandra Reidmiller
t5120001.txt Directory of THOMPSON's (Edwin to James B.) for 125%9 Pittsburgh

Aug 2001

Susan Gillfillan
whitesell-hannah-fam.txt WHITESELL, Hannah, 1792 - 1870,

Nov 2007

Lynn Beatty
whitsell-phillip-fam.txt Philip WHITESELL Family History

Mar 2007

Lynn Beatty
zebert-frank1875.txt ZEBERT, Frank Seceferia; born  June 16, 1875

Apr 2005

Kathleen Zebert


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