Greenmount Cemetery


York County, Pennsylvania


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Photos taken by Harry Senft and transcribed by Kathy Francis



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"F" Surnames


Fackler Anna B.
Fackler Augustus J.
Fackler Charles A.
Fackler Edna M.
Fackler Gloria Jean
Fackler Katie A.
Fackler Katie May - pic2
Fackler Lewis H. - pic2
Fackler Lucy K.
Fackler M. Luther - pic2
Fackler Mary Catherine
Fackler Mildred T.
Fackler Naomi Gibbs - pic2
Fahringer Infant
Fahringer Ronald S.
Fahringer Susan
Fahs A. W.
Fahs Amy M.
Fahs Catharine
Fahs Catherine E. - pic2
Fahs Charles H. - pic2
Fahs Chloe M.
Fahs Clair E.
Fahs Earl L.
Fahs Edna M.
Fahs Edward F.
Fahs Elmer H.
Fahs Elmer M.
Fahs Emanuel - pic2
Fahs Emma Elizabeth
Fahs Evelyn A.
Fahs George I. - pic2
Fahs Ida B. - pic2
Fahs Ida P. - pic2
Fahs Ida V.
Fahs Infant
Fahs Lida E.
Fahs Lillie
Fahs Margaret B.
Fahs Mary
Fahs Mary Ann - pic2
Fahs Mary C.
Fahs Morgan I.
Fahs Nettie K.
Fahs Paul P.
Fahs, Sr. Ralph S.
Fahs Raymon P.
Fahs Rosie M.
Fahs Thelma M. - pic2
Fahs William M. - pic2
Fahs William M.
Fahs William S.
Fair Gladys Mae
Fair Israel G.
Fair Linda Mae
Faircloth Catherine M.
Faircloth Dewey
Faircloth Donald E.
Faircloth Julia A.
Faircloth Robert P.
Faircloth Robert T.
Faircloth Susan
Faircloth Thomas B.
Fairland Elizabeth
Fairman Clara F.
Fairman Clarence C.
Falkenstein Curvin S.
Falkenstein Elizabeth Bare - pic2
Falkenstein Elwood S. - pic2
Falkenstein Evelyn R.
Falkenstein Ruth M. Diehl - pic2
Falkenstine Charles E.
Falkenstine Chas. G. - pic2
Falkenstine Junietta N.
Falkenstine Minnie M. Henry - pic2
Falkler Arthur E.
Falkler, Sr. Charles H.
Falkler Margaret B.
Falkler Thomas E.
Famous Jennie
Famous Joseph F.
Famous Stewart F.
Fastnacht Elsie Stabley - pic2
Fastnacht Fred Stabley - pic2
Fastnacht Minnie M. - pic2
Fastnacht Miriam Roth - pic2
Fastnacht Warren Edmond - pic2
Fastnaght A. G. - pic2
Fastnaght Mary Warren - pic2
Faulkner David M.
Faulls Nathan T. W.
Faust Edward F.
Faust Evelyn
Faust Florence A.
Faust George A.
Faust Gordon H.
Faust Mary E.
Fauth David E. - pic2
Fauth Elmira  - pic2
Fauth Ida M. - pic2
Fauth William W. - pic2
Feeser Harry R.
Feeser Louise M.
Feeser Nellie
Feeser Paul J.
Fehl Adam J. - pic2
Fehl Anna E.
Fehl Anna M.
Fehl Clayton O.
Fehl Edward S. - pic2
Fehl Edwin C.
Fehl Elcy E.
Fehl, Jr. Harry L. - pic2
Fehl, Sr. Harry L. - pic2
Fehl Helen E.
Fehl Iva N.
Fehl Mary V. - pic2
Fehl Mildred A. - pic2
Fehl Minnie Zeigler
Fehl Miriam A. - pic2
Fehl Raymond E. - pic2
Fehl Richard E. - pic2
Fehl Ruth E. - pic2
Fehl Ruth Emma - pic2
Fehl Sadie A. - pic2
Fehl Sophia J.
Fehl Valentine - pic2
Fehl William A.
Fehl William H.
Feigley Allene H.
Feigley C. Ellenora
Feiser A. Elizabeth
Feiser Benjamin F.
Feiser Benjamin F.
Feiser Blanche M. - pic2
Feiser Charles F. - pic2
Feiser Frank - pic2
Feiser George Oliver
Feiser Harry - pic2
Feiser Harry N.
Feiser Helen M. - pic2
Feiser Ida Jane
Feiser Ida M. - pic2
Feiser John E.
Feiser Katie
Feiser Lillie Ann
Feiser Margaret Cramer Hedges
Feiser Mary L.
Feiser Matilda
Feiser Robert P.
Feiser Ruth V.
Feister Annie C.
Feldman Grace E.
Feldman Leo W.
Feldman Susan M.
Fell D. Louisa
Fell Stanley L.
Felton Edith R.
Felton Walter A.
Fengfish Kirk F.
Fengfish Margaret F.
Fengfish Twins
Fengfish William K.
Ferree Albert A. - pic2
Ferree Albert A.
Ferree Anna K.
Ferree Armeda R.
Ferree Arthur N.
Ferree Carrie B.
Ferree Dallas L.
Ferree Earl L.
Ferree Emma J.
Ferree Eugene A.
Ferree G. Donald
Ferree Harry E. - pic2
Ferree Helen M.
Ferree Jeane R.
Ferree John H. - pic2
Ferree Joyce M.
Ferree Mary A. - pic2
Ferree Mary E.
Ferree Stewart B. - pic2
Ferree Wayne
Ferris Ada B.
Ferris Edward J.
Fetrow Adam A.
Fetrow Arthur W.
Fetrow Clyde
Fetrow Daniel E.
Fetrow Floyd F. - pic2
Fetrow Helen I. - pic2
Fetrow Irene E.
Fetrow Mary A.
Fetrow Melvina
Fetrow Michael B.
Fetrow Russell H.
Fetrow Stephen H.
Fickes Blanche E. - pic2
Fickes Charles
Fickes Erney M. - pic2
Fickes John C. - pic2
Fickes John W. - pic2
Fickes Katie M. - pic2
Fickes Lola P.
Fickes Robert F.
Fickes Smyser F. - pic2
Fidler Annie K.
Fidler Annie M.
Fidler Charles
Fidler David M.
Fidler Jeremiah
Fidler Margaret
Fidler Margaret A.
Fidler Sallie A.
Filler Charles S. - pic2
Filler George W. - pic2
Filler Mary C. - pic2
Fillmore Melvin H.
Finfrock Amanda M.
Finfrock Aug's H.
Finfrock Bertha M.
Fink Allen G.
Fink Anna E.
Fink Charles F.
Fink Charles H.
Fink Charlotte E. - pic2
Fink Chester W.
Fink Clayton W.
Fink Edith I.
Fink Eli J. - pic 2
Fink Elmer R.
Fink Ethel M.
Fink Evelyn R.
Fink George A.
Fink Harry Loucks
Fink Jacob
Fink James E. - pic2
Fink James R.
Fink Jessica M.
Fink Jody M.
Fink John C.
Fink Julia R. Hedges
Fink Katie L.
Fink Lizzie - pic2
Fink Lloyd W.
Fink Margaret H.
Fink Mary E.
Fink Mildred G.
Fink Minnie M. - pic2
Fink Minnie M.
Fink Minnie M.
Fink Miriam A.
Fink Myrtle N.
Fink Nettie E.
Fink Nora C. - pic2
Fink Robert E.
Fink Sarah Conley - pic2
Fink Stephen E. - pic2
Fink Walter Hedges
Fink Wilbur S.
Fink William C. - pic2
Fink William C.
Finke Charles H.
Finke Emily E. - pic2
Finke Louise
Finke Mellie K. - pic2
Finke Paul G. - pic2
Finneyfrock Georgianna D.
Finneyfrock Vernon E.
Firestone Alice B.
Firestone Anna M.
Firestone Ara J.
Firestone Charles F.
Firestone Charles T.
Firestone Coleen A.
Firestone Donald W. - pic2
Firestone Edna G. - pic2
Firestone Elizabeth
Firestone Emma
Firestone Florence E.
Firestone Gertrude L.
Firestone Grace I. - pic2
Firestone, Sr. J. Russell
Firestone John C.
Firestone John C.
Firestone Kathryn
Firestone Madeline
Firestone Nora M. - pic2
Firestone Robert Clair - pic2
Firestone, II Roy A.
Firestone, Sr. Roy A. - pic2
Firestone Sallie K. - pic2
Firestone Samuel T.
Firestone Stuart L. - pic2
Firestone Walter E.
Fish Benjamin - pic2
Fish Catharine M. - pic2
Fish Frank B.
Fish Jeanette V.
Fishel Beatrice R.
Fishel Bert
Fishel David
Fishel Elizabeth
Fishel Emaline
Fishel Harry O.
Fishel Henrietta
Fishel James L.
Fishel Julia A.
Fishel Lovina
Fishel Lucy A.
Fishel Maria
Fishel Mary J.
Fishel Rhoda E.
Fishel Ruth V.
Fishel Warren
Fishel William G.
Fishel William H.
Fisher C. Stewart
Fisher Catherine
Fisher Elsie S.
Fisher Floyd R.
Fisher Franklin M.
Fisher Gordon R.
Fisher Harvey C.
Fisher Jack H.
Fisher, Sr. James R.
Fisher Lillian P.
Fisher Luther A.
Fisher Marie M.
Fisher Philip S.
Fisher S. Ella
Fisher Stewart A.
Fisher Victor W.
Fisher Yvonne E.
Fissel Effie M.
Fissel Evelyn E. - pic2
Fissel John Irvin
Fissel Josephine Crull
Fissel Paul B. - pic2
Fitzgerald E. Jean
Fitzgerald Paul K.
Fitzkee Cathedral E.
Fitzkee Raymond E.
Flavell, Jr. Harry N. - pic2
Flavell, Sr. Harry N. - pic2
Flavell Margaret S. - pic2
Flavell Ruth D. - pic2
Fleck Byron R. - pic2
Fleck Carrie B. - pic2
Fleck Marie S. - pic2
Fleck Ruth D. - pic2
Fleck Youra H. - pic2
Fleenor Jane F.
Flegel Catherine E.
Flegel Julia M.
Flegel Martin J.
Flegel Vivian M.
Fleigle Sarah L.
Fleigle William N.
Fleming Mary J.
Flemming Earl
Flemming Eugene
Flemming Florence C.
Flemming Frank L.
Flemming Franklin
Flemming Grace E.
Flemming Jacob F.
Flemming Maggie
Flemming Regina E.
Fletcher Olive E.
Flickinger Alma P.
Flickinger Annie
Flickinger George
Flickinger George W.
Flickinger Grace L.
Flickinger Jennie
Flickinger William G.
Fliegel Rebecca
Flinchbaugh Clarence S.
Flinchbaugh Donald R.
Flinchbaugh Edmund Casper
Flinchbaugh Edna M.
Flinchbaugh Elizabeth Clebish
Flinchbaugh Elizabeth T.
Flinchbaugh F. T.
Flinchbaugh Female
Flinchbaugh Geo. Frederick
Flinchbaugh Henry - pic2
Flinchbaugh Kay E.
Flinchbaugh Mary E.
Flinchbaugh Matilda E.
Flinchbaugh Murry C.
Flinchbaugh Noah
Flinchbaugh Sallie Jane - pic2
Flinchbaugh William A.
Flinchbaugh William H.
Flohr Bertha L.
Flohr Bessie M.
Flohr Daniel L.
Flohr Fannie Y.
Flohr Harry E. - pic2
Flohr Ioma A.
Flohr John H.
Flohr Mae L.
Flohr Maggie E.
Flohr Mary M. - pic2
Flohr Morris T.
Flohr Paul L.
Flohr Romaine S.
Flohr, Jr. William E.
Flohr William H. E.
Flohre M.
Flohre Mary
Flory Geo. E. - pic2
Flory Harry - pic2
Flory Ruth S. - pic2
Flory Susan M. - pic2
Floyd Charles Inners - pic2
Floyd Lottie M. - pic2
Flury Dora Beaverson
Fogle Gertrude I. C.
Folckomer Sadie Josephine
Folcomer Alverta J.
Folcomer John P.
Folk Charlotte L.
Folk John B.
Folk John W.
Folk Nina P.
Folk William H.
Folkemer Bertha S.
Folkemer Gordon E.
Folkenroth Annie E.
Folkenroth Charles M.
Folkenroth Earl E.
Folkenroth Edith R.
Folkenroth Emmaline
Folkenroth Fairy
Folkenroth Juliet M.
Folkenroth Laura E.
Folkenroth Matilda J.
Folkenroth Milton H.
Folkenroth Sandra S.
Folkenroth Unknown
Folkomer A. Elizabeth - pic2
Folkomer Grace E.
Folkomer John H.
Folkomer, Jr. Walter M. - pic2
Folkomer Walter M.
Foller Edith C.
Foller Fred L.
Foller John J. - pic2
Foller Lillie F. - pic2
Foller Lillie M.
Foller Mary E.
Foller Mary K.
Foller Mollie L.
Foller Percy W.
Foller Raymond L.
Foose Ada S.
Foose Catharine
Foose, Sr. Clarence N.
Foose Earl M.
Foose Ethel
Foose Grace A.
Foose John
Foose John H.
Foose Mary C.
Foose Rebecca G.
Foose Sarah V. Ernst
Foose Wm. S.
Ford Daniel A. - pic2
Ford Eugene A.
Ford Lucy M. E. - pic2
Foreman Charles R.
Foreman Edna M.
Foreman Lillie N.
Forney Franklin D.
Forrer Janet E.
Forry Abraham M.
Forry Samuel R.
Forry Unknown
Forsythe Bertha M.
Forsythe Carroll J.
Forsythe Margaret C. - pic2
Fortney Alice A.
Fortney, Sr. Edward J.
Fortney George W.
Fortney Ida J.
Fortney Janet Marie
Fortney Kenneth T.
Fortney Lillian A.
Fortney Mabel I.
Fortney Marvin R.
Fortney Robert E.
Fortney Willis W.
Foster, Sr. Cleveland C.
Foster Leeanna
Foster Patricia
Foster Rosa G. Dotterer
Foster Virginia M.
Foster, Sr. William H.
Foulk, Jr. Earl - pic2
Foulk, Sr. Earl C. - pic2
Foulk Gladys R. - pic2
Foulkrod Howard A.
Foulkrod Ruth C.
Foust Ada A.
Foust Annie M.
Foust Charles W.
Foust Curtis A.
Foust Flora A.
Foust George K. - pic2
Foust Hattie S. - pic2
Foust Henry
Foust Henry M. - pic2
Foust Leah
Foust Mamie E.
Foust Mamie S.
Foust Marie V. - pic2
Foust Sarah J.
Foust Unknown
Foust William S.
Fox Andrew - pic2
Fox Annie K. - pic2
Fox Johanna
Fox Miriam I.
Fox Myrtle Viola
Fraley Charles A.
Fraley Charles B.
Fraley Ida M.
Frank David C. - pic2
Frank Donald G. - pic2
Frank Edith V. - pic2
Frank Eliza - pic2
Frank Florence M. - pic2
Frank Geraldine - pic2
Frank Grace E.
Frank Harry C. - pic2
Frank Harry R. - pic2
Frank Isaac Clayton - pic2
Frank John P.
Frank M. Josephine - pic2
Frank Mabel E. - pic2
Frank R. Claire - pic2
Franklin Anna M.
Franklin David J.
Frantz Edward
Frantz Emma H.
Frantz Glenn S.
Frantz Lillie
Frantz Rosella I.
Frantz Rosemary L.
Frazer Ella
Frazer Florence A.
Frazer Leanah
Frazer Mary Alice
Frazer Mary C.
Frazer Milford C.
Frazer Peter D.
Frederick Mary A.
Frederick Roy
Free Annie M.
Free Annie Pentz
Free Franklin
Free Harry
Free John Jacob
Free John R. - pic2
Free Katie H.
Free Myrtle M. - pic2
Free William H.
Freed Alfred W.
Freed Arthur E.
Freed Charles W.
Freed Clayton L.
Freed Edna L.
Freed Estella K.
Freed Franklin
Freed Frederick H.
Freed Frederick H.
Freed H. W.
Freed Helen E.
Freed Jeanette L. Fielding
Freed John P.
Freed John Y.
Freed Joseph B.
Freed Katie A.
Freed Leonard J.
Freed Lewis S.
Freed Louise A. McCoy
Freed Lucinda Lau
Freed Margaret V.
Freed Martha L.
Freed Mary A.
Freed Samuel F.
Freed Sarah A.
Freed Sarah J.
Freed Susie A.
Freed William
Freeman Thomas B.
Freet John Francis
Freet Marie A.
Freeze, III John G.
Freeze, Sr. John G.
Freeze Mary Ruth
Frey Annie M.
Frey Annie S. - pic2
Frey Annie S.
Frey Baugher
Frey Bertha M.
Frey Bertha M.
Frey Bessie K.
Frey Bruce E.
Frey Catharine E.
Frey Charles E.
Frey Charles H.
Frey Chester H.
Frey Edward L.
Frey Edwin P.
Frey Ellers L.
Frey Emma Markel
Frey Erma Hollinger
Frey Esther B. - pic2
Frey Florence M.
Frey Franklin F.
Frey George Franklin
Frey Grace C. - pic2
Frey Harry
Frey, Sr. Harry A.
Frey Harry E.
Frey Harry F.
Frey Harry Franklin
Frey Henry J.
Frey Kate M.
Frey L. Ward
Frey Laura A.
Frey Louise M.
Frey Malinda Miller
Frey Margaret M.
Frey Marie E.
Frey Mary C.
Frey Mary Ellen
Frey Mary Wilt
Frey Mildred M. - pic2
Frey Milton E.
Frey Minnie L.
Frey Palmer L.
Frey Patronella E.
Frey Phyllis E.
Frey Vivian W.
Frey Wilbert
Frey William A.
Frey William B.
Frey William D.
Frey, Jr. William H.
Frick Gertrude S.
Frick Harry A.
Friedrich Helma
Friedrich Joachim
Frigm Ivy M.
Frigm James W.
Fringer Guy M.
Fringer Harriet J.
Fringer Harry L.
Fringer Jacob A.
Frisino Mary Alice
Frisino Thomas G.
Fritz A. Margaret
Fritz Bessie M.
Fritz Frank Seymour
Fritz George H.
Fritz Jerry L.
Fritz John H.
Frock Anna E.
Frock Reuben M.
Frock Sadie A.
Froeber Mabel A.
Frush Alverta
Frush Burgess
Frush Lewis M.
Frush Minnie P.
Fry Elsie I.
Fry M. Lloyd
Fry Savinah A. Schroll
Frye John H. - pic2
Frye Mary M. - pic2
Frye Matie L. - pic2
Frye Rachael N. - pic2
Frysinger Helen H.
Frysinger Jesse - pic2
Frysinger Robert J.
Frysinger S. Frances - pic2
Fuentes, Sr. Thomas
Fuhrman Annie E.
Fuhrman Calvin E.
Fuhrman, Jr. Charles W.
Fuhrman Charles W.
Fuhrman, Jr. Chas. W.
Fuhrman Dorothy R.
Fuhrman Hattie F.
Fuhrman James C.
Fuhrman June A.
Fuhrman Madalene E.
Fuhrman Mae
Fuhrman Mae E.
Fuhrman Miles C.
Fuhrman Miles C.
Fuhrman Roger B.
Fulcomer Hattie
Fulks Benjamin G.
Fulks, Sr. Daniel S.
Fulks Jacqueline L.
Fulks Louis V.
Fulks Susan
Fulks Winona G.
Fuller Charles E.
Fuller Charles F.
Fuller Edna P.
Fuller Herbert L.
Fuller Miriam K.
Fuller Robert Leroy
Fullerton Chauncey B.
Fulton Amanda M.
Fulton C. Mac.
Fulton Edna M.
Fulton Guy R.
Fulton Harry A.
Fulton James W.
Fulton Margaret M.
Fulton P. Leroy
Fulton Richard G.
Fulton Roland M.
Fulton Theda A.
Futer Edna M.
Futer Florence R.
Futer Walter W.


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