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Marriage & Engagement Announcements in Newspapers
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Marriage Records by Brides Surnames  

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Surname D

Bride Groom Date of Notice Date Submitted Submitter
Daniel, Virginia Harris, William June 18 1873 Jun 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Davidson, Ella Maddox, John R., Col. January 1888 Jun 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Davidson, Maggie McKnight, W. M. November 22, 1888 May 2005 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Davis, Lou Summers, A. J. January 30, 1890 Sep 2005 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Davis, Mary L. Adams, J. O. April 17, 1890 Sep 2005 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Davis, Mittie Roberts, L. T. June 17 1896 Jan 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Day, Phena Johnson, Robert October 1926 Dec 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dearing, Eva S. Callaway, R. L. March 6, 1890 Sep 2005 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dial, Lottie Bird, Albert December 2, 1906 May 2006 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dial, Mattie Chapman, J. F. December 29, 1878 Oct 2003 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dick, Sallie F., Mrs. Salter, W. C., Sr. April 7, 1909 Nov 2003 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dillon, Alice Peek, Joseph W. November 3 1887 Jun 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dorsett, Willie Reed, Benjamin October 31, 1889 Aug 2005 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dosier, Addie Harvey, Davis May 1891 Nov 2006 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Downs, Cora Kennett, Will January 1887 May 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Downs, Willie Farrill, Ira March 18, 1897 Nov 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dudley, Ida Ives, E. E. January 31, 1889 May 2005 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dukes, Julia Petty, T. F. December 1886 Mar 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dukes, Susie Bosworth, Fred January 9, 1886 Dec 2005 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry
Dyer, Martha Reagan, Stephen D. April 1887 Mqy 2004 Phyllis ThompsonThe Registry


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