Second Street

South of Bainbridge

Conoy Township



Transcribed by

Keith McKain


Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman


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Listed below are all stones visible in 2007.




Stanley E. GAINER 6/16/1904-4/29/1978, with wife Mary J. GAINER 8/30/1910-12/4/1944


Bertram G. GALBRAITH   View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5  View 6  View 7 

11/9/1803-4/30/1848, with Eliza F. GALBRAITH 8/13/1812-11/20/1888, with Rufus Lewis ROBINSON Jr. DDS 7/4/1912-12/31/1997, with Aurelia Hunt ROBINSON M.R.E. 1/24/1910-6/16/1991, Mary GALBRAITH d. 8/26/1877(?) aged 2m 28d,

Jo---- GALBRAITH 2/24/1871-2/28/1874 aged 3y 4d child of Jefferson and Mary GALBRAITH, James GALBRAITH Co B 45th PA Inf., Charles Jack HUNT Jr. 1912-1960, Miriam Reese GALBRAITH 1876-1958, Aurelia Galbraith HUNT 1881-1958, Charles Jack HUNT M.D. 1876-1951, Bertram G. GALBRAITH 1845-1928, and Miriam R. GALBRAITH 1852-1939


Louis GALLO 1919, with wife Lucy GALLO 1914


William GALLO   View 2 

1903-1991 "Father", with Grace E. GALLO 1908-1985 "Mother", and daughter Glenna F. GALLO 1928-1996


Charles GAMBERLING d. 11/23/1879 "Our Father", with Susan GAMBERLING d. 2/3/1885 "Our Mother"


John H. GAMBERLING d. 6/29/1908, aged 54y 3m 15d, with wife Priscilla GAMBERLING 1857-1929


Pa--- GARAPIC 7/22/1860-12/24/1908, aged 46y 5m 2d


Elmer J. GARBER   View 2  

1875-1923, with Carrie V. GARBER 1880-1947, and Pauline M. GARBER 1900-1980


Mary R. GARBER d. 6/3/1897, aged 18y 2m 21d


Paul Rich GARBER 1/7/1890-8/23/1954, "Husband"


Charles F. GARETH 1873-1941, with John H. GARETH 1870-19--, "Brothers"


Elizabeth GARETH 4/14/1843-10/30/1914, aged 71y 6m 16d, "Mother"


Chas. B. GARRETH d. 12/16/1909 aged 62y 5d, with wife Emma E. GARRETH d. 1/10/1916 aged 65y 3m 8d, Chas B. GARRETH d. 9/5/1906 aged 19y 10m 6d, and Willie O. GARRETH d. 10/20/1911 aged 33y 1m 15d


Calvin C. GARMAN 11/12/1914-9/15/1996, with Florence E. GARMAN 8/30/1915-10/9/1963


John S. GARMAN 7/1/1925-10/23/1992


Nancy Arlene GARMAN 1950-1955, daughter of John S. & Rhoda S. GARMAN


Anna E. GARRETH d. 1/14/1863 aged 10m, with Barnet GARRETH d. 4/10/1861 aged 2m 12d, Sarah J. GARRETH d. 4/13/1873 aged ?y 4d, and Fanny M. GARRETH d. ?/28/1869, aged 1m 2?, children of B.(?) and M. GARRETH


James GARRETH ?/?/1816-??/2?/18??, aged 52y 4m 10d


Sarah GARRETH d. 5/19/1896, aged 77y 10m 9d, wife of James GARRETH


Ethel Mae GATES 1917-1987, "Mother"


George W. GATES 1906-1973 "Wally", with Hazel M. GATES 1912-2000


Catharine GEISTWEIT d. 9/27/1896, aged 83y 4m 18d, wife of M. GEISTWEIT


Mich. GEISTWEIT d. 10/17/1893 aged 84y 9m 22d


Ada G. GEISTWEITE 1901-1987


Gordon W. GEISTWEITE 1894-1962, PFC. Co. B 20th M. G. BN. 7th Div. WW I


Gordon W. GEISTWEITE Jr. 10/18/1921-11/11/1949, TEC5(?) 46(?) Tank BN 13 Armd Div WW II


Hope Y. GELTMACHER 9/12/1934-6/24/2005


Glenn GIBBLE 1922-1984


Chalon M. GILBERG 4/14/1863-2/17/1897


Charlotte Hartz GILBERG-BESCHLER 5/10/1860-10/27/1916


Chief Dennis W. GINDER 1954-1982, "Husband and Father"


Patricia R. GINDER 1934-1980, "Mother"


Belva M. GINGRICH 1890-1965


Chester A. GINGRICH 1887-1944


Chester B. GINRICH Jr. 12/17/1919-8/17/1990, PFC US Army


Harold G. GINGRICH 1931-1976, PVT US Army


Harrison H. GINGRICH 1912-1994 USA WW II, with R. Marguaretta GINGRICH nee MOHR 1913-1982, and Randy Lee GINGRICH, 1949-1949


John I. GINGRICH 12/7/1956-8/22/1974


John L. GINGRICH 1926-1970, Seaman 1/C U.S.N.W. WW II


Lottie Finley GINGRICH   View 2    1875-1966


Marlin R. GINGRICH 1924-1974, PVT. U.S. Army


Oliver H. GINGRICH 7/27/1923-2/24/1986


Elmer L. GIVENS 4/15/1914-12/15/1992, with Elizabeth I. GIVENS 5/7/1912-6/5/2003


Joseph T. GOCHENAUER 1921-1967, T/5 Batt. C 370th F.A.B. WW II


GOOD see photos for Rev. Adam P. and Mary Green STOVER


Lewis T. GOOD   View 2  

1865-1891, with Mary A. GOOD 1873-1873, Annie E. GOOD 1878(?)-1879(?), Emma L. GOOD 1844-1907(?) wife of Eph. GOOD, Eph. GOOD 1839-1918


Merle R. GOOD 1926-1967 MO M M 2c U.S.N.W. WW II


Ray G. GOOD 1897-1960 "Father", with Helen I. GOOD 1895-1967 "Mother"


William G. GOOD 11/23/1867-1/30/1935, with wife Sarah F. GOOD 11/19/1869-5/13/1937


Lillian L. GOODMAN 10/23/1883-7/13/1964


Mary A. GOODMAN 1847-1924, "Mother"


Unknown GOODMAN Co M 122nd Pa Inf


Edna W. GORMLEY 1897-1964


James GORMLEY 1894-1967


John S. GOUDIE 1859-1937, with Margaret F. GOUDIE 1860-1947


John J. GOUDIE 4/7/1916-2/10/1998, with Ruth B. GOUDIE 1/30/1916-8/24/2002


Yanko GR----- 


Lydia GRAFINS 2/16/1820-10/7/1898, aged 78y 7m 21d, "Mother"


William S. GRAFINS 1/3/1819-8/1/1898, aged 79y 6m 19d


Susan GRAMM 3/18/1865-8/27/1887, wife of Cyrus GRAMM, "Mother"


George W. GRAY d. 4/5/1892(?), aged 18y 8m 23d, son of John W. and ? Gray


Linward GRAY 1928-1984


GREEN see photos for Rev. Adam P. and Mary Green STOVER


Luther B. GREENAWALT 1895-1953, with wife Myrtle M. GREENAWALT 1895-1981


Mabel Melchior GREENLEAF 1879-1947, wife of Carroll S. GREENLEAF


Lillian GREENWOOD 1881-1967


Eliza GREIDER 9/24/1809-8/22/1884, aged 73y 10m 28d, wife of Henry Greider


Henry S. GREIDER 6/6/1844-8/15/1913, aged 69y 2m 9d


John GREIDER 11/18/1847-6/28/1913, aged 65y 7m 10d


Unknown GREIDER 4/6/1850-9/25/1852, aged 2y 5m 19d


Unknown GREIDER d. 4/20/1850, aged 2y 4m 1d


Henry GRIDER 1/18/????-8/17/????


Naomi M. GRIEST 1922-2003


GROFF see photos under George SIDES


Alberta M. GROFF 10/2/1915-1/16/1922, daughter of Frank P. and Mertie GROFF


Christian M. GROFF 1848-1923


Frank R. GROFF   View 2  View 3 

10/31/1849-9/28/1922, with Catharine GROFF 12/8/1857-8/31/1930, with Frank P. GROFF 3/29/1883-2/6/1942, with Mertie S. GROFF, 10/3/1890-3/24/1885, Harvey M. SHANK   (2) (3)    12/17/1877-7/3/1940, Frances S. SHANK 10/17/1880-6/26/1938,


Isaac E. GROFF 5/8/1841(?)-4/10/1908, with wife Anna GROFF 11/4/18??-2/1/19??, Harry B. 1871-1872, Isaac A. 1882-1882 and John I. 1875-1875


John S. GROFF 6/3/1811-2/23/1900, aged 88y 8m 20d, "Our Father"


Levi M. GROFF 10/15/1843-1/2/1863, aged 19y 2m 18d, ---- E 122nd Reg. ---------------


Martin GROFF 12/10/1835-5/25/1901, with wife Bell M. GROFF 4/17/1840-9/24/1921


Mary GROFF 7/11/1812-7/4/1883, aged 71y, wife of John S. GROFF, "Our Mother"


Roy H. GROFF d. 1/15/1914 aged 4y 8m 4d, with Romer S. GROFF d. 2/3/1914 aged 1y 10m 4d, sons of Franklin and Murtie M. GROFF


Samuel K. GROFF 9/13/1846-7/19/1920, with wife Mary Ann B. Heisey GROFF 3/5/1851-5/26/1914


Thaddeus GROFF   View 2    12/22/1850-6/11(?)/1925, with wife Elizabeth H. GROFF 3/17/1854-8/25/1934


Jacob GROVE 11/18/1809-10/18/1849, aged 39y 11m


Sarah GROVE 3/7/1812-4/20/1890, aged 78y 13d, wife of Jacob GROVE


Amanda GUHL LOVE 1887-1935, "Mother"


Harry D. GUHL 1875-1915, "Father"


David B. GUNDREMAN 8/12/1870-3/30/1950, with wife Lizzie GUNDREMAN 9/5/1863-1/18/1938, and  Gertrude GUNDREMAN d. 8/10/1899, aged 4y 26d, daughter of D. B and Lizzie GUNDREMAN


Charles R. GUTSHALL 4/7/1918-6/1/1998


Clark E. GUTSHALL 1902-1985 with Marion E. GUTSHALL 1902-1977


H. Wilson GUTSHALL 6/7/1907-8/16/1978


Lawrence J. GUTSHALL 1925-1980 with Velma G. GUTSHALL 1919-1975


Daniel HABER   View 2    aged 73y(?), with Unknown HABER and Unknown HABER 


Amos HACKENBERGER 1870-1940 with wife Sara HACKENBERGER 1865-1956


Catherine A. HACKENBERGER 7/11/1851-5/16/1902, daughter of James and Susan MURPHY


Edwin M. HACKENBERGER d. ?, aged 5y


Eliza HACKENBERGER 7/24/1819-9/4/1865, aged 46y 1m 11d, wife of Geo. Hackenberger


Elizabeth HACKENBERGER 1798-1875


Frances HACKENBERGER 1837-1908


George HACKENBERGER 1/9/1823(?)-9/24/1878, aged 55y 8m 12d, "No Cross No Crown"


Geo. W. HACKENBERGER 1835-1911, with wife Mary A. Pence HACKENBERGER 1841-1914


Harry F. HACKENBERGER   View 2     4/30/1876-1/25/1916, "In Memory of my Loving Husband"




Margaret Ann HACKENBERGER 7/23/1854-5/28/1855, aged 1y 10m 5d, daughter of ? Hackenberger


Peter HACKENBERGER   View 2  View 3  View 4 

with wife Rebecca HACKENBER, d. 6/22/1881 aged 70y, with brother George B. HACKENBERGER d. 7/28/1900 aged 25y 9m 7d,

Minnie M. HACKENBERGER d. 4/12/1873 aged 1y 8m 12d, Rosie M. HACKENBERGER d. 4/15/1886 aged 6m, Marie L. HACKENBERGER d. 1/12/1901 aged 2m daughter of E.J. and L.E. Hackenberger, and Lizzie HACKENBERGER d. 12/4/1886 aged 35y(?) 10m 7d wife of Levi Hackenberger


Peter HACKENBERGER 1795-1865


Saml. HACKENBERGER 1808-18?8(?), with Mary HACKENBERGER 10/4/181?-4/20/1882 aged ?y 6m 13d(?) wife of Samuel HACKENBERGER, Elizabeth HACKENBERGER aged 2y 1m, Samuel HACKENBERGER, Catharine HACKENBERGER aged 6y 8m 13d, Jacob H. HACKENBERGER 24d, and Sarah A. HACKENBERGER aged 1y 1m 17d


Sarah HACKENBERGER 11/2/1825-6/24/1887, aged 61y 7m 22d, wife of George HACKENBERGER, "Our Sister"




William H. HACKENBERGER 1882-1963, with Anna K. HACKENBERGER 1885-1957


Henry HACKNEY 3/6/1931, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Barbara A. HAHN 1880-1951


Mary HAHN 2/6/1846-12/19/1925, aged 79y 10m 13d


Christian S. HALDEMAN 4/25/1860-7/1/18??, son of Jacob and Annie Haldeman


Jacob HALDEMAN 9/30/1814-7/20/1881, with wife Anna HALDEMAN 2/20/1825-8/8/1914


Bert L. HAMOR 5/23/1889-12/13/1960 Veteran, located in I. Scott and Lois Schum SMITH plot


Max HANAUER d. 5/31/1926


Millard R. HARLAN 1903-1904, "Son"


William Rutter HARLAN 1879-1951, with wife Effie Rutherford HARLAN 1870-1960, and son Millard Rutherford HARLAN 1903-1904


Andrew J. HART 7/29/1843-9/3/1880, aged 37y 1m 5d, "My Dear Husband"


Amos HARTZ 8/28/1862-9/19/1863


Barbara HARTZ 1837-1906, "Mother"


George HARTZ 1831-1906, "Father"


John HARTZ d. 4/24/????, aged 7d, son of ? and Barbara Hartz


W. H. HARTZ 1907, Co C 201st PA Inf


John W. HAWKINS 1927-1995, Veteran WWII


Albert G. HAWTHORN 8/30/1851-10/30/1921, with wife Sarah S. HAWTHORN 3/29/1855-3/7/1915


Alfred HAWTHORN d. 10/10/1873(?), aged 24y 4d


Amanda HAWTHORN d. 11/1/1901, aged 48y 25d, wife of Robert HAWTHORN




James HAWTHORN 9/20/1814-6/24/1898, aged 83y 9m 4d, "Father"


Margaret HAWTHORN 5/30/18??-10/?/????, wife of James HAWTHORN, "Mother"


Paul J. HAWTHORN 1895(?)-1972, J. Hawthorn Miller Funeral Home


Sherman T. HAWTHORNE 1864-1933, with wife Emma Adams HAWTHORNE, 1868-19--


Unknown HAWTHORNE d. 3/1923, same stone as David and Anna MARTIN


Walter G. HAWTHORNE   View 2  View 3 

1888-1966 "Father", with Irene B. HAWTHORNE 1887-1965 "Mother", Anabel S. HAWTHORNE 1904-1976, J. Albert HAWTHORNE 1908-1967, C Arthur S. HOLLINGER 1915-2000 (per SSDI) "Father", Joyce H. HOLLINGER 1917-1971 "Mother", and Arthur James HOLLINGER 1953-1960 "Son"


Mary HAYMAN 3/1/1938, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Iva B. HEAGY 7/13/1890-4/3/1958


Walter G. HEAGY 10/17/1894-2/21/1954, SEA US Navy WWI


Clarence E. HECK 1905-1982, with Mary H. HECK 1904-1983


Anna May HEDRICK 7897


Ottie G. HEDRICK 1884-1969, with wife Bessie A. HEDRICK 1889-1963, son Russie L. HEDRICK 1916-1927, and daughter

Anna May HEDRICK 1921-1921


Audrey Loretta HEISEY 12/6/1926-1/6/1929, "Daughter"


Ronald Roy HELFER   View 2    6/20/1947-8/5/1996, US Army


Benjamin HERCHELROTH Jr. 1917-1999, with Janet M. HERCHELROTH 1911-1996


B. F. HERCHELROTH Sr. 1891-1970, with Iva A. HERCHELROTH 1895-1980


Emma L. HERCHELROTH 1887-1982, "Mother"


Emma L. HERCHELROTH 1878-1970, with Hiram 


Jenny HERCHELROTH 6/14/1937, Pennsylvania Nurse Army Nurse Corps


Lehman HERCHELROTH 11/17/1884-4/25/1946


Sarah F. HERR d. 1/5/????, aged 27y(?) 10m 8d(?), wife of Abraham S. HERR and daughter of George and Mary(?) BEAN(?)


Abraham D. HESS 1/27/1859-7/5/1909, aged 50y 5m 8d


Barbara G. Hess   View 2  View 3    9/4/1849-6/9/1895, aged 45y 9m 5d


Edwin E. HESS    View 2  View 3    5/13/1871-8/25/1895, aged 24y 3m 12d


Florentina E. HESS  View 2    10/17/1880-3/31/1910, aged 29y 5m 14d, "Sister"


Josephine M. HEVEL 6/4/1925-6/11/1925


Daniel R. HILT 1919-1996, with wife Ethelda V. HILT 1920-1985, with father Libby M. BOWLEY 1877-1958, Mother Arbelia R. BOWLEY 1881-1978, and son Joseph W. BOWLEY 1914-1985


Catharine HIPPLE 1848(?)-185?, aged 5y(?) 4m(?) 4d(?), daughter of ? and ? Ripple


Frederick HIPPLE ?/5/1805-?


George Clifford HIPPLE   View 2 

1874-1941, with Ellen N. HIPPLE 1878-1965, Cora Ellennora HIPPLE 1917-1921, Caroline HIPPLE 1901-1968,

John F. HIPPLE 12/9/1922-6/15/1996, Ralph E. HIPPLE 12/23/1929-7/12/2001, and John F. HIPPLE 1896-1983


Harrison HIPPLE 2/10/1838-2/20/1896, Co. A 10 Regt PA Vol., 1 Sergt. Co. F 177 Regt. PA Inf., Sergt Co. B 214 Regt. PA Vol., with wife Lavina HIPPLE 11/6/1843-3/2/1912(?), "Mother"


John H. HIPPLE    View 2  View 3  View 4 

d. 5/18/1864, aged 28y 3m 27d, First Sergeant Co. B 45. Regt. P.V., Fell in the Battle of Spottssylvania C.H., Erect by his mother To the Memory of Her Son Who Fell To Defence of the Union In the War of the Rebellion 1861-1865


Mary B. HIPPLE d. 3/16/1887, aged 75y 4m 2d, wife of Frederick HIPPLE


Vernon R. HIXON 1887-1970 "Father", with Minnie E HIXON 1883-1954 "Mother"


Unknown HOFF 3/15/1844-12(?)/?/1875(?)


Unknown HOFF 5/28/1809-11/19/1867, aged 58y 5m 22d


William HOFF 6/13/1802-7/4/1872, aged 70y 21d


Leroy (Ike) HOFFINES 1922-2001, with Annabelle HOFFINES 1921-1982


Matthew R. HOFFMAN 1886-1938, with wife Elizabeth P. HOFFMAN 1890-1926


Susan HOFFMAN d. 5/14/1862, aged about 80y, daughter of Jacob and Mary C. HOFFMAN


Louis A. HOKE 1839-1888, with J Granstoun LAURIE 1878-1907, Frank E. KAUFFMAN 1879-1907, Anna DeMASS wife of Joseph DeMASS 1884-1924, Jacob BIERBOWER 1837-1912, and his wife J. Bredena BIERBOWER 1848-1915


Dorothy S. HOLLER 1906-1982, "Daughter"


Isaac H. HOLLER 1910-1982, "Husband"


George B. HOLLINGER   View 2    1879-1948, with Fannie F. HOLLINGER 1884-1948


Christina HOLWAGER 1805-1892, with Abraham M. BRANDT 1828-1890,Elizabeth A. BRANDT 1839-1864, Anna M. BRANDT 1848-1929, Henry H. BRANDT 1879-1947, and Sue H. BRANDT 1880-1957


Amy Louise HOOVER 1967-1967, with Beth Ann HOOVER 1968-1968


Clarence E. HOOVER 2/19/1897-5/1/1967, PA PFC 112 Infantry WW I


G. C. HOOVER 5/25/1836-1/7/1914, with wife Mary A. HOOVER 4/8/1836-3/20/1874, with Johnny HOOVER 8/5/1872-7/18/1873, Benjamin F. HOOVER 3/14/1874-3/4/1875, and Bertha E. HOOVER 3/14/1874-4/7/1875


Harry R. HOOVER 1857-1918, with wife Emma HOOVER 1863-1937, and Harry R. HOOVER 1884-1884, and Mae C. HOOVER 1887-1930


Helen G. HOOVER 1900-1956, wife of Clarence E. HOOVER


Luther N. HOOVER 10/13/1878-5/15/1901 "Son", with Mary A. BRENNER 6/26/1835-8/31/1901 wife of G. C. HOOVER "Mother"


Fanny HORST 6/12/1821-10/7/1889, "Mother"


John S. HORST 3/1/1806-12/19/1885, "Father"


Margaret HORST   View 2   d. 8/2/1895, aged 88y 10m 19d


Samuel Y. HORST 10/15/1826-5/4/1867 "Father", with Elizabeth HORST 2/22/1830-2/23/1885 "Mother", son Thaddeus S. HORST 7/25/1854-7/9/1872, Leonard D. HORST 2/22/1858-8/4/1943, and Henry F. HORST 5/18/1861-5/1/1952


Joseph HOUGH d. 4/23/1816, aged 48y 8m 30d


E. G. HOUSEAL 1869-1952, "Mother"




Leroy B. HOUSEAL 2/12/1918-10/29/1985


Paul B. HOUSEAL 1900-1968 "Husband", with wife Mary E. HOUSEAL 1907-1976




Samuel HOUSEAL d. 4/19/1898, 49y 8m 4d, PRI INDPT BATRY, GAR Marker


Unknown HOUSEAL 


W. G. HOUSEAL 1890-1963, "Son"


W. S. HOUSEAL 1867-1932, "Father"


William H. HOUSEAL d. 4/15/1909, aged 67y 9m 6d


Michael D. HOUSER 2004-2004


Unknown HUFF's   1  2  3   View of Plot 


Alma F. HUGGINS 1918-1983, wife of John F. HUGGINS


Isaac F. HUGGINS 1891-1971 with Laura E. HUGGINS 1893-1960


John F. HUGGINS 1909-1982, with wife Edith V. HUGGINS 1911-1941


John G. HUGGINS 1934-1952, "Son"


Robert Glenn HUGGINS 3/23/1926-2/4/1995, SF3 US Navy WW II


Annie M. HUGHES 3/29/1852-12/19/1932


Grace HUGHES 6/17/26, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Elizabeth HUMMEL d. 11/2/1907, aged 78y 7m 21d, "Mother"


R. Albert HUMMEL 1/6/1861-8/16/1933, with wife Catherine J. Myers HUMMEL 2/20/1862-11/7/1929


Reuben HUMMEL d. 4/26/1906, aged 84y(?) 9m 10d, "Father"


Hilda Rae Flowers ICE b. Columbus Day 1938, d. 8/14/1969, "Beloved Wife and Mother"


Blaine G. INGRAM d. 11/29/1936 aged 28y 6m 4d, with Jennie Anderson INGRAM d. 3/3/1946 aged 54y 2m 11d


John INKOVICK b. in Russia 1887, d. 5/14/1923


Mike INKOVICK b. in Russia 11/15/1887, d. 11/4/1918


Ruth Virginia IRVIN 1915-1995


Olive P. ISAAC 7/3/1855-6/27/1931, "Mother"


Tarleton S. ISAAC d. 7/19/????, aged 5m ?d, son of ? and ? ISAAC


Haywood JACKSON 12/1/1932, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Andrew F. JACOBS 5/17/1914-10/14/1997


Charles K. JENKINS 4/10/1915-5/20/2005


Jean B. JENKINS 5/17/1915-6/6/2001


William JENKINS d. 10/16/1918, ------ Billie Creek(?)


Albert JOHNSON d. 3/18/1938


Charles JOHNSON 10/7/1927, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


John W. JONES 


Margaret JONES d. 3/10/1844(?), aged 71y(?) 9m, ------------- Williamson, consort of Robert JONES


Mary Ann JONES 11/?/1808(?)-4/?/18??, aged 32y(?) 4m(?) 22d


Robert JONES   View 2   3/28/1772-9/22/1840, with wife Margaret JONES 6/5/1772-3/30/1844, Robert H. JONES, M.D. 3/22/1803-4/29/1863, Amanda JONES William H. JONES 1810-1811(?), George JONES, Robert JONES, and Sarah Williamson JONES


Thomas JORDAN 1878-1923, aged 50y(?)


Helen S. JOURDET 1/13/1896-11/13/1962, located in I. Scott and Lois Schum SMITH plot


George S. JUDY 1866-1946, with wife Emma B. JUDY 1871-1950, and Grandparents John JUDY 1839-1895, and Mary S. JUDY 1841-1905


John JUDY 1895 Co. E 177th PA INF


Adam JURICK d. 5/23/1932


Charles L. JUSTICE 6/21/1951-9/7/1951


Daniel B. KAUFFMAN 1864-1940, Father


Elizabeth KAUFFMAN ?/27/18??-5/10/1876, aged 94y(?) 7m 11d


Fanny KAUFFMAN d. 4/16/????, aged 27y 7d


Joseph C. KAUFFMAN III   View 2  View 3  View 4    4/23/1929-3/24/2001, SA US Navy Korea


Lottie Yerkes KAUFFMAN 1865-1937, wife of D. B. KAUFFMAN, "Mother"


Minnie G. KAUFFMAN d. 12/10/1916, aged 45y 1m 29d, wife of H. L. KAUFFMAN


Charles E. KECK 1879-1968, with wife Edna M. KECK 1895-1963, and child Russell C. KECK 1922-1947


Kenneth W. KECK 1918-1962, Pvt. Co. D. 180th Inf. W.W.II


William L. KECK 12/10/1932-10/11/1986


William S. KEENARD 8/20/1850-4/10/1925, with wife Lucretia E. HILL 6/7/1845-3/24/1914, Annie H. KEENARD 10/30/1876-2/27/1945, E. Gramm KEENARD 1908-1939, F. H. KEENARD 9/9/1871-10/2/1914, and Carrie B. KEENARD 11/11/1872-4/15/1950 Woodsmen of the World Memorial


Amelia Nein KEENER 1873-1922, "Mother"


George Bean KEENER 6/16/1901-1/12/1953, PA TEC4 HQ & HQ BTRY 184 AAA BN WW II


John W. KEENER 1866-1936, with Esther G. KEENER, 1883-


Sue Bean KEENER 1873-1958


Harry M. KELL 1894-1946, with wife Mary K. KELL 1898-1971


James L. KELL  View 2   1/29/1924-10/27/1991, COX US Navy WW II


Samuel KELLER d. 5(?)/19/1854, aged aboput 60y(?)


Nathan S. KENDIG 6/11/1886-1/27/1960, with wife Anna Walters KENDIG 1/31/1885-9/30/1975


John W. KENNEDY 1936-1999, with Helen D. KENNEDY 10/3/1920-6/2/1998


George KENNY d. 12/18/1835(?), aged 56y 3m 14d


Owen KERSEY 1893-1962 "Father", with Mary N. KERSEY 1892-1931 "Mother"


Thomas L. KESSELRING    View 2   4/20/1923-12/28/1987 Pvt US Army WWII, with Ruth B. KESSELRING 1922-1998


Barbara KEYS d. 2/8/1872, aged 35y(?) 1m 18, wife of Joseph KEYS, "Mother"


Reno M. KEYS d. 2/13/1882, aged 19y 4m 25d. son of Joseph and Barbara KEYS, "Brother"


Joseph R. KILGORE Sr. 7/24/1941-9/27/2002, "Beloved Son, Husband, Father & Police Officer, with Loving Companion Faithful Friend Gretchen KILGORE 12/20/1990-9/18/2000


Catharine B. MULLISON 11/5/1839-2/24/1916, with Mary KING 3/8/1854-3/6/1911 daughter of John & Catharine MULLISON


Clyde KINSEY 6/19/1917-11/14/1999. WWII Veteran, Companion of Dolly A. Burdge


Harvey KINSEY 7/24/1878-12/29/1964, with wife Lousia J. KINSEY 8/28/1875-10/28/1932


Horace G. KINSEY 1871-1934


Mary KINSEY d. 1/25/18??, aged 68y(?) 5m 25d, "Mother"


Simon KINSEY 1835-1911, with wife Anna Mary KINSEY 1833-1910, John F. KINSEY Sr. 1858-1916, wife Katharine V. KINSEY 1859-1921, Edward S. KINSEY , and John E. KINSEY 


Zachariah KINSEY d. 6/1/1943 aged 73y 6m 29d, "Brother"


Ethel R. KIPP 8/16/1913-3/24/1915, daughter of Eugene and Beatrice Kipp


Eugene G. KIPP 1896-1971 Veteran, with Beatrice L. KIPP 1897-1959


Unknown KIPP Civil War Veteran


Edith Mae KIRVINSKEE 1922-1923, "Daughter"


George D. KIRVINSKEE 3/30/1924-4/29/1997, SC2 US Navy


John KIRVINSKEE 1851-1940


Michael KIRVINSKEE 1902-1965, with Anna C. KIRVINSKEE 1902-1997


Michael KIRVINSKEE Jr. 5/3/1923-12/1/1990, RM3 US Navy WW II


Susan KIRVINSKEE 1868-1951


John KISE   View 2   8/8/18??-3/10/18??, aged 64y 7m 8d


Tom KISSELRING d. 11/25/1934


Anna KOPECKI 1873-1/30/1936, aged 62y 1m 2d


Lizabeta KOPECKI d. 5/4/1918, aged 6m 14d


Stephen W. KOPECKI 1915-1942, with Harrison CAMP 1913-1995


Ira E. KOSER 2/13/1925-12/31/1993, with Ruth L. KOSER, nee FLOYD 2/2/1926-2/8/2004


Merlin E. KOSER 1943-2002


Earl G. KUHN 1894-1972, with Helen W. KUHN 1898-1986


Isaiah KUNTZELMAN 1853-1927


Sarah J. KUNTZELMAN 1853-1939


Marvin J. LANDIS 5/30/1929-1/4/1999, with Mary L. LANDIS 3/2/1931-2/15/1987, married 5/29/1949


S. S. LANDIS 1909, Co. F. 195th PA. Inf.


Flam G. LAPP 1907-1975, with Ruth L. LAPP 1911-1998


John LEHOSKEY d. 1/20/1923, aged 42y, "Father"


Frederick F. LENIG 1836-1915, with wife Rosa E. LENIG 1836-1897, children Alma LENIG 1864-1867, Rosa LENIG 1875-1875, and Capt. Clarence E. LENIG 1862-1945 Co K 4th Reg PA Vol


John D. LEWIS 3/25/1853-11/1/1927, with wife Anna Mary LEWIS 4/18/1854-3/25/1909, and children Paul S. LEWIS 3/18/1893-6/27/1893, and John J. LEWIS 1/3/1885-3/2/1901


Paul R. LEWIS 1919-2001, with Flora A. LEWIS 1926-1968


Charlotte M. LIBHART 6/8/1924-2/17/1928, daughter of Clyde G. and Elsie LIBHART


Clyde G. LIBHART 1903-1975 "Father", with Elsie R. LIBHART 1905-1998 "Mother"


Davida S. LIBHART 1907-1972, "Wife"


Frank J. LIBHART 1889-1969 "Father", with Ruth M. LIBHART 1895-1954 "Mother"


H. Arthur LIBHART 1880-1967, "Father"


PFC. Harold Nelson LIBHART    View 2  View 3     10/15/1922-6/15/1944, USMC, K.I.A. WWII, Saipan


Harry Nelson LIBHART 6/26/1897-1/3/1989, with Elizabeth Snyder LIBHART 12/4/1899-2/12/1990


Infant LIBHART 4/28/1927, daughter of Norman and Anna LIBHART


Mary S. LIBHART 1879-1967, "Mother"


Norman E. LIBHART 1892-1974, with Anna Mae LIBHART 1898-1962


Philip S. LIBHART 1867-1951, with wife Minerva LIBHART 1872-1941


Warren W. LIBHART 1905-1975, "Husband"


LIGHTY-ARNOLD    View 2  View 3  View 4 

with Jacob P. LIGHTY 1883-1924, John P. STILLER 1886-1960, and Mary C. STILLER 1892-?


Arthur C. LIGHTY 1919-1991, with Elizabeth A. LIGHTY 1919-1997


Franklin LIGHTY   View 2  View 3  View 4 

1865-1941 "Father", with wife W. Anna Reno LIGHTY 1869-1926, Arthur F. LIGHTY 1894-1974 PFC. 326 Fire & Guard USA WWI, Harold L. LIGHTY 1925-1939, Luther C. LIGHTY 1899-1964, and Virgel P. LIGHTY 1901-1987


Howard J. LIGHTY 1908-1972 "Father", with Catharine K. LIGHTY 1906-1968


Irvin W. LIGHTY 11/18/1930-11/10/2004


John W. LIGHTY 1892-1954, with wife Mary A. LIGHTY 1895-1938, and children Blanche E. LIGHTY 1913-1918 and Irene F. LIGHTY 1923-1924




Henry LINTON   View 2 

11/4/1835-10/12/1920 Co K(?), 195 PA Inf, with wife Catharine LINTON 11/13/1840(?)-12/22/1936, and Eve LINTON 10/18/1795(?)-12/18/1877 wife of Thomas LINTON


Jane LINTON    View of Plot    d. 11/10/1859, aged 46y 1m 15d




Edward J. LOKEY 1926-1972, with Ruth A, LOKEY 1928-2004


John E. LOKEY 1904-1977, with Catherine M. LOKEY 1910-1998


Joseph M. LOKEY  1906-1986, with Margaret E. LOKEY 1909-1969


Randy S. LOKEY "Lok" 12/18/1960-2/23/2006


Ira J. LONG 5/11/1890-12/11/1940, with wife Viola M. LONG 3/9/1891


John L. LONG 1918-1992 WW II, with Iva G. LONG 1915-1998


C. Douglass LONGENECKER 1896-1961, Cpl. 184th Aero Squadron U.S.A.W. WW I


Pauline H. LONGENECKER 1897-1995, "Beloved Grandmother"


LONGSDORF View of plot


Benjamin LONGSDORF 5/1/1812-2/7/1898, "Father"


F. Augustus LONGSDORF 1820-1894, with wife Catharine LONGSDORF 1829(?)-1895(?) and son Lewis LONGSDORF 185?-1856


Harry L. LONGSDORF 1884-1949


Unknown LONGSDORF 1/29/1828-4/9/1905


Amanda Guhl LOVE 1887-1935, "Mother"


Kaleena Leslie LUTTRELL 4/21/1983-4/26/1983


Lester J. LUTTRELL 6/13/1919- 7/19/1987, TEC 5 US Army WW II


Henry Warren LUTZ   View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5   L. E. P.   M. P. L.   H. W. L.   G. G. P.  G. C. P. 

10/17/1886-5/26/1977, with wife Myrtle Piper LUTZ 7/18/1887-10/23/1966, Geo. Grant PIPER 3/2/1863-2/27/1937, his wife Lucy E. PIPER 1/4/1862-2/27/1935, Jacob PIPER 10/21/1832-7/8/1896, his wife Emma PIPER 11/8/1843-2/12/1936 aged 92y 3m 4d, Galen C. PIPER 12/7/1868-2/17/1946


Minnie E. LYNE 6/8/1867-3/21/1918, "Mother"


Elmer W. LYNN 1/23/1909-2/27/1998 "Father" WWII Veteran, with Alice R. LYNN 3/1/1915-9/23/1973 "Mother"


Luther "Dutch" R. LYNN 8/30/1899-9/23/1985


William H. LYNN 10/12/1873-3/11/1952 "Father", with Catherine M. LYNN 12/24/1871-4/2/1961 "Mother"


William J. LYTLE 4/20/1868-3/21/1941, with wife Lillian B. LYTLE 1/6/1866-11/1/1945




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