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Waukesha County

Horn Bros. General Merchandise, Muskego

Depot - Hotel, Genesee

Home of Iva Clark, Mukwonago

St. Scene Showing Mukwonago House, Mukwonago [1911]

Sun Porch Dining Room and Corner of "Bierstube", New Eagle Hotel, Menomonee Falls

Lake View, The Mission, Nashotah

The Cloister, The Mission, Nashotah

Lake Forest Resort, Lake Forest

"Hickory Grove" on Lake Keesus from Across the Lake [1907]
Mystery Post Cards

Postmarked from Eagle [1909], Addressed to Florence Lundt, Palmyra

[1915], Addressed to Florence Lundt, unmailed

[1915], Addressed to Florence Lundt, unmailed

Unknown person, Photographer Munger, Oconomowoc. Sent from "Aunt Mary" to Marjorie Probeit, Oconomowoc [1908]

Fish Hatchery, Delafield

The Old Mill, Delafield

St. Johns' Military Academy, Delafield

Danforth Lock, Oconomowoc

"Waldheim", Oconomowoc

City Hall, Oconomowoc [1908]

Residence of Mr. P. A. Valentine, Oconomowoc

"Ueberall's", Okauchee [1915]


unknown Church, Okauchee [1910]

Greetings from Okauchee

Okauchee [1910]

Riedel's Hotel [1909]

The Station and the Bridge
City of Waukesha

Five Points, Waukesha

Main Street, Looking West, Waukesha

A Beautiful Residence, Waukesha

Home of Jiffy-Jell, America's Model Food Plant, Waukesha

Post Office, Waukesha

Court House, Waukesha

County Court House, Waukesha

City Hospital, Waukesha

Industrial School, Waukesha

Carroll College, Waukesha

Hotel Waukesha, Waukesha

Soldiers' Monument in Cutler Park, Waukesha

Thompson's Malted Food Co., Waukesha

River Scene, showing Thompson's Malted Food Co., Waukesha

Main Office, Thompson's Malted Food Co., Waukesha

Grand View Health Resort, Waukesha

Moor Bath Park, showing part of Golf Links, Waukesha

Sun Room, Waukesha Moor (Mud) Baths, Waukesha

Main Bldg., Moor (Mud) Baths, Waukesha

Front View, Main Bldg., Moor (Mud) Bath Co., Waukesha

Still Rock Spa, Waukesha

Still Rock Sanitarium, Waukesha

Still Rock Spring, Waukesha

Arcadian Spring, Waukesha

White Rock Spring Co., Waukesha

Fountain Spring House, Metropolitan Church Association, Waukesha

Business Section, Waukesha

Dunbar Ave. looking West, Waukesha

Elks Club, Waukesha

Wern Farms, Waukesha

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