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If you have Georgia files you'd like to contribute to the Archives site, Click here or here to transcribe and send in your records or contact Carolyn GolowkaThe Registry, The USGenWeb Archives Project - Newton County, Georgia File Manager ONLY data in the public domain (i.e. public records, bible records, etc.) may be used freely. Copyrighted materials are NOT acceptable as donations without the EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION of the author(s).

Please, send files in .txt format. Be sure to follow the Archives Guidelines and if you need help, see Help for Submitters


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Email Registry For Contributors
Any time you see this symbol The Registry next to a name, they have registered their e-mail address at
The Registry.
This will be their current address.

If you are looking for a particular person, try the search engine above.
It will search for any name in the database for Newton County.
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A very special thank you to
Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
for all her hard work transcribing hundreds of
articles from the newspapers.

Marriage & Engagement Announcements in Newspapers
(Some Marriage Licenses can be found on the Vital Records web page)

Marriage Records by Brides Surnames

(letters with no link have no names at this time)

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Bride Groom Date of Notice Date Submitted Submitter
Farmer, Genie Maddox, Joseph October 1891 Apr 2007 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Ferguson, Beulah Holder, John September 1887 Jun 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Fickland, E. E. Griffin, J. J. (Rough) December 22, 1874 Jun 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Fincher, Ida E. D. Wallace June 1907 Apr 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Fite, Nora Stanton, William September 1883 Aug 2006 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Fleming, Jeanie B. Brown, Henry C. February 8, 1925 Apr 2005 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Floyd, Susie Smith, John T. March 28 1897 Nov 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Forbes, Jeanette Dudley, John H. 1892 Oct 2007 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Foster, Julia Rosser, John July 5, 1874 Jun 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Fowler, Emma McGimsey, Charles R. April 19, 1888 Apr 2005 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Franklin, Annelle Morse, Newton Anderson July 1, 1911 May 2007 Meredith ClapperThe Registry
Franklin, Bobbie Anderson, N. Z., Dr. July 1892 Sep 2007 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Franklin, Vera Carroll, Preston Worsham December 29, 1909 May 2007 Meredith ClapperThe Registry
Freeman, Cecil, Miss Gould, J. C. September 10, 1926 Dec 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Freeman, Lizzie O. Thornton, George August 2, 1891 April 2007 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Fuller, Fannie, Mrs. Harvey, Harmon October 5, 1898 May 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry


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