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Total Records: 177
1Allison, Mrs. David  __/__/__01/13/1899Sheila Fritts
2Allison, William B.  __/__/__01/10/1893Sheila Fritts
3Anderson, George  __/__/__06/9/1898Sheila Fritts
4Anderson, Maria Louisa  __/__/__01/13/1901Sheila Fritts
5Barker, Anne  __/__/__09/23/1896Sheila Fritts
6Beckman, Betty June  __/__/__07/28/2007John B. King
7Bedford, Minerva J.  __/__/__01/6/1900Donald Buncie The Registry
8Bell, John  __/__/__03/11/1895Sheila Fritts
9Bentley, Infant (M) __/__/__04/1/1897Sheila Fritts
10Bough, Sarah A.  __/__/__06/12/1903Sheila Fritts
11Boulton, Eliza M.  __/__/__12/21/1858Deb Elias
12Bower, Henry  __/__/__06/7/1894Sheila Fritts
13Bradshaw, Scynthia  __/__/__03/22/1897Sheila Fritts
14Brady, Jane  __/__/__04/10/1899Sheila Fritts
15Brannan, Rebecca (Todd) __/__/__03/5/1892Sheila Fritts
16Brown,  __/__/____/__/1911Sheila Fritts
17Brown, Mrs.  __/__/____/__/1909Sheila Fritts
18Brown, Mrs.  __/__/__03/8/1899Sheila Fritts
19Brown, Mrs.  __/__/____/__/1941Sheila Fritts
20Burlingame, Mary A.  __/__/__03/25/1896Sheila Fritts
21Campbell, Christopher  __/__/__12/31/1858Deb Elias
22Campbell, Harvey  __/__/__07/14/1894Sheila Fritts
23Campbell, Captain John  __/__/__03/__/1889Sheila Fritts
24Campbell, Presley Snodgrass  __/__/__07/30/1860Donald Buncie The Registry
25Cartlidge, Ann  __/__/__09/5/1893Sheila Fritts
26Cline, Infant (F) __/__/__03/24/1899Sheila Fritts
27Coburn, Mrs. P.J.  __/__/__04/17/1896Sheila Fritts
28Crawford, Daniel  __/__/__03/27/1893Sheila Fritts
29Cullon, John Wesley  __/__/__03/26/1899Sheila Fritts
30Darrah, Lizzie  __/__/__03/21/1897Sheila Fritts
31Davidson, David D.  __/__/__04/14/1901Sheila Fritts
32Davies, Mary & Brawn Perry H.  __/__/__09/5/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
33Davis, Edna Pearl  __/__/__05/11/1972Christina Anthony
34Davis, George W.  __/__/__08/7/1975Christina Anthony
35Davis, Michael Warren  __/__/__06/14/1950Christina Anthony
36Davis, Sanford A.  __/__/__10/10/1975Christina Anthony
37Dawson, George A.  __/__/__08/25/1893Sheila Fritts
38Dawson, John H.  __/__/__03/27/1900Sheila Fritts
39Dawson, Nicholas  __/__/__08/24/1901Sheila Fritts
40Dawson, Thomas  __/__/__03/21/1894Sheila Fritts
41Dawson, William B.  __/__/__03/11/1902Sheila Fritts
42Dennis, Susan  __/__/__07/__/1894Sheila Fritts
43Dickey, Moses  __/__/__05/2/1897Sheila Fritts
44Dietz, Elizabeth  __/__/__10/2/1897Sheila Fritts
45Farmer, Lucinda  __/__/__07/6/1872Sheila Fritts
46Faulk, John Curtis  __/__/__07/9/1895Sheila Fritts
47Finley, James  __/__/__08/31/1901Sheila Fritts
48Finney, Rebecca  __/__/__10/18/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
49Finney, Rebecca __/__/__10/18/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
50Finney, Rebecca  __/__/__10/18/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
51Fisher, Albert D.  __/__/__05/3/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
52Ford, James  __/__/__12/28/1898Sheila Fritts
53Fowler, William Baker  __/__/__03/5/1898Sheila Fritts
54Frederick, Lou  __/__/__04/__/1898Sheila Fritts
55Frederick, Solomon  __/__/__03/17/1875Sheila Fritts
56Gardner, James  __/__/__09/5/1893Sheila Fritts
57Geer, Asa  __/__/__07/29/1901Sheila Fritts
58Gilson, William D.  __/__/__03/21/1897Sheila Fritts
59Grafton, Jennie  __/__/__04/__/1898Sheila Fritts
60Graham, Lovina  __/__/__06/28/1931Sheila Fritts
61Gray, Eugenie  __/__/__12/23/1862Donald Buncie The Registry
62Green, Edward  __/__/__12/27/1894Sheila Fritts
63Green, Frank  __/__/__11/21/1899Sheila Fritts
64Green, Mrs. James  __/__/__10/31/1893Sheila Fritts
65Green, Jennie  __/__/__09/16/1889Sheila Fritts
66Green, John  __/__/__01/3/1892Sheila Fritts
67Green, Mrs. John  __/__/__10/28/1888Sheila Fritts
68Green, Lillie  __/__/__04/10/1898Sheila Fritts
69Green, Mary Ann  __/__/__04/29/1898Sheila Fritts
70Green, Mary  __/__/__03/11/1891Sheila Fritts
71Green, Mary Alta  __/__/__08/12/1891Sheila Fritts
72Green, Maud  __/__/__01/12/1895Sheila Fritts
73Hambel, James  __/__/__05/29/1897Sheila Fritts
74Hawn, Hazel Viola  __/__/__12/28/1899Sheila Fritts
75Hole, Rachel  __/__/__03/12/1895Sheila Fritts
76Hommel, John Peter  __/__/__03/12/1902Sheila Fritts
77Householder,  __/__/____/__/1929Sheila Fritts
78Hunter, Mrs.  __/__/__12/29/1894Sheila Fritts
79Hunter, Child  __/__/__04/1/1898Sheila Fritts
80Hunter, Infant  __/__/__03/12/1894Sheila Fritts
81Hunter, John G.  __/__/__01/14/1900Sheila Fritts
82Hunter, John  __/__/__04/15/1891Sheila Fritts
83Hunter, Lavina  __/__/__04/5/1902Sheila Fritts
84Hunter, Mary  __/__/__04/24/1898Sheila Fritts
85Huston, Ephraim  __/__/__04/10/1898Sheila Fritts
86Huston, Ephraim  __/__/__04/10/1898Sheila Fritts
87Ikirt, Elizabeth  __/__/__03/9/1894Sheila Fritts
88Ikirt, Jacob J.  __/__/__05/18/1897Sheila Fritts
89Irey, Eden  __/__/__03/7/1899Sheila Fritts
90Irwin, Maud  __/__/__04/14/1891Sheila Fritts
91Ivers, Maude  __/__/__07/6/1899Sheila Fritts
92Jackman, Stockdale  __/__/__03/24/1890Sheila Fritts
93Kemper, Minnie Olive  __/__/__05/12/1871Sheila Fritts
94Kerr, Nancy  __/__/__04/8/1901Sheila Fritts
95Ketchum, Rebecca Verona  __/__/__09/8/1897Sheila Fritts
96Kountz, Mary  __/__/__03/20/1897Sheila Fritts
97Laughlin, Benjamin  __/__/__01/15/1899Sheila Fritts
98Laverty, Ida M.  __/__/__12/22/1862Donald Buncie The Registry
99Lindersmith, Isaac  __/__/__06/9/1894Sheila Fritts
100Lowers, Rebecca  __/__/__03/6/1899Sheila Fritts
101Luke, James  __/__/__03/4/1932Maryann Laplaca
102Luke, John McKenzie  __/__/__06/14/1953Maryann Laplaca
103Luke, Laura McKenzie  __/__/__03/31/1932Maryann Laplaca
104Luke, Sarah Colquett  __/__/__01/15/1941Maryann Laplaca
105Mackintosh, D.L.  __/__/__11/19/1889Sheila Fritts
106Mahaffie, Jonathan  __/__/__08/6/1890Sheila Fritts
107Mahaffie, Margaret  __/__/__08/4/1890Sheila Fritts
108Marks, R. Isabella  __/__/__07/17/1875Sheila Fritts
109Martin, Caroline  __/__/__09/24/1862Donald Buncie The Registry
110Mast, John  __/__/__06/26/1889Sheila Fritts
111Mayes, J.F.  __/__/__07/__/1899Sheila Fritts
112McBane, Emma  __/__/__07/__/1894Sheila Fritts
113McCann, Mrs.  __/__/__07/10/1895Sheila Fritts
114McCormick, Mrs. William  __/__/__12/2/1897Sheila Fritts
115McCoy, Mary A.D.  __/__/__03/7/1899Sheila Fritts
116McDonald, Nancy  __/__/__05/13/1897Sheila Fritts
117McIntosh, Jennett  __/__/__12/18/1895Sheila Fritts
118McIntosh, Laughlin  __/__/__08/24/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
119McIntosh, Philip  __/__/__06/25/1897Sheila Fritts
120McKay, Merritt  __/__/__07/__/1932Karen Cormier Pate
121McKenzie, Norman K (Aka Mackenzie) __/__/__10/12/1905Maryann Laplaca
122McLain, Thomas  __/__/__03/12/1902Sheila Fritts
123McLees, George  __/__/__07/7/1884Ken Wright
124Meccan, John  __/__/__12/22/1858Deb Elias
125Meek, Henry  __/__/__03/25/1898Sheila Fritts
126Moore, Mary H.  __/__/__01/21/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
127Moore, Sarah Jane  __/__/__04/5/1902Sheila Fritts
128Morgan, William  __/__/__04/30/1897Sheila Fritts
129Nalen, Bartley  __/__/__04/24/1898Sheila Fritts
130Orr, Harriet Newel Moore  __/__/__02/9/1862Donald Buncie The Registry
131Paisley, George  __/__/__03/11/1895Sheila Fritts
132Pepin, Gustave  __/__/__08/10/1890Sheila Fritts
133Pittenger, Rachael  __/__/__10/8/1899Sheila Fritts
134Poe, Adam  __/__/__04/12/1896Sheila Fritts
135Porter, Eliza  __/__/__03/5/1899Sheila Fritts
136Poynter, Mrs. J. J.  __/__/__04/9/1898Sheila Fritts
137Ramsay, Dorcas  __/__/__03/6/1897Sheila Fritts
138Ramsey, Anna  __/__/__03/17/1893Sheila Fritts
139Ramsey, Cazziah (Keziah) __/__/__07/12/1903Sheila Fritts
140Ramsey, Robert  __/__/__07/7/1891Sheila Fritts
141Reed, Elmer Van  __/__/__08/6/1921Bobbie Show
142Rhodes, Mrs. George  __/__/__01/15/1900Sheila Fritts
143Robb, Catherine  __/__/__01/11/1898Sheila Fritts
144Scott, Permelia & Baker Lowery  __/__/__09/19/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
145Sensenbacher, John  __/__/__12/30/1942Jennifer L. Neff
146Sensenbaugher, Jacob  __/__/__04/17/1882Sheila Fritts
147Shawke, Joseph  __/__/__03/7/1901Sheila Fritts
148Smith, Alice  __/__/__08/25/1873Sheila Fritts
149Smith, David  __/__/__03/__/1875Sheila Fritts
150Smith, Eliza & Forbes John  __/__/__12/5/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
151Smith, James  __/__/__11/8/1892Sheila Fritts
152Smith, Mattie  __/__/__12/28/1899Sheila Fritts
153Smith, Nettie Louisa  __/__/__12/29/1898Sheila Fritts
154Stebbins, Carl Holland  __/__/____/__/1918Joy Fisher
155Steele, Harrison  __/__/__11/12/1893Sheila Fritts
156Stern,  __/__/__04/__/1898Sheila Fritts
157Stone,  __/__/____/__/1927Sheila Fritts
158Stone,  __/__/____/__/1955Sheila Fritts
159Sullivan, Mrs. E.M.  __/__/__01/3/1892Sheila Fritts
160Thomas, John  __/__/__12/17/1889Sheila Fritts
161Thomas, Joseph G.  __/__/__08/6/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
162Thomas, Malone  __/__/____/__/__Sheila Fritts
163Thompson, David Clark  __/__/__03/7/1899Sheila Fritts
164Thompson, Mrs. John  __/__/__01/24/1901Sheila Fritts
165Thompson, John  __/__/__09/15/1897Sheila Fritts
166Thompson, Margaret  __/__/__04/28/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
167Trotter, Mrs. Alex  __/__/__09/26/1895Sheila Fritts
168Trythall, Kate  __/__/__11/22/1899Sheila Fritts
169Turner, Fred  __/__/__06/25/1897Sheila Fritts
170Vallandigham, Rebecca  __/__/__07/8/1864Donald Buncie The Registry
171Verner, Gibson  __/__/__05/2/1893Sheila Fritts
172Vincent, Howard  __/__/__12/28/1899Sheila Fritts
173Webb, Emmor H.  __/__/__04/9/1871Sheila Fritts
174Weigle, George W.  __/__/__08/19/1889Sheila Fritts
175Wood, Jane  __/__/__12/15/1863Donald Buncie The Registry
176Worcester, Samuel  __/__/__09/6/1889Sheila Fritts
177Wright, Ed  __/__/__12/6/1895Ken Wright

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