Second Street

South of Bainbridge

Conoy Township



Transcribed by

Keith McKain


Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman


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Listed below are all stones visible in 2007.




Alvin ACKERMAN 1879-1906, with Roy ACKERMAN, 1903-1908


Simon ACKERMAN   View 2   10/20/1833-3/19/1922, with wife Elizabeth ACKERMAN, 3/29/1845-10/25/1884 aged 39y 6m 27d,  John ACKERMAN 1889-1945, David ACKERMAN, 1882-1958 and Children  Mary ACKERMAN d. 1868 aged 7m 8d, Lizzie ACKERMAN d. 10/26/1873 aged 1d, Sara ACKERMAN d. 7/?/1877 aged 2y 9m 15d, Simon ACKERMAN d. 12/29/1878 aged 1y 7m 9d


Clifford F. ADAMS 1902-1950 with Winona H. ADAMS 1906-1982 and Nancy J. ADAMS 1931-1931


Elizabeth ADAMS 10/25/1816-6/8/1892, aged 75y 7m 13d


Elizabeth V. ADAMS 2/21/1835-2/1/1904, aged 68y 11m 13d, Mother


Jacob ADAMS 1813(?)-1887(?), "Father"


John B. ADAMS 1836-1930, "Father"


Lottie ADAMS 6/12/1879-10/1/1938, wife of Edwin ADAMS, "Mother"


Susanna ADAMS 1846-1916, "Mother"


William ADAMS with Samuel ADAMS, sons of Jacob & Elizabeth ADAMS


Henry ALBERT d. 9/16/19??, aged 6d, son of Joseph and Annie ALBERT


John ALBERT next to Henry ALBERT


Elizabeth ALBRIGHT 11/21/1825-2/29/1876, aged 50y 3m 8d, Wife of Jacob ALBRIGHT


Jacob ALBRIGHT 1/2/1820-2/21/1870, aged 50y 11m 19d


Weeler ALBRIGHT 9/1/1859-1/27/1863, aged 3y 4m 27d, son of Jacob and Elizabeth ALBRIGHT


Walter P. AMBROSE 1879-1943


Gary R. ANDREWS 1/27/1969-4/12/1984, "Son"


Evrion F. ARION d 10/19/1958


Christopher M. ARMOLD 3/14/1985-11/24/1993, son of Barbara A. ARNOLD


Ezra ARNDT d. 7/4/1918, aged 14d, son of Jacob and ? ARNDT


Rezzell ARNETT 12/26/1933, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


ARNOLD-LIGHTY   View 2    View 3   View 4   with Jacob P. LIGHTY 1883-1924, John P. STILLER 1886-1960, and Mary C. STILLER 1892-?


Barbara A. ARNTZ 12/5/1830-7/3/190, "Mother"


John ARNTZ 9/30/1828-12/17/1897, Co.B 79 Regt. PA Inf., "Father"


Annie E. ARTHUR 3/3/1864-1/2/1914, "Mother"


Frankie G. ARTHUR d. 1881(?), son of Samuel and ? ARTHUR


Jacob B. ARTHUR 5/2/1833-1/23/1912, aged 78y 8m 21d, with Margaret E. ARTHUR 10/29/1835-1/26/1911, aged 75y 2m 27d


John E. ARTHUR 6/10/1869-3/25/1891, "Father"


Mary M. ARTHUR 6/19/1890-9/24/1892, "Daughter"


Sadie ARTHUR 8/3/1868-6/10/1886, aged 18y 10m 7d, daughter of Jacob and Margaret ARTHUR


Samuel C. ARTHUR 12/7/1859-5/24/1927, "Father"


Unknown ARTHUR 


Wilfred S. ARTHUR d. 1/3/1889, aged 8m 5d, son of Samuel and Annie ARTHUR


Comrade Ross ASHTON   View 2   View 3   View 4

4/1/1845-6/4/1927, aged 82y 2m 3d-Who Marched With Sherman From Atlanta to the Sea, with wife Mary C. ASHTON 11/30/1847-12/26/1915 aged 63y 26d, wife Mary A. ASHTON 2/27/1848-9/15/1881 aged 33y 6m 18d, father George W. ASHTON 2/2/1819-5/8/1898, brother George W. ASHTON 9/7/1850-4/18/1902,

Carrie M. ASHTON, and Erma C. ASHTON


John F. AUCH 7/2/1814-1/27/1900, with wife Sarah AUGH 9/15/1820-5/18/1902


Charles H. AUSBORN 3/1876-7/1929


K. B.   View 2   next to Sarah Shellenberger


Abraham L. BACHMAN 12/27/1864-11/25/1918


Amanda M. BACHMAN 1887-1943, "Mother"


Catharine BACHMAN 6/21/1801-6/29/1885, aged 84y 8d, wife of John BACHMAN


Claude BACHMAN 10/3/1877-10/6/1946 with wife Ruth BACHMAN 6/26/1876-2/19/1944, Abraham M. BACHMAN 5/12/1838-10/19/1908, and wife Maria BACHMAN 3/29/1848-3/20/1926(?)


George W. BACHMAN 7/14/1886-3/11/1951


Harry F. BACHMAN 1894-1972 with Emma M. BACHMAN, 1897-1980


Jos. BACHMAN d. 1895, 195th PA Inf., GAR Marker


Joseph E. BACHMAN 1914-1980, with Alica A. BACHMAN 1914-1975


Margaret B. BACHMAN 5/11/1886-11/14/1957


Omer C. BACHMAN   View 2   View 3   5/18/1865-9/19/1906 with wife Grace Myers BACHMAN 12/21/1870-5/7/1965


Ross M. BACHMAN 6/5/1918, son of George and Margaret BACHMAN


William R. BACHMAN 3/12/1916-12/27/1933, "Our Son"


Glenn A. BAILEY 9/21/1915-1/24/2004, with Mildred M. BAILEY, 8/28/1906-3/19/1983, WWII Veteran


B. Ellsworth BAIR 2/16/1888-5/6/1950, with wife Elsie J. BAIR 10/20/1888-9/26/1937


John L. BAIR 1910-1967, with Thelma V. BAIR 1916-2003


Ralph H. BAIR 6/11/1927-9/9/1992


Sherman S. BAIR 1916-1984, with wife Emma Jane BAIR 1920-1967


V. Max BAIR 1923-1992 USN WWII


Baker Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Grace V. BAKER 1909-2003, with Clarence E. HECK 1905-1982, and Mary H. HECK 1904-1983


Jesse H. BALDWIN 4/9/1857-4/25/1914, with wife Jennie R. Davis BALDWIN, Samuel M. HARRIS 12/7/1864-6/6/1920, his wife Mary Kinsey HARRIS 5/1/1867-3/25/1911, wife Jennie R. DAVIS-BALDWIN 5/30/1869, and Samuel H. HARRIS 


Agnes BANEY 12/18/1849-3/13/1919, "Mother"


Harvey BANEY 1873-1902


Lawrence BANEY 1885-1914


Tobias BANEY d. 1897, Co. H, 195th PA Inf., GAR Marker


Charles BARBOUR 1898-1982, with Mary BARBOUR, 1902-1988


BASTRESS see photos for Rev. Adam P. and Mary Green STOVER


George F. BARE   View 2   1885-1886, located with Ulysses BARE in Peter and Maria SIDES plot


Jacob T. BARE 9/17/1825-11/9/1905, with Matilda McNeill BARE 1/1/1828-1/26/1902, Hannah Bare FULLERTON 1851-1927 aged 76y, Elmer E. BARE 1861-1927 aged 66y, John F. BARE 1y 7m, and Elenor N. BARE 11m


Ulysses T. BARE   View 2   4/2/1855-2/12/1902, located with George F. BARE in Peter and Maria SIDES plot


Simon BARNES Co. G, 6th PA.RES., GAR Marker


Ernest S. BARTLES 11/7/1924-10/24/2003 "Hump" - Air Corps WWII, with Frances L. BARTLES nee LOKEY 9/11/1927-1/23/2002


Samuel H. BARTLES 1905-1967 "Father", with E. Daisy BARTLES 1905-1995 "Mother"


William C. BATES 11/10/1931-2/8/1992, Korean Conflict


Carl BAYS 1919-1989, with Alverta BAYS 1945-2006, and Carl D. BAYS Jr. 12/11/1951-6/12/2000


Alice Amanda BEAN with John BEAN and Thomas Samuel BEAN, b. 3/23/1854, children of George and Mary Bean


Ann Martha BEAN 7/29/1819-1/29/1877, aged 57y 6m, wife of Thomas BEAN


George BEAN 5/18/1816-2/23/1886, "Father"


Harriet O. Bean d. 6/29/1860, aged 35y(?) 4m 11d, Consort of Elder Thos BEAN


Mary BEAN 1/12/1818-11/3/1884, "Mother"


Susan B. BEAN d. 5(?)/?/1870(?), aged 25y 9m 2d, daughter of George(?) and Mary Bean


Eloer Thomas BEAN 8/24/1809-9/21/1876, aged 67y 27d


Unknown BEAN 


America B.(?) BEANE 3/15/1845-7/31/1913, wife of Geo. W. BEANE M.D., "Mother"


Geo W. BEANE, M.D. 2/22/1839-7/15/1895(?), "Father"


Herbert K. BEANE   View 2   1879-1949, with Bertha E. BEANE  1877-1962


Martha L. BEANE 1848-1930


Tarleton L. BEANE 1841(?)-1913


Dr. A. C. W. BEECHER   View 2   3/26/1845-11/7/1893, with Horace F. BEECHER 12/25/1849-4/3/1867, and Howard C BEECHER 4/22/1866-2/29/1868


Peter BEINHAUER 12/14/1848-9/16/1930, aged 86y 9m 2d, "Father"


Samuel BEINHAUER 1872-1952


J. BENER 1869-1869, with Bessie BENNER 1850-1872


John BENNER   View 2   d. 11/2/1912, aged 4m 15d, son of Eliot(?) and Pauline BENNER


George BENYAK d. 11/14/1934


John BENYAK 1888-1969


John BENYAK d. 9/5/1933


Paul BENYAK 5/14/1914-4/18/1920, Son


Peter J. BENYAK 4/21/1928-12/7/1983 WWII Veteran, with Marguarette Y. BENYAK 9/26/1937-3/11/2005


Steve BENYAK d. 12/19/1939


Susan BENYAK 1892-1963


Charlotte Hartz GILBERG-BESCHLER 5/10/1860-10/27/1916


John L. BIESECKER 1913-1997


Joseph B. BIJAN 1885-1956


John R. BOOTH   View 2   View 3   1947-1966, PFC Co. C., 1st BN. 12th Calv. Div. Vietnam, K.I.A. Vietnam War, Vietnam


Andrew BOREMAN 1833-1916, with Maria BOREMAN 1839-1887, Andrew BOREMAN 8/5/18??-5/?/1916,

Ella N. BOREMAN 1867-1932, Maria BOREMAN d. 5/3/1887 aged 18y 6m 12d, Sarah STIRE (2) d. ?/10/1884 aged 85y ?m 18d, Annie M. MORGENTHAL (2) d. 8/9/1892 aged 20y 1m 25d wife of J. MORGENTHAL, Ray Walton BOREMAN (2)

d. ?/6/1867(?), aged ?y 7m 13d


Emma D. BOWERS 8/8/1854-2/26/1856, aged 18m 18d, daughter of ? and Sarah A. Bowers




Sarah N. BOWERS 3/8/1832-5/12/1865, aged 33y 2m 4d, wife of W. B. BOWERS


Aubrey William BOWLES 6/9/1924-9/28/1990, US Marine Corps, WW II


Daniel L. BOWLES 1/6/1929-5/18/1997, SM1 US Navy, WW II


Elda BOWLES 1/18/1955, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Hilde BOWLES 1935-1975


Mary E. BOWLES 7/25/1903-1/5/1981, Mother


Richard L. BOWLES, Sr 1922-1986, Veteran


Libby M. BOWLEY 1877-1958 WWII Veteran, with Arbelia R. BOWLEY 1881-1978, Jospeh W. BOWLEY 1914-1985, Daniel R. HILT 1919-1996, and Ethelda V. HILT 1920-1985


Marshall A. BOWLEY 2/17/1908-9/30/1992, with Martha E. BOWLEY 11/12/1903-12/23/1986


Virginia B. BOWMAN 10/8/1923-4/15/1984


Ray BOYER 1883-1949, with Sarah R. BOYER 1884-1959


Abraham BRACHT   View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5  View 6   1/14/1785-7/12/1865 Father, with Catharine E. BRACHT 2/6/1789-1/2/1837 Mother, Hannah B. HALL 7/13/1829-5/22/1894 Mother, A. Frank HALL Jr. 2/21/1881(?)-10/19/1926, Abraham F. HALL 1/24/1859-9/10/1935 Father, and his wife Martha H. HALL 1/14/1862-3/12/1916 Mother


Abraham M. BRANDT 1828-1890, with Elizabeth A. BRANDT 1839-1864, Anna M. BRANDT 1848-1929, Henry H. BRANDT 1879-1947, Sue H. BRANDT 1880-1957, and Christina HOLWAGER 1805-1892


Mary BRANNER 5/10/1798-12/25/18??, aged 62y 7m 15d, wife of Jacob BRENNER


Catharine BRENEMAN d. 6/28/1783-6/22/1853, wife of Michael BRENEMAN (dates courtesy of Barb (


Cyrus BRENEMAN d. 4/28(?)/18??, aged 2y ?m, son of ? And ? BRENEMAN


John S. BRENEMAN 10/26(?)/1803-7/20(?)/1869, aged 65y 8m ?d, Father


Martha Staman BRENEMAN 3/22/1809-12/??/1871, aged 62y 9m, wife of John S. BRENEMAN, Mother


Michael BRENEMAN 1/29/1779-8/4/1824 (dates courtesy of Barb (


Miriam S. BRENEMAN 1892-1984, Mother


William C. BRENEMAN 1886-1966, Father


Adaline BRENNER 5/30/1852-9/1/1889, aged 37y 3m, wife of Geo. W. BRENNER


Amos BRENNER   View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5  View 6  View 7  View 8  View 9  View 10  View 11 

8/11/1863-4/18/1862, with Fannie S. BRENNER 4/3/1863-7/12/1939, Mabel C. Brenner GERSTMYER 3/1/1889-4/22/1919, Horace W. BRENNER 7/15/1860-8/26/1928, Sarah B. BRENNER 1/19/1863-3/3/1932, George B. BRENNER 11/7/1881-2/26/1934, Ervin B. BRENNER 11/23/1883-12/10/1952, Mary STEHMAN 2/16/1887-11/3/1911, Levi C. BRENNER 3/24/1854-6/13/1935, and an illegible stone


Emeline BRENNER 9/13/1840-8/8/1911, aged 70y 10m ?d, wife of Joseph BRENNER


George BRENNER  View 2   12/8/1817-08/3(?)/1875, aged 57y 7m 26d, Our Father, with Mary C. BRENNER and Annie E. Brenner STEHMAN


George W. BRENNER 6/6/1851-4/5/1941


Jacob BRENNER 5/5/1795-1/11/1875, aged 80y 8m 6d


Jacob R. BRENNER 9/16/1845-5/27/1911, aged 65y 8m 11d


John A. BRENNER 1/22/1871-6/16/1871, aged 4m 24d, son of Jacob R. & Sarah BRENNER


Mary C. BRENNER 2/12/1824-10/12/1900, aged 76y 8m, wife of George BRENNER


Sarah BRENNER 10/11/1848-7/17/1922, aged 72y 9m 5d, Mother


Unknown BRENNER 


Unknown BRENNER 


Hershey BRINSER 1909-1969, WWII Veteran


Hershey H. BRINSER 1938-1971, Son of Hershey & Pearl BRINSER


Irvin BRINSER   View 2   1874-1946, with Nora L. BRINSER 1877-1941, and  Jeanne R. BURNS   1922-1991


James H. BRINSER 1940-1951, son of Hershey and Pearl BRINSER


L. Mae BRINSER 1880-1972


Evelyn S. BROCK 7/15/1928-11/25/2001


Lillian BROOKS 1908-1989


Richard BROOKS 1900-1990


Emma Lou BROSEY 10/12/1929-3/18/2001


Kleeman D. BROSEY 10/21/1920-6/12/1994


Catherine E. BROUGH ?/9(?)/1780(?)-?, wife of Abraham(?) Brough, daughter of ? B-----


I. Lloyd BROWN 1904-1965


Ira L. BROWN 6/16/1877-9/26/1927, with Lizzie D. BROWN 7/9/1876-9/19/1948


Jacob W. BROWN d. 5/23/1882, aged 69y


Jno. W. BROWN 12/20/1812-12/8/1901, aged 88y 11m 18d


Abram Hall BRUBAKER d. 7/29/1900 in the Philippine Isalnds, aged 23y 1m 29d, son of Simon and Sara BRUBAKER


Catharine BRUBAKER 11/28/1798-6/30/1872, aged 73y 7m 2d


Daniel O. BRUBAKER 6/25/1900-10/22/1969, with Grace G. BRUBAKER 11/16/1902-10/22/1998


David R. BRUBAKER d. 1/5/1901, aged 68y 1m 7d


Kate Guernsey BRUBAKER d. aged 29y, with Katie Guernsey BRUBAKER, wife oand child of ? BRUBAKER, "Our Mother and Sister"


Sarah BRUBAKER 2/16(?)/1855-18??, wife of Simon BRUBAKER


Serena M. BRUBAKER d. 3/27/1848(?), aged 72y 1m 15d


James W. BRUCE 1900-1965


Clarence S. BRYAN 1898-1990, with wife Ruth M. BRYAN 1901-1946


Emma Sipe BRYAN 1861-1941


Cpl. James C. BRYAN   View 2   View 3   11/6/1926-9/14/1951, Co. M, 23 Rgt, 2nd Div-Korea, K.I.A., Korean War, Korea


Samuel E. BRYAN 1859-1925


William S. BRYAN 1884-1956, with wife Martha K. BRYAN 1886-1941, and infant son Howard BRYAN


Charles L. BUCHER 1931-8/31/1991, Sgt US Marine Corps, Korea


Leona P. BUCHER 9/27/1928-3/31/2004


Thomas BURKE 6/12/1928-1/31/1994


Thomas BURKE 1928-1994, T SGT US ARMY, Korea, next to Joseph C. KAUFFMAN, III 1929-?


Benj W. BURKHOLDER   View 2    4/6/1864-4/25/1949 Father, with Annie F. BURKHOLDER 11/10/1867-3/7/1926 Mother,

Sylvia H. BURKHOLDER 2/3/1888-1/5/1920, F. B. BURKHOLDER 9/20/1893-8/7/1990 Wife, and B. H. BURKHOLDER  4/20/1893-7/19/1973 Husband


Elliott M. BYERLY 1868-1947, with wife Catherine E. BYERLY 1874-1941


Lester L. BYERLY 8/3/1913-6/19/1998, with Mae Ely BYERLY 3/11/1912-10/6/1999


Lawrence J. BYRON 4/26/1918-4/13/2000


Ronald J. CALLEY 2/11/1939-12/18/2001


Frances M. CAMP d. 1/22/1924, aged 75y 11m 9d, Mother


Guy B. CAMP 1872-1933, with wife Mary CAMP 1877-1959


Harrison CAMP 1913-1995, with Stephen W. KOPECKI 1915-1942, WWII Marker


John S. CAMP d. 6/22/1907, aged 64y 3m 12d, Father, GAR Marker


Martin CAMP 1/8/1915-9/13/2003, US Army WW II


Wm. M. CAMP 12/12/1868-8/26/1941, with wife Catharine K. CAMP 11/24/1865-2/25/1931, Parents


William CARTER 10/18/1927, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Norman CARVELL 1913-1979 Veteran WW II, with wife Elva Mae CARVELL 1917-1999


J. Edward CHARLES 1913-1981, with Edith M. CHARLES 1918-1987


Jacob M. CHARLES   View 2  View 3  View 41879-1951, with Minnie S. CHARLES 1885-1970, Merllyn Ann SECHRIST 1935-1943, and Bernard J. SECHRIST  1913-1979


John H. CHARLES 1909-1977 Father, with Emma M. CHARLES 1914-1965 Mother


Minnie S. CHARLES 1885-1970


Harry M. CHARLESTON   View 2  1872-1937 "Father", with Louise S. CHARLESTON 1870-1935 "Mother", Thomas SMITH 1866-1918, Ida B. SMITH 1865-1938, Ida R. DIETZ 1895-1952 "Daughter", J. Harold SMITH 1904-1904, and

Lottie SMITH 1897-1918


Samuel CHAVICH 1898-1954


Mary Judy CINDER 1894-1955 Mother


D. J. CLEMSON Co F, 13th PA Cav., GAR Marker


John COHICK   View 2   1827-1894, with Martha B. COHICK 1829-1918, George B. COHICK 1856-1932, Annie COHICK 1855-1925, Josephine COHICK 1878-1948, J. Harold COHICK 1916-1932, Elsie L. COHICK 1889-1951, and

J. Grant COHICK 1891-1918


George COLE d. 4/4/1936


Carrie P. COLLINS 1883-1968


Mary Auch COLLINS 1865-1928


William P. COLLINS 1865-1927


Ira COVER   View 2   d. 7/4/1887 aged 1m 26d, with Clarence COVER d. 11/7/1894 aged 3y 11m 19d, and

H. M. COVER Jr. 12/6/1897-2/27/1917 aged 19y 2m 21d, children of H.M. & Minerva COVER, shown next to two illegible stones and Abraham MILLER


John W. CREIDER 2/13/1854-4/6/1941, with wife Sarah E. CREIDER 5/30/1854-3/6/1918


Rev. Ralph M. CREIDER 12/7/1885-[No Date], with wife Jessie M. CREIDER 7/28/1894-1/21/1943


? W. CREIDER d. 5/9/1899, aged 15y 3m 11d, son of J. W. and S. E. CREIDER


Henry H. CRUM 1877-1954, with Elizabeth S. CRUM, 1878-1968


Donna L. CULBERTSON 1942-1979


Mary Jane CULBERTSON 1961-1979


Chirstopher J. DAILEY 12/25/1822-11/15/1890, with Elizabeth K. DAILEY 7/14/1831-2/5/1905


James Henry DAILEY 7/29/1896-1/24/1949, Lt Col Adj Gen Dept, WW I & II


Maybelle Walton DAMES 1879-1924, in Joseph H. and Sarah WALTON plot


Clayton A. DAMEY   Mother   View 2   View 3      1878-1963, with wife Bertha DAMEY d. 3/30/1909 aged 26y 4m 10d


Oliver S. DAMEY   View 2   View 3   9/4/1884-4/25/1939 Father, with Pearl R. DAMEY 12/11/1885-5/3/1974,

Marlin D. RHOADS 1936, Glenn A. RHOADS 1942, Thelma S. RHOADS 2/18/1907-10/18/1991 Wife, and George C. RHOADS 6/19/1906-12/30/1996


Saundra Bowman DANCAUSE 6/9/1947-7/13/1989


Alicia Michelle DAVIS 1/14/1986-4/5/1993, Our Darling Daughter


Warren DAVIS 3/4/1963-11/15/2002, "Barney"


Frances M. DELLEN 3/19/1940-4/14/2006


Richard M. DELLINGER 1922-2000, with Margaret G. DELLINGER 1923-1969


Alvin H. DEMMY 1884-1950 Father, with Lovinia M. DEMMY 1894-1954 Mother


John H. DEMMY 7/2/1918-3/2/1991, with Anna M. DEMMY 6/5/1918-9/12/2005


George W. DEPEW 5/2/1863-12/24/1902, aged 39y 7m 22d


Horace W. DEPEW 2/25/1856- , with wife Saminia E. DEPEW 4/18/1859-1/6/1911 aged 15y 8m 18d,


Lizzie BEINHAUER    View 2     View 3    View 4 

11/18/1881-6/4/1899 wife of Samuel BEINHAUER aged 18y 5m 9d (sic), and Lizzie 


William DEPEW 1816-1890 aged 74y Father, with Laura DEPEW 1830-1903 aged 73y Mother


Jacob DETEMER 12/24/1814-7/26/1887, with Susana DETEMER 12/22/1824-1/27/1898


Patricia L. DETZ 7/27/1941-3/23/2003


Ida R. DIETZ 1895-1952 "Daughter", same plot as Harry M. and Louise S. CHARLESTON and Thomas and Ida B. SMITH family


Nellie DIGGS 12/1/1932, Employees and Families of the J. E. Baker Co.


Alice DIMELER 7/5/1882-4/8/1955


John B. DIMELER 12/5/1873-12/14/1935


Gertrude W. DOHN 1876-1967, in Joseph H. and Sarah WALTON plot


Joseph P. DORIS 1/13/1865-12/22/1941


Tacie F. DORIS 1856-1951


Marlene S. DORM 1955-2004, daughter of Gene E. SHOPE 1916-2004 and Alice K. SHOPE 1917-2007


Ann Eliza DOUGLASS d. 4/9/1873, aged 43y 7m 28d, wife of John Douglass


Bernard J. DOYLE 1839-1915, with wife Jane Joan DOYLE 1839-1873, and wife Annie B. DOYLE 1856-1908


Mildred P. DRAYER 1912-1974


Harry Edward DUNN Sr. 5/5/1943-3/19/2006, with Connie Ann DUNN 5/4/1964-9/29/2005


Charles F. DURBOROW II   View 2    8/11/1909-6/2/1973 PA Pvt. US Army WWII, with Kathryn M. DURBOROW 1911-1996, son Earl DURBOROW 1942-1942, and daughter Kathleen DURBOROW 1944-1991


PFC. Jay R. DYER   View 2    11/17/1923-5/3/1945, US Army, K.I.A. WWII, Germany


Donald L. "Dump" EBERSOLE 9/21/1930-5/13/1999, WWII Veteran


Elsie M. EBERSOLE 3/31/1874-2/23/1962, Mother


View 2 d. 9/29/1890(?), aged ?y 6m 12d


Hiram EBERSOLE 1875-1957, with wife Lizzie EBERSOLE 1887-1911, daughter Ruth G. EBERSOLE 1904-1946, and wife Elizabeth EBERSOLE 1908-1971


John R. EDYE 1944-1983


A. J. ELLIS 4/9/1845-4/13-1877, aged 32y 4d, son of Thomas & Margaret Ellis


Margaret ELLIS 8/13/1813-2/2/1876, aged 62y 5m 19d, wife of Thomas Ellis


Mary Jones ELLIS daughter of Thomas and Margaret Ellis


Grace I. ELY 1915-1976


Hannah N. ELY 1878-1963


Samuel A. ELY 1908-1992


Samuel H. ELY 1871-1950


Peter EMERICK 1/24/1822-8/4/1863, aged 40y 6m 10d


Emma "Our Sister"


George W. EMSWILER 1868-1941 Father, with Amanda S. EMSWILER 1870-1943 Mother


George W. EMSWILER 1906-2001, with Elva L. EMSWILER 1910-2006, and son James EMSWILER 1928-1928


James H. EMSWILER Jr. 5/12/1928-11/21/1928, Son of Geo.W. and Elva L. Emswiler


John E. EMSWILER 1934-2006, with Betty I. EMSWILER 1937-1972


Ralph K. EMSWILER 1940-1986


David L. ENGLE 2/24/1838-5/17/1908, with wife Annie ENGLE 9/28/1843-3/25/1894, and Marion BENGLE 7/22/1876-7/17/1890


Helen R. ENGLE 4/25/1926-3/24/2002


Isaac L. ENGLE 9/25/1859-5/10/1935, aged 75y 7m 15d  "Father", with Amanda E. ENGLE 1/19/1868-3/20/1926, aged 58y 2m 1d "Mother"


Paris G. ENGLE 1859-1951, with Mattie Z. ENGLE 1866-1938


Simon H. ENGLE   View 2   View 3  View 4  View 5   View 6 

1833-1907 Father, with wife Mary E. ENGLE 1839-1929 Mother, Myra(?) L. d. 1909(?), Naomi C. 1860-1938, Mary E. FORTIN 1874-1961, Ber---(?), Horace 1887(?)-?, Irma(?) 1887(?)-1898


Walter C. ENGLE   View 2    1/15/1865-8/14/1950, with wife Minnie L. ENGLE 3/17/1872-10/2/1910


George ESHENAUER 1/6/1861-5/13/1919, Husband


Linda L. ESHLEMAN 2/13/1953-10/24/1996


Sarah ESHLEMAN 12/5/1833-12/5/1884, Mother


Nathan ESWORTH d. 4/8/1854, aged 32y


Walter EVANS 1/18/1900-10/29/1961, Father


E. F. 


George H. FACKLER 1858-1914, with wife Mary M. FACKLER 1872-1926


Henry C. FAHS   View 2   View 3   View 4  

d. 1923 aged 88y, with wife Mary Haldeman FAHS d. 1916 aged 77y, GAR Marker,

Zachary H. FAHS Zachariah FAHS d. 1865 aged 49y, wife Hannah FAHS d. 1894 aged 55y, son Isaiah FAHS d. 1963(?) aged 14y(?), and William FAHS 1843-1904, Samuel FAHS 2/6/????-4/20/????, aged 22y, wife Mary ---tz FAHS 7/20/1853-5/?/1914, Harry S. FAHS 1880-1885 son of Sarah A. FAHS, Solomon HALDEMAN d.11/1870 aged 64y, wife Elizabeth HALDEMAN, d. 5/1858 aged 49y, and children Aaron d.1887 aged 10d, Amanda d.1844 aged 5m, and Elizabeth d.1866 aged 25y


John FAHS   View 2     1836-1921 Father, with Amanda FAHS 1846-1874 Mother, Mary E. FAHS 1867-1874,

Emma J. FAHS 1872-1874, Mary S. FAHS 1856-1925 Mother, Luther M. FAHS 1882-1960, and Edgar M. FAHS 1877-1942


Amos FELTENBERGER d. 2/?/????, aged 15y


Ann FELTENBERGER d.4/12/18??, aged 63y(?) 5m 28d, wife of Henry FELTENBERBER


Franklin FELTENBERGER 3/?/1836-5/8/1932, with Mary FELTENBERGER 11/21/1840-2/14/1923, Serena FELTENBERGER, 1867-1869, and Lulie FELTENBERGER, 1856-1869


G. H. FELTENBERGER d.1/23/1907, aged 73y 5m 20d


Henrietta FELTENBERGER 1/16/1866-11/22/1870, aged 4y 10m 6d, daughter of George & Huldah FELTENBERGER


Huldah FELTENBERGER d. 3/16/1870, aged 32y 6m 8d, wife of G. H. FELTENBERGER


J. D. FELTENBERGER d. 1892, Co. B. 45th PA. Inf.


William H. FELTENBERGER d. 1857


Wm. K. FELTENBERGER d. 11/8/1884, aged 21y 5m 1d, Brother


John FILBERT   View 2   View 3     2/15/1802-6/19/1878, with wife Esther S. FILBERT aged 59y 2m 8d,


Charles L. FINLEY d. 9/29/1901 aged 33y 10m 10d


James P. FINLEY 9/28/1870-4/4/1934


James FINLEY Sr. d. 11/2/1869, aged 54y 3m 12d


Jane Pentz FINLEY 12/24/1843-2/8/1913, aged 69y 1m 14d, wife of John H. FINLEY


John D. FINLEY d. 2/21/1899, aged 86y, Husband


John H. FINLEY 2/26/1841-2/6/1911, aged 69y 11m 11d, Father


Margaret FINLEY 1865-1958


Susannah FINLEY 9/29/1818(?)-?/?/1858(?), wife (?) of James Finley


Samuel FISHER d. 2/16/1883, Co H, 20 ST ILLS Vol Inf.


Wade Jesse FITZKEE 5/18/1983-10/6/1999


George H. FLANAGAN 1882-1932, with wife Adeline FLANAGAN 1887-1957


Anna M. Lehman FLAWD 5/28/1851-11/27/1921, aged 70y 5m 29d, wife of John B. FLAWD, Mother


John B. FLAWD 8/16/1853-12/1/1908, aged 55y 3m 15d


Elsie M. FLOWERS 1912-1935 wife of R. Scott FLOWERS


Herbert FLOWERS 1898-1976, WW I Veteran


Lillian E. FLOWERS 1910-2007 (per SSDI), wife of R. Scott FLOWERS


R. Scott FLOWERS 1907-1982, husband of Lillian E.


Reba S. FLOWERS 1934-1955, 885th EAM Co. Korea


Roscoe C. FLOWERS 8/21/1882-9/23/1962


Stanley B. FLOWERS 9/18/1852-10/29/1907, with wife Annie E. FLOWERS 1/20/1855-8/15/1935, Parents


Albert L. FLOYD 1883-1938


Edward C. FLOYD 1915-1985 Father, with Josephine FLOYD 1917-2006 Mother, and son Richard C. FLOYD 1951-1966

View 2 Student's, Woodland Jr. High School, East Meadow, N.Y.


Frank R. FLOYD 11/28/1911-11/18/1986, with Marguerite E. FLOYD 1/1/1915-12/24/2001


Frank L. FLOYD 1888-1972, with Mary J. FLOYD 1892-1928, and Elizabeth M. FLOYD 1913-1929


George K. FLOYD 1890-1990, with Mary L. FLOYD 1898-1988, and Infants George H. FLOYD 1933, and Richard H. FLOYD 1929


John L. FLOYD    View 2   1/3/1876-2/23/1958, with wife Georgia Fishel FLOYD 9/26/1875-10/29/1962, and daughter Mary E. FLOYD 8/2/1905-12/5/1918


Donald E. FOGIE 1933-1977, Korean War Veteran


Donna Jane FOGIE 1/29/1962-9/24/1978, Daughter


Daughter FOREMAN d. 1/20/1844, aged 3y 2m 23d, daughter of ? and Juliet(?) Ann FOREMAN


Edward FOREMAN d. ?/22/18??, aged 9m(?) 1d(?), son of Jacob and ? Ann Foreman


Jacob FOREMAN   View of Plot   5/24/1802-12/4/1863, aged 61y 6m 10d, "Our Father"


Keah FOREMAN 9/11/1844-3/21/1856 aged 11y 6m 13d, son of Jacob and Juliet Ann FOREMAN


Theo F. FOREMAN 11/14/1836, son of Jacob and Juliet Ann FOREMAN


Thos. Hall FOREMAN d. 9/24/1875, aged 37y 7m


William FOREMAN d. 8/31/1852, aged 7m 8d, son of Jacob and Juliet Ann FOREMAN


J. Emmett FOX 1884-1949, with Cecelia A. FOX, 1885-1945


FRANTZ 6/82-9/95


Terry L. FREY 8/5/1954-5/1/1998


Adolph FRITSCHE 1820-1901, with Margaret FRITSCHE 1836-1877, and Louise Fritsche LEE 1868-1926


Annie R. Fryberger FRY 1/13/1875-10/30/1954, wife of I. Oliver FRY


I. Oliver FRY 11/13/1865-10/19/1944


Jacob C. FRY 6/21/1903-12/2/1925


John S. FRY 1921-1970, Sgt. U.S.AW.W. II


Mary E. Fryberger FRY 5/7/1862-9/13/1918, wife of I. Oliver FRY


Mordecai A. FRY 1/6/1890-8/1/1969, with Constance E. FRY 5/26/1909-3/31/1978


Walter E. FRY 2/25/1928-10/8/1981, Pvt US Army WW II


FRYE     see photos under George SIDES


Howard FRYER 1881-1955, with Martha FRYER 1884-1960


Nancy J. FUHRMAN 11/22/1941-10/22/2001


Jeffery W. FULLER 1960-1977, "Just Me"


Edwin M. FULLERTON   View of Plot  

d. 11/26/1879, aged 33y(?) 6m 28d, son of Henry and Tacy FULLERTON


Henry FULLERTON   View of Plot  

d. 3/21/1863(?)0, aged 68y 6m 23d, "Our Father"


John F. FULLERTON 3/27/1873-8/15/1926, with wife Hester L. FULLERTON 11/18/1892-5/4/1929


John E. FULLERTON 1911-1998 with Velva R. FULLERTON, 1913-1978


Tacy FULLERTON   View of Plot 

12/13/1805-2/19/1882, aged 76y 2m 5d, "Our Mother"


William K. FULLERTON   View of Plot 

d. 5/9/1868, aged 24y 8m 25d




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