Greenmount Cemetery


York County, Pennsylvania


Page last updated February 24, 2008


Photos taken by Harry Senft and transcribed by Kathy Francis



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"T" Surnames


Talada Beverly J.
Talada William L.
Talbot Edith
Talbot Leonard
Tarbet Gladys Warner
Tarbet Lloyd M.
Tarman Carrie J.
Tarman Esther M.
Tarman James H.
Tarman Jeanne E.
Tarman Leonard Y.
Tarman M. Genevieve
Tarman Paul Y.
Tate Alexander J.
Tate Emory A.
Tate Helen C.
Tate Helen L.
Tate John A.
Tate Katie E.
Tate Lydia A.
Tate Maggie M.
Tate Margaret
Tate Marion C.
Tate, Jr. Mervin R.
Tate Mervin R.
Tate Sterling L.
Tate Sybil M.
Taughinbaugh Freida S.
Taughinbaugh Gary R.
Taughinbaugh Herndon W.
Taughinbaugh Joanna M.
Taughinbaugh Pauline F.
Taughinbaugh Ralph C.
Taughinbaugh Samuel E.
Tawzer Lewis
Tawzer Mary A.
Taylor Anna V.
Taylor Audrey L.
Taylor Charles N.
Taylor Charles W.
Taylor Clarence W.
Taylor Claude W.
Taylor Daisy A.
Taylor George W.
Taylor, Sr. Howard Gene
Taylor Joseph
Taylor Lillian M.
Taylor Louise A.
Taylor Maranda A.
Taylor Marian L.
Taylor Mary E. - pic2
Taylor Myrtle M.
Taylor Nancy D.
Taylor Pearl M.
Taylor Russel H.
Taylor Wesley Ruth - pic2
Taylor William E. - pic2
Teiser Clara F. H.
Tella August R.
Tella Sarah
Tennis Clinton E.
Tennis Dean P.
Tennis Evelyn R.
Tennis Mary E.
Terry Gertrude L.
Terry Herbert S.
Terry Infant Son
Test Annie
Test Fannie E.
Test George W.
Test Harriet A.
Teter Ethel B.
Teter Frank L.
Teter Jennie C.
Teter Lester E.
Teter Mary M.
Teter Myron A.
Thatcher Abner W.
Thatcher Lottie - pic2
Thatcher Lydia C.
Thieme Betty I.
Thieme, Jr. Carroll O.
Thieme Carroll O.
Thoman Edwin W.
Thoman Helen F.
Thomas Amelia L.
Thomas Anna K.
Thomas Audress O.
Thomas Bernadeane C. - pic2
Thomas Charles W.
Thomas Christine V.
Thomas Curtis Alfred
Thomas Cyrus
Thomas Edward B.
Thomas Elta E.
Thomas Forrest D.
Thomas Francis
Thomas Gerry H.
Thomas Hattie J.
Thomas Herbert Nelson
Thomas Ida V.
Thomas Jack E.
Thomas Janet E.
Thomas Joanne P.
Thomas John F.
Thomas Julia M.
Thomas Katherine M.
Thomas Kay Eugene
Thomas Kersey
Thomas Lester D.
Thomas Lloyd Zeller
Thomas Lois L.
Thomas Lottie M.
Thomas M. Keith
Thomas Margie E.
Thomas Marie E.
Thomas Marjorie V.
Thomas Martha Spies
Thomas Mary
Thomas Mary
Thomas Mary E.
Thomas Mary E.
Thomas Mildred E.
Thomas Mollie A. - pic2
Thomas Nick D.
Thomas Oscar M. - pic2
Thomas, Jr. Paul A.
Thomas Paul A.
Thomas Ralph E.
Thomas Reese
Thomas Richard S.
Thomas Robert C.
Thomas Russell A.
Thomas Ruth E.
Thomas Ruth W. Marie
Thomas Sara E.
Thomas Shirley L.
Thomas Theresa M.
Thomas Unknown
Thomas Vietta M.
Thomas Warren L. - pic2
Thomas William H.
Thomas William J.
Thomas William J.
Thompson A. Duncan - pic2
Thompson Albert J. - pic2
Thompson Alice S.
Thompson Alva L. - pic2
Thompson Annie E. Trout - pic2
Thompson Annie M. C.
Thompson Charles R. - pic2
Thompson Chester L. - pic2
Thompson E. Louise
Thompson Earle A.
Thompson Edna E. - pic2
Thompson Edward O.
Thompson Ella N. - pic2
Thompson Elsie M.
Thompson Eugene D. - pic2
Thompson Florence C. - pic2
Thompson Grace M.
Thompson Harry A. - pic2
Thompson Ida A.
Thompson J. Latimer
Thompson James G.
Thompson James Samuel - pic2
Thompson James W.
Thompson John A.
Thompson Kate S. - pic2
Thompson Lillie C.
Thompson Lorma M. - pic2
Thompson Mazie B.
Thompson Mildred C.
Thompson Millison A. G.
Thompson Murray J.
Thompson Murray O.
Thompson Olga Leib
Thompson Patricia A.
Thompson Raymond D.
Thompson Rebecca E. - pic2
Thompson Ronald J.
Thompson Rosa M.
Thompson Russell E. - pic2
Thompson Samuel A.
Thompson Theodore G. - pic2
Thompson William P. - pic2
Thompson William R.
Thomson A. Beatrice
Thomson Anna E.
Thomson Anna M.
Thomson Beatrice H.
Thomson Clifton M.
Thomson Dorothy V.
Thomson Jack R.
Thomson Joseph S.
Thomson Samuel A.
Throne Anna M.
Throne Bertha B.
Throne Catherine B.
Throne Clare E.
Throne Curtis L.
Throne George A.
Throne John C.
Throne Julia V.
Throssell Mary I.
Throssell Rae L. Rice
Throssell Randall W.
Thumma Lillian E.
Timperlake Fannie ?
Timperlake Mary A.
Timperlake Walter E.
Timperlake Walter E.
Titus Velva E.
Titus William G.
Tolbert Charles E.
Tolbert Helen E.
Tolbert Susan J.
Tome Cathrine E.
Tome Charles E.
Tome Charles E.
Tome Edith L.
Tomes Barbara A.
Tomes Doris E.
Tomes Edward A. - pic2
Tomes Marie B. - pic2
Tomes Sarah
Tomes Sarah Ann - pic2
Tomes, III William H.
Toomey Catherine M.
Toomey Daisy M.
Toomey Emma S.
Toomey Florence M.
Toomey George Cicero D.
Toomey Horace O.
Toomey Infant Son
Toomey Lovie Gise
Toomey Martha R.
Toomey Mary C.
Toomey Minerva V.
Toomey Samuel R.
Toomey Samuel R. H.
Toomey Virginia L.
Toomey William L.
Topper Anna M.
Topper James M.
Topper Sadie M.
Topper Walter E.
Torbert Myra Brenneman - pic2
Towsen Clarence S.
Towsen Ivy Myers
Towson Charles C. - pic2
Towson Charles E.
Towson Hilda E. - pic2
Towson Lillian E. - pic2
Towson William S. - pic2
Tracey Ardella E.
Tracey Beatrice V.
Tracey Elmer H.
Tracey Jesse R.
Tracey Kenneth J.
Tracey Lorraine B.
Tracey Mary A.
Tracey William
Trate Charlotte M.
Trate Mark L.
Travers Galene V.
Treadway Florence C.
Treadway Harvey E.
Treadway Richard B.
Treat Alice V.
Treat Annie S.
Treat Dora C.
Treat James E.
Treat William S.
Tressler Clara A.
Tressler Harry C.
Trimble Lloyd E.
Trimble Maggie I.
Trimmer Albert F.
Trimmer Alice D. - pic2
Trimmer Alice L.
Trimmer Amanda M.
Trimmer Anna G.
Trimmer Annie M.
Trimmer Barbara E.
Trimmer Brian K.
Trimmer C. G.
Trimmer Celinda B.
Trimmer Charles H.
Trimmer Charles H. - pic2
Trimmer Chester A.
Trimmer Clarence C. - pic2
Trimmer Clyde - pic2
Trimmer Cora I.
Trimmer Daniel J.
Trimmer Daniel K.
Trimmer Daniel P. - pic2
Trimmer David F.
Trimmer Deliah
Trimmer, Jr. Donald L.
Trimmer Dorothy E.
Trimmer E. Catherine - pic2
Trimmer Edward D.
Trimmer Ellen C.
Trimmer Emma E.
Trimmer Emma J.
Trimmer Emory P.
Trimmer Fannie V.
Trimmer Flora L. - pic2
Trimmer Forest E. - pic2
Trimmer Frances - pic2
Trimmer George H.
Trimmer George H. - pic2
Trimmer Geraldine K.
Trimmer Hattie
Trimmer Helen - pic2
Trimmer Howard C.
Trimmer J. Paul
Trimmer Jacob E. - pic2
Trimmer James D.
Trimmer John F.
Trimmer John H.
Trimmer Josephine L.
Trimmer Lewis - pic2
Trimmer Lewis C. - pic2
Trimmer Lillian M.
Trimmer Lilly May
Trimmer Lizzie P. - pic2
Trimmer Louisa - pic2
Trimmer Louise D.
Trimmer Lydia Ellen
Trimmer Mamie K. Pfaltzgraff
Trimmer Margie K.
Trimmer Martha P. - pic2
Trimmer Martin E.
Trimmer Martin L.
Trimmer Mary Ann
Trimmer Nettie D.
Trimmer Noah A.
Trimmer Peter S. - pic2
Trimmer Robert H. - pic2
Trimmer Romaine E. - pic2
Trimmer Rosa L. - pic2
Trimmer Ruth L.
Trimmer Sadie N.
Trimmer Terry A.
Trimmer Unknown
Trimmer W. Harry
Trimmer William
Trimmer William A.
Trimmer William C.
Trimmer William H. - pic2
Trimmer William H.
Trimmer Wilson H.
Tritt Sarah A.
Trone Annie E. - pic2
Trone Bernice L. - pic2
Trone C. Elizabeth - pic2
Trone Charles C.
Trone Curtis H. - pic2
Trone Curvin I.
Trone Earl R.
Trone Earl W.
Trone Elaine K.
Trone Frances W. - pic2
Trone Freda C.
Trone Gertrude M.
Trone Harris C.
Trone Harry C.
Trone Harvey W.
Trone Henrietta M.
Trone Infant
Trone John J. - pic2
Trone Josephine L.
Trone Josephine L.
Trone Kenneth W.
Trone Louise I.
Trone Mabel I.
Trone Marian
Trone Mary T.
Trone Nora A.
Trone Percy C.
Trone Philip K.
Trone Richard E.
Trone Ross H.
Trone Stanley J. - pic2
Trone Stanley Leon - pic2
Trone Velma N.
Troop Helen W.
Troop Robin A.
Trostle Edward Monroe - pic2
Trostle Florence Myrtle - pic2
Trostle George W.
Trostle Helen G.
Trostle Mary Alice - pic2
Trostle Pauline M. - pic2
Trotman Christabel I.
Trotman John J.
Trout Barry L.
Trout Dorothy R.
Trout Ella M.
Trout George W. - pic2
Trout Grover C.
Trout Howard L.
Trout Katie May - pic2
Trout Lee C.
Trout Lottie E.
Trout Mary Ann - pic2
Trout Phyllis E.
Trout Wayne O.
Troutman Ano M.
Troutman Clara H. Harman
Troutman Harry E.
Troutman Martin F.
Troutman Roy C.
Troutman William W.
Truesdell Edgar C.
Trump Charles L.
Trump Emeline B.
Truvillion Ethel D.
Tubb Anna M.
Tubb Eddie F.
Tuccy Albert J.
Tuccy Helen L.
Tudas Bertha Ethel
Turnbull Flora J.
Turnbull Harry L.
Turnbull Harry S.
Turner Annie M.
Turner Unknown G.
Tyson Anna K.
Tyson Anna M. - pic2
Tyson Charles K.
Tyson Chauncey - pic2
Tyson Fredrick - pic2
Tyson Ollie M.
Tyson Sara J. - pic2
Tyson Sarah A. - pic2
Tyson Sylvia M. - pic2


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