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Fond du Lac County

Birds-eye View, Dundee

Capuchin Monastery, Mount Calvary

Entrance to St. Mary's Academy, near Fond du Lac

Main Street, New Prospect [1908]

Main St., Eden

Ripon Knitting Works, Ripon


M. E. Church, Rosendale

Main St., Looking North from Blossom, Ripon

Main St., Ripon [1911]

German National Bank, Ripon

Ripon Knitting Works, Ripon

Soldiers' Memorial, Ripon

Smith Hall, Ripon College, Ripon

The Commons, Ripon College, Ripon

Knickel & Straub Co's Bldg.

Knickel & Straub General Store

Main Street, West

Main Street, Lower Village

Baptist Church [1912]

German Reformed Church

First State Bank

High School

Residence District

High School, Waupun

High School, Waupun

Scene on the Road, Waupun

Rear View, Wisconsin State Prison, Waupun

Christian Reformed School, Waupun
City of Fond du Lac

Bird's Eye View

Main Street Looking North

Main Street, North

Main Street

Main Street, North from Court House

Main Street, showing Soldiers' Monument

First and Main Streets, Looking North

Main Street

Baptist Church

1st. Baptist Church [1911]

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

The Henry Boyle Catholic Home for the Aged

Bishop Graftons Residence

Grafton Hall

Grafton Hall, as seen from the Campus

St. Agnes Hospital (1912)

St. Agnes Hospital

St. Agnes Hospital

Taylor's Park

St. Agnes Convent

St. Agnes Convent

High School

High School

Hotel Retlaw

Hotel Retlaw

North Western Depot

Chicago & North Western Depot

Scott Street Bridge

Lake Park Pavilion

Lake Park Drive

Lake Side Park

Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple

Elk's Club House

Elk's Club

Public High School

Y. M. C. A.

The Big White Store

Community Building, Hamilton Park

Toll Gate

Toll Gate

Schreiner's Restaurant and Dining Room

New Post Office

Post Office

Blic Library (embossed)

Public Library (embossed)

The New Armory

Fond du Lac County Court House

Court House

View on Lake Winnebago, near Fond du Lac


Henry Boyle Theater

Ruins, Grant School [1908]

Bird's-eye View [pre-1908]

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