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Oneida County

Gaylor's Resort, Tomahawk Lake

Scene on Laural Lake, Three Lakes

North Shore of Spirit Lake, Three Lakes

Three Lakes from the Air

Cottage No. 1 at Sinkler's Boat Livery on Pelican Lake, Pelican Lake

Walla Walla Store, Pelican Lake

Aerial View of Lake View Inn, Pelican Lake

Tennis Court at Camp Franklin, C. J. Coon, Prop., Woodruff

Pioneer Log Cabin, Rocky Reef Resort, Woodruff

Logging Scene

Shop Class, Monico

Greetings from Minocqua

Greetings from Minocqua

Bird's Eye View, Minocqua

Federal Bridge, Minocqua

Hazelhurst Bridge, Minocqua

Looking West from Clawson's Hill, Minocqua

Herman the Printer, Minocqua

Scene at Brinkman Home, Minocqua

The Blind Bead Worker, Minocqua

At Home, Minocqua

Squaw with Her Family [1909]

D. Josart & Sons Boat Livery, Minocqua

Evening on Lake Kewagusaga, Minocqua

Lake Shore Drive, Minocqua

Harry's Bar, Minocqua

Oneida Street, Minocqua

Oneida Street in Winter, Minocqua

High School, Minocqua [1909]

Minocqua, as seen from Hotel Northern

Dining Room, Hotel Northern, Minocqua

Camp Idylwild, Minocqua

Knollwood Lodge, Pelican Lake

The Cedar, Shorewood Lodge, Squirrel Lake, Minocqua

Lorrain O' the Woods, Minocqua

Scene on Sutton's Island, Minocqua

Logging Scene near Minocqua

Mary Calhoun, Minocqua [1911]

Hope Noble, Minocqua

HiWay 70

Lake Shore Drive, Minocqua

Mable Stone and Anna Berg

Looking North from Clawson's Hill, Minocqua

Mrs. Noble, Connie Noble & Children

Caught by Pete Clawson, Minocqua [1916] Picture of Pete & Philip Clawson

View on Wisconsin River, Rhinelander

Main Lodge, Moen's Park Resort, Rhinelander

Typical Log Cabins on Beautiful Lake George, Rhinelander

Wild Wood Lodge on the Wisconsin River, Rhinelander

Paper Mill, Rhinelander

Paper Mill, Rhinelander

Log Boom at the Paper Mill, Rhinelander

Paper Mill Dam, Rhinelander

Logging Museum, Rhinelander

Pelican River, Rhinelander

Lake Creek Tourist Camp, Rhinelander

Drive through the Park, Rhinelander

Post Office, Rhinelander

Municipal Beach, Rhinelander

Rhinelander Country Club, Rhinelander

St. Mary's Hospital, Rhinelander [1912]

St. Mary's Hospital, Rhinelander

New Soo Depot, Rhinelander

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