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Milwaukee County

St. Aemilioan's Orphan Asylum, St. Francis

St. Mary's Institute, St. Francis

Barrett Mfg. Co. North Milwaukee

Milwaukee County Home for Dependent Children, Wauwatosa

Captioned "Bumgard's House"
Sender signs her name on the back as Amelia Baumgartel [1914]

Untitled Postcard from Amelia Baumgartel [1912]
West Allis

Post Office, West Allis

High School, West Allis

Promotional Postcard, West Allis Invites You
City of Milwaukee
Milwaukee Parks and Monuments
Milwaukee Aerial Views

Downtown View

Looking Toward Lincoln Memorial Bridge from Lake Michigan

Court of Honor, Looking East
Milwaukee Street Scenes

Grand Ave. West from Eighth Street

Grand Avenue Park [1906]

Grand Avenue, West of Eighth Street

Grand Ave. East from West Water St.

Wisconsin St. Looking West

East Wisconsin Ave.

West Wisconsin Avenue

Wisconsin Street and Wells Building

W. Wisconsin Ave., Looking East from Court of Honor

Wisconsin St. & Railway Exchange Bldg.

West Water Street

Newberry Boulevard
Milwaukee Buildings

Majestic Theatre Building

City Hall and Part of Business Section

City Hall

Entrance to Public Library and Museum

Cudahy Tower

The Tripoli Temple Shrine Mosque

Post Office and Government Building

Eagles Club

Milwaukee County Court House


The Auditorium
Milwaukee Hotels and Restaurants

Schlitz Hotel

Schroeder Hotel as Seen from Fourth Ward Park

Hotel Schroeder

Hotel Schroeder

Hotel Abbott Crest


Mader's German Restaurant, 1041 N. 3rd St.

The Hungarian Schmauss Garden and Cafe, 181-187 Second Street, featuring entertainment by Morty Hyman, Terry Sherman and Harry Kranzman [1909]

Soldiers' Home

Burial at Soldiers' Home

Implement Exhibit, Wis. State Fair [1906]

American Legion Parade, [Sept.] 1941

A Milwaukee Lawn Planted with Rockford Seed Company's Famous Rockford Lawn Seed

Entrance to Forest Home Cemetery

The Milwaukee Journal Stations, WTMJ and WTMJ-TV

Communications Center, The Milwaukee Journal and its Radio Stations, Wisconsin Centennial, Aug. 6 to 29, 1948
Milwaukee Schools and Hospitals

Partial View of North-Western School for Stammerers

Marquette University

St. Mary's Hospital

County Hospital
Milwaukee Churches

St. Josaphat Basilica and School from Kosciusko Park

Cathedral Square and St. John's Cathedral

Gesu Catholic Church
Milwaukee Bridges, Dams and Waterfront

Grand Ave. Bascule Bridge

Grand Ave. Bascule Bridge

Holton St. Viaduct [1909]

Lincoln Memorial Bridge

Folsom St. Bridge near Riverside Park [1911]

Downtown View of Milwaukee River

Government Pier

The Dam, Milwaukee River
Milwaukee Businesses

Advertising Card for Waldheim's Furniture Store

Pabst Brewing Co.

Schlitz Brewing Co.

Schlitz Brewing Co.

Advertising Card, Allis-Chalmers Co.

Advertising Card, The Home of Buri's Holsum Bread

C. & N. W. Depot and Elks Club

North Western Depot from Juneau Park [pre-1907]

N. W. Depot, Elk's Club and Cudahy Tower Apartments

Milwaukee Depot

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