Contributed by Randy Willis;

Pisgah School

   Front row from left: 1. Richard Nugent, 2. Maurice Stokes, 3. Rufus Perry, 4. Mary (Lamkin) Hearn, 5. Ola (Lamkin) Perry, 6. [Standing in front of Ola] Louis Bonial. 7. Bessie (Chamberlain) Poole, 8 Zennie (Bailey) Mounce, 9. Maude (Stokes) Athens, 10. Rose (Patterson) Summers, 11. Otis Bonial, 12. Della (Musgrove) Chancey, 13. Dessie (Chamberlain) Poole, 14. Ida Bell (Bailey) Keith, 15. Julian F. Musgrove.

   Sescond row from left: a. Easther Lamkin, b. Donner Bailey, c. Lawney Stokes, d. Leroy Perry, 3. Nathanial Stokes, f. Orvel Perry, g. June Lamkin, h. Burtha Patterson, i. Carrie (Gunter) West, j. Mrs. J. J. Musgrove, k. her son, Ted Musgrove

   Third row from left, 1. Paul Lamkin, 2. Dave Nugent, 3. Mat Patterson, 4. Emily (Patterson) Mathews, 5. Ola (Francis) Lamkin, 6. Fannie (Perry) Roswell, 7. Dolly (Gunter) Simpson, 8. Fannie (Francis) Bailey, 9. Bessie (Elliott) Campbell, the Teacher, 10. Sophie (Gunter) Willis, 11. Arelia (Francis) Brady, 12. Tolitha Nugent.

   Back row from left: a. "Buster" Powell, b. Tom Patterson, c. Clarence Perry, d. Maggie (Musgrove) Duck, e. Theodore Francis, f. Evie (Stokes) Worm, g. Ruth (Musgrove) Wilkinson, h. Emiline (Nugent) Roberts, i. Pilgrim (Patterson) Moreno.

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