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Galveston County

Bolivar Light House

Red Fish Caught at San Leon
Texas City

Longshoremens Hall and Texas City State Bank, Texas City

Sea Train, Texas City

Engine No. 16, Texas City Terminal Ry., Texas City

Ruins, Texas City [April 16, 1947]

Ruins, Texas City [April 16, 1947]

Shaft from Grandcamp, Texas City Disaster [April 16, 1947]
City of Galveston

Receiving a Shipload of Bananas, Galveston

Galveston-Bolivar Ferry

Galveston-Bolivar Ferry

On the Beach, Galveston

Bird's-eye View of Beach Boulevard Showing Buccaneer and Galvez Hotels, Galveston

Beach Boulevard and Seawall from the Air, Galveston

Sea Wall and Boulevard, Galveston

Aeroplane View of Seawall and Beach, Galveston

Buccaneer Hotel, Seawall Boulevard and Beach, Home of Radio Station KFUL, Galveston

Building the Sea Wall, Galveston

Raising the City Grade - Scrapers at Work, Galveston

Busy Dock Scene, Galveston

The East End of Galveston Seawall when Completed, Galveston (from 416 Tremont Street)

The Great Sea Wall at Galveston on the Gulf of Mexico, near Houston

Broadway Esplanade, Galveston [1909]

Scene in City Park, Galveston

Beach, Boulevard, Seawall and Crystal Palace, Galveston

United States Post Office and Custom House, Galveston

Old and New Causeways, Galveston [c 1910]

General View of Fort Crockett, Galveston

10,000 Ton Floating Dry Dock, Galveston

Harbor and Bay, Looking East, Galveston

Harbor Scene, Galveston

The Mosquito Fleet at Pier 20, Showing Fishing, Shrimp and Oyster Boats, Galveston

Texas Heroes Monument on Broadway Boulevard, Galveston

United States Marine Hospital, Galveston

Partial View of John Sealy Hospital Group and State Medical College, Galveston

Marine Park, Million Dollar Recreation and Pleasure Pier, Galveston

View of Gulf and Boulevard, Galveston

Hotel Galvez, Galveston

Hotel Galvez, Galveston

Morris Lasker Play Ground, Galveston

The Galveston-Houston Electric Railway, Houston

Cotton Scene, Galveston

Boulevard, Galveston

Grade Raising, Galveston

train Crossing Galveston Bay Bridge, Galveston

Rifle Range, Galveston [1919]

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