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Hendricks Cemetery Entrance Photo

Name(s) on Headstone

Adair, John M.

Adair, Tryphena

Adkisson, Chester

Adkisson, Clarence

Adkisson, Clarence M. (Military)

Adkisson, Susan (Hendricks)

Adkisson, James Earl

Adkisson, Jasper N.

Adkisson, John "Bill"

Adkisson, Lorene

Adkisson, Mamie E. (Phillips)

Adkisson, Susie

Adkisson, Thomas E.

Battie, Sallie

Bennett, John M / Mary Ellen

Blakemore, Callie R.

Bledsaw, Bessie M.

Bledsaw, Cecil Lee

Bledsaw, George W.

Bledshaw, Ervin G

Bolding, Willard L. (Military)

Bridwell, James S. and Maxeene

Callaway, Andrew J. (Military)

Callaway, Billy Dean

Callaway, Mary L.

Callaway, Elige and Venie E.

Campbell, J.J.

Campbell, W.M.

Caudrey, Eliza

Caviness, Ethel May (Talley)

Cooper, Manuel C.

Cooper, Mary E.

Cordray, Andy A

Cordray, Susie B (Hendricks)

Cordray, Eliza

Coy, Martha M. (Patten)

Crowe, Josie B.

Daniel, James Isaac

Daugherty, John A.

Daugherty, Tomie Joe

DeGeer, William E. Sr.

DuVall, Claude C.

DuVall, Claude W and Maude

DuVall, Alma Watts

Enlow, Francis W. and Alla Mae

Enlow, Infant Son

Enlow, Roy H.

Fish, Joe and Eliza Marie (Walkout)

Gourd, Buce and Sallie

Gourd, Elizabeth R.

Gourd, Nancy

Gourd, Thomas

Gourd, Thomas Sr.

Guinn, J. L. Jr. and Margaret (Maher)

Guinn, John F. (Military)

Guinn,  Maggie

Guinn, Steven F.

Haggard, Jess and Dollie

Hall, John Calvin and Mollie Ann

Harris Plot

Hendricks, Anna (Woodall)

Hendricks, Charley M.

Hendricks, Delilah

Hendricks, Delora P.

Hendricks, Edna B.

Hendricks, Elva

Hendricks, Franklin

Hendricks, George W.

Hendricks, Harvey S. and Beatrice

Hendricks, Henry F. and Jewell W.

Hendricks, Herbert H. and Mary J.

Hendricks, Herchell

Hendricks, James

Hendricks, Thomas Jr.

Hendricks, Margaret

Hendricks, Mary Jane

Hendricks, Nancy Jane

Hendricks, Nellie (Ragsdale)

Hendricks, Robert F. and Nellie

Hendricks, Richard E.

Hendricks, Rufus and Susie (Stanley)

Hendricks, Maude (Stanley)

Hendricks, Thomas

Hendricks, William G.

Hendricks, Wirt E.

Hendricks, William and Susannah

Hendricks, Harvey S. and Beatrice B.

Henery, John Joseph (Military)

Henshaw, Donald

Hilton, A Lawton

Hilton, Elsie Mattie (Bolton)

Hullinger, Carrie Lynn

Hunt, Eunice F.

Johnson, Fannie (Robertson)

Latty, Baby

Latty, Henry and Hazel A.

Linn, C. G.

Lowery, Demar Leon and Mary Margaret

Lowery, George H. and Paralee

Lowery, Silas C. and Marie L.

Magee, Paula Faye

Maher, Clyde A. and Mattie

Maher, Clyde A. Pastor (Plaque)

Maher, Gracie

Maher, Henry H.

McKinney, Claudie Lee

Miles, Louisa

Murphy, William and Canary

Newton, Clyde L and Viola

Owens, Robert and Mary

Parker, Nora (Harris)

Price, Annie (Hendricks)

Rich, Nancy

Richardson, Louis McKnight

Robertson, Elva Edith

Robertson, Joseph F.

Robertson, Jefferson D. and Naoma

Rooks, Edward T. and Coella B.

Rooks, Noah A.

Rooks, Ruby

Rucksey, Cordrey

Russell, W. Page and A. Elizabeth

Scott, Sammie M. Military

Stacy, L.M. and Belle

Teehee, Gordon A. Military

Teehee, Kittie Viola (Adkisson)

Teehee, Lucian B. and Annie Post

Teehee, Lucian B. (Military)

Teehee, Lucian Duane

Teehee, Marvin E. (Military)

Teehee, Marvin E.

TeeHee, Monroe Buster and Kittie Viola

Teehee, Quoyah Vernon (Military)

Teehee, Sequoyah (Bun)

Teehee, Thurman E. (Military)

Teehee, Verona Ann (Buchanan)

Terrell, Betty Ann (Martin)

Terrell, Green

Terrell, Nancy

Terrell, Robert Ross

Terrell, Ross and Dula

Thompson, Bennett and Iona

Thompson, James

Thompson, Audy

Toombs, Elizabeth

Upton, Susie

Walkabout, Joseph and Mary (Caudrey)

Walkabout, Jeannette (Caudray)

Walkabout, John

Walkabout, Johnnie

Walkabout, Lee (Military)

Walkabout, Quinton

Walkabout, Warren G.

Walkabout, Henry (Crowe)

Waseslues, Joe and Narcissa (Walkabout)

Webster, Fred J.

Welch, James E. (Military)

White, Bettie C.

Wilson, Alfred E.

Wilson, Ina J.

Wilson, James Thomas and Nancy Susan

York, Necia (Dearman)

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