Contributed by Houston Tracy Jr.;

Glenmora High School


Below are the names given by various persons interviewed at different times
and the comments they made about any particular person are shown in brackets
[ ] after the individual's name.  Names appearing in parentheses ( ) are
those which were not clearly identified... by "all the persons" I showed this.

Front Row, Left to Right: Clayton Bushnell [1924 graduate, married Jeannie
Greenhall], Falas Quinn, ___ Hoskins, unknown.
2nd Row, l-r: Inez Dorman [had deformed left leg, stepfather was a Williams],
unknown or (Evelyn Schilling), Beatrice Willard [1924 graduate, married Lee
Mott, her stepfather was a DePano], Nellie Dickson [lived at Elizabeth, La.],
Louise Morrison (or May Cavanaugh), Wirdna Robinson [1924 graduate married
Fred H. McRight, a 1920 graduate], Cordelia "Dea" Hewitt [married Roy Barmore
Sr.], Vauncile Flanders [married Dink Calhoun, lived in Alexandria, La.],
Teacher???Principal??? (Floyd or Fred Eldridge, lived in Monroe, La.) or
(Clarence Thayer).
3rd Row, l-r: (___ Kitterlin) or (Lay Pringle), Eula Merchant [married a
Monroe], unknown, ___ Henderson, Alene Sansing, Evelyn Schilling [married
Enoch M. Pringle Jr.], Merle _?_, unknown (girl who married Clarence Thayer?).
....2 girls in top right, with just heads showing, not in a row, l-r: ___
McRight, Grace Daniel [1924 graduate, married Emerson Futrell].
4th Row, l-r: unknown or (George Seals or Sills, married Hazel Johnson],
(Garrett Zachary) [1922 Graduate] , Henry Daniel, Preston Jones [1924

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