Greenmount Cemetery


York County, Pennsylvania


Page last updated February 23, 2008


Photos taken by Harry Senft and transcribed by Kathy Francis



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"Str-Szc" Surnames


Strack George L.
Strack Josephine - pic2
Strack Nettie J.
Strack Samuel M. - pic2
Strack William F.
Strack Wm.
Strack Zella H.
Strain John W.
Strasbaugh Annie K.
Strasbaugh Howard F.
Strasbaugh John
Strasbaugh John J.
Strasbaugh Leah
Strasbaugh Levi W. - pic2
Strasbaugh Lydia A.
Strasbaugh Mary E.
Strasbaugh Wilson
Strater Charles
Strater Charlotte
Strater Christian
Strater Rebecca
Strater William F.
Strausbauch Alexander D. - pic2
Strausbauch Minerva E. - pic2
Strausbaugh Anna L.
Strausbaugh Arthur
Strausbaugh Catherine E.
Strausbaugh Catherine V.
Strausbaugh Charles R.
Strausbaugh Clair L.
Strausbaugh Curtis B. - pic2
Strausbaugh Curvin B.
Strausbaugh D. Floyd - pic2
Strausbaugh Daisy T. - pic2
Strausbaugh Donald F.
Strausbaugh Dorothy M. - pic2
Strausbaugh Emma
Strausbaugh Emma C.
Strausbaugh Evelyn K.
Strausbaugh Grace G.
Strausbaugh Henry C.
Strausbaugh Irene J.
Strausbaugh Isabel A.
Strausbaugh James L.
Strausbaugh, Jr. James M.
Strausbaugh Lester C. - pic2
Strausbaugh Mabel C.
Strausbaugh Margaret L.
Strausbaugh Myrtle M.
Strausbaugh Nora E.
Strausbaugh Norman E.
Strausbaugh Prudence S.
Strausbaugh Richard C. - pic2
Strausbaugh Samuel S.
Strausbaugh William A.
Strausbaugh Wm. F.
Strausburg Sarah Lightner
Straw Catharine M.
Straw Cora Taylor
Straw Harvey
Straw Harvey W.
Strayer Abbie L.
Strayer Adam H. - pic2
Strayer Adam W.
Strayer Alice Houtz
Strayer Alice M. - pic2
Strayer Andrew K. - pic2
Strayer Anna
Strayer Anna G. - pic2
Strayer Annie E. - pic2
Strayer Annie M. - pic2
Strayer Arthur R.
Strayer Barbara
Strayer Beula E. - pic2
Strayer C. M. - pic2
Strayer Carolena M.
Strayer Caroline
Strayer Catharine A.
Strayer Catharine E. - pic2
Strayer Charles Emory
Strayer Charles W.
Strayer Chas. A. - pic2
Strayer Clair R. - pic2
Strayer Edna M. - pic2
Strayer Eleanor G.
Strayer Elizabeth S. - pic2
Strayer Emanuel E.
Strayer Emma K. - pic2
Strayer Esther Myers - pic2
Strayer Eugene H.
Strayer Eva M.
Strayer F. Henry
Strayer Frances
Strayer Frances E.
Strayer Franklin A.
Strayer G. Arthur - pic2
Strayer George L. - pic2
Strayer Gertrude E. - pic2
Strayer Goldie E.
Strayer Harry E. - pic2
Strayer Harry J.
Strayer Hattie E.
Strayer Hattie Sechrist
Strayer Henry L. - pic2
Strayer J. Calvin - pic2
Strayer John C.
Strayer John H.
Strayer John K. - pic2
Strayer Julia C.
Strayer Katie E.
Strayer Lewis U. G.
Strayer Lillie M. - pic2
Strayer Loma R.
Strayer Lyman C. - pic2
Strayer Margaret
Strayer Marguerite Bentz
Strayer Martin L. - pic2
Strayer Mary - pic2
Strayer Mary A. - pic2
Strayer Mary A.
Strayer Mary B.
Strayer Mary E. - pic2
Strayer Mary E. W. - pic2
Strayer Mildred A.
Strayer Millard A. - pic2
Strayer Milton
Strayer Nettie E. - pic2
Strayer Nevin W. - pic2
Strayer Paul M. H.
Strayer Reuben F.
Strayer Robert E.
Strayer Robert F.
Strayer Sophia R. - pic2
Strayer Unknown
Strayer Willard A.
Strayer William E. - pic2
Strayer William K.
Streepy Claudia J.
Strickhouser Ann O. - pic2
Strickhouser Annie M. - pic2
Strickhouser Claudius J.
Strickhouser D. Earl - pic2
Strickhouser D. Norman - pic2
Strickhouser David H. - pic2
Strickhouser David S.
Strickhouser Deliah M.
Strickhouser Dorothy E. - pic2
Strickhouser Hallie S.
Strickhouser Henry Leroy - pic2
Strickhouser Irvin C.
Strickhouser J. Newton
Strickhouser Jacob
Strickhouser Kate E. - pic2
Strickhouser Katherine Amelia - pic2
Strickhouser Lulu N. - pic2
Strickhouser Mabel V.
Strickhouser Marian V.
Strickhouser Marie M.
Strickhouser Mary A.
Strickhouser Mary V.
Strickhouser Paul A. - pic2
Strickhouser Pauline M. - pic2
Strickhouser Percy E.
Strickhouser Richard E.
Strickhouser Rodger G. - pic2
Strickhouser Theodore W. - pic2
Strickhouser Vivian M.
Strickhouser William H. - pic2
Strickler Beatrice C.
Strickler Brenda L.
Strickler Carroll L.
Strickler Delma G. Wagner
Strickler Emma J. - pic2
Strickler Ethel W.
Strickler Florence C.
Strickler Gretna A.
Strickler Harvey W. - pic2
Strickler Jane Schenberger
Strickler Jeanne May
Strickler John D.
Strickler Lillie A.
Strickler Louise M.
Strickler Maggie E.
Strickler Maurice M.
Strickler Minerva L.
Strickler Norma Jean
Strickler Raymond M.
Strickler Rodney D.
Strickler Sadie F.
Strickler Sadie I.
Strickler Stephen H.
Strickler Thomas A.
Strickler Thomas S.
Strickler Thomas S.
Strickler Walter E.
Strickler William D.
Strickler William F.
Strickler William R.
Striebig Augusta
Striebig Clarence
Striebig Dawn E.
Striebig Edward I.
Striebig John I.
Striebig Olive A.
Striebig Sandra L.
Striewig Harry N.
Striewig Lillie B.
Strine Ada M.
Strine Alice
Strine Alice - pic2
Strine Anna F.
Strine Anna Maria
Strine, Jr. Arthur J.
Strine Arthur J.
Strine Charles H.
Strine Charles J.
Strine Clara E.
Strine Curvin C.
Strine David B.
Strine Earl
Strine Elmira J.
Strine Emma L.
Strine Euphemia D.
Strine George A. - pic2
Strine Geraldine M.
Strine H. Robert - pic2
Strine Helen R.
Strine Henry B.
Strine Isabella G. - pic2
Strine John B.
Strine John J.
Strine John M.
Strine Laura M.
Strine Leroy P.
Strine Lewis R. - pic2
Strine Lillian L.
Strine Lillie E.
Strine Lucy A.
Strine Lucy E.
Strine Martin L.
Strine Maud M.
Strine Maude R.
Strine Mellie M.
Strine Peter Z.
Strine Rebecca
Strine Robert P.
Strine Roy
Strine Sarah C.
Strine Sarah J.
Strine Thomas W. - pic2
Strine Walter E.
Strine William G.
Strine Wilson R.
Strockbine Robert A.
Strohle Andrew
Strohle Louise
Strohm Mary A.
Strohm Warren Z.
Strom Esta M.
Strom Otto W.
Strouse Luther D.
Strouse Waynette
Strubinger Anna B.
Strubinger Charles M.
Strubinger Charles M.
Strubinger Elizabeth P.
Strubinger Francis M.
Strubinger Genevieve M.
Strubinger George H.
Strubinger Lewis
Strubinger Minnie M.
Strubinger Oneda E.
Strubinger Raymond T.
Strubinger William F.
Stubbins Annie M.
Stubbins Henry
Stubbins Martha E.
Stubbins Nancy L.
Stubbins Romaine E.
Stubbins William H.
Stubbs Jean D.
Studds Mary E.
Studds Minda K.
Studebaker Annabelle B.
Studebaker Elwin O.
Stull Daryl L.
Stump Adam - pic2
Stump Curvin W.
Stump Edward W. - pic2
Stump Emma O. - pic2
Stump Ernest W.
Stump Florence R. - pic2
Stump Gary Lee
Stump Genevieve M.
Stump Hilda M.
Stump Joanne K.
Stump Kenneth L.
Stump Luther G.
Stump Meda V.
Stump Nettie E.
Stump Pauline E.
Stump Phebe E. - pic2
Stump Robert F.
Stump Sadie E.
Stump Theda - pic2
Stump Walter M.
Stumpf Alfred L.
Stumpf Alphaetta
Stumpf Frances
Stumpf Raymond R.
Stutz Earl D.
Stutz Paula A.
Suarez Victor J.
Suber Edward
Sullenberger Charles A.
Sullenberger Sue E.
Sullivan Amanda R.
Sullivan David H.
Sullivan John H.
Sultner Alice A.
Sultner Alvin E. - pic2
Sultner C. H. - pic2
Sultner Charles A. - pic2 - pic3
Sultner Charles E.
Sultner Clara M.
Sultner Delores E. - pic2
Sultner Donald H. - pic2
Sultner Edith P. - pic2
Sultner Edward A.
Sultner Elizabeth S. - pic2
Sultner Harvey A. - pic2
Sultner Katie S.
Sultner Lillian M. - pic2
Sultner Luther C.
Sultner Maggie E. - pic2
Sultner Paul A.
Sultner Paul E.
Sultner, Sr. Richard A. - pic2
Sultner Sarah A. - pic2
Sultner Sarah C. - pic2 - pic3
Sultner Sarah Jane - pic2
Summers Annie E.
Summers Charles F.
Summers Esther M.
Summers Nicholas E.
Sumner James
Sumpman Clara E.
Sumpman David B.
Sumpman Harry D.
Sumpman Mary E.
Sunday Agnes A.
Sunday Alice E.
Sunday Celestia E. - pic2
Sunday D. Edgar - pic2
Sunday Edna M.
Sunday Ella Mae Johnson - pic2 - pic3
Sunday F. Robert
Sunday George M. - pic2
Sunday Harry C. - pic2
Sunday Hilliard Franklin - pic2 - pic3
Sunday Ida B.
Sunday Jacob
Sunday John C.
Sunday Lovina
Sunday Mary E. - pic2
Sunday Nettie E. - pic2
Sunday William C. - pic2
Sutch Mabel F.
Sutcliffe Donald E.
Sutcliffe Janet C.
Sutcliffe Linda L.
Sutcliffe Rae C.
Sutcliffe Thomas H.
Swartz Barbara
Swartz Charles
Swartz Charles H. - pic2
Swartz Curtis
Swartz Dorothy K.
Swartz, Jr. Earl N.
Swartz Edgar A.
Swartz Edith S. E.
Swartz Edward F.
Swartz Ernest W. - pic2
Swartz G. Edward
Swartz George A.
Swartz Infant
Swartz J. Malcolm
Swartz John C.
Swartz Lela M.
Swartz Louisa J.
Swartz Margaret A.
Swartz Margaret A.
Swartz Margaret L.
Swartz Mariah Reitzel
Swartz Marie J.
Swartz Martha J. - pic2
Swartz Mary
Swartz Mary E.
Swartz Philip H.
Swartz Robert L.
Swartz Rodney E.
Swartz Ruth D.
Swartz Sadie C.
Swartz Sadie E.
Swartz Sadie M. - pic2
Swartzbaugh Alminda L.
Swartzbaugh Catherine E.
Swartzbaugh Charles A.
Swartzbaugh Charles H.
Swartzbaugh, Sr. Claude Peter
Swartzbaugh Dale S.
Swartzbaugh Dorothy L.
Swartzbaugh Harriett Phoebe
Swartzbaugh Irwin G.
Swartzbaugh Robert A.
Swartzbaugh Sadie G.
Sweeney James W.
Sweeney Martha E.
Sweeney Sarah J.
Sweigard Mary E.
Sweigart Albert
Sweigart George - pic2
Sweigart Katie - pic2
Sweigart Myrtle - pic2
Sweigart Sarah A.
Sweigart Walter - pic2
Sweigart William - pic2
Sweitzer Ada M.
Sweitzer Alice L.
Sweitzer Charles J.
Sweitzer Donald F.
Sweitzer E. Kathryn
Sweitzer Elizabeth
Sweitzer Elvers H.
Sweitzer Emanuel
Sweitzer Ethel M.
Sweitzer George E.
Sweitzer Gertrude
Sweitzer Harry F.
Sweitzer Harry M.
Sweitzer Harry S.
Sweitzer Horace E.
Sweitzer, Sr. Jacob E.
Sweitzer Jacob H.
Sweitzer Joan E.
Sweitzer LaMonte A. M.
Sweitzer Mary E.
Sweitzer Mary E.
Sweitzer Mary Jane
Sweitzer Maurice E.
Sweitzer Rhonda Ann
Sweitzer Richard E.
Sweitzer Richard E.
Sweitzer Shirley R.
Sweitzer Viola S.
Swift, Jr. Chalmer C.
Swift Chalmer C.
Swift Ester S.
Swift James T.
Swigert Anna Rambo
Swigert Harry Edward
Switzer Grace M.
Switzer William M.
Swope Anna - pic2
Swope Darlene J.
Swope Donald L.
Swope Dorothy E.
Swope Harold H.
Swope Hayward S. - pic2
Swope Katharine A.
Swope Leila C. - pic2
Swope William H. - pic2
Swords Geraldine E.
Swords Kristy A.
Swords Ronald L.
Szczepanek Frances June
Szczepanek Joseph Francis


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