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Oklahoma Cemetery Listings for Cherokee County


File Submitted by: Date Size
Agent Cemetery (name corrected 6/20/02)
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Agent Cemetery
Kay Hubbard Thompson 2/26/2002 3352
Boudinot Cemetery Kay Blanchett 02/24/2004 24862
Ballew / Cookson-Proctor Brenda Ballew Griffin 7/06/2002 7898
Barber Cemetery Kathe Determan Dec2005 35303
Blue Springs Cemetery. (Partial) Charlie Crocker 10/07/2002 2542
Briggs Free Holiness Church Cemetery Shannon, Randal & Julius Seyler 8/25/20014488
Caney Cemetery (Partial listing) 9/2000 4885
Caney Cemetery 2 Cheri Stokes 11/10/2000 20978
Caney Cemetery Officers Brenda Huntley 5/11/2003 1996
Cobb Family Cemetery  (formerly listed  as Briggs) Shannon, Randal, and Julius Seyler 3/15/2003 4656
Flint Ridge Cemetery Kay Hubbard Thompson 6/26/2002 1854
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Gourd Cemetery
Kay Hubbard Thompson 2/26/2002 2515
More on Gourd Cemetery
Grandview Cemetery, Complete list Kay Hubbard Thompson 1/11/2002 6974
More on Grandview Cemetery
Hendricks Cemetery (Headstone Photos)

Johnson Family Cemetery

Cathy Widener

Jim Johnson



Keener Cemetery William Jack Whitener 11/23/2003
Levi Cookson Cemetery Brenda Ballew Griffin 7/16/2002 5566
Linder Cemetery Tammy Thornton Turney 1/14/2002 1600
More on Linder Cemetery
List of Cherokee Co. cemeteries Maintained by Tammie Chada 2/12/2001
Lost City Cemetery Kay Hubbard Thompson 2/01/2002 12102
More on Lost City Cemetery
Manus Cemetery

Manus Entrance & Info
Kay Hubbard Thompson



More on Manus Cemetery
Miller Cemetery (Partial listing)
Additional Listings for Miller Cem
Patricia Jones
Sue E. Berry
Mollyfield Cemetery(Information) Kay Hubbard Thompson 6/12/2002 4174
Moodys Cemetery Part one Kay Hubbard Thompson 12/29/2001 13341
More on Moodys Cemetery
Moodys Cemetery Part Two Kay Hubbard Thompson 12/29/2001 8972
New Home Cemetery   Photos Dianna Miller Souza 2000 5650
New Home Cemetery (Full Text)
Some History of the Cemetery
Lloyd Ray Timmons, Sr. 1/18/2002
New Home Cemetery Online  listingLloyd Ray Timmons, Sr.
Parris Cemetery
More on Parris Cemetery
Kay Hubbard Thompson
Kay Hubbard Thompson
1/08/2003 4098
Another Parris CemeterySubmitted to OKGenWeb by Gay Wall
Ross Cemetery in Park Hill Terrill White (more listings below) 2000 3197
Ross Cemetery, Lewis Ross Plot, Park Hill Terrill White 6/12/2002 4076
Ross Cemetery, Tahlequah Kay Hubbard Thompson 6/25/2002 5042
More on Ross Cemetery
Talala Cemetery (Partial) Susan Large 10/11/2002 4353
Tahlequah Cemetery (Partial listing)
On Line
Patricia Jones
More from the Tahlequah Cemetery
Weeley Cemetery Kay Hubbard Thompson 5/04/2003 3285
Worcester Mission Cemetery Terrill White 2/02/2003 4787


Below is some information from Pioneer Papers


Located mile north & mile east of Hulbert (NE NW 24 17N 20E). This cemetery is on a knoll adjoining the highway on the south side. It as a wire fence enclosure about 100 feet square. There are about 35 graves with sandstone markers but no inscriptions on any of them. All buried in this Cemetery are Cherokee Indians except one white baby. The above information given by Madison CAREY a full blood Cherokee. 


One mile East & one mile north of Hulbert (NE SE13 17N 20E). Formerly known as the CAREY Cemetery & was first used as an Indian Cemetery in 1860. Many of the graves are not marked & inscriptions on some of the markers are in Cherokee.

THOMPSON, a Cherokee Confederate soldier was buried about 50 years ago & a hewed log house about 5 by 9 feet was built over his grave. All of the legs are gone except the four foundation legs. This information given by Madison CAREY, a fullblood Cherokee of Hulbert.


About a mile south & 100 yards west of Double Springs School, NE SE10 17N 21E.

Wattie GREECE died December 25, 1906 at the age of 55 years.
Peggy, wife of Eagle BROWN, died July 3, 1887 at about 66 years of age.
James, son of Joshua & N. A.  SIXKILLER, born March 20, 1884, died July 10, 1884.

About 20 other graves many not marked & some of recent years.  


One mile East & mile south of Shady Grove School. (NE 17 17N 21E).
George W. DOUBLEHEAD, died April 5, 1888, 35 years.
William W. HENDRICKS died July 24, 1892, 54 years.

Seven other old graves without markers.  


Two miles west of Hulbert (SE 21 17N 20E)
The Hulbert Cemetery is very old and was established by the HULBERTs.  Many old settlers of the early days are buried here.

Zach TAYLOR, born 1858, died 1898. (Founder of the town of Melvin).
Jennie, wife of Zack Taylor, born 1861, died 1916.
Theodore BRUSTER, born 1823, died 1972 (sic)
(date must be a misprint, Theodore would be 149 years old???).

Several other of the BRUSTER family are buried here, markers show dated 1880.

The family lot of Ely SPEARS contain markers dating back in the 1860s.

Bill COOK the famous outlaw is buried in this cemetery. His grave is marked with muscle shells but has no stone.

Jim COOK, brother of Bill is also buried here.

Found grave of Annie HOUSTON (and infant son) in field one mile east of Shady Grove School. Born in 1831, died January 9, 1911. Nice granite monument as marker.


Keener Cemetery is located in the Lost City Community of Hulbert township. Take the Lost City Road north out of Hulbert to the rural Lost City School. Approximately one fourth mile past the school, turn left (west) at the intersection and travel nine tenths mile and come to Keener Baptist Church on the right. The cemetery is located behind the church.



Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date: June 16, 1937
Field Worker: Elizabeth Ross


In the extreme southern section of the Park Hill locality, Oklahoma, not far distant from the Illinois River, there is on the bench of a high wooded hill an early day and forgotten place of burial. No one now living knows how many persons were buried there, for the last, etc <>


The old Looney Price Cemetery, located two and 1/2 miles southwest of Sequoyah Indian training school on 62 highway.

There is no marker to Looney Price's grave.  This is a very old family cemetery, well kept and a good fence around it.

F.L.T. J.M. Post, born June 14, 1835, died February 26, 1900

J.B. Post, born July 4, 1849, died March 15, 1909

Wm. G. Harris, born January 7, 1841, killed March 26, 1863, in the arm of C.S.A.

Joseph Glad, born July 13, 1851, died December 16, 1909

 Mary E. Glad, born July 14, 1862, died November 29, 1923

Submitted to OKGenWeb by Brenda Choate, August 2001.


Mr. Anderson Lowrey is a son of Chief George Lowrey.   There is no marker at his grave, but Mrs. R.W. Walker was with me and showed me his grave.  (Mrs. R.W. Walker of Tahlequah, Oklahoma) This is a nice family cemetery, well kept and fenced. 

Some Photos taken at Manus Cemetery

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