Second Street

South of Bainbridge

Conoy Township



Transcribed by

Keith McKain


Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman


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Listed below are all stones visible in 2007.




Henry MACHEN 5/2/1827-9/23/1906 aged 79y 4m 20d, with Elizabeth MACHEN 8/28/1828-2/17/1867, Barbara MACHEN 3/28/1838-8/16/1921, and Katie A. MACHEN 3/2?/1854-5/??/1927


Henry MACHEN 5/3/1827-9/23/1906, aged 79y 4m 2?d


Edward M. MARKLEY 1920-1993, with Della R. MARKLEY 1919-1996


John MARKLEY 1822-1875, with Susan S. Markley FELTENBERGER 1836-1913, Anna S. HERR 1813-1886,

?. M. MARKLEY 1858-1946, wife Elizabeth MARKLEY 1861-1938, Loyd Howard MARKLEY ? - 1882 son of ?.M. and Elizabeth, son John A. MARKLEY 1878-????, Thomas MUNDIS dates illegible, Mary(?) MUNDIS(?) dates illegible, Milton MUNDIS 1863-?, Amanda MUNDIS dates illegible, M. MORGENTHAL 1858-1944, and wife Annie MORGENTHAL 1863-1893


Alyia MARTIN 3/17/1955, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


David MARTIN 4/?/1824-9/?/???? aged ?4y 3m ?d, with wife Anna K. MARTIN d. 4/11/1906 aged 68y, and Unknown HAWTHORNE d. 3/1923


Maria MARTIN 8/11/1849-4/7/1900, aged 50y 7m 26d, "Sister"


William MARTIN 1/9/1815-6/13/1891, aged 76y 5m 4d, "Father"


Mary W. ------------   d. 8/?/188?, aged 71y, wife of George W---------


Charles C. MATHENY 1905-1964, with Anna M. MATHENY 1910-1961


Charles F. MATTHEW   View of Plot   8/9/1863-6/11/1927


Alice C. Will MATTHEW 9/25/1865-6/10/1915 wife of Charles F. MATTHEW


Unknown MATTHEW  Child of C.F. and Alice MATTHEW


Sadie M. MATTHEW 9/6/1890-6/25/1892, child of C.F. and Alice MATTHEW


Carrie M. MATTHEW 9/2?/1888(?)-?/?/1888, child of C.F. and Alice MATTHEW


Jacob McALLISTER   View 2     ?/24/1816-?/19/1848 aged 32y 7m 26d, with Unknown McALLISTER  (2d. 12/?/???? aged 45y 1m 9d wife of Jacob McALLISTER


Ellen N. McCARTHY 12/4/1898-9/24/1991


John W. McCARTHY 1889-1960


Mallory J. McCONNELL 1991-1991


Joseph McCORD 1862-1930, with wife Martha Rhoads McCORD, 1862-19--


Carrie E. McCOWEN d. 2/26/1922, aged 10d, daughter of Lenwood and Ber-is(?) McCOWEN


Geneva McCOWIN 10/23/1955, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Edward D. McCURDY 9/12(?)/1940-12/?/1946(?)


Elizabeth Bryan McCURDY 1890-1918


Ethel M. McCURDY d. 10/19/1911, daughter of Harry F. and Lizzie McCURDY


Freeman S. McCURDY 12/24/1914-9/18/1985, with Sarah L. McCURDY 10/23/1915-11/3/1987


Harold D. McCURDY 1/11/1934-1/12/2004, US Army 1956-1957


Harry F. McCURDY 1888-1958


Jessie K. McCURDY 1901-1992


Richard L. McCURDY 1/24/1937-6/28/1986


Richard L. McCURDY 11/7/1939-12/13/1980


Evelyn G. McELROY 1940(?)-1967


Howard E. McELWEE 1880-1964, with Tressie B. McELWEE 1875-1959


Judith E. McKAIN 7/7/1950-10/16/1991


Catharine W. McMe---------    6/28/1826-2/21/1858, aged 31y(?) 7m 23d, with of Thomas McMe--------


Unknown McMe-------- 1853-185(?), daughter of Thomas and Catharine McMe--------, aged ?y 6m


James Joseph McNAUGHTON 1963-1963, with Mabel E. SHANK 1908-1991


Kathy L. McNAUGHTON 12/28/1952-10/8/2003




Franklin NcNEILL 5/2/1826-2/28/1900, with wife Emma A. KEYS 12/20/1852


Hannah McNEILL   View 2 

d. 6/7/1868, aged 6?y 6m 21d, wife of John(?) McNEILL, "Our Mother", with Unknown McNEILL , Unknown McNEILL ,

Unknown McNEILL d. 9/10(?)/18?? aged 1y 12d, Unknown McNEILL 7/19/1848-4/6/1849(?), aged 1y 8m 1?d, son of ? and Hannah McNEILL, and Jane LINTON d. 11/10/1859, aged 46y 1m 15d


John McNEILL 11/12/1794-12/6/1853, aged 56y 24d


Ross McNEILL 8/15(?)/1841-?/22/1849(?), aged 8y ?m 7d(?), son of John and ? McNEILL


McNELLY see photos for Rev. Adam P. and Mary Green STOVER


Elias B. McNELLY 1874-1967 "Father", with Ella M. McNELLY 1874-1963 "Mother"


Jacob H. MECKLEY 10/2/1840-3/17/1914, with wife Annie Wilhelm MECKLEY 5/12/1854-10/22/1930, and J. Jacob MECKLEY 1891-1920


Mary Wilhelm MECKLEY 3/3/1881-10/7/1947


Henry MELCHIOR   View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5  View 6  View 7 

1844-1917, with wife Margaretta Stotz MELCHIOR 1844-1922, John F. MELCHOIR 1866-1888, Ruby S. MELCHOIR 1876-1878, Maud M. MELCHOIR 1889-1915, and George S. MELCHOIR 1881-1904, see also photos for Edith SHIREMAN


John MESZAROS b. 2/2/1916


Joseph MESZAROS b. 1918(?), d. 7/1?/1918




Susie MESZAROS ?/18/1919-4/10/1920, aged 2y 4m


METZLER See photos under Horace and Ella SMITH


Harvey METZLER 1873-1949, with wife Martha S. METZLER 1892-1957


Abraham MILLER   View 2    1822-1905, "Father", shown with COVER monument and two unknown stones


Albert E. MILLER 1850-1935, with wife Anna M. MILLER 1846-1901


Anna D. MILLER 9/9/1796-2/14/1881, aged 84y 5m 5d, wife of John T. MILLER


Barbara M. MILLER 1/1/1896-8/2/1971


Charlotte MILLER 1/21/1831-2/27/1883, aged 52y 1m 6d, wife of ? MILLER, "Our Mother"


Ervin F. MILLER 1901-1980, with Mary H. MILLER 1904-1987


George MILLER d. 4/21/1872, aged 1y 8m ?d, son of Lewis and Charlotte MILLER


J. Jones MILLER 1863-1933, with Emma MILLER 1863-1937


Jane MILLER 10/6/1812-6/28/1895, aged 82y 8m 22d


Jeff MILLER 10/22/19??, infant son of D. C. & S. J. MILLER


John A. MILLER 9/8/1858-11/10/1935, with wife Ella C. MILLER 4/15/1869-2/26/1942, and Robert S. MILLER 1/24/1897


John B. MILLER   View 2   8/30/1816-12/22/1886 aged 70y 3m 22d "Father", with wife Harriet MILLER 3/4/1827-2/19/1914, aged 86y 11m ?d "Mother", Children dau. d. 3/21/1852 aged 11m 21d, and son d. 2/7/1854 aged 7m(?) 27d


John T. MILLER 6/2/1793-5/27/1859, aged 65y 11m 25d, Honor of Service in the War of 1812, N.S. U.S.D.


Lewis MILLER 10/15/1821-1/25/1879, aged 57y 3m 10d


Lewis F. MILLER d. 4/22/1861, aged 5y 9m 2d, son of Lewis and Charlotte MILLER


Maggie A. MILLER ?/16/1818-1880(?)


Michael MILLER 4/20/1828-5/22/1895, aged 67y 1m 1d


Orpha E. MILLER 1896-1969, "Daughter"


Unknown MILLER 


Walter D. MILLER 1914-1970 Pvt. U.S. Army WWII "Teddy", with Alice D. MILLER 1908-1973 "Skippy"


David J. MINICK 2/6/1943-1/9/1989, Veteran, "In our loving memory Your Children"


Jean L. MINICK 1951-1952, with Mary A. MINICK 1941-1995, daughters of Dean and Blanche


Elizabeth M. MOHR 1918-1994


Jacob MOHR 1897, Co I(?) 93rd PA Inf.


Leon Gene MOHR 9/24/1928-11/22/1984, with Mildred Irene MOHR nee GUTSHALL 9/27/1930-10/29/1983, married 10/8/1949


Alice May MONAGHAN 1887-1904, daughter of William & Anna E. MONAGHAN, "My Dear Sister"


Anna E. MONAGHAN 1847-1897, daughter of Anthony & Catharine SCHEAFFER, "My Dear Mother"


William MONAGHAN 1842-1921, "My Dear Father"


Dorothy M. MONTGOMERY 7/4/1915-5/3/1985, "Daughter"


William J. MONTGOMERY 12/29/1880-4/27/1947 "Father", with Orpha MONTGOMERY 9/21/1882-5/18/1966 "Mother"


Hilda Ritter MOORE 1884-1953


Albert M. RICHWINE 1883-1953, with wife Ella RICHWINE 1883-1940, and Marie Camp MOORE 1900-1921


Annie M. MORGENTHAL   View 2   d. 8/9/1892 aged 20y 1m 25d wife of J. MORGENTHAL, same plot as Andrew and Maria BOREMAN family and Sarah STIRE


Daniel MORGENTHAL 1/31/1832-4/4/1903, with Eliza Becker MORGENTHAL 4/20/1836-10/2/1922, and Jacob MONGENTHAL 1864-1955


Gale T. MORRISON 1912-1987, with Adda E. MORRISON 1910-1999


Mus(?) J. P. MORRISON Co A, 47 U.S. V. I.


James W. MORRISON 5/12/1831-8/14/1907, aged 76y 3m 2d, "Father"


John B. MORRISON 1854-1935, with wife Barbara K. MORRISON 1852-1945, and son J. P. MORRISON 1878-1900


Mary A. MORRISON 2/6/1831-5/2/1901, aged 70y 2m 26d, wife of James W. MORRISON, "Mother"


Catharine B. MULLISON 11/5/1839-2/24/1916, with Mary KING 3/8/1854-3/6/1911 daughter of John & Catharine MULLISON


William W. MUNDORFF   View 2   1880-1964 "Father", with Ida E. MUNDORFF 1884-1966 "Mother", son Edwin E. MUNDORFF 1910-1918, Ray HESSLET 1911-1970 "Husband", William E. MUNDORFF 1921-1985 Veteran "Husband", and

Minerva P. MUNDORFF 1922-2003 "Wife"


Annie E. MURPHY 2/29/1844-10/7/1928


Daniel W. MURPHY   View 2   9/11/1826-3/30/1897, with Catharine F. MURPHY 11/8/1829-7/4/1917, and Unknown MURPHY, Unknown MURPHY 


James MURPHY d. 3/27/1877, aged 49y 16d


Mary E. A. MURPHY d. 3/23/1858(?)


Susuannah Shearer MURPHY d. 2/24/1914, aged 81y 10m 22d, wife of James MURPHY & A. K. STONE


William MURPHY 5/15/1844(?)-3/6/1878, aged 43y(?) 9m 21d(?)


Benj. F. MYERS Jr. 7/29/1909-5/31/1978, with wife Laura M. MYERS 2/19/1911-4/11/2004, and son B. Robert MYERS 11/22/1929-3/21/1946


Benjamin F. MYERS   View 2  1867-1949, with wife Linnie Smith MYERS 1884-1917


Benjamin MYERS 5/11/1830-11/5/1905, aged 75y 5m 24d


Carrie MYERS 9(?)/27(?)/18??-10/?/18??, aged 3y 16d, daughter of John and Catharine MYERS


Earl G. MYERS 1895-1966 "Father", with Elizabeth K. MYERS 1903-1988 "Mother"


George "Bob" MYERS 1925-1996


John MYERS   View 2 

8/22/1823-6/4/1913, with Catherine A. MYERS 11/19/1832-4/7/1907, with "Mother" and "Father" markers


John H. MYERS   View 2 

12/27/1859-12/3/1935, with wife Jennie Doyle MYERS 11/6/1859-7/29/1928, Nellie J. MYERS d. 10/20/1890, aged 3y 10m 2d daughter of John H. & Jennie MYERS, and Unknown MYERS 


Leah MYERS 6/21/1844-3/12/1894, aged 49y 8m 21d, wife of Benjamin MYERS


Raymond E. MYERS 1923-1981 WWII Veteran, with Helen J. MYERS 1927-2001


Aloies H. NAGEL 1904-197?, with Gladys F. NAGEL 1936-1975, Libby A. NAGEL 1937-1955, and D------- NAGEL


Donald L. NAGEL 1/20/1948-1/12/1958, "Son"


Everett D. NAGEL 8/1/1912-9/12/1982, with Kathryn V. NAGEL 9/15/1917-3/14/1982


Frd NAGEL   View 2 

1836-1923, with wife Anna NAGEL 1840-1923, Effie L. NAGEL 9/7/1871-6/15/1884 wife of Herman NAGEL, "Our Babes" Herbert and Ruth, H. A. NAGEL 1869-1948, with wife Emma C. NAGEL 1873-1936, Emma B. NAGEL , Mother , Father 


Dawn Marie NAUMAN 2/4/1964-6/6/1996, "Beloved Daughter Sister & Mother"


Irvin "Bud" NAUMAN 1936-1996


Richard George NAUSS 1955-1955, "Our Son"


Emma Mary NEES 1964-1968, daughter of Ludwig & Harlean NEES


Earl NEIDIG 1861-1921, with wife Kate NEIDIG 1866-1918


George W. NEIN 1868-1953 "Father", with Kate D. NEIN 1867-1943 "Mother"


John Page NEIN 12/2/1890-8/23/1961, PA MUS 3 CL HQ Co 11 Inf, WW I PH


Paul NEIN 1894-1971, Pvt. 103rd Eng. USA WW II


Joseph William NELSON 1914-1977, located in John and S. Gertrude WILE plot


Adam NEY 12/31/1838-5/31/1915, with wife Mary J. NEY 12/19/1852-11/11/1918, "Parents"


Anna E. NEY 9/27/1868-2/2/1869, daughter of A.(?) Moses(?) and Mary NEY


G. Irvin NEY 11/29/1872-10/23/1893, aged 20y 10m 2?d, son of Moses and Mary NEY


John W. NEY 11/26/1826-8/24/1904, with wife Susan Hess NEY 11/3/1835-5/6/1912, and John H. NEY 6/5/1861(?)-6/12/1880(?), and Louise NEY 2/22/1854-?/27/1908


Mary NEY 3/20/1799-5/8/1875, aged 76y 1m 18d, wife of Samuel NEY


Moses NEY 3/29/1834-4/30/1875, with wife Mary NEY 3/21/1836-11/11/1926, "Parents"


Samuel NEY 10/8/1799(?)-5/6/1863, aged 63y 6m 19d


Clarence W. NIBLOCK 1881-1940, with wife Bertha V. NIBLOCK 1883-1972, and children Bertha V. NIBLOCK 1907-1921 and Lloyd W. NIBLOCK 1905-1972


Henry NINE 2/21/1846-2/21/1875 aged 29y, "Our Father"


Carl F. NISSLEY Sr. 12/12/1930-1/6/2002, Korean War Veteran


Ellen N. Cope NOPHSKER 3/13/1825-1/2/1911, aged 85y 9m 19d, "Our Mother"


Emma NOPHSKER 1887(?)-1888(?), daughter of ? and ? NOPHSKER


Henrietta NOPHSKER d. 3/20/1879, aged 62y 4m 10d, wife of Jacob NOPHSKER


Jerome S. NOPHSKER 1/18/1851-7/10/1904, with wife Rose Ann NOPHSKER 2/10/1853


Sam M. NOPHSKER 1925, Co B 25th PA Inf








Jacob NOSALCHUK 1886-1963


Lois NOVIK d. 5/26/1935


Geo. W. NULL 1922, Co C 166 Reg. Mil.


Nickola Nusic d. 11/9/1929


Alice NUSSER daughter of Evan & Emma NUSSER


Daniel R. NUSSER 4/10/1899-12/14/1978, with MARY M. NUSSER 9/1/1900-9/5/1964


Evenuel NUSSER 1871-1953, with Emma B. NUSSER 1875-1956


Sgt. Carl F. OBER   View 2   12/2/1925-3/4/1945, US Army Air Corps, K.I.A. WWII, Austria


Charles O'CONNOR d. 10/8/1929


George O'CONNOR 7/12/1868-11/19/1938, with wife Cornelia O'CONNOR 8/23/1868-7/10/1938, Paul E. O'CONNOR 8/1/1896-10/18/1918 aged 22y 2m 18d, and Bernerd W. O'CONNOR 2/2/1906-11/4/1931


Glenn L. O'CONNOR 1917-2003, with Pauline L. O'CONNOR 1901-1974


Joseph M. O'CONNOR 1893-1953 "Father", with Blanche D. O'CONNOR 1893-1965 "Mother", and son Clair I. O'CONNOR 1921-1921


Vincent W. O'CONNOR 5/10/1920-7/17/1997, with Ruth A. O'CONNOR 11/28/1922-6/2/1999




John N. ORENDORF 6/7/1897-10/30/1948


Susan E. ORENDORF 7/4/1902-7/15/1947, wife of John ORENDORF


Susan OSSMAN d. 2/5/1827 aged 79y(?) 6m 24d


Tony P------------- d. 11/2/1918, aged 26y


Denise Bowman PAOLI 11/5/1953-1/5/1983


Annie PARANIUK 6/24/1918-8/29/1918 aged 2m 5d, Stenli Paraniuk




Harold N. PARMER 2/21/1935-7/15/1995


James W. PARMER 1915-1990, with Ruth E. PARMER 1916-1988




Henry PENTZ   View 2    1816-1905, with Christiana PENTZ 1812-1892, daughter Myrtle L. PENTZ 1900-1926, mother

Clara S. PENTZ 1871-1936, father Harry J. PENTZ 1866-1938, Chapman PENTZ 1839-1905, Harry J. HAWTHORN 1866-1938, Clara S. HAWTHORN 1871-1936, Myrtle L. HAWTHORN 1900-1926,  George W. HAWTHORN 1842-1925, wife A. Margaret HAWTHORN 1840-1926, Ida M. HOWTHORN 1866-1896 aged 30y wife of H.J. HOWTHORN, mother A. Margaret PENTZ 1840-1926, mother Ida M. PENTZ 1866-1896, Margaret PENTZ , and Jane H. BRYAN 1896-1983


George PENYAK d. 2/19/1957


Katie PENYAK d. 3/29/1979


Frank C. PETERSON d. 12/11/1918, aged 35y


PIPER see photos for Henry Warren and Myrtle Piper LUTZ


Jacob P. PRESCOTT    View 2    1878-1967 "Father", with Mabel J. PRESCOTT 1879-1951 "Mother", Estella PRESCOTT 

1906- , Walter Jacks PRESCOTT 1905-1985, Carroll J. PRESCOTT 1908-1960, and Ruth E. PRESCOTT 1909-1976


Edward QUARRELS 1/11/1938, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Lucy QUARRELS 4/1/1933, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Abram S. RABER 5/1/1855-3/23/1925, with wife Clara J. RABER 10/4/1855-10/22/1916


Calvin L. RABER 1875-1964, with Corella J. RABER 1880-1973, Richard L. RABER 1924, and Margie E. RABER 1908-1943


Kenneth Lee RABER 3/22/1939-4/7/1954, "Son"


Norman L. RABER 1914-1987, with Catherine D. RABER 1913-1981


Raymond E. RABER 1902-1988 "Father", with Edith W. RABER 1905-1998 "Mother"


Larry L. RAFFENSBERGER 1962-1994


Michael O. RAFFENSBERGER Sr 6/17/1961-3/9/2007


Warren H. RAFFENSBERGER 1920-1994 WWII Veteran, with Margaret A. RAFFENSBERGER 1940-1993


Betty J. RAFFERTY 5/12/1940-9/24/1992


Edna H. RAMSEY 10/31/1891-9/4/1953


George L. RAMSEY 6/13/1888-11/13/1957


Frances M. RAPP 8/23/1916-12/3/2001


Lee Allen RAPP 12/19/1989-5/17/1997, "Son"


Russell E. RAPP 10/25/1947-9/1/1980


Susannah RAWLING d. 3/18/1841 aged 56y 6m 18d wife of Benj. RAWLING, with Abraham RAWLING d. 3/20/1868 aged 27y and Samuel RAWLING d. 9/15/1868 aged 18y sons of B. and S. RAWLING


Earl R. REED 1909-1994 with Gladys G. REED 1907-1989


Jennifer L. REED 3/13/1975-7/17/2006


Charles A. REISINGER 1908-1981, WWII Veteran


George E. REISINGER 6/4/1901-8/4/1971, with Ella R. REISINGER 5/25/1903-6/28/1947


John A. REISINGER 4/12/1869-5/23/1945, with Hannah E. REISINGER 10/27/1869-1/8/1941


Roland M. REISINGER 1904-1958 "Father", with Mary E. REISINGER 1910-1993 "Mother"


Mike REITKOVICH 9/29/1862-10/22/1925, aged 63y 23d


Benj. F. RENO   View 2   View 3  

10/13/1866-12/26/1934 "Father", with Emma Jane RENO 9/26/1869-10/17/1928 "Mother", and Minnie RENO 1904-1923


B. Frank RENO 4/4/1891- , with Harriet Camp RENO 10/1/1891-9/2/1963, Married 12/12/1914


Irvin G. RENO 1902-1962, with wife Cora J. RENO 1902-1977


Catharine A. RICH d. 3/9/1901, aged 74y 2m 16d, wife of John H. RICH


John H. RICH d. 5/11/1918(?), aged ?3y 3m 26d


Percy W. RICH d. 7/2/1948 aged 75y 8m 3d, with


Paul Rich GARBER 1/7/1890-8/23/1954, and Unknowns:   1  2  3  4 


Albert M. RICHWINE 1883-1953, with wife Ella RICHWINE 1883-1940, and Marie Camp MOORE 1900-1921


Earl M. RICHWINE  View 2    1920-2001 MSGT US Air Force WWII Korea, with Dorothy J. RICHWINE 1925-2005


George A. RIFE 1903-1971, WWII Veteran


Catharine RISTINE 4/18/1847-8/17/1903, aged 56y 3m 29d


John RITTER d. 2/18/1910, aged 61y, "Father"


Sarah RITTER d. 3/26/1886, aged 37y, wife of John RITTER


Mary A. ROHRER 2/2/1846-1/15/1872, wife of Jacob B. ROHRER


William H. ROLAND 1875-1929, with Daisy M. ROLAND 1885-1949


Annie Lehman HERCHELROTH 7/6/1855-4/2/1894


Howard L. ROTHROCK   View 2    1884-1950 "Father", with Edith May ROTHROCK 1893-1938 "Mother"


Alpheus E. RUNKLE 1880-1937 "Father", with Edith M. RUNKLE 1890-1958 "Mother"


Chester A. RUNKLE 10/30/1924-12/15/1994, with Betty J. RUNKLE 9/22/1922-10/18/2005


James W. RUNKLE 1919-1981, with Reba M. RUNKLE 1915-1997


Larry W. RUNKLE 2/18/1944-3/24/2006, Miriam D. O. RUNKLE 5/29/1953-9/15/2004


David D. RUTH 12/20/1849-9/20/1933, with Alice Longsdorf RUTH 10/22/1852-6/4/1932, Pearl Ray Ruth KEENARD 1878-1919, and Kathryn Longsdorf Ruth KEENARD 1906-1919


Anna M RUTHERFORD 12/17/1858-2/2/1932, "Sister"


Catharine RUTHERFORD 9/1/1846-12/7/1916


James RUTHERFORD 7/22/1825-6/2/1873 aged 47y 10m 10d




Harvey G. RUTHERFORD 1878-1942, with wife Mary E. RUTHERFORD 1880-1959


James RUTHERFORD 1/3/1833-1/21/1912, aged 79y 18d, "Father"


John B.(?) RUTHERFORD d. 3/29/1922 aged 87y 8m 19d "Father", with Rachel RUTHERFORD d. 11/23/1913 aged 79y 9m 22d


Paul D. RUTHERFORD d. 3/20/1918, aged 22y 10m 7d, "Brother"


William RUTHERFORD d. Sept 1882 aged 68y, with wife Leah RUTHERFORD d. Aug 1872 aged 53y, and daughter Leah RUTHERFORD   (2)   d. 8/28/1929 aged 96y


E. S. 


S. S.


Robert W. SADLER 4/15/1915-3/3/1979, MSGT US Army WW II


Louis M. SARGEN     View 2    3/11/1932-2/5/1995, SP4 US Army


Raymond J. SCHNADER 1913-1970


Anna M. SCHROLL daughter of Harry and Lydia SCHROLL


Henry SCHROLL   View 2   2/6/1818-1/4/1895, aged 76y 10m 28d


Lydia SCHROLL 7/4/1823-11/25/1910, aged 87y 4m 21d


Mary C. SCHROLL d. ?/24(?)/1851, aged 2y(?), daughter of Henry and Lydia SCHROLL


Unknown SCHROLL 


William H. SCHROLL d. 2/27/1896, aged 41y 1m 9d


Rose T. SCHRUM d. 12/24/1943


Uriah SCHRUM d. 7/5/1930


SCHULTZ   see photos for Rev. Adam P. and Mary Green STOVER


Dora Nusser Gundy SCHYLASKE 1902-1971


Elizabeth SCOTT 2/8/1930, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Randolph SCOTT 9/12/1939, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Silas SCOTT 2/19/1929, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Arthur J. SECHRIST   View 2    1888-1956, with Mary E. SECHRIST 1888-1948, John A. SECHRIST 1914-1991,

Katherine G. SECHRIST 1919-2006, Annetta BACHMAN 1855-1937, and Emma Lewis BACHMAN 1862-1893


Joseph H. SECHRIST   View 2   1849-1913, with Caroline SECHRIST 1853-1935


Cameron Bryan SEITZ 5/1990-2/1991, "Born 2/13/1991"


Sarah Q. SELLERS 12/26/1833-1/17/1907, aged 73y 21d


Anna M. SEYMOUR 10/5/1869-12/1/1949, 80y 1m 25d, "Mother"


Anthony SCHAEFFER 1888 Son of O. G. & Anne SCHAEFFER, located in Henry and Sarah SNYDER plot


Henry SHAEFFER d. 6/24/1930


William SHAEFFER 1893-1944, with Jessie S. SHAEFFER 1895-1965


Barbara H. SHAFFER 10/20/1837-2/13/1911, aged 73y 3m 23d


Bessie SHAFFER 7/29/1883-12/15/1896


Lizzie SHAFFER d. ??/29/1908


Barbara SHANK 7/11/1833-3/22/1889, aged 55y 8m 11d, "Our Mother"


David N. SHANK 8/14/1883(?)-11/5(?)/1972


Emma M. SHANK 10/29/1887-10/20/1914, wife of David N. SHANK


Harry W. SHANK 1868-1939, with Katie N. SHANK 1869-1935, Walter R. SHANK 1900-1936, and Paul I. SHANK 1895-1939


Mabel E. SHANK 1908-1991, with James Joseph McNAUGHTON 1963-1963


Warren SHANK 1913-1914




Theodore A. SHECKART 1883-1959 "Father", with Dora E. SHECKART 1886-1975 "Mother"


Linda Kay SHEETZ 1951-1969, Lighty


Richard L. SHEETZ 1969-1970


E Elizabeth SHELL 1884-1946, "Mother"


Sarah F. SHELLENBERGER   View 2 

9/21/1854-5/9/1884, aged 29y 7m 18d, wife of H. H. SHELLENBERGER, next to illegible stone with "K. B."


Christian SHENK 1834-1914, with Margaretta M. SHENK 1838-1931, Anna M. SHENK 1863-1863, Iven L. SHENK 1864-1870, and Alphus D. SHENK 1866-1873


Elmer E. SHEPLER Sr. 1/8/1940-9/16/2002


John F. SHERRICK 1902-1969


Christian G. SHIREMAN    View 2    5/20/1926-4/4/1945, S 2/C US Navy, K.I.A. Buried at Sea, WWII, USS Franklin


Edith SHIREMAN    View 2    5/10/1814-11/10/1906, wife of E. L. SHIREMAN, located in MELCHIOR plot


Annie D. SHOAFF 1874-1943, with John E. SHOPE 1913-1913, Nellie H. SHOPE 1890-1929, and J. June SHOPE 1916-1984


Annie E. Derr SHOAFF 3/6/1836-6/15/1904, aged 68y 3m 9d, wife of Jacob SHOAFF


Frances SHOAFF 11/28/1850-11/21/1861, aged 10y 11m 26d, daughter of Jacob and Mary SHOAFF


Jacob SHOAFF 2/11/1821-12/27/1881 aged 59y 10m 13d


John SHOAFF 5/8/1851-12/21/1899, aged 48y 7m 13d


Margaret SHOAFF 4/29/1820-8/18/1871, aged 51y 3m 19d, wife of Benjamin SHOAFF


Mary SHOAFF 2/?/1821-5/?/1870, aged 49y 2m 28d, wife of Jacob SHOAFF


Sarah SHOAFF 5/9/1862-11/14/1866(?), aged 1y 6m 5d, daughter of ? and Mary SHOAFF


John SHOLLAW 1902, Co. H. 195th PA Inf., Civil War marker


Mary A. SHOLLAW 7/28/18??-12/17/188?, aged 44y 1m(?) 19d, wife of John SHOLLAW


Eliza SHOLLOW 3/14/1847-8/9/1923, aged 76y 4m 25d, "Mother"


Russell S. SHOOP 1909-1981


Gene E. SHOPE 1916-2004, with Alice K. SHOPE 1917-2007, and daughter Marlene S. DORM 1955-2004


John Frederick SHOPE 6/12/1968-7/2/1989, "With Love, Mom and Dad"


Nellie H. SHOPE 1890-1929, with John E. SHOPE 1913-1913, J. June SHOPE 1916-1984, and Annie D. SHOAFF 1874-1943


Elizabeth J. SHROY 1916-1956, "Mother"


Maggie May SHUE 1/29/1885-2/24/1959


Granville SHUMAKER 1/16/1833-11/19/1915, with wife Elizabeth SHUMAKER 8/7/1843-4/4/1922


Grace W. SHUSTER 1874-1929, "Mother"


George S. SIDES   View 2  View 3 

1860-1924, with Melozine SIDES 1860-1933, Christian W. GROFF 1882-1938, Mabel GROFF 1886-1973,

Cecil M. FRYE 1914-1990, wife Ruth E. FRYE 1915-1989, Mabel M. Stotz GROFF 1922-2004, and Harold L. STOTZ 1912-1998


Jacob SIDES 3/20/1838-12/26/1914 Civil War marker, with wife Mary E McAllister SIDES 8/8/1841-10/27/1875


Peter SIDES 1800-1850, with wife Mary SIDES 1803-1878, son Samuel SIDES 1832-1842, Peter SIDES 4/24/1824-10/22/1916, wife Maria SIDES 10/30/1820-7/10/1914, Ulysses T. BARE 4/2/1855-2/12/1902, G. F. B. , U. T. B. , and

George F. BARE 1885-1886


Andreas SILVER d. 4/3/1916, aged 60y, born Austria


Itna(?) Bene. SIMPOVITCH 7/13/1912-10/11/1912aged 3m, son of Frank and Pauline SIMPOVITCH


Abraham SIPLINO 9/22/1819-10/8/1892, aged 73y 16d, "Father"


Daniel H. SIPLING 1862-1897, with wife Annie S. Ruhl SIPLING 1871-1961


Maria SIPLING 9/14/1830-6/2/1914, aged 83y 8m 19d, wife of Abraham Sipling, "Mother"


Sarah Jane SIPLING d. 6/25/1921, aged 69y 9m 9d


Tinney SKEEN   View 2   1819-1896, with Elizabeth SKEEN 1834-1923, and Mary L. SKEEN 1860-1934


Barbara SMALL 6/2/1794-1/30/1874, aged 79y 7m 28d, wife of James B. SMALL


James B. SMALL d. 1/3/18??, aged 82y(?) 6m ?d


John B. SMALL 8/8/1826-2/18/1874, aged 47y 4m 10d




Abram SMITH 3/11/1824-9/2/1904 "Father", with


Sherman SMITH 7/5/1879-12/6/1918 "Father", and Almeda E. SMITH 6/16/1889-12/10/1918 "Mother"


Catharine SMITH 3/25/1808-3/3/1876, aged 66y 11m 8d (sic), wife of I. A. SMITH, daughter of John and Maryann WOODWARD


Curtis F. SMITH 1883-1957 "Father", with Mabel M. SMITH 1886-1971 "Mother"


Ellsworth L. SMITH 1861-1912 "Father", with wife Emily E. SMITH 1855-1896 "Mother"


Elwood S. SMITH 1913-1984, WWII Veteran


Ethel M. SMITH 7/28/1900-1/2/1996


Frederick B. SMITH   View 2   1869-1935 "Father", with Jessie G. SMITH 1868-1960 "Mother", and son Carl A. SMITH 1897-1948


George H. SMITH 10/12/1917-1/27/1983, Veteran


Hannah SMITH 12/31/1849--5/5/1851, with Infant 12/30/1852-12/30/1852, and Lucy SMITH 12/19/1863-12/28/1863, children of John H. & Susannah SMITH


Henry H. SMITH 1827-1886


Horace G. SMITH   View 2   View 3  

1855-1931, with Ella G. SMITH 1860-1953, Ray M. SMITH 1880-19--, Mae E. SMITH 1880-19--, Hallie SMITH 1864-1880,

Emma A. METZLER 1840-1931, and Joseph R. METZLER 1835-1923 Civil War Veteran


I.Scott SMITH   View 2 

2/11/1872-4/29/1949, with wife Lois Schum SMITH 8/17/1870-5/6/1937, Winfield S. SMITH 11/22/1847-9/16/1920,

Helen S. JOURDET 1/13/1896-11/13/1962, Bert L. HAMOR 5/23/1889-12/13/1960 Veteran, Edwin S. SMITH 10/11/1899-10/12/1977, his wife Gertrude W. SMITH 1/13/1904-1/25/1972, May SMITH 5/14/1882-1/1/1918, and Melissa A. SMITH 9/18/1851-6/29/1922 wife of Winfield S. SMITH


Jacob SMITH 1889, Co E, 1st -- Cav.


Jacob SMITH 5/14/1814-2/21/1873 "Father", with Anjuline SMITH 6/26/1893 aged 80y "Mother", children Milton B. 1843-1843, Elizabeth 1846-1848, Henry E. 1852-1852, and Mary E. 1856-1857, same stone as George and Florence WESEMAN


James M. SMITH Sr. 6/18/1931-8/20/2006 Korean War Veteran, with James M. SMITH Jr 12/2/1956-10/13/2001


John E. SMITH 1912-1966, Seaman 2/C U.S.N.W. WW II


John E. SMITH 1912-1966, with Josephine L. SMITH 1912-1987, and son John A. SMITH 1935-1954


John Hoffman SMITH 10/21/1821-12/14/1903, with Susannah Wiley SMITH 6/10/1825-4/12/1915




John SMITH d. 4/18/1889, aged 21y 20d, son of Jacob & Martha SMITH


Lloyd Curtis SMITH 4/16/1933-6/18/1955, PA PFC US Army


Lloyd F. SMITH 1910-1984 "Father", with Josephine H. SMITH 1910-1999 "Mother", and son Lloyd C. SMITH 1933-1955


Marian A. SMITH 11/22/1900-11/18/1968


Mary A. SMITH d. 5/23/1894, aged 65y 9m 8d, wife of Frederick SMITH, "Mother"


Mary SMITH 1/6/1846(?)-4/20/1908, aged ?4y 3m 14d, wife of M. W. SMITH, "Mother"


Mathias W. SMITH 3/3/1817-8/24/1895, aged 78y 5m 21d, "Father"


Michael A. SMITH 9/20/1842-7/13/1910, aged 67y 9m 23d, Co A1 US Light Art.


Monroe SMITH 11/2/1887-12/9/1939, with Anna M. SMITH 3/28/1892-4/19/1977


Norman H. SMITH 8/23/1877-9/11/1955, with wife Lottie Groff SMITH 8/5/1881-11/14/1933, and wife Elsie Lutz SMITH 3/4/1893-3/7/1967


Paul SMITH 5/3/1895-11/4/1948, PA Wagoner 304 AM TN 79 Div WW I


Sarah SMITH 1851-1896


Sarah SMITH 8/18/1792-1/15/1871, aged 78y 4m 27d, wife of John Smith


Sarah Ann SMITH 


Sheaffer S. SMITH   View 2  View 3 

3/11/1860-3/24/1942, with wife Maggie E. SMITH 12/23/1869-4/19/1952, son Roy M. SMITH 2/5/1888-10/21/1918,

Harvey F. SMITH 5/14/1885-5/15/1941, and Roy M. SMITH 2/5/1888-10/21/1918 Priv. 341 Fire & Guard Co. U.S.A.


Thomas SMITH 1866-1918, with Ida B. SMITH 1865-1938, Ida R. DIETZ 1895-1952 "Daughter", J. Harold SMITH 1904-1904, and Lottie SMITH 1897-1918, same plot as Harry M. and Louise CHARLESTON


Thomas H. SMITH 1874-1957 "Father", with Viola G. SMITH 1891-1993 "Mother"


Yvette Marie SMITH 2/10/1975, Daughter


Chr. LEWIS 11/3/1847-2/19/1864, aged 16y 3m 16d, son of Chr. And Ann SNYDER


Christian SNYDER 3/5/1819-7/18/1852, aged 33y 4m 13d


Elizabeth SNYDER 1/13/1809-3/22/1878, aged 69y 2m 9d, wife of Jacob SNYDER


Henry SNYDER   View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5 

d. 5/28/1928 aged 85y 2m 3d C. I 57th PA Vol Inf., with Sarah A. SNYDER d. 10/7/1923 aged 80y 1m 5d, daughter Katie SNYDER,

Unknown Daughter 5/?/1862(?)


Anthony SCHAEFFER 1888 Son of O. G. & Anne SCHAEFFER


Jacob K. SNYDER 2(?)/1?/184?-2(?)/11/18??, aged ?y 4m 23d


Unknown SNYDER 


Harry R. SPAYD 1907-1997, WWII Veteran


Barbara SPROWLES 4/12/1812-12/2/1883, "Mother"


George E. SPROWLES 12/22/1886-2/9/1924


Iva H. SPROWLES 1891-1967


Sadie SPROWLES 1880-1898


William C. SPROWLES 1884-1945


William W. SPROWLES 7/2/1855-10/19/1893


Wm. SPROWLES Co. A. 3rd V.R.C.


Alonzo STANFIELD 7/6/1857-3/2/1911(?)


Linda L. STAUFFER 1944-2007


Harry K. STEFFY 1872-1953, with wife Barbara H. STEFFY 1876-1948, and son Wallace STEFFY 1914-1915


Henry STEFFY 1811-6/23/1887 aged 75y 10m 14d. with wife Anna STEFFY 6/5/1810-2/?/1853 aged 72y 8m ?d


Simon S. STEFFY 1847-1920, with wife Lovina Kaylor STEFFY 1848-1907, Clara K. STEFFY 1887-1892, Anna Steffy WEAVER 1873-1899, with Harry F. WEAVER 1899-1899, and Lottie S. WEAVER 1897-1911


Annie E. Brenner STEHMAN   View 2    d. 7/20/1893, aged 36y 2m 8d, located with BRENNER stones


Sarah STIRE   View 2 

d. ?/10/1884 aged 85y ?m 18d, same plot as Andrew and Maria BOREMAN family, and Annie M. MORGENTHAL




Elias N. STONER 1/20/1873-11/18/1944, with Clara L. STONER 2/17/1883-11/23/1964


Elmer E. STONER 9/19/1865-1/1/1938, with wife Fannie B. STONER 9/27/1865-3/25/1936


Elmira STONER 11/1/1906-5/6/1916, aged 9y 6m 5d, daughter of Elmer & Annie STONER


Jacob K. STONER 1834-1906, with wife Barbara Engle STONER 1840-1926


Dr. John C. STONER 6/22/1904-12/6/1979, with Florence J. STONER 7/28/1909-7/23/1989


Ralph L. STONER 1906-1971


Richard S. STONER 1936-1951


STOTZ see photos under George SIDES


Rev. Adam P. STOVER D.D.    (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)  (8) 

1867-1946, with wife Mary Green STOVER 1871-1959, William C. SCHULTZ 1898-1959, his wife Alta STOVER 1897-1970,

Harry W. GOOD   (2) (3)  1875-1936, his wife Margaret Green GOOD 1874-1956, William M. GREEN   (2) (3) (4) (5)  1867-1928, his wife Irene Lenig GREEN 1868-1949, Blanch M. BASTRESS 1879-1956, John H. GREEN 1836-1911, his wife Sophia E. GREEN 1842-1927, Edward H. GREEN  (2)  1884-1936, H. Palmer McNELLY 1898-1967, and Blanche A. McNELLY 1899-1983


Oscar W. STRAWSBURG   View 2   10/28/1904-4/5/1917, with Myrtle


Jacob H. STROCK 7/26/1863-11/1/1863, aged 3m 5d


Lilly STROCK daughter of Jacob and Sarah STROCK


Morris J. STROCK 1853-1941, with wife Jennie M. STROCK 1860-1933, and son George A. STROCK 1888-1893


Sarah B. STROCK 2/21/1829-2/21/1904, aged 75y, "Mother"


Solomon E. STROCK 7/15/1827- [Buried in Ground]


Unknown STROCK 


Emanuel STUMP   View 2    12/4/1843-1/2/1925, with wife Elmira STUMP 8/26/1846-12/18/1926, E. STUMPF 1925 Co G 79 PA Inf., and Infant STUMP b. 7/20/1854(?) child of Emanuel and Elmira STUMP


Emma L. STUMP 1922-1924, daughter of John & Catharine STUMP


John M. STUMP 1900-1983 "Father" GAR marker, with Catherine L. STUMP 1904-1967 "Mother"


Oscar STUMP 1928-1928 with Doris STUMP 1928-1928, children of John & Catharine STUMP


William B. STUMP 1865-1958, with Emma L. STUMP 1871-1956


Sophia SUMER 


John E. SWEIGART 1839-1919, with Elizabeth SWEIGART 1839-1919




Elizabeth TIMBERLAKE 3/17/1927, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Viola Myers TRIMBLE 8/12/1857-12/3/1935


Florence Wise TRITCH 1895-1918


Anna Mary TROUTWINE 10/11/1856-6/3/1932, aged 75y 7m 22d


Lewis UHLAND   View 2 

12/16/1841-2/19/1902, with Margaret H. UHLAND 12/29/1853-12/12/1927, and Viola M. UHLAND 12/4/1880-8/11/1911


David P. UMBERGER 1881, with Ammie M. UMBERGER 1872-1949


UNKNOWNS:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 (d. ?/16/1844, aged 58y 5m(?) 1d)


Unknown   View 2    next to COVER and Abraham Miller


Unknown   View 2    next to COVER and Abraham Miller


Unknown ----PTROVICH d. 10/26/1818, aged 26y


Rosie VEST 5/31/1944, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Veterans Monument    View 2 


Peter VUYSONIC d. 7/15/1931


Morris WAGNER 1855-1931, with Ella A. WAGNER 1860-1942


Harry Mahlon WALKER 2/10/1916-12/7/1991, with Anna M. SMITH 8/30/1918-5/29/1996, married 7/18/1943


Philip A. WALTER 1967-1967, infant son of Harold Jr. & Arlene WALTER


Alice Kemrer WALTERS 12/1/1872-12/20/1964, "Daughter"


Sylvester B. WALTERS 11/26/1919-8/17/2006, with Gladys M. WALTERS 7/30/1926-1/9/1980


Joseph H. WALTON   View 2  View 3  View 4 

1836-1925 Civil War Veteran, with Sarah E. WALTON 1838-1920, Harriet W. WALTON 1872-1940, Gertrude W. DOHN 1876-1967, and Maybelle Walton DAMES 1879-1924


Lewis T. WANBAUGH   View 2 

1877-1956, with Sara G. WANBAUGH 1876-1929, Minnie F. WANBAUGH 1874-1945, and John W. WANBAUGH 1868-1952


Lewis WANBAUGH d. 12/20/1899, aged 66y 10m 28d


Nelson E. WANBAUGH 1891-1972


Rebecca S. WANBAUGH 1888-1968


Christian C. WARNER Jr. 7/8/1938-9/13/1993


Gretchen M. WATTS 7/13/1986-8/6/2006


Anna Steffy WEAVER 1873-1899, with Harry F. WEAVER 1899-1899, and Lottie S. WEAVER 1897-1911, same stone as Simon and Lovina STEFFY


Paul M. WEIDMAN Sr. 1893-1954, with Eva M. WEIDMAN 1895-1995


Henry WEING 1/31/1879-10/10/1937


John H. WELCH 8/9/1898-1/7/1970, New Jersey Sgt. US Army WW II


Susanna WERNER 5/23/1833-4/26/1909, aged 75y 11m 3d


George WESEMAN   View 2  View 3 

with wife Florence M. Smith WESEMAN, William WESEMAN, Sara(?) WESEMAN, Jacob SMITH 5/14/1814-2/21/1873 "Father", with Anjuline SMITH 6/26/1893 aged 80y "Mother", children Milton B. 1843-1843, Elizabeth 1846-1848, Henry E. 1852-1852, and Mary E. 1856-1857


Anna R. WHISTLER 1847-1929


Lawrence S. WHISTLER d. 1/28/1885, aged ?y 7m(?) 3d, son of Dr. S.M. and Anna WHISTLER


S. M. WHISTLER MD 1842-1905, Co. E. 130 Regt. Pa. Vol. Inf.


Irene WHITE 10/10/1954, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


John M. WILE   View 2  View 3  View 4 

1870-1951 "Father", with S. Gertrude WILE 1872-1939 "Mother", daughter Arah Ethel WILE 1896-1986, John WILE 10/14/190?-11/19/190?, William R. SMITH 1890-1962 "Father", Ruth C. SMITH 1893-1979 "Mother", and

Joseph William NELSON 1914-1977


Florence B. WILHELM 1902-1957


Jno. WILHELM Co. A, 173rd PA. Inf.


John N. WILHELM GAR Marker


Mary Wilhelm MECKLEY d. 8/11/1846, aged 1y 2m, daughter of John and Elizabeth WILHELM


Joseph H. WILKINSON 1941-1998


Simon C. WILL 12/25/1858-11/3/1926 "Father", with wife Anna C. Fahs WILL 2/7/1869-2/22/1952 "Mother"


William ----------------- 1922-3/19(?)/1923(?), aged 1y(?) 15d


John W. WILLIAMS Aug. 1861-4/24/1928


Michael H. RESSLER   View 2  View 3

1847-1922, with Esther H. RESSLER 1857-1918, M. RESSLER 1897-1898, Carrie M. 1881-1883, Mary R. HOFFER 1877-1928, and James G. WILSON 1866-1923


Leeroy G. WINTERS Jr. 1958-2006


Harry J. WIRTH 1891-1956 "Father", with Minnie M. WIRTH 1894-1986 "Mother", and Cpl. Harry J. WIRTH En. Port Royal S.C. 4th Brigade U.S. Marine Corp WW1


Lottie S. WISE 1884-1893


Savilla WISE 1822-1915, with William WISE 1861-1937, and his wife Laura S. WISE 1857-1936


Robert Lee WOOD 8/25/1985, son of Arlene N. WOOD


Rev. Thomas S. WOOD Sr. 1/8/1919-4/30/1997


Garrett WOODFORD 12/31/1950, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


W. T. WORTH M.D.   View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5  View 6  View 7 

4/21/1872-12/15/1945, with G. Allene WORTH 12/20/1906-6/27/1978 daughter of W.T. and Eliza WORTH, Maybelle Breneman WORTH 10/30/1880-8/14/1976 wife of W.T. WORTH M.D., Anna G. WORTH 5/?/1879-3/?/1905(?) wife of W.T. WORTH M.D.,

Elizabeth N. WORTH 3/26/1878-9/17/1902 wife of Wm. T. WORTH M.D.


Lois Jane WRIGHT 1/29/1913-2/25/1991, "Daughter"


Peter YAKSHICH d. 12/10/1920


C. M. YERKES 1835-1892, "Mother"


Elizabeth S. YERKES 1870-1928


I. B. YERKES 1832-1892, "Father"


Silas G. YERKES 1867-1945


Charles ZELL 9/14/1858-12/7/1937 "Father", with Leah L. ZELL 1/6/1862-2/15/1931 "Mother"


Amelia ZOOK 9/21/1870-1/9/1871, aged 3m 16d, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth ZOOK


Amos ZOOK 1/?/1872-?/21/1872, aged ?m ?d, son of Micahel and Elizabeth ZOOK


Elizabeth ZOOK   View 2    7/25/1836-5/19/1890, aged 53y 9m 24d, wife of Michael ZOOK, "Mother"


Jacob F. ZOOK 10/4/1867-6/4/1869, aged 1y 8m, son of Michael H. and Elizabeth ZOOK


Michael ZOOK   View 2  View 3    11/29/1827-9/15/1892, aged 64y 9m 16d, "Father"


Morris ZOOK 1/27/1874-11/30/1874, aged 10m 3d, son of Michael and Elizabeth ZOOK


Unknown ZOOK 




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