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Lee County

Boxcar Loaded with Flour from Lee County Mills, Donnellson being sent to G. S. Headley, Moulton

Eastside of Main Street, Donnellson

Dickey & Co., General Merchandise, Donnellson
Fort Madison

Hotel Lincoln, Fort Madison

Anthes Hotel, Fort Madison

Santa Fe Station, Fort Madison

Santa Fe Depot, Fort Madison

Santa Fe Hospital, Fort Madison

Entrance to Prison and Warden's House, Fort Madison

Prison View, Fort Madison

Second Street Looking East, Fort Madison

Happy New Year from Uncle Zeke, KXGI 1360, Fort Madison

Power House Gate Room, Mississippi River Power Development, Keokuk

First Boats going through Government Lock, Keokuk

Dam at Keokuk

Dam, Keokuk

General View of Mississippi River Electric Power Plant, Keokuk

Power House, Mississippi River Power Development, Keokuk

Steamboats at Wharf, Keokuk

Lower Locks, Keokuk

Government Locks and Bridge, Keokuk

Excursion Steamer, Capitol, Keokuk

St. Paul and Keokuk Steamer, "St. Paul", Keokuk

Residence of C. R. Joy, Keokuk

Chief Keokuk Monument, Rand Park, Keokuk

Federal Courthouse and Post Office, Keokuk

1st Baptist Church, Keokuk

Hotel Iowa, Keokuk

Architect's Drawing, First Congregational Church, Keokuk [1908]

First Congregational Church, Keokuk [1909]

First Congregational Church, Keokuk [1910]

Birds Eye View of Keokuk

High Street Terrace, Keokuk

Hotel Keokuk, Keokuk

Park Place, Keokuk

Lower Lake, Rand Park, Keokuk

St. John's Episcopal Church, Keokuk

United Presbyterian Church and High School, Keokuk

St. Mary's School, Keokuk

St. Vincent Grade School, Keokuk

St. Joseph's Hospital, Keokuk

Trinity M. E. Church, Keokuk

Union Depot, Keokuk

Y. M. C. A., Keokuk

Main Street, Keokuk

McCune House, Keokuk

National Cememetery, Keokuk

Public Library, Keokuk

Anschutz Hill and Mississippi River View, Keokuk

Steamer Quinci in Lower Lock, U. S. Government Canal, Keokuk

Keokuk & Hamilton Bridge across Mississippi River

2nd Lt. Chase, Co. L, Keokuk

View of Rand Park, Keokuk

View of Main Street, looking toward River, Keokuk

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