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Louisiana State Seminary of Learning, 1867-68 Don Johnson

Louisiana State Seminary of Learning, 1868-69 Don Johnson

School Board 1884 Betty White

Linn Tanner 1886 school contact (image) Teri Welch

Linn Tanner 1866 school contract *** 

Camp Ground County School 1900-1901 Randy Willis

Alexandria High School, c 1905 (image) Nita Keider
Alexandria High School, 1903 (image 1) (image 2)
Pat Armstrong

Pisgah/Dentley School, 1911 (image) Brian Pearson

Pisgah or Dentley School, 1911 ***

Pisgah/Dentley School, 1911; w/maiden names for women (image) Randy Willis

Pisgah or Dentley School, 1911 w/maiden names ***

Glenmora Elementary School (image) Randy Willis

Glenmora High School Seniors, 1921 (image) Randy Willis

Glenmora High School, 1922 (image) Houston Tracy, Jr.

Glenmora High School, 1922 ***

Glenmora School, 1922 or 1923
Bobby Duplissey

Glenmora School, 1922 or 1923 (image)
Bobby Duplissey

McNary School, 1922 (image) DeAnn Monroe Steely

Bolton High School Graduates, 1923 Ruth Estes

Forest Hill 1st & 2nd grade 1924 (image) Randy Willis

Forest Hill 1st & 2nd grade 1924 ***

Lamourie High School Graduates, 1924 Nancy Meaux

Glenmora Football Team, 1932 (image) Randy Willis

Glenmora Football Team, 1932 ***

Cheneyville H. S. Graduating Class of 1934 (image) Teri Welch

Cheneyville High School, 1934 ***

Cheneyviile H. S. Class, 1934 Invitation (image) Teri Welch

A.C. Welch High School Diploma 1934 (image) Teri Welch

Rosenthal, Alexandria School, 1955 (image) Richard J. Heath

Rosenthal, Alexandria School, 1955 ***

Rosenthal School - 5th Grade Class (image)
Thomas C. Cardwell

Tioga High School, 1965 Gaytha Thompson

Bolton High School, 1969  Bobby McCarley

Alexandria Senior High School, Graduates and Faculty 1971 Bobby McCarley

Longleaf School Randy Willis

Longleaf School ***

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