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How To Submit Post Cards

Please do not snag scans from other folks' web sites (including auction or merchants' sites)!! If you did not scan the card (or do not have the permission of the person who did), I do not want the scan.

1. The following types of cards will be accepted:

  • All postcards printed before 1940
  • All black and white postcards
  • All advertising postcards, as long as the business hands the cards out free. If the business derives income from the sale of postcards, I do not want to display an image for free. Please no chain cards, if you've seen one "Holiday Inn" you've seen them all. I prefer the "mom and pop" shops.
  • All linen postcards
2. Scan your postcard at 150 dpi and full sized. Since every scanner is a little different, you will need to check your owner's manual to determine how to adjust the settings. If in doubt, a sample scan can be submitted first.

3. Submitting your scans:

  • If you have a lot of scans, they can be burned onto a CD and snailed to me. Address furnished on request.
  • If you have a web site, the scans can be uploaded there and I will download the scans from your site.
  • Scans can be e-mailed to me after you get a confirmation that I can accept them. Do not send scans unannounced! Large graphics files can swamp my mail server, causing all my mail to bounce (Bounced mail is not a good thing).

Contact Joy Fisher for more information
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